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COMMENTARY: Meghan, Brexit, and change

By Dickson Igwe, Contributor

The Meghan Markle story is part of the ongoing process of change in the west and a UK slow to enter the 21st Century.

The UK Royal Family is a symbol of UK nationhood and history. So, watching the Royal Family and its evolution is watching the UK itself and how the UK adapts to a swiftly changing world where the UK is no longer an imperial power.

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex and the Favourite grandson of Queen Elizabeth II is a Senior Royal. That means Harry is in the inner circle of the Royals with huge privileges as son and brother of future Kings of England, in addition to being the Queen’s grandson.

The royal Prince interestingly looks more like royal Kings himself going back centuries. It is astonishing how the handsome prince looks like forbears such as King George, and the last Russian Tsar who was a cousin of Queen Victoria.

Real-life soap opera

In other words, in terms of possessing the blue blood of Royals, Harry is as Royal as they get. Harry falls in love with a coloured American divorcee called Meghan Markle. This was very much like when King Edward the Eighth fell in love with one American Divorcee Wallis Simpson that forced the former King to abdicate. However, Harry is not King, as senior as the Royal Duke is. The British are obsessed with the Royal Family. And rightly so.

The Royals are a real-life soap opera who are symbols of a society rooted in privilege and social class. The Royals are also integral to the history of the UK. Albeit the Empire no longer exists. However, the activities and narratives of the Royals are part of the daily life of the Briton. Brexit, for all the evasion and obfuscation, is underlined by the UK that has always been a highly prejudiced society, that is xenophobic and racist. That is a simple fact that most Britons black and white are fully aware of, even though it is the ‘great unspoken’.

‘Gold digger’

Meghan Markle described by the right-wing British Press as uppity, hustler, opportunist, social climber, gold digger, and a host of epithets simply exposed the underbelly of the UK as Brexit has done.

Black Britons like this Old Boy are unsurprised at the fall out with a blue-blooded royal marrying a woman of colour. But there is a silver lining. Brexit, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, have exposed the change that is taking place in British society.

Today the UK is being shaken to its roots. Prince Harry decided to step back as a Senior Royal like the fall out from Brexit, is a reminder of great change in the UK. The UK is an anachronistic place that dislikes change. Britons are naturally conservative.

More change-oriented

The UK is a centre-right country. However great change is on the horizon whether Brits want to change or not. Whether the UK post-Brexit will survive in its present form is to be seen. Europe, for all its faults, is much more change-oriented today than a post-Brexit UK rooted in the past.

Prince Harry’s greatest legacy will most likely be as the Royal who first recognized that change was inevitable and swiftly decided that anachronism would destroy his life.

Harry is the UK’s agent of change. And the Royal Prince would not allow anachronism and the petty mindedness of a racist and right-wing press to destroy his life: he was not having it.

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  1. Please says:

    Please stop this guy having an outlet for writing so much nonsense. This is his own personal warped thoughts and it’s posted like it’s facts.

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    • Gagged says:

      This POS needs to be gagged. His racist views are harmful to the people as many listen to his nonsense. The fact is that the little colored girl is dividing the royal family just as the colored do everywhere. No sense of family, no sense of right and wrong. Look at her own relationship with her father and sisters. Just like all coloreds she is only out for herself. I bet she divorces within 5 years. Oh and by the way since the fat man posted his racist views I thought he should get a dose of the opposing side.

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  2. scottish says:

    He forgot to mention sectarian as we in Scotland really don’t care what colour you are or where you came from we just need to know wether your a Protestant or Catholic but really only on game days.

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  3. Bring people together says:

    He Igwe,
    The only thing you do with your nonsense writing is emphasizing the differences between people.

    If you want to make the world a better world please bring people together instead of trying to move them apart.

    Meghan and Harry coming together is a great example of people that come together. And they together want to walk their own way of life. The Queen herself has said she supports them in their journey. End of story.

    Your commentary is shortsighted and only aimed to point out differences. There are no differences. we are all one.

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  4. America says:

    Megan is a gold digging opportunist. She knew what she was signing up for.

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    • I agree says:

      She not only knew what she was signing up for, she had a plan and is executing it now. Remember, the pubic hair is stronger than the anchor chain of a battle ship. She hooked the prince and had a baby and secured her position. With that complete she now had the power to pull Harry away from her family. Megan doesn’t care. She comes from a dysfunctional family as common in the Black world. She plans on dividing the Royals as she sits and laughs. You would think she is a Belonger

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      • Snoppy says:

        Hahahahaha. Yes. I mean, it’s not as if she didn’t know what she was signing up for.

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      • Trent says:

        @I agree, your comment on the black family may be a fact. But if that makes you feel better in your own miserable spirit, I think you are in for disappointment.

      • wow says:

        I have the same feeling about her but why bring race into it? “Black world?” “You would think she is a Belonger?”

