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CSC blasts Florida for banning ships from asking for vaccination proof

Rhapsody of the Seas from Royal Caribbean International cruises previously in the BVI.

The 2019 appointed Chairman of government’s Cruise Tourism Committee, Claude Skelton Cline has railed against moves by Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis to suppress the cruise industry by instituting fines for ships requiring vaccinated passengers.

Skelton Cline said the behaviour of the Florida Governor should not be applauded and celebrated and described it as ‘ignoramus’ behaviour.

“I hate to have to be crude about it but there’s no nice way to say this stuff. It’s just silly,” he said.

DeSantis recently signed an executive order banning the use of COVID passports in Florida, which is home to the largest and busiest cruise ports in the world.

According to the CNN, the order prohibits any government entity from issuing vaccine passports and blocks cruise lines from requiring any such documentation. Companies will be fine $5,000 for each passenger they ask to provide proof of vaccination.

The order states that individual COVID-19 vaccination records are private health information and should not be shared by a mandate.

DeSantis also reportedly said: “It’s completely unacceptable for either the government or the private sector to impose upon you the requirement that you show proof of vaccine to just simply be able to participate in normal society.”

Most of BVI’s cruise calls come out of Florida

Commenting on the issue on his Honestly Speaking radio show, Skelton Cline said most of the BVI’s cruises arrive from ports in Florida, including Miami and Cape Canaveral.

“Do you know what happens if a bunch of unvaccinated or half-vaccinated persons get on a ship?” Skelton Cline asked rhetorically. “We’ve seen this movie before. We saw this movie last February [and] March. We saw ships stranded on the oceans.”

“Now how in God’s name, how in good conscience are you going to now suggest or allow persons to get on a cruise ship unvaccinated?” Skelton Cline asked.

He said the public health system of whatever these cruise ports these ships eventually visit will continue to be at a heightened state as a result of the Florida Governor’s executive order.

He further argued that cruises should already be aware that it only takes one COVID-19 infected passenger to negatively affect the bottom line of a cruise line.

Skelton Cline said the BVI is already challenged to achieve herd immunity with its current vaccine rollout, and this would be an unnecessary additional burden to be added.

The BVI has approved the arrival of cruise vessels with fully vaccinated passengers and crew, starting this month.

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  1. Unconventional leadership says:

    On what grounds to have the authority to complain. Do you think America cares who you want to accept. If you don’t want unvaccinated then close your ports, who cares. Will America be affected. BVI made their case for only vaccinated guest, we accept. We made our case. Do you ask for vaccinated passports before patrons enter your pizza establishment. No you don’t so shut the hell up.

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    • CSC says:

      CSC why don’t you shove a rag in your mouth and crawl back under the rock from which you came. You ran from Detroit so you wouldn’t face p*****. Guess what? It’s catching up to you in the BVI. Can’t wait to see you in p***** garb behind a wire f***e. Lmfao

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      • @csc says:

        He didnt run, he sell he boss out and got kicked out as a consolation prized… forever the b**k-stabbing opp*****st

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  2. Christmas says:

    This behavior is exactly what’s wrong with the BVI! To think that the Governor of Florida gives a flying F**K about this 24sq mile island with 30k people is mind blowing. Who does CSC think he is? Where was this rant when BVI Government instituted their stupid quarantine and portal nonsense, killing our tourism product for 2 years? Focus your energy elsewhere sir, you do not have any sway over such decisions so just stop the foolish noise.

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  3. vaccine proof says:

    What do expect from this Florida Gov. DeSantis. He is a total 100% Trumpster.

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    • guess what says:

      he can sign whatever he wants but the passengers must remember they are going to foreign countries and if those countries requires proof before entry they will have to produce it or stay on the ship.

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      • dr says:

        No they will go some where else. So sorry your country is missed informed. PLEASE for your good turn off CNN and get informed maybe check out and get the truth backed by true facts not big PHARMA, Teck censured, evil politicians. I have lost 3 people that have took the JAD NO F++++++ S+++. in there 40’s great health dead last one was 2 days ago.

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    • Mbviga says:

      And his state did well during the pandemic unlike the Democrat states

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  4. BVI mike says:

    It is just as silly to test and quarantine fully vaccinated people coming to the BVI.

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  5. The Nation speaks says:

    Andrew need to bell this cat! Florida is 100% RIGHT. It is an unjustified for of discrimination.

