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Dr Pickering says COVID vaccines are a weapon for BVI

Dr Kedrick Pickering

Local physician and former legislator, Dr Kedrick Pickering said the AstraZeneca vaccines now available in the BVI should be seen as a powerful weapon the BVI can use to reopen its economy and restore a sense of normalcy.

“In the context of the BVI, I don’t think any of us wants to go back to lockdown. We’ve been there, we’ve done that, we don’t want to go back there. But it’s simple to avoid that. We now have a weapon against lockdown. We now have a weapon that we can use to basically reopen our economy. Thirty-five to forty thousand people totally vaccinated in the BVI — [there would be] no fear of us having a major outbreak. It would allow visitors to come into the country, our economy starts to flourish,” said Pickering in an interview with 284 Media.

The veteran medical doctor said he has already taken his first jab of the vaccine. He urged residents to do the same adding that people who refuse should be respected but should also see inoculation as something for the greater good of the community.

“You’re putting yourself at increased risk for something that otherwise could be avoided. What’s more important to appreciate is that there is a greater good and if each one of us thinks carefully about our fellow man and recognise that what we need to do is that important to protect my loved ones, family, neighbours, colleagues and country at large. If we focus on the greater good, we won’t be lost in the individuality of it,” Pickering argued.

He reminded Virgin Islanders not to be scared of the COVID vaccines as many diseases such as poliomyelitis were brought under control by vaccines.

So far, data shows that more than six percent of residents have been vaccinated so far.

However, there has been public debate over reports that many persons — including frontline workers — aren’t deciding to take the COVID jabs.



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  1. bull says:

    It cant prevent you from contracting it nor from spreading it…..bottomline it’s a waste of time

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  2. Riddle me this says:

    the astraneca vaccine Does not protect against any new strain. Is only 60% effective-healthy people immune systems are 40%-50% effective. it does not prevent infection or spread.

    for the record i am for vaccination, but this crap
    is a joke. this is like using a perforated condom!!! The only way not to get sick is to stay far from sick or potentially disk people

    When you take the MMR or polio vaccine you are 99% protected. why we have to settle for 60%

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  3. Dr Mengele says:

    A bioweapon that should be tested for years before being given to the people.

    Wake up, for more than a hundred years nobody has been able to produce a vaccine for a coronavirus, now suddenly a whole bunch of them miraculously appear?

    Last week Professor Sir John Bell (Oxford’s regius Professor of Medicine – someone way more qualified than you or me) said “What we will see between now and the end of the year is a number of variants which are driven by immunological selection, largely by the vaccines, and that will add another layer of complexity.”

    Think about that for a minute!

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    • Führer says:

      Always did have a touch of nazi…
      He be wearing Jackboots and Goose Stepping soon.

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    • Resident says:

      So you’re saying because there will be new variants don’t bother getting protected, at least to some extent, against ALL current variants? Very sensible.

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    • B Baillie says:

      My god you are now talking about 100 years, I suppose you are still sending messages by pigeon, what planet do you people come from have you never heard of technology,

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  4. Well sah says:

    What a headline! Our local journalists need to be careful not to go the way of the international press with sensational and misleading headlines

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  5. Bobby says:

    Dr Kedrick Pickering said the AstraZeneca vaccines now available in the BVI should be seen as a powerful weapon the BVI can use to reopen its economy and restore a sense of normalcy. This is true! This vaccine has been being developed over the last 10 years starting as a vaccine for SARS. This is not new and has been proven effective against most of the new strains.
    Do some research if you are in doubt. Do not rely on what people post. Please use google and common sense.

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  6. Truth Sayer says:

    Dr Pickering Dr. Fauci in the US is saying that even though you take the vaccine you still need to practice the same covid-19 protocols that are in place now. This says to me that the vaccine is still in its testing state. There are no guarantees that it will send covid away. So it is a wait and see game.

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    • @Truth Sayer says:

      you wear a mask so you don’t transmit to other people. like the medical profession – those masks are to protect the patient, not just because the operation might get smelly.

      if you are vaccinated there is still a danger you can carry the virus and pass it to others, people who may not be vaccinated. There could be a good many of those around in the BVI given how susceptible people are to bonkers conspiracy theories and illogical conclusions.

