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Experts may be hired to conduct internal investigations at RVIPF

Commissioner of Police, Michael Matthews has revealed plans to seek external personnel to conduct internal investigations on reports made against the force.

He said this is being done to maintain the integrity and accountability of the institution.

Commissioner Matthews made the statement following the recent landmark quarter-billion cocaine bust that led to the arrest of one of his officers. He explained that the measure is part of the RVIPF’s future plans which will further ensure that all investigations are conducted appropriately.

“I have already included within a proposed strategic plan going forward for the Force that needs to be agreed with the National Security Council, that in fact we go further and we bring in expertise for what I call Professional Standards Capability which is your internal investigations capability, and then we increase that,” Matthews stated at a recent press conference to announce the bust.

He added: “The public has to know that when they make a complaint to our police, if they have suspicions about the actions of a police officer, that those complaints and those suspicions are going to be taken seriously. And I for one is going to make sure that when allegations are made, they are investigated properly.”

Internal procedures will maintain public trust

The top cop assured residents that the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) will continue to put measures in place to maintain the trust of the public in the local law enforcement.

He said: “There have been previous occasions where the integrity of the RVIPF has been called into account. What I can reassure the public is that we take every single one of those allegations seriously as can be seen … on previous occasions when RVIPF officers have found themselves facing court to determine cases.”

“We are not unique in that regard. The police services around the world face this challenge on how do you manage to keep officers honest, maintain integrity and ensure competence to the public. Well, part of that is surely to demonstrate that we do have internal procedures that are robust and working effectively to root out corruption,” Matthews explained.

BVI one of the safest places in the region

In sharing similar sentiments, Governor August Jaspert added that the successful operation of the drug bust is evident that the force’s integrity remains solidly intact.

He said: “I know the vast vast majority [of police officers] as we have seen today, as we have seen this weekend (at the time the of the bust) are professional, are dedicated and are committed to serving the public and keeping them safe. So whilst it’s not a record that we would have wanted to have on our watch, to have the biggest recorded seizure of cocaine, it is a record that is also a record of success.”

“… Success to those officers who did it, success to the integrity of the police that are able to do a difficult operation, keep it secure, and manage to get the seizure and success that the public should feel confident to come forward to report to the police to report concerns if they have as well,” he further stated.

On the other hand, the governor also said this major drug incident is proof that pockets of corruption exist in the territory.


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  1. Lol says:

    When you say experts you mean expats lol
    Once again the bvi can’t survive without the expats hahaha
    The bvi ppl are lazy and not qualified to do any job in there own country lol
    Expats have to come in to do the work
    God bless the expats
    Y’all own ppl don’t want y’all to work for them the choose to bring in expats to work for them

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    • Vip says:

      Obviously is expats have to come do their work for them
      All the know to do good if rip off there tenants and treating the expats like dogs
      Not forgetting the wicked employers that taking out ppl money for social security, NHI and tax and never pay it

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      • Care4my country says:

        Yes persons like you who would hide here under the disguise of vip,would never get yous backside up and leave ,but could stay here and spew out pure such nonsense . If you need your one way ticket ,to never come back ,state your real name and i will personally give it to you.

    • down2earth says:

      What is the percentage of different nationalities that make up the police force?

    • IGNORANT says:


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    • Lollollol says:

      So much hatred, 95% of the police force is expats….?

  2. Blindman says:

    This the problem we have become like the american government tell everyone what you going to do , its supoose to be undercover operation we weed out the corrupt within now you put them on defense.

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  3. OMG says:

    Sounds like its rotten to the core

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  4. You lie says:

    Them highly qualify how u think them make the container get clearance. ??

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  5. Lone Wolf says:

    Hopefully they can do some internal investigations on the other enforcement agencies. Mainly the overly corrupt HMC. The majority of Customs officers are in relationships with known criminals. The BVI is very small and Facebook is very a good source of info also the bloggers from these news outlets. Match lifestyle to pay no proved additional income raises red flags. The threat to our national security are mostly at the borders, they let everything in. Ask yourself.
    Who are the persons suppose to be protecting our borders from, guns, drugs, harmful and dangerous cargo?
    If these news outlets were to create a survey on the level of corruption in these agencies the needle would fly off the meter.
    If this was an earthquake would be 10 on the rector scale.
    BVILOve…..Stamp out the dusty mat…

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    • @Lone says:

      You are a jealous b***h! Match lifestyle to income? So you know everybody’s business? When the white people come down here in million dollar yachts do you push for investigations too or they ‘deserve’ the good things so it’s fine? If you know something, say something. If you are just a hater then shut the F**K up!

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    • Yep says:

      Start at the top

  6. Yawn says:

    More excuses to bring in retired UK cops to enjoy White Bay JVD and other fun in the sun spots in the BVI. The current ranks in RVIPF know exactly WTF is going on in the force but out here trying to save face and fool people. Just bring in your friends and buddies for god sake, no need to sugarcoat it.

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  7. Ting to talk says:

    This is one of the reason we shouldn’t think about local commissioner appointed by the politicians. This rubber stamp commissioner will be a toy in the hands of politicians and this unethical say” born here”. We need proper leadership. Leaders that know what leadership is all about not bench gossip.

  8. Real talk says:


  9. from here says:

    Well, Mr COP, the investigations need to start with your office. The promotion policy is corruptly use to fail and pass who you want. Use what you want to use from them to the benefit of who you want to promote and do not use a particular aspect. A fish always stinks from the head down. So I hope you ask for investigations at all levels in the force. That is corruption.

  10. Jah Know says:

    Imagine if we was independent, we would’ve never even get any kind of internal investigation. I can never trust these leaders we got, no matter the party, to run this place.

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