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BVIPA workers will return to regular pay as of December

Photo Credit: BVIPA

Daily-paid BVI Ports Authority (BVIPA) workers who had their job hours cut six months ago due to COVID-19, will have their wages restored to its original level as of December.

Premier Andrew Fahie made this announcement during his 2021 budget presentation on Thursday, November 12.

Back in May, the BVIPA reduced the working hours of its wage earners from 40 to 30 hours per week because the COVID-19 pandemic had placed a significant strain on its revenues.

But Premier Fahie, who has responsibility for ports, said this is set to change “as the Authority anticipates a significant increase in workload with the expected return of international ferry services and cruise ships in 2021”.

BVIPA cargo warehouse and admin facility to be constructed

In the meantime, his government has also signalled a slew of improvements for the BVIPA. These include a general cargo warehouse which will be constructed next year. Premier Fahie said the new facility has already been designed.

“Once the requisite approvals are attained, the construction will commence in the early part of 2021,” he said.

Additionally, planning has begun for the construction of a new BVI Ports Authority Administration Facility.

“This five-story complex will house the Administrative staff and other government statutory bodies at a price that will be a significant cost saving to central government. To date, structural drawings have been completed,” Fahie stated.

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  1. Oooh. Boiii says:

    Nice to hear this . Is there ANY additional Cargo space ELEVATED above ground level) for Virgin Gorda ?? We are working and storing our cargo in a pond . Time for Improvements at this Facility

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  2. VIP says:

    What the f**k happen to the ppl that work in the tourism industry don’t the have a live too
    This government is just wicked and bad minded
    Ppl out here suffering eating one meal a day
    Have to pay these wicked landlord there full rent cause the don’t have a heart and the don’t know the meaning of decency and humanity
    Coronavirus is not going anywhere anytime soon you ppl need to grow up
    Schools open most of the private schools are expats children and most parents are in the tourism industry
    Andrew fahie for once in your live, try to be decent and do something good, the world is seeing that you only care for your own ppl
    The expats are ppl too stop treating them like animals
    One day all of us will die and leave all the wealth behind unless you ppl plan to take everything six feet with y’all which won’t be surprise
    Soon all you landlords will live alone in y’all big apartment house oh and all who say the owe bank lol don’t worry the bank will do y’all a favor in taking away ayo blasted house and land
    Some tenants can’t pay all the rent some can pay half and y’all so greedy ayo don’t want the half ayo mean ppl must pay all y’all rent in this crisis and starve after
    Look around the Caribbean and see what the landslides doing to your neighboring island, oh wait my bad y’all don’t care about anyone that is not from here
    Y’all turn coming soon bitter days ahead just wait god is looking
    So Andrew go ahead and pay the government workers full pay starting December everyone would like to see that happen the bvi already bankrupt and you chase away all the tourists no revenue will be coming in when the border open next month
    Unless you turn to drugs which won’t be surprise a****

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  3. A ring a ring of roses says:

    How did the 2.5 tons of drugs get in BVI? Did it drop from the sky? Arrive by submarine? Ascend from an underground tunnel? Or did it come in as ‘cargo’? Inquiring minds want to know. Will they all fall down?

  4. Tola says:

    I hope you all deal with them who hours get cut properly. We didnt get no stimulus and other organization get full stimulus. I hope you all treat us good for the Christmas not with no damn ham or Turkey either.

  5. Make it right says:

    How about thousands of us in the tourism industry still without work since March,,,, Belongers and nationals are taking off the schedule period because no hours they think we live free and we don’t have Bills to add those work permit managers doing schedule hate us They making things worst, they are only looking out for themselves and their xpat friends, , Govt need to look into giving managers work permit, many locals and belongers can do The job. That’s a fact,,,

  6. People says:

    Good job by the Government

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