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Chambers makes public apology for attempting to kill old friend

Nickail Chambers

Jamaica native Nickail Chambers has made a public apology for attempting to kill his schoolmate Cory Prince in Fort Hill back in 2017.

The 27-year-old electrician appeared before Justice Ann-Marie Smith on Monday in his final court appearance before his sentencing hearing on May 24.

Chambers is being sentenced for attempted murder and possession of a firearm with intent to endanger.

“I have been thinking of the offence, and I am sorry for disturbing the peace. I apologise to the public, the police, to Cory and his family. I am truly sorry about it,” he said at the High Court.

Chambers also told the court that he told two police officers that he discarded the firearm in the Baugher’s Bay beach, a statement the Crown contends.

Factors of the case

Ahead of the sentencing, the court was urged to consider the premeditation of the crime as an aggravating factor.

Furthermore, the Crown said Chambers was not remorseful because the firearm in question has not been recovered and could still be on the streets.

The Crown said several innocent people were in the highly traversed area and at the time of the shooting. They further said the accused had no regard for human life when he was firing shots at Prince.

His previous convictions and his so-called lousy reputation were other aggravating factors, the court should consider, prosecutors said.

The Crown said his early guilty plea was the only mitigating factor in the matter.

However, Chambers’ attorney Carmilita Jamieson argued that the Crown stating that the crime was premeditated is an inference that cannot be proven.

As such, she urged the court not to give any consideration to that as an aggravating factor.

She said while she did not condone her client’s actions, it stemmed from his previous altercation with Prince in Belle Vue. She said her client is also willing to undergo any form of therapy that the court is minded to impose.

What the court heard happened

The court heard that in June 2017, Chambers and Prince were arguing over $60 Prince reportedly owed Chambers.

An altercation ensued between the two and onlookers had to intervene to break up the fight that had turned bloody.

The pair were separated, and Prince returned to work.

Sometime later, Chambers was reportedly spotted riding on a scooter past Prince’s workplace.

The court further heard that Chambers returned in a vehicle armed with a loaded firearm to the establishment and discharged several rounds towards Prince.

Prince fled the scene, and the matter was subsequently reported to the police. Chambers subsequently turned himself in to police and he was later charged for the offence.

CCTV footage from the establishment placed him as the gunman, the court heard.


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  2. You says:

    aighan a bit ah sorry. Yo missing ur freedom.

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  3. Reply says:

    Attempted murder over $60? Really? Incredible. Now, he has an attempted murder rap under his belt. Surely, it will cost him much more than that $60 after all is said and done.

    Some people need to think before they act rather than await conviction of a crime before they come to their senses.

    $60 is nothing to fight or kill over. For God sake let them have it and move one. If it is that important to you whereby one has to respond with violence, something is wrong…terribly wrong.

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    • @Reply says:

      “Some people need to think before they act…”

      Only SOME people?

      WE all need to think ? before we act. However, SOME people willfully and deliberately carry out their selfish desires. The consequences of such though are actually damning!

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    • Mr Shovels says:

      That’s what happens when you have generation of fools with fragile egos that constantly feel the need to prove themselves to others.

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  4. What!!!! says:

    Attempted murder, illegal firearm. “Sorry” forget it go straight to jail do not pass go

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