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Fahie promises 1000 jobs in first 1000 days

Andrew Fahie

In the roll-out of the Virgin Islands Party’s (VIP) manifesto on Tuesday, party chairman Andrew Fahie has promised to create 1,000 in his first 1,000 days if the VIP is elected as the next government of the Virgin Islands.

Fahie described his projection of 1,000 jobs as a minimum, adding that he is optimistic the VIP will achieve more given what he said were the party’s ‘bold policies’ and ‘encouragement of small business development’.

He said the VIP is proposing a small business development programme which he believes will create roughly 100 jobs within the first three years of its implementation.

“We hope to influence the establishment of a minimum of 20 small businesses each employing a minimum of five people,” he explained.
“These small business jobs will be created primarily in agriculture, fishing, IT services, beauty supply services, health and fitness services, entertainment services, and sports,” Fahie added.

The VIP chairman, however, said he expects the majority of the 1,000 promised jobs to be created from the construction industry.

“Under a VIP government, we estimate that our policies will ensure 400 additional jobs in that sector within the next three years. This includes a major multimillion project to repair the territory’s sewer systems that will, at its peak, employ over 100 persons,” Fahie said.

‘Quick but meaningful’ skills training for youth to get jobs

He added that a fraction of the 1,000 promised jobs will be created through a short and medium-term programme the VIP will implement for local youth.

He said the programme will select 50 young persons and train them as skilled workers in the quickest time possible.

“The skilled area is a huge area with growth potential and income earning potential. This time around we will ensure that our people are prepared for the progress to come. We will also put an emphasis on security and we will seek to properly fund the police force and hire new officers. For the jobs in the wider community to be created and maintained, businesses must operate in a secure environment,” Fahie said.

The VIP chairman also indicated that his party is embarking on attracting what he said was a new five-star property to the territory. This unnamed property “will create 300 jobs during construction and when it is completed [another] 250 between full-timers and part-timers”, Fahie said.

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  1. Good says:

    VIP ALL the WAY!!!

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    • Bull C**p says:

      Name one successful thing Fahie ran other than his mouth? Look at his companies, examine his conduct while in government, examine the dirt from the hospital and the Carrot Bay Festival Ground and tell the people who under him personally benefitted from it? Examine when he was the minister of education, examine how he and D. P. undermined the country and what was said to the governor to force Frasier out as leader of the opposition? Man listen Just name one successful thing this man has run while in office for 20 years?

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    • Anonymous says:

      1000 new government jobs to do nothing. The Belongers aren’t trained to do anything. Belongers going to fix roads? Belongers going to do construction? Belongers going to wait tables? Belongers going to grow vegetables? Belongers going to fish? Well maybe fish.

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  2. People says:

    I must commend the VIP for a really impressive and in-depth manifesto.

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    • Bowland says:

      Excellent national agenda plan VIP roll out. I feel hope alive. Hands down vip show them the best team I see. Them prepared and consistent. God is in the midst. I’m watching for my future come 21 February.

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    • roxy says:

      A manifesto that was copied from NDP manifesto.

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      • @Roxy says:

        So predictable of the NDP bloggers. We put ours out first that mean you copy blah blah blah. How can a 90 page manifesto be copied from a 40 page manifesto? Typical WALL-WYN Party. Shameful what they did to the country then present no solution. Where the plane money where the sewerage money where the pier park money where the wall money where we schools where where where yes yes yes? NDP MUST GO NOW!!!! Clearly the VIP got a plan, a team. Them ready. NO COMPARISON NONE NONE NONE. VIP in a different league. How they do it? Only Jesus know. RESPECT TO THE GREEN GROUP. I reddy to vote VIP now!!!!

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    • Voice says:

      Would this newspaper publish the manifesto?

      It would be good as well for this newspaper to start providing links to legislation, audits and other documents that should be publicly accessible.

  3. My take says:

    I was impressed with the VIP’s presentation of their manifesto last night. I think that they are on the right track for the people.

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  4. vip heckler says:

    This isn’t the same man who give us that bad maths in the parade a couple years ago? Ayo remember?

