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DPP’s office accuses Walwyn of attempting to sway potential jurors

The building that houses the Office of the DPP.

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has expressed disappointment over former Education Minister Myron Walwyn’s statement issued earlier today, calling it an “erroneous and unfounded” attempt to “adversely influence the potential array of jurors who will eventually decide his fate” in a likely trial before the High Court.

Walwyn issued a lengthy statement professing his innocence and intent to vigorously defend himself after being arrested and charged earlier today with the offence of Breach of Trust by public officer in relation the controversial Elmore Stoutt High School (ESHS) perimeter wall project that reportedly suffered major cost overruns

According to a Facebook post issued by the DPP’s Office, Walwyn’s press release not only serves to adversely affect a likely trial but also “serves to undermine the course of justice in the territory”.

Furthermore, the DPP’s Office refuted Walwyn’s claims that an investigation in the matter of the ESHS wall had wrapped up over a year ago in 2020 as he had suggested.

“Contrary to Mr Walwyn’s assertions, an incomplete investigative case file was submitted in 2020, and the same was quickly returned to the RVIPF to conduct further investigations, but same were never completed by the RVIPF at that stage,” the DPP stated.

The DPP’s message further advised that a decision was made to bring in an independent team of financial investigators from the United Kingdom to review the investigation, and noted that this review commenced in early 2021.

The review, the DPP’s Office added, was done to ensure that the investigation was completed fairly, transparently and to standard.  


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  1. Jack says:

    He now in a fight with the people who will lock him up he acting the fool

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  2. We out side says:

    If you do the crime, get ready þo do the time!

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  3. This looks bad says:

    Don’t blow things out of proportion my people. Right now everyone must tamper down. We all want to see another day, let’s be easy with one another.

    If laws were broken it still does not warrant tearing down country and self. Another day is coming, be easy. We have greater problems that unite us.

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  4. Who lying? says:

    If the DPPs office had let the public know the status of the matter before, the public would have been informed before Mr. Walwyn’s press release. But thus us what happens in a culture of secrecy. Journalists don’t get answers to questions, calls are not returned, etc. Now from what this article is saying it appears that someone is lying and we don’t know who. Let this be a lesson to duly infirm the public on cases of public interest, with updates when matters are still pending.

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  5. Thieves says:

    Lock up all who the others who get contracted for the work and are not contractors.
    Set of thieves that like to look and talk down on others.
    While man out here slaving for pennies.
    Push Pop, we coming for you

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  6. BviBuzz says:

    Myron stay quiet and hope to get out of this embarrassment you place yourself and family in

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  7. To DPP says:

    That was a long and detailed show piece that went too far.

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  8. Jaigon says:

    Two of them are two big jokers, first Myron should not have made that statement detailing reasons in the public domain about his arrest and charge, he should have a lawyer defending him and those statements are matters for his defense. Secondly, the Office of the DPP, should have never come back trying to rebut what Myron has said, after all it’s a matter that possibly will reach a jury and this tit for tat, will only derail the ends of justice

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  9. Lmao says:

    Lock him up with Augustine and throw away the key. But….please, please lock him up in the UK. Not in the BVI with all his cousins.

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  10. VI Style says:

    Why the Dpp find it necessary to attempt its lame “defense ” outside of Court and pre-trial?
    Unlike other public figures,this gentleman and public figure gave a statement to the public as would anyone with a modicum of class.
    If the DPP has proof of the truth why they can’t wait for trial to argue,defend and prove their case?
    They losing even before they start with such unprofessional behaviour. Never heard of such in all my bawn days.

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  11. Titus says:

    Myron is a lawyer. One of the best. He is allowed to defend himself.
    Publicly and personally informing the public, in my opinion,was respectable and wise on his part.
    If what DPP said is true, then they need to prove that they shared the info with Walwyn.
    For certain,it was not shared with the public.
    The culture of secrecy in the VI is a dangerous thing.

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  12. Hmmm says:

    So this site finally realized that they should not show favoritism to Walwyn on the blogs. When Fahie got into trouble everyone including Walwyn tear down Fahie on the blogs. Fahie till this date haven’t made a statement but waiting for his time in court. Now this mumu put out a book saying same thing that he said in the past and you supposed to be an attorney?!

    I don’t care who don’t like my post but I am not backing Fahie nor Myron. We just want justice for our country. Who commits the crime do the time but Mr Myron you should have used your head and get representation and don’t let your emotions get the best of you.

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  13. Wrong! says:

    No, it is the DPP who trying to sway the public (jurors) with this article and their very allegations and actions! Independent team from the UK? What made them independent? You mean the same ones who were assigned to shut down the constitution because the hospital and pier park look too good for a former slave-owned country or the financial services industry too recognized? Shut down a country’s constitution, a means that is very disproportionate the the problem identified, isn’t that worrisome to the DPP? So you mean the DPP could not tell for themselves whether there was a breach of trust under BVI laws? They had to recruit a whole team from the UK? And what does this team know about the BVI Laws exactly? God DO NOT LIKE ugly. Tarnishing hardworking people name is a fact that many have experienced under the same DPP. Makes you wonder where the problem really lies. No case to answer. But the good Lord knows that everything happens for a reason. He has the last say in the end. Praise his name!

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  14. DPP is reaching. says:

    IMO, Walwyn is within his right to respond to the charge as he see fit even if in public. The DPP need to try their case in the court of law and not on Facebook or other media.

    I see nothing wrong with Mr. Walwyn statement. Noting unusual about it to me. The notion that his public statement was designed to potentially sway potential jurors just seems far fetch to me.

    Reason: Who does not know of or have heard of Myron V. Walwyn?

