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Comprehensive traffic study being conducted for Road Town

A section of Waterfront Drive in Road Town.

A comprehensive study aimed at solving traffic congestion within the Road Town area is being undertaken.

This was revealed by Minister of Transportation & Works, Kye Rymer, during a statement in the House of Assembly on Thursday.

He said: “I am leading a comprehensive study on the traffic flows in the Road Town area, with the inclusion of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force, their traffic unit, the Town and Country Planning Department, the Public Works Department, Dr Drexel Glasgow and the Ministry of Transportation Works & Utilities.”

The minister further said the study will aid the officials in providing statistical data that will help in coming up with a plausible solution for the area’s congestion issues.

He described this statistical data as a vital for government’s short, medium- and long-term development programme for the city.

Traffic Counters

Rymer also said his ministry has attained a special device which will be used to assist with the overall study.

“The Ministry of Transportation Works and Utilities have procured traffic counters and will be using those devices to survey the number of vehicles on the street at given peak hours. That data will be populated on to a software to develop models which will guide in the measures to be implemented,” Minister Rymer stated.

He further listed a number of issues which he said can be addressed for low or no cost to help create ease for the motoring public while the broader strategy is being put in place.

“Some of the issues that we have identified to bring relief to the Road Town area is the need to redirect the direction of traffic, the need to better outline the movement of vehicles in and out of parking lots and notorious congestion spots and reducing the needs for motorists to drive within the central capital.”

Public meeting

The minister said that another stakeholders meeting will be had to discuss all the new updated measures with the public once completed and to also give timelines of when some of the plans will come into effect.

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  1. vip heckler says:

    The minister has already made his decision now he is coming with a study?

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    • Reader says:

      @VIP heckler. If a decision was already made, as you are implying, why then come to the people? The Minister has been elected to lead (and leading he is). If he simply just came to the people with no ideas, then you and others whose job seems to be just finding fault,would say, we elected them to lead but now he’s calling a meeting to solicit ideas from those he is supposed to lead, “he don’t have a clue what he’s doing”…but people can read through you, you are obviously not a supporter, so here you come with your negative commentary, which of course you are free to make.

  2. john public says:

    Ayo please don’t make bad matters worst

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  3. Looking says:

    You all need to stop all those people having garage all about the place look in Huntum’s ghut a Trin have a garage in the ghut

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  4. Retired says:

    Please design a traffic flow system in RT that provides frequent pulloffs to allow vehicles to pull off the main roads when stopping to pick-up or discharge passengers, cargo, etc. This will allow vehicles to keep moving on the main roads. The current system of stopping in the main road results in long tailbacks. One westbound vehicle stopped in front of Pusser’s often creates a tailback to the roundabout!

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  5. School of Hard Knock Engineer (SHKE) says:

    Here is a news flash. Too many cars in Town and not enough roads and parking spaces. Road Town is the business, financial and entertainment centre in Tortola/BVI. It is also the seat of government. From Monday to Friday, thousands of cars/ trucks stream into Road Town and during morning/evening rush hour, along with peak business hours, traffic flow and parking is a royal mess. Solutions?

    As noted earlier, there are too many cars and too few roads and parking spaces. Here are a few suggestions a)decentralizing some government and business services out of the Road Town area, b) employing public transportation system, c)exploring and employing park and ride system, 3)constructing parking garages, 4) installing parking meters during peak business hours M-F…….etc. The foregoing suggestions are short-term admin and engineering solutions. For the longer term, some by passes and flyovers MAY be considered.

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  6. lol says:

    uhmm them stop lights is one of the causes if y’all cant see that

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  7. Jim says:

    They need to remove those pedestrian crossings from inside the roundabout.It causes a back up of traffic plus it’s a hazard – an accident waiting to happen.
    Never see cross walks inside or so close to roundabouts anywhere else in the world.

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  8. LOL says:

    Stop taxi driver picking up and dropping off everywhere and blocking the road. They should have to pull off the main routes to pick up and drop off

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  9. No nonsense says:

    @jim, and our people NEED TO USE THE CROSS WALKS AND STOP MAKING THEIR OWN. Until some body becomes tall boy in tantie merle story, then is when they will use the cross walk properly

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  10. The Reaper says:

    It’s too later. Tortola to small no parking so many cars. Really .born in the 70’s . Born Road Town 70s baby. Sad for my country..Fix what really

  11. Jammy says:

    The problem is not the system. It is the drivers and their lack of respect and consideration for others….stopping wherever etc.

    Also, let the traffic flow..why do the left hand lane cars have to stop at the light going west by Tobacco Warf ? They should keep going through so they don’t all reach the roundabout at the same time.

  12. From here. says:

    My humble opinion, my point of view…
    Turn off those traffic lights, they are creating long lines in town. Traffic flow better without them.

  13. Ok says:

    His study is to hand his in-l** the bus service and put the people that has been doing it as a full time job for decades to buy masks and learn how to stickup people.

  14. Mana says:

    You don’t have “a vital” and you don’t have “a software”. I thought you were journalists.

  15. Came Changer says:

    The worst thing you can do when you have too many cars is build more roads. Every single place that has been tried it has resulted in more cars. If we are serious about reducing conjestion we should do as Bermuda does and limit ourselves to one car per family. Of course we won’t do that because we are too selfish. The problem is always all the other cars on the road and never our own car.
    In some ways the best thing we can do is have perpetual gridlock. That will encourage people to find a different mode of transport.

    Of course the basic problem is that our capital is in the middle of the island and the sea is on one side so you cannot easily get past it without going through it.

  16. Me says:

    Turn the side road in front of Dolce Vita ice cream into the road going east and waterfront Drive into traffic going west.

  17. Solution says:

    Put 75% tax on importing vehicles. Job done.

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  18. thoughtful sailor says:

    I am curious to see how the one way streets through town will work. It seems to me that between Waterfront and de Castro, there are a total of four lanes. As it is, now, two go east and two go west. If the roads are one way, there will still be two going east and two going west so I don’t really see the point. There are also likely to be some awful bottlenecks at the four (three?) way stop sign at Scotia and First Banks, and on what will be right hand turns from Noel Lloyd Park and Banco Popular. I am not trying to be negative. Just can’t, for the life of me, see how this improves things. Too many cars. Too many cars stopping in awkward places. Too few parking spaces.

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