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  5. Anonymous says:

    What kinds, types and salary scales jobs would they be?

    Or might they be just some bush cutting and other minimum dead end going no where wage for a few months jobs?

    Or, are there some high secret industrial industry other than a marginal benefit to the country five star hotel set to open doors in the territory?

    If so, then those might be believable. Otherwise, just more “i want you to elect me” rhetoric.

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    • @Anonymous says:

      Read the document so you can have the correct information to blog more intelligently.

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      • Crazy says:

        No need to read a document filled with false promises. Fahie was Minister of Education for 8 years, he needs to lead by example. Walwyn is running on his own record as Education Minister, why isn’t andrew doing the same? I will tell you why! Under his tenure he did nothing for young people to assist with starting small businesses or job creation, Walwyn has done so and they are trying to fool you. Do not be fooled by these fancy talkers, look at their records when they were in positions of power.

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  6. Hmm says:

    Fooling the people again. These guys just dont take politics and peoples lives serious.

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    • Emmanuela says:

      Construction industries- Disaster Recovery
      Financial Services – new economical substance
      Tourism – expanding likely

      All them three they will create more than a 1,000 jobs.

      USE YO HEAD PEOPLE!!! THE GREEN MACHINE WORKING GOOD. Get yo ticket get on the green train.

      Ok infrastructure want overhaul, new small business say no more..

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      • @Emmanuella says:

        Based on your comment those 1000 jobs are being created anyway and has nothing to do with VIP? So why are they touting it as some great idea? The NDP has done great things in education and national business bureau and employment programs to help the people. The VIP were against the RDA and everything else that NDP were putting on the table but now that money is available they are touting the programs? We will not be fooled.

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        • Jeanise says:

          The NDP is corrupt and cannot get my vote. They also waste a lot of money. Look around and you see what I’m talking about. They are a complete failure to the people of this country.

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          • @Jeanise says:

            Under the NDP Government the BVI brought in $372 million in revenue with a $60 million dollar surplus. We have money in the reserves, civil servants have jobs and are about to get their increments. Let us pull the file of the last 2 VIP administrations should we?

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          • ? says:

            I look around and see a Territory bouncing back from one of the most destructive storms in history. I look around and see an education system being upgraded to service the needs of our youth. I look around and I see tortola pier park with ships coming almost daily to ensure that our taxis, small shops, restaurants, bars and even the govt by way of head taxes are earning revenue. Imagine BVI without the pier park with so many hotels and restaurants still closed. That’s what you call visionary! I see a technical school where our kids for the first time in BVI history can achieve accredited certification in technical studies locally. I see a business bureau that has been equipped to assist our young business persons. I see a YES program designed to assist our drop out youth and others that didn’t get chance to finish school and get a job, help them with their job search. I see a CDB loan and RDA program that is adequately funded to get programs running properly (finally) to rebuild our islands. This is what I see and this is why I am voting for the NDP!

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          • PVIM Supporter says:

            Under the NDP government, the people stifle. People are homeless, schools are in shambles. Under the NDP we have a divisive leader. NDP is riddled with lies and corruption. Go f yourself. Go screw some other country. Not BVI. TELL MURON AND THE NDP GANG TO WALK AWAY.

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          • @? and jeanise says:

            Have you ever seen the state of the high school M T is collecting $37000:00 per month for half day school have you ever been to VG water and sewage department west end ferry dock I’m a government worker just come up to the port authority in port Purcell and see

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          • Hmm says:

            All you talking about corruption….where is the proof bring the facts. Last time the VIP won they filled the public’s head with a lot of lies….I for one fell for it until after they got in I saw it was just a strategy to win. I will vote VIP but I’m still waiting for something solid from them. They have a lot of promises but where is the money coming from….after the opposuwas so against us getting the loans.. Talk to me VIP for a few days left….another thing VIP please ask your camp to stop threatening people because they go to other rallies. I go to almost all the rallies by the different party and no one should be meeting me and saying if the VIP gets in I in trouble because I’m at a PVIM or NDP rally. Mark you your camp might make you loose this election.