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      • @@Truth Sayer says:

        Therefore it is quite unnecessary for those who are not infected with the sars-cov-2 virus to go about wearing a mask.

    • LG says:

      Wait and see??? and how do you propose to get any kind of economy going in the BVI , There is NO money left, and with nothing coming in there is going to be poverty, no fancy cars, No Restaurants. wee need tourism back in some form this year.

  7. GCHQ ANAYLIST says:

    It’s a PSYOP, a psychological war, when you know this you can see weapons and warriors everywhere. Every aspect of psychology is at play, invisible weapons formed and aimed at you, the media is the Avtomat Kalashnikova of choice, institutions become tanks, unwittingly people are recruited as soldiers, brother fights brother and collectively we all die at the point of the forked tongue.

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    • Matrix Red or Blue says:

      I am confident that I cam argue with the best of them. The ones who are publicly coming forward all read from the same people W.H.O produce these vaccines.
      Ok, let’s think for a bit people of the BVI. The minimum goal was 75% Now you’re hearing vaccinate all even though they publicly stated it’s a choice.

      If you are vaccinated with 2 doses why should you fear others who have not been vaccinated?

      What if later they say oops and you have an entire civilization vaccinated with an oh oh?

      Can any single educated person with their so called scientific degrees tell me about the long term or short term effects.

      Why is this sounding more biblical to me daily?

      Why are people afraid to investigate outside the narrative?

      Why isn’t food health on Dr. Pickering todo list?

      Can he or any doctor give me concrete certainty this doesn’t affect me a few years down the road?

      Does he know all the persons who is funding the global roll out of these vaccines?

      If this news site that I love so much, have the courage to line up every single legislation that was passed in the house of assembly. Line them up with other Eastern Caribbean islands on their SDG. The center of it all heavily regulated but population regulation is the main theme.

      Coincidentally COVID comes along and in their UN document suggest “vaccination for all”.

      How can these so called caring people unleash experimental injectable on an entire population without waiting a bit.

      Weirdest thing I’ve done research and dear anyone to ask if the manufacturers CEO took it. You’ll be surprised of the answer.

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  8. Hypocrite Oath says:

    UK Data: 73,883 Serious Reactions, 150 Dead from AZD1222 AstraZeneca

    WHO Data: The AZD1222 vaccine against COVID-19 has an efficacy of 63.09% against symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection.

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  9. GCHQ ANAYLIST says:

    Do not try to teach that mask wearing, lockdowns, vaccines are a mistake, instead only try to realize the truth: That these have turned fear into a virtue. Those who are afraid believe they are better people than those are not and they will subconsciously look for ways to multiply fear because it is their virtue.

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  10. 1st district says:

    Dr puxxy, you are so right, it is a weapond just like you. A BIO TEC, are you an expert in that field….? You sold our our forefathers beaches to OIL NUT BAY,for an apartment before. Now you want to sell our souls to the devil BILL GATES and their agenda. Switzerland is the home of health and beauty and thy are not taking a vaccine, why should we. No weapond formed against us shall prosper!!

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    • @1st District says:

      The beaches belong to Queen Elizabeth II. Before that they belonged to Arawak natives, before them the beaches belonged to Carib natives – or the other way around but you get the point.

  11. Bystander says:

    Because the UK vaccine program has been so fast and so effective (18.5m people vaccinated) and Astra Zeneca has been used so widely there is data to support its lack of side effects and also the fact that it stops hospitalizations, serious cases of Covid and death. This is feeding through into UK stats; there is now no argument about it. It makes no sense to ignore this data. Dr. Pickering is absolutely right to promote the vaccination program.

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    • Dr Magoo says:

      Current, just updated UK Data: 114,625 Serious Reactions, 205 Dead from AZD1222 AstraZeneca

      Total eye disorders 1,157 of which Blindness 16, Blindness transient 2, Night blindness 1, Sudden visual loss 1, Visual acuity reduced 3, Visual impairment 50.

      Which one are you?

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      • Bystander says:

        If those stats are correct, as you don’t give their provenance, that is out 18,500,000 people vaccinated in the UK, or thereabouts. How many dead or with long term Covid without the vaccine, and how may others dead because they can’t get hospital treatment because the hospital wards are full of Covid patients?

        Without vaccine where do you see the economy and education for kids?

