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COI Report: Skelton Cline’s contracts were false!

Claude Skelton Cline

In a scathing review of the work done by Pastor Claude Skelton Cline as a consultant for the current Virgin Islands Party (VIP) administration, the Commission of Inquiry (COI) found that his contracts were patently false and demonstrated serious dishonesty on the part of public officials.

After a 22-page dissection of the clergyman’s three government contracts over the last three years, COI Commissioner Sir Gary Hickinbottom concluded in his report that even when compared with other projects the COI examined, Skelton Cline’s contracts had strands of governance that were not only very poor, but quite astonishing.

“On the evidence, there can be little if any doubt that these contracts were, on their face, false. They did not attempt to set out the intended contractual obligations of Mr Skelton Cline (if any),” Sir Gary found.

“I did not find any explanation of this that was put forward to be at all persuasive, or anything but transparently thin,” he added.

Serious dishonesty took place

Sir Gary found that the overwhelming evidence was that, from 2019, Skelton Cline was very much Premier Andrew Fahie’s personal choice as a political adviser. He further noted that public officers had little if anything to do with assessing Skelton Cline’s suitability for that post or with monitoring his performance in it.

“Even on this basis, it is still not entirely clear how payments came to be made to Mr Skelton Cline under the contracts … [since] it is now not suggested that he was complying (or attempting to comply) with his obligations as set out in the contracts.”

According to Sir Gary, the Permanent Secretary in the Premier’s Office, Dr Carolyn O’Neal Morton authorised payment to Skelton Cline while the Financial Secretary triggered/released the payment.

Financial Secretary Jeremiah Frett served during the greater duration of Skelton Cline’s contracts. Former Financial Secretary, Glenroy Forbes was present for Skelton Cline’s first contract in March 2019 but demitted office in June 30, 2019.

“In the circumstances … I am satisfied that there is information that serious dishonesty in relation to public officials may have taken place in relation to these contracts,” Sir Gary wrote.

Recovery of funds, full audits recommended

Meanwhile, the Commissioner concluded that, “as soon as practical, a full audit of these contracts should be performed by the Auditor General or some other independent person or body instructed by her, and a report on that audit be presented to the Governor.”

He said this should be to the extent that the clergyman was not performing his contractual obligations, the circumstances in which Skelton Cline was paid out of the public purse; and whether the contracts provided any value for money.

“Unless, in the meantime, the relevant BVI authorities consider otherwise, further steps including any criminal investigation and steps to recover public money (including recovery from any public official who has acted improperly) can await the outcome of that audit,” Sir Gary noted in his report.


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  1. WOIII YO YOIII says:


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  2. BVIslander says:

    NOt only should this man be charged but we continue to turn a blind eye to the civil servants that participate in the corruption by abandoning their responsibility. Many civil servants went to the COI hearings in a hostile and dishonest manner they too MUST be charged criminally where applicable, if we are serious of getting rid of corruption. The politicians cannot do it alone, they do it with the help of compromised civil servants. The former Minister of Education did not follow the law is his alleged refusal to lay the auditor general’s report on the neighborhood partnership project the house of assembly.
    He effectively protected AAF&CSC and delayed the criminal proceedings on this matter for over 10 years, he too should be charged as well in this matter, he perverted the natural course of justice by his inaction. UK please fix the corruption once and for all

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  3. The Commissioner says:

    Are we going to protest, march and block the road against this blatant corruption too..Or only for the so called “UK rule”.

    We cannot have it both ways as one of our politicians is fond of saying “right cannot be wrong depending on who you hate” and “wrong cannot be right depending on who you love”.

    If we are being called to take a stand then let us do so to rid ourselves of all forms of corruption in order to secure a better futire for our children and grandchildren and generations unborn!

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    • Guilty by Association says:

      All the elected Reps who sitting in the road protesting with him should be removed immediately!!!


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      • Okay then says:

        They have yet to denounce it and denounce what their former leader did to our territory. We are waiting

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    • They won't says:

      We all knew of this corruption, no one was marching against it then, no one will march against it now. While some marching today may actually be concerned about UK rule, the vast majority of the thought leaders in these protests just have special interests to keep the corrupt in power for their own benefit.

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      • BVI lover says:

        And why didn’t we march against? Because we didn’t care?
        No, because of fear of repercussions from every direction – trade, tax, immigration departments or, let’s face it, local cartel ambassadors.
        A culture of silence and compliance was forced on us.
        And these marchers want to fight to keep the status quo?
        I am staying home. But if anyone want to march against corruption, kick backs, nepotism, organized crime and everyone who enabled those things over 30 years, I’m in.

