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Digicel issues region-wide COVID vaccine mandate for its employees

Regional telecommunications giant Digicel will require all employees to provide proof of full or partial vaccination OR a negative Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test every 14 days to continue working at the company.

This new mandate will affect more than 4,000 Digicel employees across the Caribbean and Central American region.

In a September 29 letter obtained by BVI News, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Digicel’s Caribbean & Central American region, Olivier Coughlan said that proof of vaccination status should be provided to the companies respective Human Resources (HR) departments by the close of business day on October 15, 2021.

According to the letter bearing the CEO’s signature, if an employee is unvaccinated, they “will be required to submit a negative PCR test result taken in the preceding 72 hours every two weeks to HR”.

The company further said the test will be done at the employee’s expense and the antigen test will not be accepted.

Employees must take unpaid leave or vacation without test

The document said that employees who are unable to provide a current PCR test and is unable to attend work, for this reason, must take the days as unpaid leave or they can choose to use them as vacation days if available.

The company made it clear that no employee will be permitted to work remotely to avoid taking the vaccine or PCR test.

Exemption from this new policy will only be granted for medical reasons. However, the employee must present a doctor’s report detailing why they are unable to take the vaccine, the company said.

Different legal positions in some countries

Digicel has also expressed that it is aware of the legal positions in some markets and it will deal with the issue on a ‘case by case basis’.

“Furthermore, we are keenly aware that several governments have already mandated similar measures under more rigorous timelines, which have already been fully adhered to by our respective CEOs,” the company added.

Digicel has said that its policy was designed to protect the “lives and livelihoods” of all its employees and customers. The company also used the letter as an opportunity to urge its unvaccinated staff to get vaccinated.

“Vaccines are now widely available – with a small number of exceptions in some of our markets – and we have been very clear on our strong desire for all of our staff to get vaccinated,” the company said.


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  1. The wave of the future says:

    More and more companies, governments, and institutions will require this. It was just a matter of time.

    For those who insist on remaining unvaccinated, while it’s your choice not to do so, by the same token, you should be reminded that you do not have a right to a job vaccinated or unvaccinated.

    Understand this: the world has changed and it is not going back to the pre-pandemic days. We will be living in a new normal going forward.

    As more and more countries, businesses, educational institutions, and industries institute these mandates, you will have to decide which way you want to go.

    It comes down to survival in a world that was difficult already.

    I personally have had 2 shots plus a booster, and I feel fine. Still wear my mask and keep my distance.

    My DNA has not changed, Bill gates is not tracking me to my knowledge, and my eyes have not dropped out.

    I did not become sexually aroused after any of my 3 shots despite I would not have mind if I did. At my age, I welcome any thrill.

    No other private parts became swollen. I was aching in my arm for a day or two, but a few tylenol took care of that.

    Most importantly, I feel like I have a fighting chance with covid if God forbid I came in contact with it. I rest easy at nights feeling that I will be ok.

    So, I encourage you hold outs to get vaccinated. Death from covid is preventable at this time with vaccination. Don’t miss the opportunity to avoid become ill from covid. Go and get the jab.

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    • @wave says:

      More life drown…stfu

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    • Unscientific says:

      How can they justify this when right now we have more cases in vaccinated than in unvaccinated? This is all about control. Wake up people. It’s Covid jab now. What will it be next. I hope Digicell had a lot of people boycott.

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      • Seriously says:

        If you still dont get it Now you never will!!!! Its not necessarily about amount of vaccinated persons testing pos over those that are not vaccinated. Its about those dying, those infecting our elderly and putting them at risk, filling up beds in hospitals which means persons needing cancer treatment or kidney dyalasis not being able to get it because full of unvaccinated sick people. It is your choice but also think past yourself.

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    • switch now says:

      lets switch our numbers to Lime and leave vaccine digi alone

  2. Equal Rights & Justice says:

    This is a evil agenda that violates peoples human rights and the Virgin Islands Constitution.This is not a one size fit all world. The same speed that vaccine is being mandated, let the people know how much damage it is doing to people and how many has died. Wrong cannot be Right.

