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Former Education Minister Myron Walwyn arrested and charged


Former Education Minister Myron Walwyn was today arrested and charged for breach of trust by a public officer, in relation the controversial Elmore Stoutt High School (ESHS) perimeter wall project that reportedly suffered major cost overruns.

The project had caused major controversy locally and led the authorities to launch a formal investigation. No one was charged when that investigation concluded back in 2020.

In a statement today, Walwyn rejected the charge laid against him, stating that it is unjust.

“According to former Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews, the investigation was completed in early 2020 and its findings were sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions’ (DPP) Office, to decide whether the evidence warranted a pursuance of prosecution. Though this matter was publicly discussed by the Commissioner on talk shows and various media during its process, to date, no update has been given to the public about their findings following its conclusion,” Walwyn argued.

“It raises the question as to why a completed investigation by the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force that was sent to the DPP’s Office, could still find itself as a subject of the Commission of Inquiry as an open investigation,” Walwyn’s statement said.

Walwyn admitted that there were issues with the management of the project but said those issues are common.

He said he will be “vigorously fighting” the charge and has confidence that the local justice system will treat him fairly.

“This is a charge that I will vigorously defend [against] as it does not enjoy the benefit of the facts. In my humble opinion, it is manifestly unjust. Even considering my scepticism regarding the application of the law in this matter, I do, however, have the utmost confidence in our judicial system — one that I have had the privilege to be associated with for the past 16 years as an attorney, to render a fair and just decision on this matter,” the embattled former legislator stated.

The ESHS wall project was a subject of the Commission of Inquiry (COI) which was held in the BVI in 2021.

Walwyn is the third person to be arrested in relation to the project: local businessman Kelvin Thomas was slapped with three criminal charges and public officer Lorna Stevens was recently arrested and charged with Breach of Trust by a Public Officer.

Statement by Myron Walwyn on being charged with Breach of Trust


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  1. citizen says:

    Its about time

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  2. Lol says:

    Your site is c**p

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  3. Man to Man says:

    Myron was not the Accounting Officer for the Ministry of Education. The Permanent Secretary was. Why is the Minister and the Assistant Secretary for Projects arrested and charged and the PS allowed to ride high up to now?

    Brother Bob said ” Man to man is so unjust, you don’t know who to trust. Your worst enemy could be your best friend and your best friend your worst enemy.”

    Jam down?????? Hmmmmm!

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  4. Rubber Duck says:

    He will not be the last.

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  5. Hmm ? says:

    What’s new

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  6. wow says:

    its is all falling apart

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  7. Secret Bear says:

    Another one bites the dust. Great work, RVIPF. Keep it going.

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  8. SMH says:

    It’s getting 🔥 in here.

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  9. Miss Cleo says:

    Wellllllll, there you have it! Many of us saw this coming a long time ago.

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  10. Vip says:

    Somebody is spilling information to this mika Barry person how could she said myron was getting arrested next last night and he was arrested today.

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  11. Nezraz says:

    Mika Barry said he was getting arrested

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  12. Breach of Trust says:

    Interesting development. It appears breach of trust is the catch all charge for what I presume is being alleged here as public corruption courtesy of the COI and made possible by the former hypocritical disgraced Premier under house arrest in Miami who preached to anyone who would listen that the NDP government was the most corrupt in history.

    IMO, his loud and callous mouth sat in motion his own downfall and much of what is happening in the country today. His loose lips sunk his ship and sinking others.

    Now, it would be interesting to know what exactly is being alleged here as the breach of trust.

    In general legal jargon, public corruption is a breach of the public’s trust by government officials who use their public office to obtain personal gain.

    Is this is what is being alleged here?

    At any rate, I happen to like this guy and thought he was a good Education Minister. I like his personality also and found him to be affably in a brief public encounter. This development is quite unfortunate.

    The DPP office notoriously and embarrassingly cannot convict a fly if it landed on their desk, and the charge is against someone in the legal profession who understands the law and the BVI legal landscape. We shall see how this plays out.

    If the DPP does its normal by blanking up cases, or if there is ever a jury trial, I see this case going by the bye bye like so many others before. Unfortunately, the damage to Mr. Walwyn’s political career would have already been done regardless of the outcome. The good news here if there is any is that U.S. is not involved.

    IMO, as this case moves forward, Mr. Walwyn needs to have a clear and convincing answer as to why some 90 plus individuals/contractors/or whatever their titles, were hired to complete a singular wall. That’s the million dollar question he needs to be prepared to defend.

    And from the DPP side, they need to prove that hiring so many people was for political/financial gain thus the breach of trust by a public official. Let the games begin.

