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COMMENTARY: Brexit is simple English tribalism

Dickson Igwe

By Dickson Igwe, Contributor

A redefined relationship between the post-Brexit UK and the British Overseas Territories is inevitable if as is expected, the turmoil of a post-Brexit Britain becomes convulsion. 

Britain is going to be reshaped by Brexit in myriad ways. For now, there can be no predicting how Brexit will fully impact UK politics, economy, and society. 

Anyone who states that they can predict the future of a Post Brexit Britain is deluded. Now, Germany is the major power in Europe. And it tears Brexiters apart that a country that Britain- with the help of the USA, and Russia in World War II — defeated twice in two bloody world wars, is the dominant country of Europe. 

In the Brexit psyche — which is profoundly an English phenomenon, and not in any way Scottish, Welsh, or Irish — there is a great fear of the Englishman becoming a type of “amorphous European”. 

Remainers like this Old Boy are the enemy within. We are the rootless cosmopolitans: Remoaners. Remainers cannot be trusted to uphold “Britishness” or better stated, “Englishness”. 

Brexit is all hubris and emotion

That is the reason Brexit is viewed as a throwback to colonialism and imperialism by a number of intellectuals. And there is a good reason. Brexit is all hubris and emotion. That may be one reason why Overseas Territories of Great Britain were essentially ignored in the debate that led to today’s withdrawal of the UK from the European Union. 

One can wonder if a Brexit referendum was held in the OTs what the result would be: this Old Boy has no doubt the OTs would have voted to remain in the EU. In the mind of the Brexiter, there are only two types of power: imperial power and colony: dominant and dominated. That has been the driver of Brexit: not economic logic, social welfare, or political pragmatism. Brexit is, was, and always will be, hubris and English nationalism. 

The dominant power in Europe

Brexit is the inability of the Brexiter to live with the fact that Britain’s greatest perceived triumph, the defeat of Hitler’s Germany in two world wars, led 50 years later to a unified Europe, dominated by Germany. The enemy that Britain defeated twice in the 20th Century is today the dominant power in Europe. 

Die-hard Brexiters simply cannot handle that fact that a Europe of middle powers such as Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Ireland, Portugal and Spain, are dominated by a resurgent Germany, under the Treaty of Rome. 

But Germany has no interest in ruling Europe. That is clear from German politics and society, from the time of the Great German Unification in the early 1990s. Germany’s dominant position is that of a reluctant giant. Germany’s huge manufacturing and economic power are what has placed Germany at the centre of Europe. 

English insecurity

Brexiters cannot see or accept that. Brexit essentially is English insecurity. Deep down, Brexiters view the European Union as a continuation of previous attempts by a German and Central European hegemony to control Europe, and dominate the countries, cultures, and economies of Europe. 

Brexit is viewed as the great resistance to this insidious attempt by Germany to use the institutions of Europe to “rule the roost”.

Aggressive, exclusive, xenophobe, insular, racist 

That is why the language of the Brexiter is aggressive, exclusive, xenophobe, insular, and even racist. The great paradox of Brexit is that the United Kingdom, very much like the European Union, is a union of countries: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. These countries remain within the union voluntarily, as long as over 50 percent of voters in those countries are happy with a United Kingdom. 

There is a move from political forces in Scotland and Northern Ireland, for independence from the UK, of these two countries, and then entry into the EU. Will this actually happen? Maybe! No one can tell. 

Such is the Post Brexit uncertainty. Then there are the Overseas Territories, such as these Virgin Islands — throwbacks from the era of pure colonialism — that have over decades, been granted a great amount of autonomy in economic and social matters but remain very much within the old colonial mould, in spite of the huge political freedoms they have been granted by Westminster and Whitehall. Brexit has been described as a refusal to accept realpolitik. 

UK is no longer an imperial power

The UK is no longer an imperial power. Brexit is described as English nationalism. Brexit is a type of “heady drug”. Like the Falklands War, Brexit is a reminder of the past greatness of a colonial and imperial Britain. 

The other components and countries of the UK are under no such illusion. They live in today’s world. Scotland is pro- European, and so are Wales and Northern Ireland. Over 50 percent of the UK population are remain and the only reason the UK is in the predicament it is in today is because of its first past the post model of voting that offers enormous power to a government, where even if that government wins a minority of the votes in an election, it is given all the levers of power. 

The UK Prime Minister with a majority in Parliament is very much an Elected Dictator. In any event, Brexit is at the starting point. That is another great irony. Those voters who believed a Boris Johnson government would be the end of the Brexit saga are in for frustration and disappointment. 

