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BVI’s accommodation inventory to normalize in a year or so

A section of the main island of Tortola. (Photo by Davion Smith/BVI News)

Residents and visitors have been given a clearer indication of how much longer they will have to wait before the BVI returns to operating at full capacity as it relates to accommodation in the territory.

“From all accounts, we anticipate that our room inventory will be near normalcy by the end of 2019 or by Q2 (the second quarter) of 2020,” Premier and Minister of Tourism Dr D Orlando Smith said in an address a week ago.

The latest statistics indicate that, at the end of 2018, the BVI has approximately 1,000 rooms on land and about 3,200 berths at sea. The current number of berths represent about 75 percent of the territory’s pre-storm inventory, Dr Smith said.

$12 million enhancements

In another aspect of tourism, Premier Smith announced that some $12 million is being spent to create ‘enhancements’ in the sector.

These enhancements will come in the form of increased signs territory-wide. This is in an effort to make the BVI more tourist-friendly, Dr Smith said. The tourism minister said the signage initiative will happen in a “phased process”.

A number of new bathroom facilities are also to be constructed for visitors.

“We expect to see bathrooms added to Smugglers, Long Bay, Brewers Bay, Spring Bay and Savannah Bay in the foreseeable future. Cane Garden bay has already been completed. Our guests are asking for these enhancements and for us to maintain our luxury designation, we have to meet the demands of our visitors. To meet this objective, a comprehensive $12 million dollar plan has been prepared by the BVITB is in place and we expect to see work continuing at an even faster pace in the first quarter of 2019,” Dr Smith explained.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm….sounds like a lot of bull. Catamarans are not back to 75% pre-storm, no interest in short term rental of villas, place is still trashed up and the answer is $12mil for signs and toilets. Sounds like a plan. Tell us where the other $11.5 mil isgoing to be spent. Maybe a new airline with jet service from Miami?

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  2. Picture says:

    Look at the article picture. Zoom in on Mariner Cay. It’s freaking empty. Where do these people come up with these numbers. Stop the nonsense. Stop trying to pull the wool over people eyes. It’s not working

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    • lol says:

      How do you know when the picture was taken, could have been months ago

      • @lol says:

        You are correct. Could have been months ago. Fact is that the replacement of the catamaran fleet will take years. The manufacturers of these boats only build a few a year. For anyone, especially the Premier to say that the fleet is back to 75% is ridiculous. That and slow sales gives me the info to say that the picture was recent.

        • @ Picture says:

          Many boats including Catamarans have been delivered to the BVI in the last few months. The Moorings has a team of 40+ guys here from Europe repairing their boats. Even the smaller charter companies are bouncing back with new fleet deliveries. He is not far off in his estimation

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  3. Just Visiting says:

    Signs? When will the traffic lights be functional again?

  4. WAH de Hell? says:

    They have US$12M to throw around for sinage when the roads are smack the roads are perilouse and badly in nees of repairs many people suffering for lack of jobs some people still living in cars apartments scare for reidents and rent sky high…civil servants working under depolorable conditions…they borrowing money to fund the operation of the government??!??!?!??! This goverment done lost its mind??!!!! Can the real leaders please stand up. We need to know who to vote fah…not these set of clowns…lawd help!!

  5. //// says:

    Short sightedness is bliss!

  6. //// says:

    Really, My God! “These enhancements will come in the form of increased signs territory-wide. This is in an effort to make the BVI more tourist-friendly, Dr Smith said.” So now they have added Signs to the telescopes and hammocks! What a set of jokers. Why have all those bathrooms not been fixed as yet. Again, when you clean up the island, fix the roads, you may get some tourist with these “Tourist Friendly” additions. Really, really, really jokers.

  7. nutmeg says:

    hmmm smoke screen! has the BVITB been given the money to actually do these enhancements??? That’s the question that needs to be asked.

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