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BVI will fully reopen in June, says Premier

Premier Andrew Fahie

Premier Andrew Fahie has announced that the BVI will fully reopen to visitors in June 2021.

Government had previously said they would fully reopen when the majority of residents had been vaccinated. But having a few thousand doses of soon-to-be-expired vaccines and a population largely unwilling to take them, government does not plan to wait around indefinitely.

Speaking on the talk show programme ‘Zoe J Says’ on April 10, the Premier said he feels comfortable to fully reopen knowing his government did all it could to have people vaccinated.

“I, now, as a leader, would feel fully, fully, fully at peace-of-mind that, through the whole pandemic, whatever was the best to balance lives with livelihoods, this government did it. And we will open because we have done all that we can,” Fahie stated.

Safety measures will continue

He said all COVID-19 safety requirements such as the wearing of masks and maintaining social distancing will still apply when June rolls around.

The Premier further said the same measures as the ones in place at the Beef Island airport will also apply for ferry passengers when the Road Town Dock reopens to international traffic on April 15.

Those measures include the requirement to get tested, quarantine for four days, and get tagged with one of the government’s COVID geo-fencing bracelets.

“You can’t stay closed forever. And remember, we are already opening up as is. But we’re doing it in a timely manner. We did it with the airport,” Fahie explained.

“Eventually we would have to; I wouldn’t say ‘relax’ but adjust the measures so that persons who have been vaccinated and can prove it from a credible source … are allowed in here,” he added.

The Premier also noted government’s consideration that persons travelling to the BVI will only be required to quarantine overnight.

It’s better to return our COVID vaccines than to let them expire

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  1. BVI Business says:

    Is this a formal press release from the government? That is what is needed! Our tourists need to know if all restrictions will be removed or just some. Putting this out there with no details is not helpful.

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  2. vg resident says:

    So nothing changed. You have to get rid of masks, quarantine and covid test. No one wants to come in with these measures. Fully open but not welcoming

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  3. Yep. Got to keep on moving. says:

    Keep our local people in check, they are the problem, not the tourist, they dont want to obey the protocols want to do as they want.. In regards to vaccine employers need to have their own business health and safety policy….I like this forward moving move.

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  4. CONFUSED..but happy... I guess says:

    Is anyone else confused by the Premier’s comments? Will daytrip visitors be allowed to return in June? By fully re-opening are they allowing everyone in whether they are vaccinated or not? Will the quarantine be adjusted to 1 day between now and June for vaccinated visitors overnighting? When are they planning to allow private vessels to return? I wish they’d learn to be clear and concise.

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    • Yup says:

      If he was concise then it would be difficult to change 15 times between now and June. Instead let people make plans and then change or cancel them and piss them off. By the way are the drug runners on the go fast boats required to quarantine for 4 days Mr. Premier or do they get a pass?

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      • @Yup says:

        Drop off and pick up same day service and the authorities can’t catch them, so how you want them to quarantine for 4 days. You fully well know they not going to declare themselves.

  5. @vg resident says:

    As a fully vaccinated visitor, I plan to come in July. I have no problem with masks while indoors, but agree with the rest of your comments. Will not come with any other restrictions other than the occasional mask while inside.

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    • Gus says:

      Same here. Our group has 3 catamarans reserved for July. All of the adults have been vaccinated but the kids (5 of them) under 16 have not. We will not waste half of our vacation time marooned on a boat. We purchased full travel insurance and will decide on executing our travel plans if quarantine requirements are lifted, at least for cruisers. I hope this changes as announced.

  6. Dan says:

    Just a sec.. What did he say?
    Sounds like nothing…

    Open up with all existing measures remain the same so… Nothing changes.

    Hopefully will be soon cleared as I am about to make changes to move our vacation to the usvi…

    Speed the decision and communication so we can make informed decision

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  7. jay says:

    One step in a long over due direction. Between now and then we really need to improve the intuitiveness of the online portal. The need to Whatsapp the gateway to know what to do next (and to receive links that should be on the portal) is inconvenient and will create serious pandemonium once we fully open. I think we can also eliminate the quarantine period of 4 days if we require negative rt-pcr within 72 hrs versus 5 days. If anything, have persons tested on Day 0 and once they get a negative result in 24-48 hrs, let them roam. We won’t get much business if we continue to be the strict parent of our region. Having been in the BVI, the USVI and the US for extended periods of time, I now see that the BVI has done an excellent job at implementing and following safety measures. Once we continue along that path we will still be better off than our counterparts. But we must stop living in fear as we have been.

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    • @Jay U thinking says:

      Excellent idea.. Great thinking..

    • Ann says:

      Unless the ridiculous quarantine is removed for vaccinated persons, nothing has changed. People will vacation elsewhere. Masks outdoors is stupid. Wearing a mask inside a restaurant, then taking it off 30 seconds later to eat and drink for 2 hours without a mask is stupid. It’s easy to be a leader when one’s income is protected. Very sad for the people in the BVIs. No common sense whatsoever.

