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BVI records eighth confirmed COVID-19 case

The total number of persons who have tested positive for the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in the British Virgin Islands has now climbed to eight.

Health Minster Carvin Malone made that announcement during a national broadcast moments ago.

The minister said Case Number 8 is the only positive sample among the total 22 that was sent to the Caribbean Public Health Agency for testing most recently.

“Case Number 8 had been kept under quarantine as a close contact of a previously-announced case and has exhibited mild symptoms of the disease,” Malone said in the Thursday, May 18 broadcast.

“I am pleased to report that the primary case has now been declared fully recovered. We extend our prayers and best wishes for a full and rapid recovery of Case Number 8 as the sole active case,” he added.

The total number of BVI samples that have been tested for COVID-19 so far, now stands at 157; with 149 returning negative. Of the remaining eight positives, six have recovered, one has died and one remains active.

“The detection of this new case reminds us all that we must remain vigilant and take all recommended precautions to protect ourselves and our loved ones from this deadly virus. It is real,” the minister said.

Malone, in the meantime, has extended commendations to members of the Health Emergency Operations Centre, the staff of the Dr D Orlando Smith Hospital, the government, and the entire civil service for their role in combating the COVID-19 so far.

He also thanked the general public for their cooperation.

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  1. But says:

    numbers don’t add up.

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    • @ But says:

      Of the number of tests conducted:

      – 8 tested positive
      – 1 died
      – 6 recovered
      – 1 active case left

      As of 13 May, 2020, there were 7 positive-tested (5 recovered, 1 died, and 1 active).

      Seems like today (14 May, 2020) that the 1 active case from yesterday has since recovered (test came back negative) while a pending test came back positive resulted in 1 active case still remaining.

      Question is who was this new active case around (were they in quarantine since their contact had also tested positive though their contact is now in full recovery).

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    • Hmmmmmm says:

      When your parents had sent you school you should have stayed in the classroom.

      157 cases – 149 negatives = 8 positive cases minus 6 recovered minus 1 death = 8th case to recover

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    • But says:

      Did the case that was reported last week recover already? there should be atleast 2 active cases

  2. Question says:

    Any of those 149 went for retests given false negative results?

  3. Questions says:

    How come these cases popping up given BVI was under lock down since 26 March nearly 2 months ago. Where these cases coming from? I thought the virus only last 14 days … unless during 1st 14 days a person passed it on to someone who in turn passed it on the way to another 14 days? BVI now has antibodies with those 6 recoveries – no?

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    • Wowza says:

      For real, who these cases popping up? Lock down n all? How many days incubation? Maths boi

      • info says:

        The Health Minister said “Case Number 8 had been kept under quarantine as a close contact of a previously-announced case and has exhibited mild symptoms of the disease,” Meaning the person contracted it from someone else that had it but they were kept under quarantined when the person they got it from tested positive.

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    • Horse Man says:

      The more test that are carried out, the more positive results will occur… The test cannot identify the virus SARS-CoV-2 or the condition COVID-19.

    • @Questions says:

      Social distancing is meant to SLOW the spread of the virus so that authorities can find and isolate each case. The government has been successful in doing that it seems.

      Imagine if we did not isolate and social distance the number of positive causes could have been over 100 and there being no way to track and isolate causes. Such as what happening in the US.

      My take is, if all the reporting from the Gov is honest and accurate This is good news, we are locating infected ppl and isolating them in a manageable fashion.

  4. HHshsh says:

    Don’t you wanna wanna Corona Corona don’t you wanna wanna Corona Corona

    ¿Quieres Corona? Orange flavour

  5. observer says:

    This virus is no incubation period of 14 days seems to be longer for some .As the minister said follow the protocols that have set out to protect self and family.

  6. Cheat or repeat says:

    Y’all sound so dumb right now. Let me break it down to yo
    In total, the BVI has had 8 cases.

    6 covid 19 patients recovered (meaning that they’re free from the virus. As it they’re no longer sick)

    1 patient died (which we know was the Philippine lady.)

    1 case is active (meaning only one person in the BVI is currently sick from the virus).

    That sums up to the known 8 cases recorded in the BVI.

    Now. 157 Tests were sent out in the region.
    149 tests were negative, meaning those tests DID NOT have any signs of covid 19. What happen to the other 8 tests to sum up to 157? THOSE TEST WERE POSITIVE. Those tests that were deemed positive were the 8 cases recorded in the territory.

    Common sense ain’t so common.. I can’t even say “stay in school” because even educated people with all the degrees in the world still dumb as f…………

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  7. Windy says:

    I want the government to explain how this happened. Lockdown no one allowed in. How !! ? There’s something going on the government not telling us.