    Finally, who is next? What’s going on in the 3rd? What about the plane? What about those who got multiple government contracts without proof discernable or verifiable work done?

    I would imagine there are some folks who will not sleep well tonight upon hearing this news.

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  13. You will rise says:

    You may write me down in history
    With your bitter, twisted lies,
    You may trod me in the very dirt
    But still, like dust, I’ll rise.
    Myron you will rise , do not give up do not give in

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  14. Breach of trust says:

    That is the password . Some of you gloating but your day is on the horizon … More breach of trust .. at least Myron gave 70 people jobs instead of putting the money in one man’s pocket … more people eat … that is his breach of trust .. he never bring in illegal drugs, he did not intend to sell out the country to cartel , he never consult obeah man, … he never took bribe nor pull out a calculator to count bribe money

    Don’t some of you see where this country is sliding .. on the rocks

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  15. ok, but says:

    As a citizen and someone who was made a subject of the Commission of Inquiry, I am very concerned that prior to the release of the report, the Commissioner and his staff were indemnified from civil suits in relation to whatever they have written in the report. This essentially absolves them of any liability or responsibility for its contents

    this is part of his statement, but this also goes for anything and everything they say in the HOA, you cannot have it both ways.

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  16. Me boy? says:

    Ah wonder if this is a plot to get rid ah all potential political rivalries?

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  17. School children say that says:

    I have never in life gained anything from Myron, but am truly sorry for his dilemma.

    Who they should investigate is Airport and all the people money that gone down the Caribbean to all kind of companies never heard of. Bet some of those companies are owned by ….. Also where you can anyone get a good condition vehicle in the BVI for less than $500? Inquiring minds want to know. More people need to go BALO.

  18. Uk Own says:

    Mika Barry can you tell us how much Tax payers is Paying for all Those Buildings they are Renting From their Political Backers.Schools can’t be Fix Roads can’t be fix People Hungry can’t get money to buy food..Government past and Present needs locking up for This Legal Criminal Act Yes its Legal but Still Wrong..So Mika we a looking For for Eposode 8.

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  19. Don’t says:

    Don’t put your head on the block for no man. I don’t mind you listing one of the things but you listed way too many so it’s more likely you putting your hand in fire for someone else

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  20. 3 Island Men with Power says:

    Myron, Mark and Archie and they turned out to be enemies of their own people, wanted to be more to the people and of the people who have no love for them….The Island people lift them up,praise them and carry them, when they get the power they turned their backs. As a man sow that shall he reap.

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  21. Anonymous says:

    The truth shall set him free! Have no fear Myron!

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  22. Dianne Hobson says:

    The truth shall set him free! Have no fear Myron Walwyn.

  23. IF •¿• says:


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  24. IF •¿• says:


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  25. Hmmm says:

    Rent for Gov’t offices is approx. US$5M per year is my understanding. I doan know if Mika have a different figure.

  26. Ihio says:

    Those giverment dept unda d govnar refuse to pay ppl from back pay, side pay and lowances. Do you charge yourself after investigating?

  27. @VIP says:

    Based on the prior arrests, this was not hard to figure out. It seems like everybody and their dog knew that.

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  28. @ vip says:

    That Mika person could be right in the police force

  29. worker says:

    the ps recused herself so only Walwyn could have signed off to pay those guys knowing they didn’t do the work, he is toast

  30. @VIP says:

    Mika Barry is almost certainly a cop or someone tightly connected to the cops.

  31. Maybe he serving says:

    Like A Butler and doing service for humanity

  32. Try him in the UK says:

    None of these officials should be tried locally: try then in the UK. The judicial system is too biased, and everyone here is related, you won’t get an unbiased jury

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  33. OK says:

    This article is not about Andy, so stop trying to change the subject; this is about Mymy.

  34. .... says:

    Good questions. Why is it that an investigation completed by the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force that was sent to the DPP’s Office in 2020 and apparently still sitting there unresolved?

    What sort of justice is this? Were persons at the DPP burring the issue? I think some more hand cuffs are needed.

  35. @ “@vip” says:

    Goes to show how dirty that force is and lacks of ethics.

  36. Troubling says:

    Myron walwyn crime is more less than who trying to become leader of the NDP. SET OF DISGRACE IN THE EAST. So many people dying.

  37. Observer says:

    Maybe the Minister and the Assistant Secretary usurped the powers of the Permanent Secretary and sidelined her.

  38. Maverick says:

    Actus non facit reum nisi mens it rea. I see the accused as possibly the most decent of all BVI Politicians. I believe he honest and trust worthy and will emerge from this smelling like a rose.

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