        • @@Emanuella says:

          How could the VIP be against the RDA when of the 13 legislators in the House, Opposition member Julian Fraser and government backbencher Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull were the only two legislators that voted against the RDA? Fahie supported the vote. Additionally, The NDP did establish the National Business Bureau, while being a good initiative, it never fulfilled its potential, and it is still difficult for young entrepreneurs to secure funding for new ventures

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      • Nonsense says:

        we have 16,000 work permits, all anyone who need work has to do is pick 1. We already have 16,000 jobs, we need skills.

  7. Voter says:

    1000 jobs for who? with most in construction!!

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    • Say wha? says:

      @? I look around and I see the dump on fire. I look around and I see broken schools, broken roads, broken everything. I look aroun sometimes and it stinks because money to maintain the sewage was misspent on other projects.

      I look around and see that the Economist is right. We live in a third world country plagued by the NDP ‘s fiscal mismanagement and corruption. Why won’t vanterpool and Walwyn support whistleblower laws? What do they have to hide?

      We need a change. We need honest leaders.

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      • Are you sick? says:

        So you live in a 3rd world country plagued by the NDP or Irma? You, Sammy, Willie and Claudine need to go sit down and stop telling lies. My problem with the NDP is not that they do not work and build our country, the problem is they need to give proper accountability for the Pier & the Plane. Other than that NDP did well for this country.

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  8. Seriously? says:

    Is this a joke?

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  9. Come on! says:

    Andrew think that we are stupid? Elaborate on this please!

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  10. Sound Familiar says:

    Now where have I heard this kind of politic promise before??

    Oh yeah. I 2014, the ABLP government of Antigua promised to deliver 500 homes in 500 days if elected. Needless to say, the people fell for it, elected them and the table quickly turned. To this day they have not seen even one home and they were in power for 1,460 days. They were voted out in the last election.

    People, don’t be fooled. They have no creative or realistic ideas to move this territory FORWARD.

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    • Blah says:

      I have also seen this form of trickery before with promises of consumer protection laws, landlord and tenant laws, increased payroll tax exemption to $15,000, promises to inprove agriculture, separate ministry of tourism, better public library, work along with law enforcement even promises to provide energy efficient lightbulbs in every household by the NDP. So people don’t be fooled. NDP manifestos from 2011and 2015 are still available for all to see the lies and the good thing is you don’t have to take my word for it. Read for yourselves!!!

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      • @Sound Familiar says:

        Ya right. Just looked it up.

        Mr. Chairman, your 1000 days is just short of 4 years. ya mean to tell us that you will provide these 1000 jobs over your 4 year term? Unacceptable. We need to grow our economy faster than that.

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      • Lodger says:

        I am still waiting for my light bulbs. House getting dark.

    • ok then says:

      that is how their Antiguan advisor is advising them.

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  11. READ says:

    Exactly i thought them say the country broke. Where is the capital generating from to create these jobs, where in the territory will these jobs be created. How will the people be prepared for these jobs. What time frame will these jobs last for, will they seasonal. What type of major development thr government will invest in are they going to build a resort?

    We have to be releastic this is a pie in the sky dreams.

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    • @Read says:

      I believe BVI can create more than 1,000 jobs without effort within the 1,000 days. We just had the worst disaster. Construction alone will create 500 jobs minimum. The other sectors will also make up the numbers. Watch and see. This is the real deal. VIP all the way.

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      • Sure says:

        The BVI can probably create jobs but VIP making it seems like they’re going to do something special when they’re not. This is all trickery to fool the electorate.

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        • @sure says:

          The only party trickingbtge people is NDP with they half bake asphalt and white envelope increments. I am totally impressed with the VIP national agenda.

          Restore hope and prosperity for everybody. That what I’m talking about. VIP all the way!!

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  12. FACTS says:

    These are the people who want to run this country in my life time I never heard of such stupid. I am now convinced that the VIP know for your that BVI people are stupid. They know that BVI people do not read or pick sense of non-sense so they say anything for a vote

    We need answers to this statement

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    • Well says:

      Since you know this. Then get a copy read it and then blog intelligently for others to be enlightened. You too should read the information. The news did not publish the full details.