The pains of Brexit- the UK leaving its natural trading and economic home – are just beginning.

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  1. claptrap says:

    I can’t believe he is still going on and on about this, spouting his ignorance and ill-informed views.
    Move onto something else before you make yourself an even bigger fool than you are already are.

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    • Move period says:

      More gas from the racist douche bag If you hate the BVI with its ties to the U.K. and you hate the U.K. then why not leave. This way you’ll have no U.K. to hinder your miserable existence. Nigeria sounds like a lovely location and you can look up your neighbors that sold your forbearers into slavery. The best part of the Fatmans commentary is that through the BVINews, he is given a platform for his racism. Thus, the BVINews gives credence to all the other racist comments.

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      • Scot living in BVI says:

        More racist nonsense from this idiot. Stop believing everything you see on the BBC. More Scots voted to leave the EU than voted for the SNP or for independence. Unfortunately your inferiority complex is causing you serious issues. Please shut up.

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    • Max says:

      @Claptrap: The truth is sometimes a bitter pill to swallow.

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  2. Avalon says:

    Deluded as always, your words are an inversion…

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  3. Well says:

    I’m not sure if Mr Igwe has ever lived in the UK. If he had, he would have known about the large number of ethnic minority ‘leave’ voters, before characterising it as racist. The EU’s own Eurobarometer statistics show the UK is one of the least racist societies in Europe.

    Let us not forget, one of the main arguments was that Brexit can stop discrimination against people from non-EU countries who currently have a disadvantage to those in predominantly white, European countries. Now, both will have to compete fairly for the same right to live in the UK.

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    • @Well says:

      Just one correction, theEurobarometer statistics are probably not correct or severely skewed.

      The UK and its so called white citizens are notoriously racist, period!That is factual!

      For example, read the comment that some of its citizens post on here regularly, and speak to those individuals who were personally experienced and were severely by the viciousness of their racism.

      And last, study their history from at least the 10th century forward. Nomore needs to written,but much learning and acceptance of truths need to be done by some many who simply fear and cannot accept truths.

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      • Really says:

        @Well if the UK and its white citizens are supposedly so notoriously racist then please explain why millions of PoC would choose to live, study, work and raise their families there?

  4. Correction says:

    Wales isn’t pro-European. Perhaps you can check your information before writing incorrect drivel.

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    • tru says:

      he does say that as well as Scottish and Irish everyone knows its the English who wanted out of Europe nothing to do with Germany being in charge more to do with all the eastern Europeans who have flooded the country raised crime rates and they could not turn them away because they are member states of the EU.

      Now thats the story so perhaps he should read up on this.

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  5. Exit says:

    The true reason for Brexit is the fact that the U.K. is overrun with immigrants, especially Muslims in their move to take over the politics of every non Muslim nation on earth. The U.K. needs to stem the flow of these people and stem the spread of Islam. Otherwise we will all be foreigners in our own land.

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    • Tooth&Claw says:

      Stop trolling.

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    • Bruce says:

      Also, the UK is now out from under the dominance of unelected elitist bureaucrats. Who could care less about the interests of the BVI.

    • @Exit says:

      You are talking absolute rubbish. Standard brextremist bile being spouted. The true reasons for Brexit (not exhaustive):
      1. The numerous communities that were destroyed by Thatcherism, and have never been invested in since, who saw this referendum as a chance to finally vote for some meaningful change, even if they did not know (who does?) what it will look like.
      2. Ideological beliefs over sovereignty
      3. An historic distrust of the european project
      4. A misguided belief that historic values are being undermined by a free market for labour, often accompanied by some unbecoming xenophobia

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      • tru says:

        So why did Scotland who was decimated by Thatcher vote to stay?

        • british lady says:

          Scotland decided that BEFORE the brexit referendum. Now the majority DOES want to stay in the EU. England must not be allowed to become a dictatorship by over-ruling the will of the Scottish people, or the Welsh, or the Northern Irish. These countries are not subjugated British colonies, but democratic countries in their own right and Europe will support their wishes if they go for independence from the ‘english’

          • You Whaaat? says:

            Scotland did not vote for anything. Scotland didn’t have a referendum on the EU membership. The UK voted to leave the EU.
            If Scotland claims it should be allowed to leave the UK based on how they voted as part of the UK, then Brighton, London, Bristol, Cambridge etc. would have as valid a claim.
            That’s just silly. When you have a general election you don’t get each person getting the result they want, so it is for Scotland.