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  6. Real Macoy says:

    You all can say what you want but Claude is right.
    The British Virgin Islands is so small that all it takes is one or two persons to go to a public area and interact with locals, and this covid-19 will turn loose like a wild fire. If we all were fully vaccinated then we can accept unvaccinated people here but until now we cannot. All you all think about is money and not your health. Don’t you all see how many people died worldwide and is still dying daily form covid-19? At least if you all took the vaccine you wouldn’t die if you contract the virus from someone.

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    • @Real says:

      Claude is NOT right. Just like the Premier and Minister of Health have their rules, people, many of whom do NOT agree with them continue to ABIDE by them! All we have to do is tell the cruise lines they are not welcomed unless their entire crew and passengers are vaccinated, let’s see how that works. The Florida Law does not mandate that BVI accept passengers so I’m not sure what your point is.

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    • Vaccinated says:

      @Real Macoy Said it already will say it again. The vaccine does not prevent the spread of the disease it reduces the impact. Therefore, “all it takes is one or two persons to go to a public area and interact with locals, and this covid-19 will turn loose like a wildfire”. Due care is what is needed continuous self-awareness, and proper hygiene from all of us.

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    • Dr says:

      Turn CNN off get some real facts maybe try true facts. YOUR GOVERMENT IS LIEING TO YOU. PLEASE GET THE FACTS!! I have 3 people and one good friend is DEAD after the JAD!!! Heart attack 40 years old great shape dead. It’s about depopulation why do they want that crap in your body? It’d only .004 chance would will die if you get it and in the BVI you might know it but the natural D3 you get from the sun??? probably not.

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  7. rastarite says:

    Fully vaccinated only… Yep, safety first!!

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  8. @vaccine says:

    Yes he is a Trumpster and we all in Florida thank the good Lord for it. No BLM or Woke bulls**t in Florida. We only want good white people here. Keep your black a**es in your s**t islands and Africa

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    • Truth man says:

      Yea…you are a racist and most likely a white surpremacist. Keep watching the hate from Hannity and Tucker on the FOX (not news station) but the racist opinions only station. Go back to the Klan.

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  9. Gods World says:

    Did God ever say to not let unsaved people come into the churches? You all are letting the devil achieve his mission with this division crap.Georgia Guide Stones Agenda 21 in effect now.
    Lets pray to heal our land from this nonsense.

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  10. Rubber Duck says:

    Not often I agree with CSK but he is dead right on this.

    Whatever some redneck Florida governor may say, proof of vaccination is going to be part of life.

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    • Podunk says:

      Florida is the 3rd largest state in the US, the one with the most vibrant economy, and possesses an above-average record on COVID. Who is your tiny island of bush-tea drinkers jumping at shadows living under a rock to call the governor a redneck? Have the English come and taken your self-rule, yet? Or are they waiting for your clown government to move another truckload of cocaine, first?

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      • Rubber Duck says:

        Half the governors in the USA are rednecks. H**l not too long ago the President was one now you mention Bush.

        As to the cocaine, we might have a few shippers but we all know who the idiot consumers are.

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      • Whitey says:

        True and false. Uber your wife is snorting what we move off a next man some time this week.

  11. LongLookAlways says:

    BVI do have the right to demand anyone from a cruise ship to produce official documents showing they are vaccinated before entry into the country.

    US laws and regulations cannot be apply to a foreign country.

    So we wait and see if there is true leadership in the BVI.

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    • @longlook says:

      And the cruise lines have the right to dock at the many other ports that may accept them, so what?

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  12. Chups says:

    We like we deaf and dumb…
    There will be unvaccinated ppl on dem cruise ship!

  13. COI says:


  14. Vaccinated says:

    You won’t let me come and charter a boat with my fully vaccinated kids, so who are you to complain about what we do to protect private health information in the US?

    Hilarious to hear this from the most backwards islands in the Caribbean, peopled by residents who think the vaccine is an attempt at control by the white devil and that taking 20 tests as a family of 4 is a sensible way to spend a vacation.

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    • Tim says:


      I don’t agree with the Gov position however, to get criticism from the BVI ?

      The country who refused to take vaccination? the country who is about to throw vaccination off?
      the country believe in Bill Gates and other conspiracy theories?

      You guys are on the same side with the Gov of Florida. Who don’t believe in it, he doesn’t believe it in, you and him believe its all in the hands of God …

      what is the issue ….

      You believe in the vaccine … open up, move to rapid testing, stop the silly fees …

      There are enough vaccinated people who wants to come in but you are making it so hard.

      Start home before pointing to others …

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  15. Other site says:

    Funny how this CSC is well protected on the other site, he can say nothing wrong, or receive any criticism.

