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Cruise passenger ‘bubble areas’ being considered for tourists

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With just a few weeks left before the scheduled reopening of the territory’s cruise pier, Premier Andrew Fahie said the government is “working on a bubble area” for cruise tourists who will be visiting come June.

The Premier was at the time asked by Opposition Leader Marlon Penn whether cruise passengers will be left to roam freely around the territory or remain in a secure bubble in consideration of the government’s COVID-19 protocols.

Since discussions with local stakeholders and the cruise industry are ongoing, Fahie said information pertaining to the details of the plan will be made clear to the public shortly.

“They (the cruise industry), too, are adjusting some of their protocols and we have to make sure that all of our protocols are mutually aligned so that the safety of the people and the visitors are not compromised,” the Premier stated.

No independent tours to be arranged

Asked whether tourists will be able to patronise businesses at popular tourist spots such as the Crafts Alive Village and Cane Garden Bay, the Premier said discussions are ongoing with cruise lines to conduct shore excursions.

He noted that independently organised tours by cruise passengers were being discouraged.

“Cruise lines are proposing that cruise passenger guests will not be permitted to independently arrange tours or freely move about the territory,” Fahie explained.

Cruise plan being developed

Meanwhile, Premier Fahie announced that government is in the middle of plans with various government and private sector agencies to resolve how the territory will receive cruise passengers.

“Ports authority is developing a draft COVID-19 management plan detailing requirements to receive cruise ships,” Fahie said.

The proposed plan, he explained, will speak to the minimum requirements to receive a passenger ship at the cruise pier and will seek input and guidance from a local inter-agency group.

According to Fahie, the group will be comprised of the Ministry of Health, Her Majesty’s Customs, the BVI Tourist Board, and the Immigration Department. It will also include some amount of private sector collaboration from local cruise agents and tour operators.

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  1. Doh says:

    We are the bubble heads in this game….

    All air and no brains. Cruise ships ain’t gonna come.

    Season 2 gone.

    Carry on

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    • Sam’s Van says:

      The cruise ship will insist on a bubble around Sam’s taxi, and around the other taxis with drivers refusing to vaccinate, and will not allow any passengers onto those taxis.

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    • Here says:

      Here is what is presently happening with the Foy, Alone and Dr Do-little protocols. This is being spread worldwide. They have killed tourism in the BVI for many years to come:

      “New protocols official today. Not going great. Came in a 5:10 via ferry. Its now 9:20 pm. Still not through. Holdup is apparently the tracking devices. Brilliant technology it is not. At one point 120 people crowded together. Great covid protocols. Poor employees trying their best. They got us pizza and water. Old people, young kids. Id like to congratulate the genius behind the tech. Still about 1-2 hours to go. Cant make this stuff up.
      Update. At last count still 40 people to go. Currently doing about 4-6 people an hour.”

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  2. Let’s says:

    Let’s not wait till the last minute like all your protocol Foy. Perhaps you’ll change it while the passengers are disembarking the ship. Once again why are cruise ship passengers allowed to come on island with no entry Covid test and those remaining on island need a Covid test and quarantine. Even if the passengers remain in a “bubble” they will still interact with the local population even more so than yacht and villa renters. Try making some sense for a change Foy …

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  3. Rodna says:

    Who on earth would want to be on a cruise ship now? Anyone with Covid will infect everyone else then nobody will be allowed off at any port. Even if there is no Covid, why would I want to be told I can’t explore an island and had to pay inflated prices to go where everyone else wanted to be?

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    • Vaccinated says:

      It turns out there is a thing called a “vaccine”. It keeps you from getting infected.

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      • Jah says:

        Well said

        Get the prick and don’t be one

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      • IUD says:

        Not true. Am am 100% against ant-vaxers who are morons but vaccines do not stop you getting infected. They stop you getting the awful symptoms (including death) and greatly lower the chance of you infecting someone else. So those passengers can still get Covid here and can still pass the Covid to the morons noted above.

        • @IUD says:

          you almost right. there’s no data showing it significantly reduces spread either, which is why the CDC advises vaccinated ppl are to continue social distancing and wear mask (changed this week so that stores have to police mask wearing, but its not mandated in public)

          they also have not studied natural immunization (catching and recovering from covid) pass 4 months and immunization via vaccine past six, so the numbers the give you come with a big asterisk. all this info is available on the CDC and WHO websites.

          either way, there will be unvaccinated ppl on cruise ships, because money

  4. Late says:

    It is all too late now. They will be going elsewhere.

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  5. Dumbasses says:

    The Foy already made arrangements for the ships to come and they are coming. Covid and all.He needs the money to pacify the government workers or there will be a revolt. The passengers will get off at different ports get Covid and bring it to the BVI. But don’t worry. Foy has bubbles. Robots going to be interacting with the passengers in the bubble. Oh Foy do the people that interact with the cruise ship passengers have to be tested? Do they have to quarantine? Foy your brain or lack thereof needs to be quarantined until your reasoning skills become prevalent.

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  6. Useless Government says:

    These people are mental…Something is wrong with them…They cook good food and turn around and pour salt and sugar in it. Spoil the whole pot…

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  7. Well suh says:

    I’m thinking maybe them R****y’s could think up a place for them to go and maybe even figure out land and sea transport for these folks and maybe even keep them secluded at the end of a nice beach with complete catering facilities and maybe they could even arrange for the ships to come in and……. Very few pockets will tourists dollars.

