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City Manager should be given legislative powers, says Walwyn


Chairman of the National Democratic Party (NDP) Myron Walwyn is proposing to give more legislative powers to the Office of City Manager if his party is re-elected into office.

Speaking at the launch of the NDP’s Territorial At-Large candidates in Road Town on Saturday, Walwyn said the time was ripe to set up an official board to govern the affairs of the city.

“If we say we want our country and our capital to be seen as a financial hub for innovation and business, we must now begin to think a little deeper. We must think more about demarcating our city,” the NDP leader said.

He continued: “Setting up a board to manage the affairs of the city and giving our City Manager legislative [powers will] ensure that our capital city of Road Town is run in the same manner as the top cities around the world.”

Though noting that decisions made by a legislatively empowered City Manager and board might sometimes be unpopular among residents, the NDP Chairman said granting these powers, nevertheless. would be of significant benefit the territory.

“The board might step on some toes from time to time but it is time we take a look and do the things that are necessary for the benefit of more people and more businesses in the territory,” Walwyn said.

He added: “If we do not get these things in order, everything that every previous generation that has fought to ensure will all go for nought.”

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  1. L says:

    Wouldn’t legislative powers require a change in the constitution?

    The current government is the one that introduced the office of the city manager. Why haven’t they already granted power to the office. Why not do it now? Why just promise to do it if elected.

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    • Vote says:

      Let us be fair. While NDP was the Government for the past 8 years it was under Dr. Orlando Smith who is obviously a different type of representative/leader than Hon. Walwyn. I am willing to give NDP a chance under Hon. Walwyn and some of the new blood that he has in the party. He has proven himself to be a doer and I think he can do some great things as the leader of the Territory.

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      • Let's move forward says:

        Hon Walwyn is under police investigation for mismanagement or corruption in relation to the school wall. Our Commissioner Of Police has stated: ” At this moment in time, in reading the findings of an audit, that doesn’t tell me enough. It doesn’t tell me whether the outcome was the result of ignorance, was the result of incompetence, or was something more dishonest”

        Our Auditor General has stated that the Minister ‘attack(ed) the institutions that support transparency and good governance’.

        We have better choices. The NDP has ruined this country over the past 8 years. Dr Smith doesn’t deserve all of the blame. Those Ministers who supported his lack of due diligence and worse behaviour don’t deserve to be reelected.

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      • @vote says:

        Give me a break! He has proven himself to be a b—- and a man———r to get what he wants. He probably only join NDP because he knew he could push his way to the top rather than w— his way up. And with Mrs Smith on his side and Premier sort of passive what could stop him. Your right in saying he is different though — he is a well spoken d—-.

    • Not2Sure says:

      Yes. But also: why it is that all politicians think that the people of the BVI want *more* politicians. We want fewer – and less beaurocracy.

      Between Walwyn and his city manager and Fahie and his councils, we are going to be knee deep in extra politicians with even more payroll and pension obligations.

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  2. Be cautious says:

    The present City Manager is a —– of time, she does not need any additional power.

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    • Really says:

      You sound quite bitter. For those of us who know her personally, we know better.

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      • @really says:

        I know her personally and she is a waist of time. If she wanted to make a true difference in Road Town she would make more noise for this claim lack of power. She is a speaker not sure about a doer.

  3. Smh says:


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  4. Revise says:

    The city manager post needs revisiting! I do not see the purpose it serves, Road Town is a free for all! Tents everywhere, anybody and their grandmother can set up a table and sell anything they want. Who regulates this?

    For people that our tax monies pay to travel all over the world, I know you all can have a better plan for our city. It’s deplorable in it’s current condition.

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    • Hi says:

      It’s a tent town because every time she tries to execute her duties minister Vanterpool steps over her and let crying people win in the madness that’s occurring

      • hmm says:

        sound like she need to join PVIM or VIP to get Vanterpool out. The NDP created this position to keep her happy. I’m trying to remember why they pushed her out of Tourism???

  5. Diaspora says:

    The City Manager position is a nice sounding title (no diss to the current holder). What is the cost versus the benefits of the position? What value does the position offer? If the position were eliminated today, what would happen? Would customers be up in arms? No. IMO, it is a duplication of effort; the roles and responsibilities of the City Manager can be easily performed by an effectively functioning Public Works Department. In the US with the Council-Manager form of government that is used by many cities, the City Manager runs day-to-day operetions; it is the CEO. The Council (Board) passes regulations, policies…..etc and the City Manager executes them.

    The Council sets policies and CIty Manager administers them. Is this where the Hon Walwyn wants to take things? This will require a tectonic shift from what currently happens. For starters, doubt politicians will be willing to give up so much power, influence; don’t see them empowering City Manager with so much power. This will be a major shift from the current parliamentary democracy system but it will be a bold, major shift.

    Anyway, are there not a lot more urgent things to do than giving the City Manager of a tiny city more power? Should not the focus be on for, eg, education, health, economy, infrastructure, crime, fire protection, cost of living, employment, immigration and labour reform, civil service reform, government retirement unfounded liability, environmental resources protection, self determination(more internal autonomy), disaster preparedness, consumer protection, whistle blower legislation among other things.

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  6. What da man say? says:

    LMAO – Man you can’t make this stuff up. Did he just say that our RoadTown is one of the great cities of the world and needs its own government?

    Does Rome have schools without roofs? Does Paris have broken roads and abandoned vehicles lining the roads? Is the dump in London on fire? Does Venice have sewage flowing through their streets? (Well maybe just a little.) How often does the power go out in New York? How often does the water stop working in Tokyo? How fast is the internet and how much much does it cost in comparison to RoadTown in the top 99,999 largest cities in the world. We currently rank last in terms of speed and tops in terms of cost.

    Thank you Mr. Walwyn. Please answer these two simple questions: 1) will you support a retroactive whistleblower law? 2) why haven’t you rebuilt our schools?

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  7. Ausar says:

    Well Myrun, if I was a votin’ for the ‘DP, you would have gotten one just for this pronouncement!

    This is the kind of common sense approach that is needed to run this country.

    But again, Im notta votin’ ‘DP.

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  8. Interested says:

    Sorry. Not the current city manager

  9. RealPol says:

    “Speaking at the launch of the NDP’s Territorial At-Large candidates in Road Town on Saturday, Walwyn said the time was ripe to set up an official board to govern the affairs of the city.” Really! It must be silly season (election season). IMO the position is redundant.

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  10. LOL says:

    …You have your 4th District Representative the action MAN who is also Minister of Communications & Works what more power you need in town to get the job done???

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  11. Smh says:

    Why do we even need a city manager when we have a 4th district representative. Just funny how today raw sewage running in the service road behind O’Neal gas station opposite of Vanterpool Pharmacy . Every minute that thing over spilling in the middle of Road Town where tourist pass ever so often. Fix these problems first before talking about giving city manager legislative power unless she gets the power and do the job that your party and colleague suppose to do years ago.

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  12. Uncle Buck says:

    He jus passing the buck. He want someone else to take the blame for all the problems he created or was unable to solve. He broke it now he wants someone else to fix it.

    The rooster has come home. Our country is broken – imagine what state it would be in if he serves another term?

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  13. Haycrat says:

    Myrum you don’t know who the city manager is going to be.

  14. No Need says:

    A city manager in a small town like this is a waste of time and money. Places with city managers are much bigger than the whole BVI. We already have a district representative, let them do their work. All junior minister crap needs to be scraped.

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