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    • @Facts says:

      We might be quiet but we are NOT fooled. We will make our voices heard on election day and will not make the same mistake we made in 2007. The NDP has their issues but they have run this country much better than any VIP administration since HL Stoutt passed away and that is a fact. I can see Walwyn and his team doing some really good things for the BVI. The islands were wiped out in 2017, not a single civil servant was laid off, we rebuilt and in 2018 had a record financial year with $60 mil in surplus. How can people say they cannot vote for NDP? They have me and my family vote.

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  13. Truth says:

    NDP was the one that took our education system seriously and introduced the additional year of school and mandatory CXCs. NDP was the one that developed a proper technical and vocational program so for the first time in BVI history, persons were proud to pursue certification in technical and vocational subjects which are City & Guilds accredited. NDP was the one that created the YES program to assist unemployed youth with resume writing, business etiquette etc. to give them better opportunities. NDP was the one that created the new high school diploma fast track program to allow persons who never obtained such a certification to do so at their pace. NDP was the one that created the National Business Bureau and funded it to ensure that small businesses had access to capital. NDP was the one who created the trade and investment division who are equipped to provide extensive training to our people seeking to start their own businesses.

    The NDP in my opinion are best suited to move the territory forward when it comes to creating jobs and opportunities. Action speaks louder than words, don’t be fooled by all these fancy talkers! NDP ALL THE WAY!!

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    • wall says:

      NDP also spent a million plus for a half baked wall around a school, 7 million on an pie in the sky airline, ran the pier park budget over by more than 30 million for which there does not seem to be the necessary documents to complete a proper audit, spent countless tax monies on consultant’s reports never made public, ran the treasury dry so there is very little money to aid in recovery, did not issue an audited financial statement for the Territory in 7 years, failed to plan for the eventual demise of offshore financial services, and did very little about improving water and electricity supplies to the Territiory. But, it’s your vote, and your conscience. Use it wisely or not.

  14. LOLLLLLLLLL says:

    You can post 50 times on bvinews but on Monday you can only vote once, just remember that.

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  15. Same Old says:

    And when he can’t do it, he will just pretend he did not make this promise. Just watch and see!

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  16. Calculation says:

    This man is bragging about creating 300 jobs per year???? LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1,000 jobs in 1000 days. 1 year = 365 days. 1000 days = 2.75 years so rounded to 3 years.

    1000 / 3 = 333.3

    333 jobs per year under the VIP Government. Whoever is advising the VIP I hope it’s for free and not a paid assignment. You really cannot make this stuff up, honestly!

    The VIP are basically saying:

    – We will create 333 jobs a year
    – We will make land cheaper for everyone
    – We will spend millions in each district on marinas, underwater restaurants, massive sports complexes etc.
    – We will reverse all the gains made in education and set our youth back

    Education and labour have a direct correlation but yet we continue to hear promises without detailed plans about our education system. This present Government has invested heavily in education and have done a great job graduating smarter kids over the past few years. I’m sticking with NDP, sorry.

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    • @calculation says:

      This the most nonsensical blog I ever read. Here’s my number call me 368-3701 ext VIP.

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      • VIP supporter says:

        368-3701 ext. VIP. You won this one!! Lmfao!!!

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      • LOL says:

        It is nonsensical because you are sitting on your brain. Fahie says he will create 300 jobs a year and everyone should jump and say hooray. How will he create them? Out of thin air? How did he come up with the number? Because it sounds good? If the Territory is broke how are they paying for all their 90 page manifesto promises?

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        • Wiseman says:

          Explain the white envelope increments, the missing airplane and $7.2 million, corrupt Wall around high school, $30 million pier park overrun, election asphalt, diverted sewerage then I’ll give you a basic lesson in economics.

          You go first!! Oh I didn’t think so. Go siddung!!!

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  17. @Facts says:

    How much people you think needed alone to build back the schools, fire stations, ports and public other offices? When you answer that I’ll ask another one. You lucky he didn’t say 2,000 people. A lot of manpower neeelded to build back.

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  18. Answers says:

    What set if nonsense is this so which mean each day will have a job. For how much people.