        Who are you…what are you? White….you would think!

      • wow says:

        please if you live in the bvi, kindly board a plane and leave with your racist views. first of all, dysfunctional families are common in any race. second of all, Meghan’s father is white and he is who abandoned her. you people are sick in the head.

    • Another American says:

      She played her game. We really don’t think she is in love with him as he is with her. She twisted his head, she don’t even look like the motherly type. She want to step in and change things. She will never be accepted as a Royal.

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  5. Shep says:

    How do you get away with this? This is neither journalism or commentary but troll-like disruption.
    Is the UK really slow to adjust to the 21st Century? The outgoing editor of the Financial Times has said the most influential development since 2000 has been tech advances, as typified by the smartphone. The father of modern day computing is generally recognised to be a Brit. The inventor of the www is, umm, a Brit. The designer of your iPhone is, wait for it, a Brit. Just a few examples of your irritatingly inaccurate statements.
    As for Harry, it sounds as if he’s hoping to cherry-pick just the bits of the job he likes in order to keep the wife happy. Can you imagine the Queen or Anne doing that? No surprise that his role as head of the Royal Marines, some of whom people in BVI have met, is in jeopardy.
    Instead of regurgitating stuff you’ve read online (thanks Turing, Berners-Lee, and Ive) you should try speaking to ordinary people in UK. Happy to provide some phone numbers to get you started.

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    • Invented says:

      The only thing invented by the Blackman is drug dealing. He did perfect murder, rape, stealing, incest, larceny and all other major crimes. Take a look at the prison systems around the world. The majority by far in every country.

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  6. X says:

    Thank you Mr. Igwe for your continued efforts to expose racism in the UK. It does rile up the Imperialists though. Oh well…

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    • Samuel says:

      Keep speaking the truth Mr. Igwe. In the UK their don’t have the guts to be openly racist in front your face but the feelings are there nonetheless.

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      • BVI says:

        The BVI is the most divided country in the world.

        Always telling how other people should behave but racist themselves (yes, black people can be racists too).

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  7. Ausar says:

    You’ve laid it all out, Igwe!

    Now watch for the ramifications of it all, if she refuses to return to the Kingdom for any type of formalities!

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  8. TurtleDove says:

    If the Prince was that weak to allow himself to be manipulated like some is suggesting maybe she did Briton a favour….I am more inclined to believe the man fell in love and dont appreciate how his wife is being treated…a kin to how his mother was treated…to the racist blogger there are dysfunctional families in every race….

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  9. Anonymous says:

    Keep writing Igwe. When the racist stop hating you , you know it is time to stop writing truths.

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  10. Little wimp of a man says:

    Harry is now known as MR. Meghan Markel. The bald spot at the top of his head is only going to get balder with the stress. They are strip from the Royal title and they have to pay back the 3 million dollars that was spent to fix the home they were living in. Now the opportunist have to find a way to earn her own money to pay for the Brazilian blow out that is keeping her kinky hair straight to look like a white girl and. Harry is cool but no one likes his wife because everyone found out how fake she really is.

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  11. Diaspora says:

    The truth hurts and everyone has and is entitled to his/her opinion. Dickson Igwe, a weekly commentator on this and other electronic sites, as well as in print media, is telling truth and offering his opinion. Nonetheless, his haters spew their racist venom advocating that only their opinion matter. They take the opportunity behind an anonymous moniker (I too use an anonymous moniker) to project their racial prejudice that they don’t have the courage to do in a face-to-face setting. It looks as if the haters spend their week waiting and salivating for Igwe’s commentary to come out so that they can spew their venom. Do any of the haters have the courage to pen and publish an article? No. They live to criticize. Well, at lease they write a comment and not just hit the dislike button. What a life!

    In regards to the dysfunctional royals, Black Britons know what the real deal is. From jump street, the fact that Megan had some black blood ( incidently all blood is red) flowing in her veins meant that she was not going to be welcomed in the supposed dysfunctional and parasitic blue blood royal family. The fake open embrace and support for Megan and Harry by QEII and the others was just going along to get along, trying to save face. Did any of them defend Megan from the vicious attacks in the press? Instead, their attitude seem to indicate how dare Harry pollute (their thoughts) the royal family by marrying this divorcee and commoner ( as they refer to non blue blood)? Shame on him for his unforgivable supposed transgression, ie, marring a Black woman (her father is White and mother is black and dreads wearing).

    It is an open secret that England, Britain, UK or whatever they call themselves is a den of vicious racism, prejudice, xenophobia……….etc. Look at history. It has had a history of it but the most recent examples are Brexit and Megexit. But don’t forget Enoch Powell River of blood speech inn1968, Windrush residents from the West Indies…..etc. In regards to Megexit, everything is being sanitized but in time the real story will come out, ie, 30 years or more. The Dogg say Barry say you will hear.