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    • @The Commission says:

      I totally agreed with you. Let’s stand up against all corruption. Enough is enough.

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  4. Hmmm says:

    And the thing start. And alyo don’t want u.k to come in !!

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  5. BuzzBvi says:

    Seems to pretty much state what we have all seen – except of course those now sat in the road together and their supporters gathered near.

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  6. Anonymous says:

    He suddenly lost his appetite, and did not show for breakfast the other day. Instead of wanting to eat, he disappeared to somewhere crapping bricks.

    SC where are you? I think you are due for more questioning. Please speak honestly when your day approaches. Remember God sees high and he sees low. He knows the truth. So tell the truth and shame the devil.

    No wonder he had so much to say and protest because he knows how his bread was buttered.

    If that future audit proves any malfeasance, he needs locking up. One million dollars is no small change. Some people work their entire lives and never amassed a million dollars, but this guy according to the COI inquiry made that much in a short few years under questionable circumstances.

    These permanent secretaries who approve these payments need to account for their actions as well.

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  7. CSC says:

    Start warming his seat up Balo. As co**upt as they come. We will all see why he’s been so vocal against the Governor and the UK. I hope they make him give all the money back. Cr**k.

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  8. Mr.Gage says:

    YES!!! I was patiently waiting for this one particularly.

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  9. Okoy says:

    One by one they going down

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  10. 0% says:

    This is the exact reason why we need UK rule for the recommended 2 years to clean up the blatant corruption that has been going on in this government. All those sitting in the road with CSC probably have something to hide and want the corruption to continue. Shameless bunch of parasites. All of them need to be gone.

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  11. DeepState VI says:

    Imagine this character in the mist of the march, shouting loud and clear no UK rule. Should be saying save my a$$. These cr**ks continue to reap off our treasury for years, no value for money. I work hard while this character reap the benefits. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Some of the very same people holding the mics at the protest took information to the COI because it was tit for tat and now they can’t deal with what came out. I’m keeping the faith, if this march wasn’t about money I would have joined in. This is not about any democracy or freedom our very own did this over and over time and time again. They never respected our constitutional rights. We created the cookie monsters and we never tamed their appetite for those cookies.

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  12. Observer says:

    The people of the BVI are reactive as usual. Enablers!!! Total disregard for the contents of the COI report, total disregard for the fact that the sitting Premier was caught in such shameful acts. Instead, the narrative is shifted and blame is cast on everyone else but themselves.

    Take responsibility for your actions BVIlanders. Face up, Confess, Repent.

    The British are not doing anything to you all that you have not done to yourselves.

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  13. Strupps says:

    Yet Cline is sitting in the middle of the road protesting. How can anyone take these people seriously. Give them whining backside what they want and they will be back to business as usual. NOTHING WILL CHANGE MORE THAN THEY FIND DIFFERENT WAYS TO MILK THE PUBLIC PURSE.

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    • Csc says:

      Let’s boycott the restaurant. Why should the people support your business after already thieving hundreds of thousands, if not more. Oh yea. And what about his involvement with the Pier park during his tenure as Port boss, lots of illegal things took place there, even up to who all got contract to build the dock/Pier and franchises on the pier park. Del sol.. why is it only he was able to bring two US franchise here, NY pizza and Del Sol. Do you know who own or involve with Del Sol.. read the fine print

  14. Realmente says:

    I always know that there is nothing h**est about this man useing the church to run his r**ket.

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  15. Smh says:

    But you guys down there with him protesting. Set ah Moo moo

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  16. Surprised? says:

    I am shocked that CSC is cr**ked! Never saw that coming…lol. Maybe he can have the top bunk in the Miami cell with Fahie.

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  17. SPECIAL D says:

    DA GOOD OLE BOYZ ARE AT IT AGAIN🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

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  18. Resident says:

    Even Ray Charles could see that, that is also why they named a section in the report after him

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  19. Jah says:

    UK needs to burn it all down. Start over.

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  20. WOW says:

    I notice he has not been saying anything lately, his silence is really deafening.

    So I want to know, are there going to be criminal charges brought against these people, if so, who will we have prosecuting these matters if we want to get a conviction?

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  21. Hammi says:

    Just heard banks are limiting withdrawals. Not a good sign.

    Get your money out now

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  22. Movie Time says:

    Getting my popcorn and putting up my foot!!! How the mighty has fallen!!