  8. Bubble says:

    Since most BV islanders are not vaccinated it only makes sense to let cruise ships with unvaccinated passengers and crews dock in Road Harbour. The two groups of unvaccinated folks(cruisers & BV islanders) can enjoy themselves in this big unvaccinated bubble for a whole day.

    After a few cruise ship visits this unvaccinated bubble will decrease in size as the unvaccinated folks become sick and die. Eventually the unvaccinated bubble will disappear!

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    • Tongue Fu says:


      Don’t mean to burst your bubble but how long did it take to come up with that sarcastic drivel?

      I got a better idea let all the fully vaccinated locals like you join them and have one big 6 hour vaccinated bubble party. No masks necessary!

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  9. Love says:

    Love answers all issues we all face. Good really loves you, pls be safe and get both doses of the vaccine, after 2 weeks of the 2nd dose you are vaccinated fully. Eat + exercise healthy to avoid clots please use a mask even with the vaccine to be ok. Others and I also love you! Luke: 14 Forsake all you have everyone and yourself for J

    Luke: 16 Work for J, not pay$, then J will give you and your family the food and clothing if they follow too

    Matthew: 25 + Luke: 12 + 6 Sell everything you got and give to poor and keep all giving in secret

    Mark: 16 + John: 17 Share the Truth to everyone working with others in love and peace

    Revelation: 13 + 14 Don’t take the mark of the beast right hand or forehead only way to buy or sell *It is not covid vaccine or mask, but maybe a microimplant \ quantum technology

    Revelation: 17 + 18 U.S. Is most likely the Babylon to be destroyed in one hour, with fire

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    • well says:

      most likely infertilization is the main side effect, as so many miscarriages are occuring with vaxx, so you carry on and when you are all impotent, we will repopulate.

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    • Moreso says:

      And if you really believed in God you would respect his creation—our perfectly designed immune systems. Stop screwing with genetics. Nobody wants GMO foods, everybody wants organic, no chemicals, natural health… what kind of chemicals and modified chimpanzee virus you wanna be injecting? First seem like faith in God or an ability to think for ones self. No one but God can know the long term effects yet the people worship the concoction like it’s a god that will save them.

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      • And yet says:

        In most aspects of your life you use science. This website and your keyboard working by some magic I bet you don’t understand, the car you drive staying on the road and not blowing up when you turn the key,, food you eat, sometimes that others have prepared without you watching, 2G,3G,4G,5G etc., plastics, cleaning products, preachers – so many things in your life you just don’t know how/why they work and what they are doing to you. There a million ways you’re relying on science and other uncertainties.
        And yet on this issue, you become a scientist, or anti scientist who knows better.
        You know so much that you are prepared risk other peoples lives by giving them advice.
        You can cherry pick when to be 21st century and when to be a dark ages. But while you are being righteous about this remember how many similar things that you don’t notice in your world, and that the advice you’re spreading could kill people.

    • freal says:

      I agree love solves all problems. That’s why I love vaccines.

  10. Useless Government says:

    Crusie ship passengers will be vaccinated, They already requesting Who ever transporting them be vaccinated and I will add restaurant, hotels and Bar servers need to be vaccinated and those that are not be ban from dealing with the ship passengers.. U have to stop playing, joking and changing your mouth every other day… Get serious and lead..put country first..

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  11. Lol says:

    Dumbest ish ever. Now you talking about bubble. If they all are vaccinated and vaccination is the answer to this pandemic then let them roam freely. They are protected since they are vaccinated right? And BVI residents have nothing to fear since the cruise tourists and crews are vaccinated and don’t have covid-19. So why is any dam bubble needed period? You keep contradicting yourself.

    Let the people mask up and sanitize and enjoy themselves freely. St. Maarten and the USVI wide open with thousands and thousands of people coming in every week. Not a bubble needed anywhere and those tourists don’t even need to be vaccinated. What nonsense this man talking about now a year and a half after this pandemic first started?

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  12. Cruiser says:

    Bubble? When the ship get to the BVI, I will stay on the ship. I am fully vaccinated and I have a right to request a vaccinated cab driver. Why block us from going on tours to see the Island or shopping at the Pier Shops. Hate to say it but I will, I don’t see a very good plan. As I stated before, I will stay on the ship for the time it is in Port.

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    • Nice Try says:

      This a local sheep tryin to make it look like cruise ship passengers are concerned about who is vaccinated. Those concerned would not be on the cruise ship in the first place.

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    • Polite girl says:

      That doesn’t make sense. If you say “Why block us from going on tours to see the Island or shopping at the Pier ShopsHate to say it but I will” then how come you also say you will stay on board?

      By the way, you are right to say you have the right to ask for a vaccinated driver. But you don’t have the right to get one.

  13. Wanna bet? says:

    The BVI government has a sad ability to turn everything into a bureaucratic nightmare…
    Want to bet the cruise sheep will have to go to some decrepit and glitchy website, upload oodles of paperwork, and apply for permission to board a taxi, and go to the bloody beach?

  14. Are you for real? says:

    Our premier can NOT being actually saying, “Ports authority is developing a draft COVID-19 management plan detailing requirements to receive cruise ships.” And we are weeks away from opening??? It takes months to get this right, get all the players input and to make sure all the kinks are out and changes are MIMIMAL. And you are only developing it now? Our premier obviously has problems delegating. Why do we always have to come across so inept and clumsy? WHY?

  15. Vaccinated says:

    Lets hope there are no outbreaks of Covid as the hospital will not cope. Also do these bubbles mean that the tourists will not be spending any money in local shops and businesses?

  16. Vaccinated says:

    3000 tourists – 10 tourists per taxi = 300 taxis.

    How’s that going to work then?

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