    Donald Trump was the one who gave pardon to his friend from Detroit after serving a stint on lock!

    Hope he has called the former politician to congratulate him!

    Now don’t be mad at another trumpper cos he stands for the rights of the people!

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  16. Tongue Fu says:

    Well done Governor Ron De Santis! A Leader who defends his people against discrimination because of their choice based on religious beliefs or personal beliefs or medical reasoning.

    Royal Caribbean has now bowed and will allowa unvaccinated persons to cruise.

    Wish we had more of him here!

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  17. Extra Extra says:

    An unlicensed medical product deployed under emergency use authorization(EAU) remains an experimental product under clinical research development. “As these Vaccine are NOT yet market authorized (licensed) coercion of human subjects to participate in medical experimentation is specifically forbidden. Therefore, public health policies that meet generally accepted criteria for coercion to participate in clinical research are forbidden.”

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  18. Church Congrigation says:

    Well if you are discriminating against unvaccinated people,put up a sign on the church door, No unvaccinated welcome or put any offering in the plate.

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  19. Leavethemalonedon'tletthemcomehome says:

    Wypippol should not be welcome in this country. Remember what they did to your ancestors in Africa? Keep them out. Bring in all our Caribbean people. 2,000% better than them Europe.
    People, wake up!!

  20. Budha says:

    DeSantis wants to restart the Caribbean cruise industry but with this approach he will end up crippling it even further. This will not work out for us in BVI either.

    I believe we would be better off with low-density high-value visitors who can vaccinate and travel without interference from USA politicians. These Americans want a getaway from that place and have the money to do it. I think this is the approach they are taking in Fiji over there in the Pacific.

    CSC and others should stop with the emotions and rationally think through possible solutions. The USA politicians do not care if we get angry.

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  21. Cruise Homeports says:

    Now would be a perfect opportunity to offer some of these cruise lines the BVI as their homeport. A pity we don’t have the facilities to accommodate them. It would open the doors to increased flights to the BVI with possible overnight stays for next day boarding their cruises. Opportunities are knocking but we aren’t answering. We need to start thinking big!

  22. Visitor says:

    The BVI cannot handle cruise ship traffic with their poorly vaccinated population. They are not set up to test cruise ship passengers. They cannot test and likely no passengers would submit to a test each day for each island. It is actually the most dangerous form of tourism you have . Cruise ship passengers stop at a variety of islands and are exposed to the prevailing viral load there. So it’s possible you will have some cruise ship traffic from Puerto Rico if a company wants to insist on proof of vaccination. I would assume those celebrity cruises from St Martin will cease when Florida and San Juan open.

    Florida cruises are much more popular because for many it is much less costly flight wise.. The docks and handling procedures are set up for mass movement of passengers. They will go to islands accepting them. The BVI has the right to impose rigorous hoops as they do for regular passengers now. Nobody will come . They can require ships to require vaccination to visit. They won’t be coming from Florida. The BVI is in no position to dictate Florida law.

    The fact is most adults taking a cruise will be fully vaccinated. Cruise ships are a great way to share disease on board. Only a dummy would hop aboard unvaccinated.

    Of course only a dummy would be in the hospitality business anywhere and be unvaccinated.. Reopening in any reasonable manner will bring the virus to the bvi . It will spread among the unvaccinated. It’s a shame many have believed the lies about the dangers or effectiveness of the vaccine.

    Best of luck.

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  23. SIGH says:

    Eight people died in all of NY State from covid19 yesterday. The survival rate for covid is 99.7%, Just please stop the fear mongering. Let the BVI open up, 650 time God tells us in the Bible, to fear not. We have worn the masks, social distanced for a year and a half, one supposed death from covid. Time to take the masks off, time to live, love and laugh again, time to let the children be children. The Fauci Fake Plandemic is gone. It was psyop to get technocracy established in Transhumanism, 2.0 the jabs did it. Now time to move on to Climate whatever drama they want to call it.. New World Order, has cost us way to much. Please trust in God not medicine, so called science. My Almighty God made us with perfect immune systems. Eat right and do right and praise the Lord all the time.

  24. Billy Kimba says:

    Why is Claude Skelton Crime always talking.

  25. Well suh says:

    I’m gonna open a sex toy shop and I hope Claude comes in to buy one so I can smile and say “go f*** yourself”.

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  26. Vaccinated says:

    He is right – we should not allow unvaccinated tourists to come here. The one hospital cannot take more than about 8 people. Cruise ships take 3000-5000 people. The ships should demonstrate sure that they could cope with outbreak and not use the hospital here in BVI.

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