        • @tru says:

          Fair question. It’s because they can see a better future inside the EU. The English (and Welsh) communities have been hoodwinked that it was the EU’s fault.

          • Or says:

            Or perhaps the Scots were hoodwinked….
            Scotland voted to not leave their second biggest trading partner now it wants to leave its biggest trading partner?! That would be really stupid. Especially since Spain would never allow Scotland to join because it would embolden Catalonia.

            Can you imagine how long Scotland would last if England closed the border? You can only eat so many Tunnock cakes.

          • Scotty says:

            What we forget is that it was Scotland that begged to join the Union, not England that forced them. The Scots were broke after trying unsuccessfully to have an Empire like the English, then they went cap in hand to the English to pay off their debts for them.
            Another point is that the oil Scotland claims will make them wealthy enough to be self sufficient is not Scottish at all. It belongs to Shetland and Orkney who want to be independant of Scotland.

    • @ Exit says:

      The whole world needs to stem the flow and spread of Islam and christianity. Both of them are horrid oppressive systems masquarading as religion. Review their history, face and accept truths, and maybe you might come to some senses.

      Their historic intent and philosophy is world, people and resources domination. Not one of them has no other motive, least of which is saving sould for heaven.

      Last, there are three wars going on right now in the so called middle east. Their goals, reform, kill and or dominate islam and take control of the oil and other walth ofthose nations and replace islam and the wealth with christianity.

      If islam and christianity are not curtailed, we will all be foreigners in our own land. Those are the actual facts.

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      • @@Exit says:

        Well you certainly have a delusional view of the world. You must be smoking too much Ganga. Religion is the opium of the masses. This is certainly true in the BVI and other third world s**tholes. However, whatever Christianity is, there is no outward display of hate and terrorism like the world has kind in Islam. You though should relocate to a Communist country. Sounds like you’ll be happy there.

        • @@@ Exit says:

          You just expose yourself as the most delusional of us all. But not only that, you have also exposed the racial disease that is destroying, your chronic deficiency of history and your complete ignorance of religion, its roots, history and world view implications.

          So why not take your passport and leave this s**thole, s**t face.

  6. David and Goliath says:

    The EU needs to be treated like all bullies should be treated. Somehow I think the UK is the one to do it.

  7. Quiet Rebel says:

    What is next for the UK of Great Britain(England, Scotland, Wales) +Northern Ireland. The UK leaving the EU is like a captain leaving port without a specific destination; the captain will pull in somewhere. Whether it was England or the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland or United Kingdom of Great Kingdom and Northern Ireland, some Britons affinity with racism, racial prejudice and xenophobia was the animating force for a razor-thin majority voting to leave the EU. Brexit executed, the UK is wondering around aimlessly in the desert. Here is a news flash. In regards to the UK exiting the EU, the UK didn’t give a rat’s a..s about what the OTs think or need. They have no vote in the UK’s election so who cares.

    Moreover, though England (UK) was/is a small island nation, it wielded enormous and disproportionate power and influence over a vast empire. Britannia rules the waves and the sun never set over the empire was the boasting. Both of those things are history but some Britons are still harkening back and yearning for the past glory. UK’s economy flourish from privateering, raping the colonies of their resources and when depleted cast them adrift, dehumanizing and exploiting African slaves.

    All colonies resources/commodities, ie, sugar, cotton, precious metals….etc had to be sent to the UK for use in its factories, and employing its citizens. However, few factories were set set up in the colonies to employ the population. The same ship that transported raw commodities could have transported manufactured products.

    Some that purported themselves as superior may erroneously, misguidedly and falsely argue that colonists lacked the mental capacity to work in manufacturing factories. But interestingly islanders and others migrated to the UK to work in factories(anyone heard of the Windrush migrants). Some Britons saw migrants from the West Indies, Africa, India, Pakistan…..etc as despicable, inferior, and threatening yet useful hewers of wood and carriers of water. They viewed them with a jaundice eye and reluctantly tolerate them for their vital contribution to the economy. The old people say make your bed hard, lie in it hard. Again, what next?

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    • RealPol says:

      @Quiet Rebel, real hard hitting painful truth. Truth hurts and we cannot pretend it did not happen and it is still happening. Oh UK, Brexit, Brexit, Megexit, Megexit! You are an island but cant live like an island. The world is interdependent. The rest of the world does not revolve around the UK anymore, though the UK is a major financial centre. Take a hike with the elitist attitude, for you are no longer an influential world power. Your first order of business is to hold the union together. Scotland may bust loose; it is thinking long term and playing long ball.

