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Customs, Immigration apprehend persons trying to illegally enter BVI by sea over weekend

A number of persons who were attempting to illegally enter BVI waters at the weekend have been apprehended and detained by Customs and Immigration officers.

This is according to a media release from Her Majesty’s Customs which said the bust was a result of the newly-implemented 24-hour sea border protection initiative.

Commissioner of Customs Wade Smith said the 44-foot vessel carrying the persons in question was detected just after midnight on Saturday, August 29.

“The vessel was detected from a western direction by two of the platforms that are monitoring the territorial waters and a collective response was made by the Joint Task Force,” the media statement said.

It added: “The vessel was tracked from West End to Road Harbour where it was intercepted and secured with the occupants onboard, at this time when the borders are closed. The matter is being investigated by HM Customs.”

New resources strengthening border security

Commissioner Smith said the resources which have been made available to local law enforcement personnel to properly execute their duties while out at sea will continue to strengthen border security in the territory.

“I wish to commend the officers involved in this exercise for their hard work and diligence in vigilantly maintaining the integrity of our sea borders during this COVID-19 pandemic,” he said.

Smith further said the 24-hour mitigation strategy will be part of a long-term plan to ensure a permanent presence of security in the BVI’s waters.

The joint task force is comprised of officers from Customs, Immigration and the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force.

Under the current curfew order, there is a restriction on the movement of vessels within the territorial waters, except for approved fisherfolk and intra-island ferries.


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  1. hog wash says:

    Something dont sound right with this…Who in their right mind will try to smuggle into road town? Let us hope this isnt a stunt to justify the use of those cargo barges?

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  2. Waste says:

    A waste of time and money. We all know that the local Belongers and their offspring from the BVI and USVI had a party and brought Covid to the Territory. These are the people that should be apprehended. Some 40+ size vessel coming straight into Roadtown harbor is not sneaking around or bringing in illegals.

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  3. Wonderful Job says:

    Those fools sail right into the trap that was set for them. Bet their eyes blew open when they saw the Authorities. You that is going down to St. John and St. Thomas to pick up the illegals, you all are in for a rude awakening this time. Fortuna Bay is on lock,

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  4. Excellent job! says:

    Fine them severely! Outta place, putting our country at risk.

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  5. Deos not surprise me! says:

    If you heard that there is heavy surveillance on the western side of the island. Where would you attempt to smuggle in from??? Duhhhhhh???? Wouldn’t surprise me if they try to get to Anegada.

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  6. PEZ KOI says:

    Great job. To all the Offers that is on boarder patrol watch, STAY SAFE, YOU ARE APPRECIATED.

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  7. Hmmmm says:

    Nothing about how many occupants? Nationality? This just doesn’t sound right at all.

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  8. WOW says:

    I commend Customs.

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  9. TalkTola says:

    TalkTola for you same vessel the US Coast Guard rescue on it way from Florida to Grenada ??. Puerto Rico ?? help them manage to fix the vessel now they end up here on there journey to deliver the boat. Free them let them go about their business.

  10. No trust says:

    In this government they can tell us anything. They are directly involved…

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  11. Local BVISLANDER says:

    Too vague, something doesn’t sound right here, it’s a cover up for something else.
    Do you think if this story has any merit to it, we would not have heard how many? Their nationality/nationalities?
    This local government is rotten from the …

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  12. nurse says:

    Fake news. No number. no nationality. Breaking news. something is not right.

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  13. Lies and more Lies says:

    This is all a publicity stunt by the A. FAHIE Lead Government and Smith. The truth be told to throw this smoke screen in an attempt to stop the UK from coming in. Customs/Immigration/police corruption are deeply rooted and this is their last hope after the so called Gangster summit to get some pressure off for what’s to come. Ask yourself is this the society we want to live in, no justice, no respect for the rule of law and blatant corruption. We won’t live forever and the bad deeds we do now will affect our future. All who like to condone wrong doings should be ashamed of themselves for not setting examples for our youths of today. Everyone wants to live like a celebrity and working hard for what you want seems to be a thing of the past. Qualification doesn’t matter anymore once we have certain leaders at the helm to put whoever in these said post to run Departments. They’re talking about not wanting to send home civil servants but the top paid people who are mostly a waste of time, all these consultants not doing a damn thing, boards with useless people making decisions as if they’re part of the administrative staff. This is clear as day, a cesspool of corruption from one Administration to the next. All whos involved have no shame or moral values none whatsoever, using this time with Pandemic to mislead and deceive all persons living in the BVI…While some suffer They’re hoarding for the storm ahead…..don’t be fooled….I hope this post…..God Help Us and not this or that man.

