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Construction for permanent West End ferry port facility to start by March/April 2020

Officials are expected to break ground for the construction of a permanent port facility at West End by the start of the second quarter of 2020.

Premier Andrew Fahie made that announcement during the official opening of the temporary terminal building being used to house port operations in Soper’s Hole, West End.

“My heart is filled with joy; your deliverance has come today,” Fahie told residents. “This facility is only temporary, and I can tell you from now based on the negotiations the permanent facility should begin somewhere next year between March/April based on how we are pushing with the finances and other things.”

He said the designs for the new facility is already underway. These designs follow a public meeting which was held for residents back in April. However, another public meeting will take place following the ongoing emancipation festivities.

Fahie, who is also Representative of the First District where West End is located, further told residents: “I want you to know you are not going to meet it out to death, never let the perfect become the enemy of the greater good because half a loaf is better than no loaf at all. So when we meet, we might not get everything in the facility but the major adjustments we will do. But do we shall and do we must.

Meanwhile, Managing Director of the BVI Ports Authority Lenius Lendor who also delivered brief remarks said he was pleased with the temporary facility.

“It’s a festive time, and it is really appropriate that we open this facility today (August 2). I want to place on record my gratitude [because] West End is a very important facility in terms of volume of traffic in that part of the territory,” Lendor said.

He also gave kudos to the Premier who he said was “very determined and persistent” to reopen the port.

The port was closed to public ferries for nearly two years after Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc on the entire territory.

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  1. Proud BVIslander says:

    As one who calls a spade a spade, I am truly happy to see the reopening of the West End port facilities. Good job. Please continue to focus on the things that are creating a hardship for a large portion of your people.

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  2. Reality says:

    So 2 years later and we only have a temporary solution – why do we celebrate such mediocrity and appalling tardiness with getting on and sorting things? This is welcome for sure… but really – we should do much much better than this…..we now have to wait a further unknown period for a suitable replacement, stop making excuses with consultation etc just get it F…king done…

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    • Confucius says:

      To “Reality”: I was unable to give you a thumbs down on your comment for some reason, despite clicking on it several times. So you can count me as a thumbs down.

      May I remind you that it was the NDP who put ZERO value on the West End ferry terminal following the hurricanes and did NOTHING to replace it.

      You stated, “we now have to wait a further unknown period for a suitable replacement” – which is inaccurate. Premier Fahie said that building will begin between March and April next year.

      For 17 and a half months following hurricane Irma, the NDP did NOTHING about the ferry terminal – nor did they announce any plans to do anything about it until they were voted out on February 25, 2019.

      In less than 6 months in office, Premier Fahie has announced plans to begin building a proper structure and that building would begin in just over 1 year from the time he took office.

      Considering the financial MESS he stepped into and with no up-to-date accounting records supplied by the former Premier and Financial Officer – I’d say that is rather impressive!

      Keep up the good work and please don’t drop the ball Premier Fahie!

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      • @confucius says:

        Surely you know you are not speaking the truth. The NDP started that temporary replacement long before elections since you have to bring up the past in every blog. The VIP really ensuring we remember NDP’s shortcomings so that we can miss theirs. Just ask Mr. RC how long he has been down there working on that temporary building. It got ferries leaving from West End again so not so bad, but please, concentrate on your own strengths and celebrate COP’s successes rather than MEL’s failures. What? Where? Who? Where the he’ll are NDP? Gone right? Nonsense. You all picked a good measuring stick so you can say you did better than somebody. Give you another chance, but social media will be your downfall, so concentrate on leading. You cannot drive forward while looking back. Craaassshhhh.

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      • Lodger says:

        Reality wasnt criticizing the VIP or NDP per se, but the almost total lack of expertise and “ get up and go” ness of us a community.

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        • Reality says:

          thanks Lodger – spot on….just want to see things move forward and get tired of the predictable excuses – I love my country and want it to recover well and everybody needs to step up and make it happen rather than look for what’s in it for them mentality….

      • Gena says:

        MAy i remiNd you that the project was well on its way when the government changed. Do you really think all that was built in 5 months.

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    • @Confucious says:

      First, the reality of anything being built next year is slim to none. Has anyone seen a design for a new terminal? Has construction drawings been prepared. Has the parking issue been addressed? Has there been a tender process to select a contractor (preferably from outside the Territory so that a competent contractor can be obtained) and last but most importantly is where is the money coming from for a multi million dollar project plus funds for the government officials. Soooo Mr. Confucius, stop blowing smoke up everyones a** and stop touting the greatness of the Fahie government. Play it even. All the politicians suck.

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    • Ryan says:

      So isn’t the slow pace of life why you live here…….?

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  3. sam the man says:

    This just isn’t pro active enough – 2 plus years and all we have is a temporary facility – absolutely shocking to be honest! and yet we put up with this? surely we must improve? – its still years off getting an appropriate replacement! A disgrace….

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  4. Tax says:

    The island pigs made sure of only one thing. “Departure Tax”. Inside looks great. Nice way to greet tourists coming to the island for the first time. This way the people are insured they have arrived in the third world. I’ve seen similar buildings in Nigeria and Somalia. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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  5. Good job says:

    People who don’t know what was going on at the west end port..some people think it was just about the ferry but that’s far from the truth..tourist was coming in on mega millions dollars boat and have to be check in with custom and immigration under a tent..good job Mr fahie keep doing the people’s work

  6. vip heckler says:

    The cadillac and ministers car monies, claude consultation money, the speaker wasted funds and the bodyguard money would’ve built a more suitable building

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  7. Hmmmm says:

    It is a big waste of money for a tempotary facility

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  8. good to great says:

    look at the floor!……….WOW!

  9. Hmmmm says:

    Anyone who thinks this temporary facility being opened at West End is a wate of money is just being negative. That area makes over a $1.5 million dollars a year when functioning. So having it reopened is a big F@#*ing deal!

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