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Fahie issues challenge: My opponents’ representation can’t match mine


While outlining how he spent the $125,000 allocated to his constituency yearly, First District representative Andrew Fahie is challenging other elected officials to also state how they spent their respective allocations.

Fahie issued the challenge amid claims from his political opponents that he has left his constituents deprived despite receiving an allocation for his district every year.

A confident Fahie fired back stating that he spent the allocations on a weekly First District Afterschool Homework/Study Programme, transportation for students of the programme, as well as transportation for students in the First district who attend H Lavity Stoutt Community College (HLSCC).

Fahie said part of the allocation was also spent on a transportation programme for seniors to and from the clinic in the First District.

First District seniors also enjoy what Fahie described as an assistance programme and a ‘stipend’ from the allocation. The allocation is also spent on providing funding for First District youths to become trained at HLSCC in various fields in the marine industry, Fahie added.

“The human capital of the First District has been heavily invested in during my tenure as First District representive,” said Fahie who is also chairman of the Virgin Islands Party (VIP).

None of my opponents’ representation match up to mine

The above-mentioned initiatives are the core of what the district allocations were spent on, he said.

“It is important to state that in the annual budget estimates this funding has a specific purpose attached to it. Therefore these funds must be spent in accordance to purposed legislated which does not allow for spending on major development projects like the fixing of the West End jetty/ports facility, fixing of the Cappoon’s Bay drainage issue, and so on,” Fahie added.

He continued: “To those not elected but are candidates and have raised concerns solely towards me, I ask you to request of your leaders and other members of your political party to disclose how they have expended their allocations. I can guarantee that none of them can match up to the benefits the people of the First District have and continue to receive. Actions do speak louder than words,” the VIP chairman said.

Fahie went on to ridicule claims from National Democratic Party leader Myron Walwyn that each district receives an additional annual budget of approximately $200,000 for district projects.

“All I can say is my guess is as good as theirs on who and how it is spent because the sitting government has not fully involved me as First District representative. I am glad to clear up this matter because I will not sit by and allow intentional misinformation to downplay the hard work that I have and continue to put in as First District representative including after hurricanes Irma and Maria. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not their own facts,” he said.

Fahie has served as district representative for the First District since 1999.

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  1. SMH says:

    Ok then, there they have it! Stop throwing stones if you living in a Glass House. Run on the Issues, Principles, and Fundamental Rights for The People. Enough of this crap about underminding the People! #VIP ALL THE WAY! We can’t Change if it’s not a complete Forward Direction…NO EXCESS LUGGAGE!

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    • Voter says:

      Ok folks. It’s your time to step up and vote.

      Who believes in a brighter tomorrow?

      Who wants faster internet?

      Who wants schools that aren’t broken?

      Who wants greater transparency and participation in our Gernernment?

      It’s time for a change! We need to be respected! And represented fairly!

      Were not going to be fooled again!

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  2. Law Abiding Citizen says:

    Money l———–r.

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  3. So disgusted says:

    Can’t wait untill Monday so all the madness can end.

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  4. :) says:

    Fahie it is written in the books that you are your next Premier. I want the NDP supporters to read this knowing that their votes will not matter on Monday and nothing that they do can change the course of history. The leader of the opposition Myron will try his best to bring you down but do the peoples work and you will be rewarded. PS the dislikes wont matter on Tuesday so feel free to exercise your fingers.

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  5. Voter says:

    So Myron should take all the garbage you all throwing at him and dont say anything you all is a set of crazy people.All well when Andrew saying his nonsense but as soon as Myron say anything it is a problem.What Andrew did to Hon.Fraser will come back to haunt him.

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    • RealPol says:

      @ voter, truth is truth and matters. Operations research is fine but it must bring forth truth. Walwyn was not truthful in implying that district reps received $375K to spend in their districts. He is fully aware that the additional $200K he implied that reps get is controlled by the MCW for special projects. At Large reps also get an annual allocation so what did Walwyn do with his?

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    • Loud and Clear says:

      We going one direction, FORWARD.