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  8. Tooth&Claw says:

    Dickson the man, the enigma, the antagonist, the troll. So many words could be said about his evident lack of self awareness and of his amusing intellectual ineptitude. I’ll never forget his feelings published in the islands flagship newspaper; his fantasy that Brexit is a result of what he imagines to be “White anxiety” which is none other than the anxiety white people feel because their low birth rates will lead to their demise, or in Igwe’s vision; their extinction.

    His disdain for white people is so transparent it goes beyond ignorance. These are calculated and targeted verbal attacks on millions of people he’s never met. Dickson Igwe is no better than the racist, bigoted Brexit characters he imagines are running the show.

    The hilarious thing is that he couldn’t be more wrong. His views of England are so abstract one wonders whether he is of sound mind altogether.

    Poor old fool.

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  9. Bruce says:

    Also, the UK is now out from under the dominance of unelected elitist bureaucrats. Who could care less about the interests of the BVI.

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  10. Please says:

    BVI news please stop giving this man an outlet for this nonsense. You used to be my preferred news site but sadly this and some of the comments you now allow on posts makes me rethink that.

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    • @Please says:

      @Please, you heard about a likle ting call freedom of speech and freedom of the press, have you not? Seem like you want to kill them because you don’t agree with the message. Why do some of us think that only our opinion matters? Igwe hasn’t the same right to his opinion as you and I have. Who made us the judge? Many may not support your position so should the electronic news site or any other news site shut you down? No. Diversity of thought and expression is rich and healthy for democracy. There is a remedy for people who have been slandered or libeled. Let freedom ring loudly. The courts.

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  11. Demonic Cat says:

    What a total ? ?

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  12. @@Please says:

    So often many, in their incivility are completely oblivious to the notions of civil liberty for all.

    Thank you for reminding those who think that only their opinions matter is a state of mind reserved for dictators.

  13. Max says:

    Another good article Mr. Igwe. Keep writing truth. Those who criticize you can’t handle the truth. I live in the UK and most who voted leave did so out of pure hate for Eastern Europe migrants in particular. The UK was very influential in the EU but as effort to grow the EU opened it to poorer countries such as those from Eastern Europe which saw many of the citizens of these countries taking advantage of the free movement aspect of EU integration and start moving to the UK in search of a better life, the Brexiteers like Trumpers got worried that the UK became less white British and more Eastern European.

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  14. british lady says:

    Scotland decided that BEFORE the brexit referendum. Now the majority DOES want to stay in the EU. England must not be allowed to become a dictatorship by over-ruling the will of the Scottish people, or the Welsh, or the Northern Irish. These countries are not subjugated British colonies, but democratic countries in their own right and Europe will support their wishes if they go for independence from the ‘english’

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  15. british lady says:

    I am British, born in the UK, England and lived more than 20 years in the Caribbean. A Lot of you commenting do not know what the heck you are talking about and are probably pro US Trump/Putin trolls. This man knows what he is talking about and gives a clear and accurate summary of British thinking, or I should say ‘little english’ thinking and the reasons behind it. Not just our country the UK but Anguilla is also another British island whose economy, democracy and future will be f*%ked and stripped by Boris the Wonder Clown and his band of wealthy elite upper-class English toffs, brain dead Brexiteers, far-right white nativist/nationalists of Steve Bannon, shady Russian backed neo-Cambridge Analytica outfits and Donald the Little Horn Trump.

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    • @british lady says:

      Well we can see that living in the Caribbean for 20 years has turned your brain to mush. You hide in the Caribbean for one of two reasons. You weren’t capable of earning a living in the U.K. and simply didn’t fit in or you found a way to rape the people of the Caribbean. Whichever it is, you are obviously in denial of what Trump has done for the US. Strong economy, lowest unemployment for black and highest standard of living in history, restored the military to the best in the world, lowered taxes and no war. Johnson wishes to do the same for the U.K. Sooooo…….pull your left wing ugly a** face out of the sand and look around.

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  16. Online Now says:

    This man is clearly simplifying something that is not simple and drawing his own conclusions based on his feeling towards the average white English national. So assumptions based on race – or racism if you like.

    As far as consideration of OT’s on the Brexit vote. Nobody had any consideration for the OT’s, most people in the UK do not even know about OT’s. Again it is this lack of basic understanding of the UK that make Mr Igwe’s comments ridiculous.

    I really believe that Mr Igwe should move away from outside politics and aim his focus more locally.

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