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    • The wave of the future says:

      What equal rights and justice do you speak of? You have NO right to a job. Which part of NO RIGHT TO A JOB do you fail to understand?

      It’s a privileges to be employed. If you want to continue working for DIGICEL or any other company that mandates vaccination against covid, your choices are to take the jab or quit. See if you can find employment elsewhere. It’s simple. The ball is in your court.

      By the way, people are not dying from getting a covid shot; they are dying from NOT having a shot.

      Don’t be silly now. Your insistence on equal rights and justice can cost you more than just a job; it can cost you your life.

      It’s all up to you. Many people with your mindset are being eaten by worms right now as they are six feet under. If that’s your choice, all the best.

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    • @Wave says:

      Wave you need to get out of the ocean and come on land and get the truth to whats going on. Dive into the CDC’s website and do a proper reseach and you will find the vast amount of vaccine deaths thats was documented incorrectly and they admitted it. Check out the VAERS repport for yourself and you will find the mass amount of adverse events that took place after the jab.Get a surfboard and surf on your wave into the BVI Health Services and see if you can dive out some factual information about the deaths and adverse reactions right here in the BVI that is being covered up.The people are speaking but because they are BVI shy,they are afraid to go public.Many here have gotten strokes,menstral cycles disrupted,constant heavy coughing non stop for months,discomfort in the balls,digging in the chest etc.right here and these systoms only came along after vaccination.Get off that wave and come ashore and visit the Georgia Guide Stones and follow the World Economic Forum and you will see what role the vaccination is playing.Its not about health and i saw Dr. Fauci said it out of his own mouth and also your friend Bill Gates who owns the patent said on video live that he is not sure if the vaccines will prevent death or other adverse reactions.You and whoever else that is pushing these vaccines should sign a liability clause to compensate anyone or there families who is injured after taken these experimental jabs.

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      • The wave of the future says:

        You are clearly an antivaxer. Good luck with that. Whatever your goal is in trying to convince people not to take the vaccine, I think most reasonable people will not take your advise. They will choose to live vs die.

        So no matter what you write, I assure you that most people will embrace the position I take than yours because they are not stupid.

        When the titanic sunk, there were people who choose to go down with the ship rather than try to save their lives. You are one of those people.

        I trust you make it thru the pandemic. All the best. God be with ya.

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    • it's also your right says:

      not to wear a seatbelt, and drive on the wrong side of the road. But when you use medical facilities that should be available to the responsible population, you are infringing their rights.

  3. unvax says:

    fiya for the mark of the beast

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  4. Really says:

    Boycott digicel?

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  5. Really says:

    When are people going to understand that vaccination will protect them from getting seriously ill and dying. When does this nonsense with false information stop? Where are there more cases in vaccinated people then unvaccinated? What planet? Wake up and smell the coffee and stop listening to this nonsense.

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  6. you said it says:

    boycott Digicel A**. ASAP

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  7. you said it says:

    together we stand undefeated. unvax

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  8. sunny day says:


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  9. smh says:

    They been wuttless so no surprise here.

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  10. Lol says:

    Well done Digicell. The BVI government needs to grow a pair and mandate it for some jobs.

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  11. WE KNOW says:

    The Mark Of The Beast when we see it.

  12. Gregory Williams says:

    How much of us knows it. How much of us feels it with no salary. How much of us suffer in silence with no salary. How much of us cry daily with no salary. How much of us beg with no salary. How much of us can’t eat with no salary. How much of us can’t pay rent with no salary. How much of us can’t buy food with no salary. How much of us can’t buy medication without a salary. How much of us get sick without a salary. When the nation continues to lock down How much of us will live in poverty. How much of us will turn to crime without a salary. How much of us can build our immune system without a salary. How much of us can buy face mask with out a salary. How much of us can continue saving without a salary. How much of us can pay our debt without a salary. Do we really want the country lock down if so how much of us. Can we see covid, if so how much of us. Can we feel covid, if so how much of us.
    Will crime continue to rise without a salary. Will suicide increase without a salary. How much of us mental health will decrease without a salary.
    How much of us……….

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