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        • Dr Magoo says:

          You want the truth – real scary, here it is watered down: ultimately economically we are almost all screwed, as the ‘new economic paradigm’ unfolds…

          What is education for kids? Indoctrination, acceptance of authority, learning the lie, so many lies; about history, science, medicine, believe, spirituality, reality…

          Medically with the ‘vaccines’: the biggest human experiment ever, potentially catastrophic, just one accelerated mutation (COVID 21), in short a complexity that is actually deadly…

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  12. Eagle eye says:

    Go back under your rock Dr.From whence do you came.

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  13. LOL says:

    The idiots who eat all the fake, processed nonsense in the supermarkets on here acting woke saying they don’t want to take a vaccine. LOL!

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  14. Censored says:

    Vaccine is a word. Many medications are good some will mess you up with side effects, real talk.

    By logic any new medication should be test over a period of years not months.

    This vaccine is economically driven that’s why it’s able to roll out at low efficiency rates. When the richest man in the world wants something done, it gets done. Censorship campaigns, paid articles you name it.

    Mass roll out with no time for standard test, talks of mandatory vaccination. Who wants to be a test dummy? No one until they make you feel guilty with reduced vaccine hesitancy campaigns.

    Is extreme physical distancing for one or two months that hard, UK US?! We are COVID free, a success story with no vaccine necessary.

    Yet we will be the ones targeted with guilt, because people in other countries can not control themselves and we must get vaccinated with new inefficient technology, in consideration of others. hmmm

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  15. Earl says:

    Need a powerful weapon to fix that beach you mashed up !

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  16. Bull shit says:

    Anything for a dallor.

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  17. Take the vaccine says:


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    • @Take the vaccine says:

      It was most definitely fear that lead you to take the vaccine, and perhaps also ignorance. But only you can confirm the latter.

      Did you ever stop to think that perhaps those who do not want to receive the vaccine have made their decision after weighing the risks and benefits based on the available data?

      Apparently not.

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  18. Whole family vaccinated says:

    This is my experience. My family in the US has all been vaccinated since Jan. 20th (5 of us). We were one of the first in the US to receive the vaccinations. I have watched many extended family and neighbors contract COVID. This includes two people that I know who have died. My little clan of 5 are front line workers. Combined, we interact with probably 200-300 people a day in our jobs. We wear masks, wash our hands and social distance. I am so proud to say that none of us have contracted the virus. We all feel totally safe having received the vaccine. Get your jab, BVIlanders. Do it to protect your self, your families and others.

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    • Bystander says:

      What a great post; and thank you. We need this guidance by example or we will never get people back to work or kids to school properly in BVI.

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    • @ Whole family vaccinated says:

      Were you and your family vaccinated with the AstraZenica vaccine? I highly doubt it.

      Regardless, anecdotes do not belong in discussions about the scientific findings concerning the efficacy of a vaccine or the threat to life that a coronavirus can cause.

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  19. Lmao says:

    Open what economy? The BVI has an economy? No vaccine can save us from this inept administration but everyone is afraid to call a spade a spade. Jealousy is the real issue in the BVI. Nobody wanted NDP because many of them were business people so we accepted the know nothing, green VIP team and to date we accept their nonsense because they own nothing and know nothing so we are good with that. We get the govt we deserve.

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  20. WHO says:

    so your source is better than the World Health Organisation? if you ask me WHO is the only source.

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  21. Truth says:

    Our intuition strongly have us aware but we only waiting for someone to come and deceive us to so we can feel confident in comfort..but it the nature of us …for this is how we were taught to not think for ur self. We are condition so hard on them all this illusion and deceiving the mass was planning from the beginning there know it would be easy to do so many inconsistency of shit not adding up and here we still with the one question…trust of these people and the way of things..

  22. @bull says:

    Picko didn’t say you can’t get the virus after you take the vaccine. The vaccine reduce the severity of the virus in you busy body. It make sense to take the vaccine before the borders open. We know how unruly we are now DONT WE

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  23. Wait says:

    Questions for the Doc

    1. How long does a vaccine takes to develop and proven?
    2. If you are vaccinated and it builds up immunity, why do you still need a mask?
    3. How long does the immunity lasts
    4. Does the vaccine we have here protects us from all 3 strains ?

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