  8. Please clarify. says:

    4 day quarantine or overnight for visitors? Which is it?

    Also is the one ferry a day still going to be a thing?

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  9. 2cents says:

    June of which year?

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  10. Tim says:

    The article is confusing but the way I read it ..

    BVI needs to open up, the public had its chance, time to move on.
    Starting June, the BVI open up and will recognize the fact that visitors are being vaccinated.
    those who can prove it, will have eased procedures.

    Till then, the Ferry will open up with same protocols as in the airport.

    So its confusing way of writing it, all he meant to say, nothing will change till June but on June … something will take place.

  11. Wow says:

    So tourists season over, let’s open
    All businesses closed now????

  12. concerned: says:

    how can he say he did all he could!! why we cant we be offered other options of vaccine? maybe then more of the population will be vaccinated.

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  13. US tourist says:

    We really hope and pray BVI will be open by end of June as me and my family all visit. We plan on chartering 2 boats to visit Jost, virgin gorda, willie T, etc. The article isn’t very clear though if thats going to be possible. We have to have proof of negative test before we fly into usvi it would be nice to be able to submit proof of test online somehow so we can visit the BVI area. really want to spend money to all the businesses on BVI side but My boat charters are for 8 hours.. not 24 hours. We can’t quarantine for a day. hopefully the government of the BVI figure out a solution before we come because the boat charters will be for the BVI side if its open.. if not we’ll go to the USVI spots with boat charters.

  14. US Tourist says:

    Considering a 2 week trip to stay on 1 or 2 of the islands. Biggest issue is the 4 day quarantine.

    We’ve all been vaccinated. We would be fine with requiring a COVID test prior to arrival and then again upon on arrival (and quarantine until the results come back from the test upon arrival). But, to then also quarantine for 4 days is a deal breaker. Maybe they need to reconsider eliminating the 4 day quarantine for vaccinated travelers. If they want, they can test me everyday, but at their their cost.

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    • Agreed says:

      We’re scheduled for a week charter in July. If the four day quarantine isn’t lifted and we can’t get a ferry to and from STT – we’re cancelling.

      These bozos need to make it easy for us, difficulty getting there and then making it difficult to get around plus squeezing the tourists with fee after BS fee? Forger it, they need us more than we need them. Once they figure it out and don’t treat us like walking wallets, maybe we’ll be back.

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      • CP says:

        I know how you feel being treated like “walking wallets”. That is the thing that I disliked the most on my visit to the BVI in 2019.

    • Bob b says:

      You are mistaken sir… There is no four day quarantine if you’re fully vaccinated… Just a PCR test upon arrival

  15. last straw says:

    Opening the seaports did not go to plan. Opening delayed twice, then we find out only one sea port for ferry operations ONLY for one trip a day. Not exactly the “open” people had in mind.

    What is meant by “fully open”?

    Outline the entry procedure NOW. Will this be all entry ports? Will it be for commercial AND private vessels? Open from 1 June or 30 June?

    Do vaccinated persons have to quarantine? Do unvaccinated persons require a vaccination? When we get COVID cases (and we will) is the BVI going to freak out and shut down? Vaccine does not stop us from getting sick – it minimized the likelihood of death.

  16. Sea Guy says:

    If true, I’m done. Scheduled for an 8 day charter with 3 other couples the middle of May. If all of these impediments are still in place until June, l’ll need to cancel for this year and look at going to the USVI’s. Open up May 1st and for those already vaccinated!

    • Stay at home says:

      I’m also fully vaccinated, scheduled for end of May. I’m planning to cancel at 30 days out. Looks like no BVI for us. Probably switch somewhere without a $50M drug bust every other week, too.

  17. Ian says:

    We’re due to come to BVI for 3 weeks 20th May. We have been vaccinated twice – I’m from the UK and I will happily quarantine for 4 days, take tests before during and after, and I’m happy to pay any extra costs associated with the virus. But I won’t quarantine for 14 days of a 3 week trip and if I have to wait until June to avoid that, then it’s too late for us to come this year. I have already had to postpone 3 times since May 2020 this is my 4th attempt. So unless they clarify this and allow us in on the 20th May then I have to cancel and BVI will miss out on another tourist happy to pay. I love the islands, been coming for 12 years and I’m happy to spend all my money there but not at the expense of 2 weeks quarantine. I and AM

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    • Bobbi says:

      Considering international travel from the UK is not permitted until at the very earliest 17th May (UK rules). You are pushing this trip quite fine. The UK hasn’t released the details of their international travel protocols as yet either.

      I’m hoping to travel from the UK in late August and fully prepared for this to possibly have to be rearranged.

      I believe you only have to quarantine for 14 days if you test positive under the BVIs current protocols.

  18. Florida is fine says:

    BVI should Be like florida… they got everything open and everything is fine. Absolutely slammed busy with tourist and money. No lock downs BS. they must be doing something right.

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