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Curfew, beach hours relaxed | Hotels, gyms can now reopen

While granting approval for hotels and fitness facilities to now resume operations, Governor Augustus Jaspert has announced that effective immediately, the ongoing curfew will be relaxed by one hour.

“Beginning today, Cabinet has decided that the curfew will now be in effect from 7 pm to 5 am to allow residents more time to exercise and undertake activity in the cooler parts of the morning and to allow people to prepare their business activities earlier,” the Governor said in a statement late Sunday, May 31 evening.

He said he signed the amended curfew order following a special Cabinet meeting on Saturday, where the “current situation” and “health reports” of the territory were assessed.

Just days ago, Health Minister Carvin Malone declared the territory to have no active cases of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).

Hotels, gyms open too

Though hotels and other accommodations, as well as gyms and ‘approved’ fitness facilities can now operate, they must first be inspected by the Social Distancing Task Force.

Governor Jasert said they must also become certified by the Environmental Health Division to ensure specific safe distancing and hygiene protocols are in place.

He made that announcement while publicly thanking employers within the hospitality industry who have kept their staff employed.

New beach hours

In the meantime, Governor Jaspert also announced new beach hours that will take effect immediately.

“Our beaches are now open until from 5 am to 5 pm. It is important to note that beaches are not open for large gatherings or events and safe social distancing protocols and mass gathering restrictions should still be adhered to,” he stated.

Boat ban remains 

The ban on movement of vessels within the territory — except for those granted authorization for specific purposes — will remain in place until June 3, Governor Jaspert said.

He reminded vessel owners that while the restriction is difficult, it is necessary to ensure local authorities focus on securing the territory’s borders from anyone coming in illegally and being potential COVID-19 carriers.

Notably, the government will be reopening local borders on June 2 to facilitate the return of residents, belongers, and naturalized citizens. This will be done in what authorities describe as a controlled re-entry.


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  1. voters says:

    why is the governor speaking? We don’t trust him we did not elect him

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    • Ning says:

      The issue seems that no one is apparently in charge, while the illusion is showing our elected Premier, battling with our appointed Governor all trying to out do each other in the court of public opinion. All while, we the people, sit and wait while they bicker like children!

      All we ask is for clear leadership, and the best planning you can do with the facts at hand that is not fear driven or a power grab, while grounded in logic.

      It is lives versus livelihood – the balance is not something I envy our leaders …….. but you guys ran for the job, and now you’ve got it, so step up and do what you’re there to do. That is to look after the health, safety, welfare, and economics of our country.

  2. really says:

    Answer me how Hotels can open when all staff must be home by 7pm?

    Guests locked in their rooms from 6:45pm, no use of pool at hotel, no use of bar at hotel.

    What legal right does the government have for curfew when the BVI is COVID_19 free?

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    • GTFOH says:

      Have you been tested for Covid19? How do you know that we are Covid free? What we know is that there is no known active cases of Covid19 in the BVI. We haven’t even testing 10% of the population. Although no flights have been coming to the BVI products are still being shipped to the BVI from places with active cases. The reason for curfew is to protect people like yourself that is itching to get out on the road. The current curfew ends in a few more days at least wait until it is expired to see what the government does.

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  3. Build on Concrete not Quick Sand says:

    what kind of deep thought and subsequent anlayses and conclusions are influencing these constant half baked decisions that are clearly not fully thought out, thus, lacking intellectual political, economic and social reasoning?

    Damn, Ning would would be more in tune with the political, economic, social and personal dynamics of the day, and establish more sound policies than what is parading today as such.

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  4. Rubber Duck says:

    Who is coming to stay at the hotels? No one is allowed in.

    It’s a complete shambles.

  5. lc says:

    And who will be staying at the hotels when the island is on lock down?

  6. Gandalf says:

    I love my country, but my God, who is really making these decisions? So many things decided directly impacts or contradicts other mandates. The failure to view our economy holistically and completely is mind boggling.

    As you state above about the curfew – one hour change in curfew to 5am. No doubt to cater to those that wish to do morning exercise. That’s fine, but really, 1 hour change and you open hotels for what? Staff rushing home by 6.30pm?

    The economic decisions – you want to build homes for those that need it? That’s fine, but what about our schools (especially the high school that still lays in ruins), our shelters, medical teams/facilities? Why did you not invest in those components. I know they really will not stimulate much economically, but they would do more for our greater community than a bunch of homes. There are so many other things that money could be used for that serves the greater community far better, especially our younger generations!

    I’m just frustrated with all of the vagueness, and inconsistent decision making. I need to see some long term planning, lets us, the people know what is going on because of late, your decisions, even though incrementally inching us to greater freedoms, are devoid of logic, and lack any explanation as to how you reached the decisions Government does.

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