    Moreover, here is a quote from Invented who is entitled to his opinion but not his own facts. Facts are facts and not Rudy Guilliani’s claim that facts are not facts: “The only thing invented by the Blackman is drug dealing. He did perfect murder, rape, stealing, incest, larceny and all other major crimes.” Really, Invented, you didn’t go there. Which race committed the most horrific genocide around the globe? Who are the major drug users but less jailed? Who is the major recipient of public aid? Drum roll, please: Caucasian.

    For the record, here is a small sampling of Black inventions:
    -Thomas Jennings: a new process for cleaning clothes
    -Henry Blair: corn harvester
    -Elijah “The Real McCoy” McCoy: automatic engine lubricator
    -Granville T. Woods: telegraph system
    -Lewis Latimer: carbon filament for electric incandescent lamp
    -Garett Morgan: gas mask, 3-way automatic stop sign/light
    Further, use the Goggle machine to look up: Ben Carson, George Washington Carver, Booker T. Washington, Benjamin Banneker and scores of others contribution. Many Black inventions claimed as their own by others. History is replete with such occurrences.

    Are Britons tired of supporting the royals? Are the royals a model family worthy of emulation? Should the UK hold a referendum on maintaining the royals? Does Boris have the stones to put it to a vote?

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  12. To Diaspora says:

    Diaspora, you make me feel so proud! You are commended for the manner in which you responded to that racist ill minded person, and for writing truths, and representing all of us so factually, intelligently, informationally with verbal elegance and style.

    Thank you.

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  13. Concerned BVIslander says:

    Civilzed minds/humans must not read and take lightly the comments denegrating the lady because of her African ancestry and Black people in general.

    Those that engage in such thiking are vile, evil peoplle of the devil.

    If they can be so comfortable in posting such hatred about others suggest that is what they are.

    They are clearly then capable of committing atrociously inhumane genocidal atrocoties and other violence [not just verbal as they are doing now]against same Black people, as their forefathers have done in the past.

    Hence, take not those vicious racial psting filled with prejudicial hatred lightly.

    A warning to all. They are here and hating us viciously. They will kill and or exterminate if given the opportunity.

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  14. Quiet Rebel says:

    First, Igwe you telling truth and got the racists in their masks spewing groundless venom at Megan for fighting and wanting to be unshackled from the dysfunctional Royal family.and second, thumbs up to Diaspora for ripping the racists a new a.s h…e with plain old and indisputable facts. Charles Dickens in Hard Times says: “Now what I want is, Facts. Teach these boys and girls nothing but Facts. Facts alone are wanted in life. Plant nothing else and root out everything else. You can only form the minds of reasoning animals upon Facts: nothing else will ever be of any service to them.”

    Many abolitionists in the UK,USA………..etc advocated strongly for abolishing the dehumanizing, abusive and exploitive institution of slavery. On paper and for the most part, physical slavery was abolished. Yet there are still many that come to the VI skinning their teeth, flashing fake smiles, marooning in their enclaves and behaving like snakes in the grass that they are post racial. Post racial my a.s; ask former US President Barack Obama, the first Black president of US [father Black ( Kenyan)and Mother White], about his tough time in the White House. This racist and prejudicial behavior is deplorable and despicable and they (racists), along with self-hating Uncle Toms, need to be run out of town, for their is no room in the VI inn for them.

    Moreover, here is a news flash. The Royals, blue blood as some called them, are as White as they come. They revelled at having Blacks as subjects in the colonies and elsewhere but frowned upon having them as part of their family. They reluctantly went along with Harry being smitten with jungle fever; they were shame into supporting the wedding. Nevertheless, the some racists press personnel in the UK lambasted and scorched Megan Markle.

    However, the Royal push back, if any, on the vicious attack on Megan was at best luke warm. The low key action, defense and support spoke volumes. Megan had a life before being hitched to Harry so why would she stay in this dysfunctional family and take the abuse that the doctor didn’t tell her was good for her health? Harry and Megan are not the first and will not be the last to part ways with the Royals. King Edward VIII abdicated, telling the UK to take the job and s…e it. The current set of Royals have issues that even the sight challenge can see clearly. Further, racism, prejudice and xenophobia are a UK core issue so it is no surprise that some in the press felt comfortable unleashing their racial venom.Bon voyage to Harry, Megan and Archie!

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  15. lol says:

    I see this man has rattled the cages of the racist and bigots because they came to show their backsides today.

  16. ?? says:

    Please and Gagged were you taught or did reading comprehension? If so please re-read Igwe’s commentary.
    On another note the hierarchy to the throne’ Harry’s dad is a divorcee who cheated on his first wife Harry’s mom. He has since remarried the same woman who was the cause of the separation. When will people stop referring to Megan as a divorcee. The underlying fact is that most Brits cannot accept that Harry has married a mixed race American. By the way she has her own money. Leave Harry and Megan alone to live their lives.

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