    There is no juror to influence in my view. They all know of Mr. Walwyn or are familiar with Wallgate.

    So if the DPP is seeking an unbiased jury pool, I say good luck. IMO, they best bring their solid evidence or face a hung jury at the least.

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  15. @Wrong! says:

    You’re so right, God will have final say and I believe it will not fall in your favoured direction despite your ‘former slave’ rhetoric! It is in fact, our very own that have brought this down on us, and we have reaped what was sown. Now, with God’s blessing, the proverbial field will be plowed and planted anew!

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  16. Pandora says:

    Whether you like him or not, I do not see anything wrong with anyone defending themselves in the Public Forum. No juror will be swayed that has not already picked a side long before this story broke!

    Same way that his arrest took place and can be put in the news, but a man/woman cannot defend themselves?

    The way the judicial system works here means this may not reach the courts for over a year and you expect a high-profile person to just stay quiet and taken unwarranted abuse?

    No, I agree with this move, he had every right to say what he said regardless of one’s opinion of this individual, good or bad!

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  17. @Wrong says:

    You Wrong!!! I sense you are upset with the law that the same former Minister of Education and now disgraced politician is now facing just like his counterpart. You are right! God don’t like ugly especially when he put you in a place of power and you abuse it to your own benefit. You snare at others not knowing that your day too shall come. God also said do unto others as you will like them do unto you.

    No more preaching but this is a lesson to be learnt for disgraced Walwyn. If you live in a glass house, don’t throw stones and if you can’t take blows breddah nah throw blows.

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  18. Oh dear public prosecutor says:

    The DPP’s Facebook post was cleary intended to influence the jury pool. It will be exhibit 1 in the Defence application to stay the proceedings.

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  19. To @wrong says:

    There’s a difference between speaking from spirit and speaking from flesh. God does not call the perfect. Sometimes He allows things to happen to shape the imperfect into the people they are called to be. If you cannot see how the Creator works, drink water, mind your business and pray.

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  20. Hmmm says:

    A brilliant move to gain the upper hand by giving one side of the story before an official announcement reached the eyes and ears of the general public. Evokes much sympathy all around, I guess, especially from loyal supporters, but how ethically and morally correct can such an action be?


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  21. @Lmao says:

    I thought his cusions in Antigua?

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  22. Right Sed Fred says:

    Myron has the right to express himself anyway he likes. It called free speech. Whether it helps him or not is another issue. I say he is in trouble. Plenty of people beside the DPP would like to see him lockup. Also, who said he is a good lawyer?

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  23. Solution says:

    Since both the DPP and the defendant are publicly embarrsasing themselves in the media and contaminating the BVI jury pool then the criminal trial should be moved to another island in the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court. Perhaps Castries, St. Lucia the headquarters of the ECSC.

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  24. To hmm says:

    Very little is carried out correctly. Isn’t that why the little wall is 1million dollars? Why change now?? Ethics? Is there such a word here? When there is no concern for the people. His statement was only, only as in I I I, complete self concern. Perhaps he should have called out to the people to come forward and provide their input and make their statement in a public forum such as the news paper.

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  25. @ hmmm says:

    You are so right. A clear and obvious attempt to sway the public and thus corrupt or taint the jury pool ahead of the trial but his supporters won’t see anything wrong with it. The only time anybody does anything wrong in the BVI is when it’s someone from the other side of the political fence.

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  26. Try his case in the UK says:

    No way you get a rational legal process in the BVI: try these cases in the UK: too much politics here

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  27. Pure crap says:

    Myron did not say anything that was not already public. The COI was a public thing where all the interviews were seen by everybody. The COI report is also public that contains all the transcripts for the witnesses. I don’t see the DPP’s point at all.

    Also the police commissioner was the one who went on Claude show talking about this investigation. He said that the report was complete. Why didn’t the DPP come and say that it was not complete at that time?

    So you should arrest and charge people and they must say anything? Is this a democracy or what?

  28. We in trouble says:

    What the DPP say makes no sense to me. She probably get forced to write that same statement. Poor BVI

  29. Jack says:

    At least he ain’t in the plane with his calculator with his hand in the air calling on jesus

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  30. We out side says:

    Y is it taking so.long for the one that was sitting in the streets from the church and what happen to brandy wine bay who spend millions and millions on that beach project and up until all you can there is play volleyball n race boat. Where did the monies went?

  31. Lmao says:

    Lmao you are a darn idiot

  32. To hmm says:

    He did fly to the u s then divert in a plane to check the cash personally with his bible and hand in the air trying to b a diplomat

  33. @wrong says:

    Like the disgrace one with the ankle bracelet on his foot which disgrace is way bigger? The x ankle or myron

  34. DPP just clueless says:

    She is a rookie, and this case is dead on arrival because of her pompous attitude. The man can talk. The man is a lawyer who knows the law and is already 10 steps ahead of her since the Wall fiasco came up years ago.

  35. New thought says:

    If you have a good defendant who has the know how and push back, what if that forces wrong unethical moves by the accuser? Most people just shut up when they are accused. What if you were to really fight for your rights?

  36. Prometheus says:

    The DPP has the right to criminally charge any citizen then put it in the news and the defendant’s only recourse is to wait for their day in court which can take years?!. All the while the court of public opinion is left to try and prosecute the defendant? So who’s really trying to sway the jury?? I fully agree with Walwyn.

  37. Hihuu says:

    Two singers singing off key! One fail to prosecute for some reason or another. One fail to understand the prevailing culture (s) of local and owners none of which he’s not. Who’s neck is next on the chopping block? Deacon, kram, nolram???? PS, hrm???

  38. Son of the Land says:

    Them people trying to make a scapegoat out of Walwyn. More chips will fall be patient

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