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Erections reported among vaccine side-effects locally — Massiah

National Epidemiologist Harmonie Brewley-Massiah.

Some male residents who have been given the COVID-19 jab have registered what may be seen as moderate but unusual side effects, including uncontrolled penile erections and extra energy.

This is according to National Epidemiologist, Harmonie Massiah, who shared those reports during a live COVID-19 update on Facebook yesterday, September 27.

At the time, she discussing some of the adverse reactions or side effects disclosed by persons who had received COVID-19 vaccinations.

Massiah said more than 570 persons had so far responded to a portal hosted by the Public Health Unit about their side effects.

She said the most prevalent side effects reported are fever, headache, muscle ache, chills, pain, and tenderness at the injection site.

“So we have a fairly good idea of what is happening at the local level,” Massiah said.

“Some of the more moderate side effects that we have seen — which occurred in less than one percent of the population — are things like dizzy spells, all-body itching (that has occurred in only two persons), and we have seen, actually some persons reported erections and extra energy actually,” she added.

The National Epidemiologist said the erection side effect was derived specifically from the AstraZeneca jab.

She was hopeful that persons who had not taken the vaccine so far would be inclined to do so now after hearing about the moderate side effects that were experienced.

Massiah said the Public Health Unit has always strived to be very transparent in its processes, as well as its data reporting and recording because it believes in having a high-quality of information to make appropriate decisions.

“The entire objective of the Unit is population health, so we would not want to lure the public into a false sense of security and we would not want to push or nudge them in a direction that we think would have a harmful impact on their lives,” Massiah added.

Meanwhile, according to Chief Medical Officer Dr Ronald Georges, an estimated 17,400 persons have received a first dose of the vaccine so far while a further 14,959 persons have had two doses of the vaccine.

These vaccination numbers represent roughly 50 percent of the territory’s population.


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  1. I wonder why says:

    Why are we given rewards for taking this vaccine? Why all the good stories?

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  2. tthings to make you go hmm says:

    so the virus killed thousands and now they making sure we cant reproduce, nice way to thin the world population.. wonder whats next..

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  3. thats it says:

    there is now a queue forming outside all vaccination centres by older males in the territory hoping for a certain side effect , they were dropped off by their partners and told notto come home till the jab is ready

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  4. Mr. source says:

    Consider the source. What do you expect from Fakebook…keep reading and you will see 100 more stories.

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  5. Woody says:

    I guess thats one way of trying to encourage people to get the shot or maybe some people just get excited at the sight of nurses

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  6. My goodness says:

    🤦🏾‍♂️ smh.

    Next week we’ll hear: “Persons who took the vaccine reported having extra luck. Some have even won the lottery without even buying a lottery ticket. (Extreme luck was mostly reported by those who took the Pfizer vaccine)”

    It’s just embarrassing at this point.

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  7. That's a first. says:

    I have never heard of this interesting side affect associated with vaccination against covid in any population.

    I cannot imagine BVI men are unique in this experience. I would suggest a closer look at other possibilities for this be looked into.

    As someone who understands the science here, I cannot think of a mechanism by which this can occur after taking the jab. So Im doubtful this can be attributed to the vaccine.

    As an example those who have experience some negative side affect post vaccination reports feeling tired, achy or sleepy for a day or 2 but having erections or extra energy? Never head or read of this in the literature.

    I suspect there is another explanation here. Sounds like something Nicki Minage would tweet.

    Did their testicles become swollen as well?

    At any rate, looking towards the larger goal of achieving herd immunity and convincing those unvaccinated persons to get the jab, Im not sure this bit of info is helpful. Just adds to the skepticism of those who were already reluctant to get vaccinated.

    At any rate, the good news is that getting an erection is a very good thing. Its a sign of good health. Everyone should be happy and quite pleased men are getting erections. Its great for population growth. More bundles of joy. Lets celebrate some mens plumbing still works. Hurray!

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    • Ofcourse not says:

      Nah, if is a negative effect, it’s misinformation. But if it made someone’s d9ck hard they its reliable information.

      This are some clown times we’re living in.

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    • @the nation says:

      thats because we in the BVI get ASTRA ZENECA you idiot and yes there isimmflamation to the heart in very rare cases with Pfizer but its all over the news, its not hidden anywhere but AGAIN we use ASTRA ZENECA in the BVI

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  8. WHO ARE U FOOLING says:


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  9. Gtfoh says:

    For her to show her face against that article. A bleeding shame. So believe in erectile functions but not erectile dysfunctions? Evil. Spiritual wickedness in high places.

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  10. Hm says:

    There are also reports of impotency but some males only telling in secret….

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    • watchman says:

      I think they were impotent before and only looking an excuse now. LOL
      drink water & exercise. walk a hill everyday for 2 weeks and see what happens.

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  11. Wow says:

    I actually had a massive spike in energy the day of taking second shot of the vaccine. I took the day off from work because I anticipated getting sick but had the best workout ever. Always have erections so not the best control subject on that front, no pun intended.

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  12. Yeah Right says:

    They are only saying this when some men in the community have suffered erectile dysfunction in silence, too ashamed to speak on it. Anything negative they blame it on Covid and anything positive they give credit to the vaccine. Everything has side effects even natural remedies but they want to silence people speaking out on this poison.

    The church folk used to preach about end times but now when the end has come they are pretty silent. Just know there is no coming back from this decision. The door has been shut. This is just the beginning of what these people are going to do. None of us are prepared.

    Your leaders have sold you out for a few pieces of silver and a pat on the head. Don’t worry we will all be in the same boat. If they think they are getting a seat at the table they are delusional.

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  13. Erectile Overfunction? says:

    Madam epidemiologist can you go into more details as to how erections is a side effect of the Jan? How many people have mentioned that they’re experiencing it? Is that from the first jab, after the second jab? Are they untimely, involuntary, unwanted erections? Do they last much longer than they should, thus causing severe pain and discomfort? We need you to elaborate here please.

  14. Woody Wood Pecker...... says:

    Aint pecking no more

  15. @ Yeah Right says:

    Thanks for telling it like it is. My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. Too many fools in leadership positions.

  16. Haha says:

    When can I get a 3rd shot?

  17. Bullsh…. says:

    Bulls..t baffles Brains…
    Anything to convince poor people that taking a unproven unapproved gene allotting drug.

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  18. Huge Testies says:

    She’s definitely related to Nicki Minaj SMH

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  19. Jimmy Jowe says:

    Wow, when can we get the booster shot! I already get a jab so I ready to jab somebody.

  20. Proof says:

    She didn’t ask me but I did experience a boost in sexual energy after the vaccine. Maybe more psychological than physiological.

  21. Understand says:

    So what , thus this mean that we should go run and take the jab just for that effect , what happens to the rest sides that isn’t energized

  22. No joke says:

    A male friend told me he had a wet dreamthe night after he got the first jab.

  23. Bonus says:

    So it will keep you healthy AND you get a boner? Win win. Just another reason to get the prick. I’m not hearing any wives complaining about this “side effect.”

    Anyone else think it’s odd that this only happens in the BVI? I think the UK sent you a batch of liquid viagra and is having a little laugh.

    My wife and I have decided to vacation there in hopes I can get my booster shot there! 😉

  24. Sunsail says:

    Me so Steve

  25. jab jab says:

    How can any intelligent human being make such predictions without proper analysis, careful documented statics, observation over a period of time !!Are we saying anything that comes to mind??? i cant believe this!!!!

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