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  14. Deeply rooted corruption says:

    Gus where ru? Should we go directly to the Foreign office as it seems that you have stopped representing the Crown…

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  15. Mehaschmega says:

    A number of people? Wha happm ahyo in BVI can’t count? Damn sho knew the size of the vessel though.

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  16. Hmm says:

    Could it be that there was just one person on that boat? I agree with the others. Just too vague.

  17. Porous says:

    There was another white centre console going into sea Cows late morning.

  18. Military Invasion Imminent says:

    If UK expats living here have any thing to do with satisfying the lust for activities of the old empire.

    Some ah yall trying desperately to take over the “bird sanctuary” your ancestors thought had no value after slaves were no longr profitable by advocating for military intervention and take over.

    Well, perhaps there should be an attempt to take over the UK through clandestine military means also.

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  19. bee says:

    The governor needs to do his job and step in I understand he is head of security, Fahie will do anything to halt the Navy from coming in. Our border team can work with the Navy, the Navy is more equipped to do the Job , They can patrol by air and water, on top of that we need them on land to keep people at home when there is lock down or a Curfew, Don’t wait until it’s too late if will help us in the fight,

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  20. GV says:

    The governor needs to do his job and step in I understand he is head of security, Fahie will do anything to halt the Navy from coming in. Our border team can work with the Navy, the Navy is more equipped to do the Job , They can patrol by air and water, on top of that we need them on land to keep people at home when there is lock down or a Curfew, Don’t wait until it’s too late if will help us in the fight,

  21. Future says:

    Is this the the boat that was looking for a refuel ing station but did not get clearance before entering the VI? Lets not all jump to conclusions.

  22. Check It Out says:

    Something is not right. We are not hearing the full story. At least they could have put a number out there.

  23. Total Fiction says:

    No numbers because it is total fiction

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  24. Where is the Governor says:

    It’s time the British gets involved, the Governor needs to do a better job, time to stop allow all this corruption to become a natural way of life, there’s no secret we all know who running the drugs and human smugglers, allow the British Navy to control our boarders and put an end to this illegal drug trade. By now Mr. Governor I am sure if you investigate the account of these m******+s you know that wealth is not coming from a public servant salary. Do the Math. The government is c*******d to the core and it’s going to get worst unless you don’t allow the U.K. to intervene, how can you justify paying that kind of money for 3 cargo barge, when the BVI High school is in total need of repair and don’t get me stared about the conditions of the roads here it’s a total embarrassment to this island that tourists visit, these roads are just as bad as the slums in Africa, you telling me this government proud of that, a cheap hand out to squeeze money to line … give me a break. The greed and corruption had to come to and end and those need to be held accountable. It’s time for a wake up call, the U.K. need to intervene.

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  25. No more hand outs from the UK says:

    Why should the UK pay for this mess. To fill the pockets of the c***** politicians more? No. They made their beds, time to lie in them. So much resentment for the British but happy to take their money. Shame shame shame.

  26. Dont spend a dime on them... says:

    Not only we need to lock them away and give them maximum penality then deportation if they from here send them salt Island build a tent for them, dont zpend a dime on them make them pay for their own quarantine, food drinks everything… This nonsense must stop

  27. Lol says:

    I’m glad some of you on here knows that the governor is in charge of security. Well tell the governor to do his job and have the police force enforce the curfew laws that my government put in place, for eg. Closed those bars that is still open and have large gatherings . I think the real conspiracy is for my local people to failed so the UK can ease their way back in here. Slavery days all over again. Be careful what you all wish for.

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  28. Not in BVI says:

    Criminals willuse this period to try to smuggle illegal contraband and persons

    same way, you have criminals selling fake or not to standard PPE equipment

    Criminals want to make MONEY

  29. Not in BVI says:

    Go listen to TRUMP

  30. Boating Violation says:

    They never said in the article they were coming from st thomas. They were seen between west end and Roadtown. This may be nothing more than just being out in a boat while boating is restricted.

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