      Fahie boy, don’t mind their noise:

      Green means GO forward

      Red means stop danger ahead

      Blue no where to be found

      Orange– undecided, to go or not to go? Advance at your own risk..

      So we going loud and clear in one direction —-Green all the way… clear site… proceed…in safety…. all clear..Forward

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    • Action speaks in the 1st District says:

      No, it’s not a problem, Andrew is just responding to the blatant lies, inferences and malicious accusations from the red team. What MW did to the entire NDP and its founding members will not only come back to haunt him, but I believe it will also come back to bite him in the @$$.

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  6. Political View says:

    Lord, let Monday come with no rain, no storm, only son so we can go out to vote in peace.

    WE are going in one direction, FORWARD. Bro Fahie, don’t mind the madness, bet you none of those who had allocation can account for it as you rightly said.

    Let the 2nd come, the 3rd, the 4th, as for the 6th, the 7th and the 8th. talk less about the 9th. In the 8th they took what was budgeted right under his nose, imagine what happened to the $125.000

    I didn’t know the atlarge got $25,000 more and yet they went over and beyond on that small wall, without accounting for the $150,000 they got. Its a shame, pot calling kettle bottom black. The lady who through out that bait, I wonder if she asked those 3 in her team to account, one being her close relation and the other 2 leader and under cook. Let them show their slate if its clean or not.

    We going in one direction…Forward ever … no turning back

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  7. Anonymous says:

    Find me someone who is genuinely happy under capitalism. The rich become sociopaths, the poor are jailed, killed, or bled dry until they die, and everyone else gets stuffed full of meds in order to continue to serve the god of greed. And every four years, you get to chose which thirteen mouths of greed will be fed bountifully for the next four years.

    Matters not what rhetoric is spewed, they will look at their financial interest first and foremost, country second and you and i last. That’s fact.

    Matters not what rhetoric they spew. Intelligent minds, observers, analysers, thinkers and readers are typically the most informed.

    Hence, they are the ones that will be making the wiser decisions on Monday.

    It can be assured that the motivating factor would be: track record. Track record. Track record.

    Stands to reason then, which collective group has a track record of good or best progress?

    Hands down, it is the NDP. Give credit where credit is due, whether you like them or not.

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  8. @voter says:

    You couldn’t have said it better. I supported VIP before but they way the supporters are behaving I’m so disappointed. Just like it was so such an issue on FB about NDP rally but it will be the same traffic issues tomorrow when VIP keep theirs. I understand it’s election but the ignorance needs to stop. Every thing NDP does is an issue.

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  9. CW says:

    Just imagine if BVI had real politicians to solve the very real problems

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  10. @Voter says:

    Agreed, these fools is out here kissing Andrew A** like it is covered in golden dust or he is the golden Warrior riding the steed to save their dumb A**es. Myron say something, it is a problem, Andrew say something, it is all good,he is given a gold medal. Andrew snake A** started all the drama. The man born to Tortola born parents gets a pass and the man who parents were not Tortola born should keep his mouth shut.Andrew,I Can’t stand your FAKE A**. I hope you lose come Monday.

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  11. By the way says:

    I read what andrew said but how many children were on the buses and senior citizens for transporation for such cost? He is always talking about accontabilty and transpancey so where is his figures.that is what Ms. Moses is simpy asking. Just like how he promised the territory free lunch it is hard to trust him

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  12. Glad says:

    I am glad that Fahie cleared this up

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  13. LOL says:

    So he got 579.000 for after-school project and now he paid for it with the yearly 125.000.

  14. :) says:

    Lol, if the mere words of our Premier hurts so bad now just wait until Tuesday. Calm down guys. If that anger builds up too much it can affect your health. We don’t need anybody calling in sick on Tuesday on what will be such a joyful day for the entire Virgin Islands. PS, it’s not too late to join the motorcade of winners and as always feel free to exercise those fingers. Ciao.

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  15. Born Here says:

    Hon. Fahie i think you will be an awesome Premier for all the people.

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  16. VIP says:

    All the way. COngrats Hon.Fahie u done win

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  17. joseph says:

    How can we support a man who has refused to debate nationally.

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