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Commissioner opts out of saying if he’s bought property in BVI

Police Commissioner Michael Matthews

Outgoing Police Commissioner Michael Matthews has opted to decline saying whether he has purchased real estate here in the British Virgin Islands.

He chose to keep that bit of information private while addressing concerns surrounding his recent statements about the link between unexplained wealth and criminal activity in the BVI.

During Matthews’ last appearance on the Honestly Speaking radio programme recently, host Claude Skelton Cline explained to him that locals were offended by how a foreigner (Matthews) supposedly “came into the country, purchased a home in the best neighbourhood” yet ‘criticises’ locals and their houses.

In response, Matthews said: “I’m not going to confirm or deny whether I’ve purchased a home here. What I’ll simply say is this … To be able to purchase a home as an outsider, as a foreigner in the BVI, the government of the day — the Cabinet of that government — would have to agree that.”

“I’ve been a police officer for 39 years. So 34 years when I arrived in the BVI, I retired from UK policing at 30 years then I did four years in Cyprus. You don’t think I’ve got a home and some assets by then? Do you think then that if I were to buy a home here that I might be selling a home somewhere else?” Matthews reasoned while further responding to the concerns.

The outgoing commissioner has since apologised and clarified that his statements about unexplained wealth did not apply to honest, hardworking Virgin Islanders.

He further said he and his wife will be heading back to the UK but not straightaway. Matthews, however, stated that he has no intention of “desert[ing] the BVI”.

Matthews, who has served as the BVI’s Commissioner of Police for the last five years, has already commenced the handover process.

His successor Mark Collins will be sworn in on April 19.

Handover process starts! New top cop to be sworn in April 19

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  1. Hmmmm says:

    Hmmm. This is very interesting.

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  2. School children say says:

    He ain leaving he might be the next runner up for the prison superintendent…so them say

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  3. Styles. says:

    That he has to explain what unexplained wealth means shows how comfortable people are here with hanging around and profiting of criminals.

    Everywhere in the world criminals are being questioned on their earnings but for some reason here questioning how a cocaine dealer got his money is considered racist…. please.

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    • foo says:

      many of the so called upper class white males have gained wealth through elicit activities. Wealth seems to be reserved for some and not others. Its a shame to see how the banks kill us with their ridiculous interest rates. how high the cost of living is in the BVI. Its okay for whites to walk around own the best rape us of everything including freedom and peace in life. While I do not condone senseless killings that often happen because of greed hate and simple matters my brothers can resolve in better manner. I think that having parents work two jobs all their life paying the banks and dying before they can even finish. Is just totally unfair

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  4. spit in the sky fall in yo eye says:

    Maybe he profited from that what was flown out for safety reasons, who knows?

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  5. Long look says:

    Hope that Mick stays for a long time.

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  6. Wow says:

    If he did purchase any real estate here would it be safe for me to say he one of us now who does not work but have house, boat, etc.

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  7. Doh says:

    Good for him.

    My response is NUNYA. None yo effin business…

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  8. lol says:

    welcome to the club

  9. Bubbz says:

    This isnt news. Ain our business whether he going or staying.

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    • Hilda says:

      why would he want to retire in such a corrupt place.

      who wants to know if he purchased property in the BVI, go conduct searches.

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  10. MI6 and Mike says:

    So he’ll be staying here to give intelligence to the UK Government?

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  11. Give him a house! says:

    Enjoy your retirement, Mr. Matthews. Government should BUY you a house for all you had to tolerate with this community and the assaults by the media. You were an excellent Commissioner!!

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  12. Funny says:

    If it was a black commissioner despite being an expat and purchasing property in the BVI, we would have over 100 comments about investigating his wealth etc. But here we have them saying “good for him”..he is white so of course he can afford property, nothing to see here. BVI nice.

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  13. Take That CSC says:

    “I’ve been a police officer for 39 years. So 34 years when I arrived in the BVI, I retired from UK policing at 30 years then I did four years in Cyprus. You don’t think I’ve got a home and some assets by then? Do you think then that if I were to buy a home here that I might be selling a home somewhere else?” Matthews reasoned while further responding to the concerns.

    You asked the question and you got an answer

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  14. Joshua says:

    I don’t understand why the commissioner would even give the light of day to this fo.l. did he see how he got his pizza business. Inappropriate question. So foreigners are not allowed to purchase property in tola. It is his private business.

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  15. his business says:

    If he buy a house or rent one, if he eat white rice or brown, sweet potato or white, use condom or not, is all his bizniss

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  16. FACTS says:

    He is a FAILURE

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  17. Ludy says:

    The white man could buy whatever they want because all of their money is sacred. No one smokes more marijuana and they do. they carry it all on the visor in their vehicles, but police do not stop them during stop and search exercises.

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  18. okay says:

    Did he purchase property in the BVI? This information is public and available at the Land Registry Department… There is no secret.

  19. Hmm says:

    Imagine it not the public business what he buys, he doesn’t have to explain that to anyone but he is pushing dor legislation that would empower him to ask questions like that and legally be required to get an answer.

    • Thoughtful says:

      There is a huge difference between a man who has been working here in a very senior position (= income) and the people that don’t have a visible source of income. There is nothing racist about it. People with good jobs buy things. It’s the ones that have no visible jobs that have explaining to do.

  20. Interested says:

    How is it our business whether he had a home here or not ?

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  21. needs looking into says:

    He bought a million dollar house cash in 5 short years? WOW!

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  22. Guy Hill says:

    That personal question is none of anyone’s business.

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  23. lol says:

    sour grapes.y’all pray for ppl go..god say stay. See yah at the the bar.Enjoy your retirement and great job.

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