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BVIPA’s Miami-based office now dissolved

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Communications and Public Works Minister Kye Rymer has confirmed that a BVI Ports Authority’s (BVIPA) Miami-based Limited Liability Company (LLC) has now been dissolved after its discovery first created controversy some months ago.

Rymer said the company’s dissolution documents were filed in August and a copy was received in September. 

“At this juncture, the office was dissolved mainly because of the ownership structure,” Rymer disclosed in the House of Assembly (HOA) yesterday. 

After reports initially emerged of the entity registered under the name ‘The BVI Ports Authority, LLC’, Rymer sought to quell concerns; expressing that the Miami-based office space was only to provide an outreach location for the Authority to conduct cruise business.

Rymer said it was also decided that the office space acquired by the company could also host the BVI Tourist Board and the BVI Shipping Registry.

While speaking in the House of Assembly yesterday, October 25, the minister said: “The office space in Miami was intended to be a multi-agency office, marketing, and promoting tourism and ship registration.” 

He added that it was also envisioned to serve as a support and research base for BVI nationals and residents who are students and conducting business and require assistance while abroad.

Rymer said the company was not registered to engage in any revenue-generating business. 

He explained that to establish the company, three directors were required. Those directors were revealed to be Roxane Sylvester — a former Deputy Chair of the BVIPA Board; Kenesha Sprauve, a former member of the BVIPA Board and Chairman of the BVI Tourist Board; and Oleanvine Maynard, the now-incarcerated former Managing Director of the BVIPA. 

Rymer said his ministry has had discussions with the Shipping Registry and Tourist Board and it was agreed that having a physical presence in Miami is a good idea as Miami is a hub for international business. He said this enhances the opportunity for air and seaport relationships with international airlines and the cruise industry of Florida.

With the re-establishment of a Civil Aviation Department, Rymer said the territory can also target high net worth individuals who may own private airplanes. 

“The collaboration of these agencies means that the territory can now offer a one-stop-shop experience to guests,” the minister said.

The matter is now being put to Cabinet for a formal decision before it can be re-established, if Cabinet desires. 


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  1. Research & Support BVI national s says:

    Having never been advertised in fact exactly the opposite concealed . More like an illegal form of diplomatic bag for those in the know. No records of use by whom doing what .Now the voters have to believe it was an marketing idea not followed through as it conveniently closes with no records no proof no names no pack drill.

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  2. 4 REAL says:


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  3. IslandSon says:

    One Step at a time, things will get fixed.

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  4. Kokane says:

    We had everything in place set up to move the work and money and then came the DREW. Everytime I think of this man letting a dim wit slow dude like K Mynrd to set him up smh no bad man no nothing. He want to pray before closing the deal smh.

  5. Kokane says:

    We had everything in place set up to move the work and money and then came the DREW. Everytime I think of this man letting a dim wit slow dude like K Mynrd to set him up smh no bad man no nothing. He want to pray before closing the deal smh.

  6. Head Coach says:


  7. BuzzBvi says:

    He did not say what it was replaced with. The show must go on! What is the new VI, Miami drug smuggling Co. Office called? Unity Drugs Inc?

  8. DEA says:

    Wind up the company, shut down the Miami office, conceal its main purpose, whatever. WE don’t care! We got the evidence so clean up the mess, go back to the BVI and stay out of the USA!!!

  9. “Discovery first created controversy” says:

    “Discovery first created controversy” ? Are you telling us that the entire government had no idea it was there until it was written in the Miami paper???, when we all learned? And the rent was being paid for how long and nothing was started?? And today you are telling us what it was to be used for? What are you doing with that story? Cleaning it up? That BS was only on paper. Tell us how long it was vacant from the moment it was rented, 6 months or a year? Was it ever used? Who paid the rent with nothing nothing in operation there?. They never received any money because it was not being used.
    Sir Honorable Rymer why did you write this now and in the way you did? Something is very wrong here and now.

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