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    • Because says:

      This person had been identified as being in contact with another person that was positive for COVID-19 so was already in quarantine…. Then it takes several days for the tests to go to Trinidad, and the test came back positive.
      There’s nothing to explain…..

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  8. Windy says:

    No the detection of this eight case shows how the government HAS NOT remained vigilant in protecting the citizens. Stop the BS. Yes the citizens are getting tired of hearing what is being done, with no results. If we’re isolated with all ports closed where is this coming from ?

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  9. Anónimo says:

    Case 8 was quarantined as a close contact of a previously reported case and has exhibited mild symptoms of the disease, “Malone said in the Thursday, May 18 broadcast. I think there was an error here today. I hope in the Lord that another person who is sick with covid 19 will recover soon, we must continue taking the necessary measures because this has not yet ended

  10. See says:

    During the infamous 3 day shopping fiasco we obviously went back to day 1 as the virus got passed . And if the A holes walking around without masks and hanging out in groups continue their ignorance … we will not be done with this.

  11. 007 says:

    The persons that have/had the virus can only provide the names of the people that they know and remember who they came in contact with. The 14 days is only a guideline based on what they have observed but is not a guarantee. Think of it like a pregnancy. We say 9 months pregnancy but sometimes the baby is born earlier or later. Persons can also be asymptomatic. Only those with weaker immune symptoms may get the full side effects and have to go to the doctor. There are persons that tested positive but didn’t show any symptoms and since recovered. This is a new virus and the world is learning on go.

  12. Hands says:

    People stop relying alone on the government to keep you safe. Wash you hand and wear your mask responsibly and was your hands yes wash them and keep them off your face.

  13. Ausar says:

    “Windy”, you are so correct!

    And this case, clearly illuminates, that there are more persons among us that are infected, albeit 30 day lockdown mandation!

    We certainly are in uncharted times, and we need our government to be more forthcoming with the facts, instead of the piecemealed information, currently being dispensed!

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  14. E. Leonard says:

    At the bottom of VI coat of arms is the Latin phrase Vigilate, ie, be vigilant. There are not yet neither any reliable treatment protocols nor a cure nor a vaccine(s). Consequently, the VI must be vigilant in protecting itself against this disease. It must continue to employ proven mitigative best management practices that it has employed thus far to keep the numbers relatively low (8 cases, 6 recovered, 1 death, 1 active) to protect the territory against the disease.

    The mitigation should include more ramp up testing. Further, in the interim, it has to strike a delicate balance to ensure its residents can live and eat while it copes with Covid-19. This will require a Herculean task that requires strong leadership and effective management of scarce resources. With its limited resources, it must get help to the most people.

    Moreover, Mia Mottley, Barbadian PM and chairwoman of CARICOM, noted in an interview with CNN Christiane Amanpour that the developed countries cannot view the small islands of the Caribbean, especially small eastern Caribbean countries, and Pacific islands as invisible and dispensable. But it does not seem like any help is on the way either from the UK or elsewhere in the near term. Therefore, the VI may have to take care of itself the best way it can with its limited resources.

    IMO the UK should craft a Marshal Plan-styled plan to help its 14 OTs. The US initiated Marshall Plan bailed out the UK and other Western European countries after WWII. The UK was the main beneficiary, receiving approx 26% of the approx $17B US taxpayer bailout.

    • UK Taxpayer says:

      @E.Leonard, it is true that the BVI, along with other OTs, has been impacted by Covid-19. But you keeping wanting the UK to use taxpayers money to bail out the BVI. It seems that you forget that the UK, though a developed country, was hit by Covid-19 and has its own problems. This Marshall Plan for OTs that you bring up every chance you get is self serving. The US Marshall was decades ago and much has changed in the world since then; plus the US Taxpayers not complaining. The BVI needs to stop the parasitic behaviour; it needs to get some wings.

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      • US Taxpayer says:

        @UK Taxpayer, yes, US Taxpayers care. Developed countries, including the UK, should contribute to helping developing and emerging countries through the ravaging effects of Covid-19. When the UK needed help after World War II, US taxpayers came to the rescue.

        The UK should feel morally obligated to help their OTs, particularly their Caribbean OTs. During the Colonial Era, it exploited the region of its natural resources until they were depleted, used free slave labour (US used slave labour too) to build its economy, native population decimated, flooded markets with inferior products, set the larger islands adrift after emancipation…………etc. Australia used as penal colony. The UK needs to step up and lend a helping hand.

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  15. Hmmm says:

    And lots of cases of persons in their 50s, 60s and 70s found dead in their homes without any explanation or confirmation that these were people who did not have COVID19.

    We have not seen the death rates published either. Most countries have their confirmed cases and deaths but also the death rate compared to the average for the last 5-10 years. There’s often a big difference which can be explained by reference to a number of factors, not all being COVID19 as direct cause.

    Where is our media on this?

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