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  23. Lol says:

    Patsy Lake next
    The names coming out slowly
    And those are the ppl get the foolish ppl protesting with them
    Some of you need to sit ayo a** home and think does this protest is really about the ppl or it is to save some of those leaders a**

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  24. Big Richard says:

    He’s running to Venezuela

  25. Common Link says:

    In 2013 the Mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick was sentenced to 28 years imprisonment for racketeering and bribery whilst in Public Office
    In 2022 the Premier of the BVI Andrew Fahie was arrested for conspiracy of supply drugs and money laundering. These 2 men have 2 things in common:
    1. They both claim to be men of god
    2. They both employed CSC as an adviser/consultant.

    Time CSC was …!!!

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  26. Secret Bear says:

    Nobody is “Dismantling the whole country.” That is blatantly false to anyone has read the report.

    People, this is a psyop.
    These people are trying to scare you so you will complacent enough to keep running interference for them and their corrupt cronies under the guise of “patriotism.” They are trying to gaslight you, to convince you that freedom is slavery, war is peace and strength is weakness. Do not let them do this. We’ve done it for too long already. We know who the oppressors are, and it isn’t the British.

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  27. CSC says:

    ..and we all forgot the hundreds of thousands he got for developing youth schemes but ran away to Murica with it leaving an alleged fake list of recipients behind. That alone should have landed him life in Balsam. Literally stealing from the future of the BVI youth. Wait will it take for BVI to wake up.

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  28. Lol says:

    Can we have our tax payers money back please and thank you?

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  29. SNAFU says:

    Under Frauds advise, he helped to completely bankrupt Detroit, then turned against the big one dealing a bargain with the Feds sending him and others to prison, to save his own bacon. Hence why names have changed, “it” has done no different here.
    Bad cess follows the path of destruction in its wake. Wise up people, distance yourselves from this creature.

  30. Skelton says:

    Y’all so want to hear Claude name call, this is old news. NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST CLAUDE CLINE will prosper…Claude ain’t studying y’all dumbness who can’t see past y’all quarters. He is one of the most articulate speakers in the BVI.

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  31. Time's Up says:

    Hiding behind the cloth to st**l and profit is the lowest of low. …His days are numbered I’m sure.

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  32. rastarite says:

    Past governor Gus Jaspert should be applauded for bringing this investigation and Commission of Inquiry. The corruption was deep, far and wide and yes, it will probably take two years for full accountability and justice to be served. Then when new elections happen full checks and scrutiny must be observed – No more campaign funds to be paid to sitting members!!!

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  33. Ducky Fuzz says:

    A man of god chose Drugs and gambling so generate 5M for the government. The gambling laws were changed to make it easy to launder the proceeds of Drug monday. Were not blind and those shouting loudest have the most to loose. THis is a deliberate attempt in the government to change the Laws so they can line their pockets with ill gotten gains. Not only illigal but stolen taxes.
    The level of corruption is outstanding as they all think they are above the law. Well the Law is knocking and you will be brought to trial.

  34. Good says:

    That man used to act like he better than people. Old Th**f! Both you and the pastor. Jail them all. The good time done. I cannot trust the government who give him those false contracts. Sweep them out. Set ah cr**ks!! God don’t sleep.

  35. Who else says:

    Patsy,CSC, been sucking off the gubmint tit and just can’t get their fill. CSC sure is awful humble and quiet all of a sudden.

    • Haha says:

      Patsy Lake got her properties rented even though no one is actually using these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And what about the % increase in tax for sending money abroad, they did that for covid, no roll back???? BVI wake up! This is what should we marching on! Time for a change!!!!

  36. Csc says:

    Let’s boycott the restaurant. Why should the people support your business after already thieving hundreds of thousands, if not more. Oh yea. And what about his involvement with the Pier park during his tenure at as Port boss, lots of illegal things took place there, even up to who all got contract and franchises on the pier park. Del sol.. why is it only he was able to bring two US franchise here, NY pizza and Del Sol. Do you know who own Del Sol.. read the fine print

  37. Earl says:

    Now we know what CSC had on the Premier and why his palms were greased.
    We now also know why the Premier had bodyguards!

  38. SNAFU says:

    Under Frauds advise, it helped to completely bankrupt Detroit, then turned against the big one dealing a bargain with the Feds sending him and others to prison, to save his own bacon. Hence why names have changed, “it” has done no different here.
    Bad cess follows the path of destruction in its wake. Wise up people, distance yourselves from this creature.

  39. Stealing Prayers says:

    The worst thing a person can do is use The Church / God to take from humans. As humans we need to believe in a higher power, leaders in the church provide us with guidance- we trust that. But in the case of Claude O Skelton Cline he set out to hurt everyone he leads. Scandalously leaving Detroit he sunk his claws into Tortola. CSC is the Pied piper and all those that follow hon will loose. Andrew Fahie will go down as the biggest embarrassment to Tortola in history and CSC is a big part of that!

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