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Cop gets suspended sentence for leaking information

Starcy Huggins (File photo)

Interdicted police officer Starcy Huggins has been given a two-year suspended prison sentence for leaking police information back in 2013.

Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste-DaBreo handed down the sentence on Wednesday.

Huggins’ suspended sentence mandates that she will only serve two years in prison if she commits another offence within the next two years.

The court heard that her no previous convictions, her son’s illness, and the fact that the matter has been before the court for more than four years were considered factors that served in the convicted cop’s favour.

On the other hand, the seriousness of the offence and the breach of trust were some of the aggravating factors in the matter, the court heard.

However, Magistrate DaBreo pointed out that while she understood that the offence was a serious one, “justice will be served” with the suspended sentence.

In the meantime, Huggins’ attorney Stacy Abel told BVI News that the sentence was indeed just.

“I believe it (the sentence) is in keeping with the sentences that have been handed down before. Miss Huggins has been on bail since that time. To now come at this late stage now even though she has been convicted, I don’t feel that it would serve anything to anybody if she went to jail now,” the attorney said.

“I really believe that this would have been an injustice.”

What happened

The court heard that on November 29, 2013, Huggins who was part of a covert police operation, reportedly alerted two criminal suspects that police was on to them.

“Hey, hey … ayo, owe me big time. They (police) coming. They coming now,” Huggins reportedly said to the suspected criminals while law enforcers were en route to their location.

The court was told that she had seized the opportunity to make the call when her colleagues exited their police vehicle for a brief moment.

After a protracted trial, Huggins was found guilty on one count of ‘breach of trust by a public officer’.

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  1. Fair & Just says:

    I agree with this sentence, quite fair and hope she learn from. While the true dirty Cops are still running the force and walking free, after they set her up.

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    • Faithful says:

      She set up herself. Nobody forced her to make the call

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    • Albion says:

      I disagree completely. Corrupt police bring down the entire system. They ensure criminal suspects get away (as was alleged here), and they undermine any confidence the public has in the police force. And in many cases, they are doing it for money.

      A suspended sentence (ie. no jail time) for tipping off criminals about a police investigation is a disgrace. This ruling will further underscore the lack of public confidence in the police if they can leak sensitive information to criminals and essentially go unpunished.

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      • @Albion says:

        You are wrong it is more than a disgrace I just cant believe it and what is more disturbing is that she allegedly told them that they owe her according to what I have read.

        Something has to be done the justice system in the BVI is too weak. I applaud the police for bringing the case to court.

        As it has been all along for decades it seems allegedly by some the judiciary does not support Law and order enough in this country.

        I guest she will be tried now in Police court?

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    • Set up what!!!!!! says:

      She tipping off d— man for y—s now.

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  2. marley says:

    “I think it’s fair”

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  3. well sah says:

    All the questionable cops getting off one by one. Integrity?

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  4. Hmmmm says:

    That is utter BS

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  5. Poor bvi says:

    Lady put the lives of peacekeepers in jeopardy and is given a suspended sentence, the speaks volumes that corruption prevails and the reward is a slap on the risk.

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  6. Yes says:

    I did not read anything about whether or not she’s allowed to keep her job or is she going to be terminated.

    Not familiar with this particular story but a breach of public trust is mighty serious.

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  7. Sorry says:

    Given the grave nature of the offence, whilst I do empathise with Ms. Huggins and believe that she is remorseful, this sentence needed to carry with it some form of incarceration…even if it was 3 months in prison and the rest suspended to keep good behaviour. What message are we sending to the community…that some people are above the law…and depending on who you are and who you know…you will get a pat on the back sentence…that crime really does pay and it has not serious consequences. No, police officers are getting out of control…the police profession is one that needs to police it own self. If they don’t and the Courts wont do it, then WHO? WHO? this is too important to the fabric and foundation of our democratic community…that was too important to the rule of law and I RESPECTFULLY THINK THAT THE DPP SHOULD APPEAL THIS SENTENCE…BUT IT MIGHT VERY WELL NOT BE APPEAL-ABLE SINCE IT MIGHT FALL WITHIN THE 4 CORNERS OF THE MAGISTRATE’S DISCRETION. WHAT A SHAME.

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  8. No nonsense says:

    Wish her luck getting a trusted job again. She had better sign up at agriculture dept,cause not even dem plants will trust he

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    • Guest says:

      Really? lol this is Tola local business owners will chalk that up on a resume as experience lol….If its one thing the BVI loves its criminals….

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  9. Weed them Out says:

    It has more when that came from including senior officers who do friends and associates favors leaking info ahead of time

  10. Confucius says:

    Tell me exactly HOW “justice has been served”?

    This POLICE OFFICER betrays her own, betrays the oath of office that she swore to uphold, betrays the people of the BVI, puts her fellow police officers in potential danger, and she walks off with a suspended sentence? Are you kidding me?

    This is NOT justice, it is an outrageous travesty of the law and a compound betrayal of the people! I vehemently disagree with this ruling and am thoroughly disgusted with our judicial system!

    WHY did it take 4 years to come to trial? FIRE whoever is responsible immediately and let it be known that this will not be tolerated. I am sick of this now. Dis-gus-ting!

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    • F**E THE MAGISTRATE says:

      The judicial system failed us. The magistrate slept on this matter and play around. This matter wasn’t drawn out because of the prosecution. The magistrate is turning a blind eyes because she want to ***** her s****r. I recommend not renewing…

  11. My only comment says:

    I am not the type of person to pass judgement on anyone. I am only speaking for myself. Who am I to pass judgement on anyone when we all including myself do stupid things or just get caught up in S**t for different reasons and it does not mean you are a bad person. I agree with the Judge’s decision and here’s why, she have to wear the badge of shame out here on these streets everyday,
    And we all know how Talk Tola rolls. That is more punishment than sitting in jail.

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    • Unconscionable says:

      Other convicts that commit lesser crimes (e.g. being found with weed) have to wear that same badge of shame after they serve their time.

  12. Really says:

    It look like this is the season to commit crime. every one is getting off with no penalty.

  13. Westman says:

    She to bad.

  14. Criminal says:

    Can you imagine that in the BVI convicted individuals do serious jail time for weed while d-***y cops walk free? Horrific!!!

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  15. Quiet Warrior says:

    Are there two BVI? The lil man on the block often get jail time or heavily fined for smoking a little weed. On the other hand, the elite and others often seems to get a slap on the wrist. True, the former police officer got a 2 year suspended sentence but not even a fine. Yes, she will probably never serve a RVIPF again but that is little comfort to the many. Law enforcement should be held to a much higher standard than the community that are sworn to serve. They need to set the personal example; their behaviour must be beyond reproach; they must live and breath upholding the law that they swear to uphold. Two BVIs will retard the growth of the territory; it must operate as one BVI. To do otherwise is unhealthy.

  16. Not Good says:

    This is a very serious offence that needed maximum punishment. She should be made an example. This is a behavior that purveys the society. At the work place, at the banks, where ever you go there is no confidentiality. You go to the bar to have a drink the whole country knows. Workers should know that there are consequences to breaches of confidentiality on the job.

  17. Guy Hill says:

    Law enforcement needs to develop a culture where the corrupt officer fears the incorruptible officer and not the other way around. Seize the time. Be Brave

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  18. hmm says:

    what I want to know is how do they know exactly what was said?

    is someone actively listening to our phone calls in the bvi?

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