    What s**t Andrew come with just like how he said 97% percent pass when in fact half of our students failed.

    Really who will be created these jobs every day. Andrew we need detailed answers you think we stupid.

    VIP have lied to us during the compaign but the country broke but if they win where the money coming from

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  19. Jan says:

    Dont be fool NDP all the way

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  20. LOL says:

    They can’t explain because they are blind VIP bloggers.

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  21. Yes says:

    the man is right it take a 1000 days the make sure the jobs are truly sustainable and the correct training be given not just given someone a job because they say they need it then you set them up to fail like the previous govt. did gave out so jobs so quickly now some dept. stuck with these frigs that don’t want to work but get paid most of them that went to the private sector was sent home after the program was over so yes support this idea cause we must do better than what the last administration did

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  22. CRAZY says:


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  23. Solomon says:

    NDP at the worst time in tola come up with a 40 page agenda you can’t even read. What kind of substance is that!! Christ!! No comparison to VIP!!! GREEN AND WHITE TEAM ALL THE WAY. YES…YES YES YES. VIP has the country at heart. NDP promising stuff they promise 8 years ago. YES…YES YES YES.






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  24. Truth says:



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  25. @truth says:

    I didn’t read your whole blog because the first sentence was already fraught. That additional school year needs to be reversed. No to NDP PERIOD! Shush shush shush! ????


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  26. Issue says:

    Irma is the one who created those construction jobs not VIP.

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  27. LOL says:

    1,000 days is almost the equivalent to three years. All most the end of one term. What is spectacular about this?

    A government is assessed on its first 100 days! What am I missing?

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  28. Committee Member says:

    I’m a member of Arlene Smith-Thompson tCommmittee and I think she is best qualified to be the Deputy Leader of our party given her PHD. We have not heard who is the Deputy and would be in charge in case our leader is not voted in. We are demanding this for her.

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    • Lmao says:

      You all got jokes meyson!!! Tell her beat Carvin, John and Sharie for it!! Oh let’s not forget the One Stop Stooge. Look jokes here for me.

    • HMMMNN. says:

      Is there fighting in the camp already??? Thought this was a strong united team. Might as well we promote the coalition cause the only team with 13 doesn’t seem to have a structure internally or otherwise. They aren’t together so they looking like a coalition party alright.

      As bad as we want to say NDP is they have publicly put forth a potential structure for the cabinet.

  29. Anonymous says:

    In the real world of rational, smart, and astute political thinkers, we must be the laughing stock around the tea table.

    Sad state of political intellectual affairs indeed.

  30. @Committee Member says:


  31. Voter says:

    Oook here’s the verdict. I read 3 manifesto plans and I conclude that VIP has a better plan, followed by PVIM then NDP. VIP plan for the future better.

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  32. reply says:

    1000 jobs for expat workers??? Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against expats… If you look at the work force in the Virgin Islands currently and the hiring, most employers except for Government proper, look to bring in someone from another country and pay them the minimum for that particular area of work. Most employers say that Belongers and citizens are preferred and will interview the same but already know that they will bring someone from the outside! HOW WILL OUR NEW GOVERNMENT FIX THAT PROBLEM???

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  33. @reply says:

    Great point!

  34. Varlack says:

    Excellent and detailed manifesto VIP! Love the brainpower team. Just stay humble and true and let the big man above do the rest.

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    • Humble??? says:

      @Varlack. You got jokes. Humility is not something the VIP does well. Look at who is their mouth piece. PLEASE

    • Humor says:

      Well I hope the REAL Big man above does do the rest and not elect the VIP. We will surely be up a creek without a paddle. Not those jokers when we facing serious times in this land with the UK.

      Can you imagine C***, K*, and S*** reading those papers and understanding! Firstly, they aint reading s**t to understand s**t. Therefore they will negotiate s**t! Nuff said.

  35. FACTS says:

    Why this promise sound like food free for every schools

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  36. Omarie says:

    I am impressed with how much Andrew Fahie achieved in building a strong party team. Imagine how much more he can do for the country within four years. If they can continue on this path then we got a good future. Them campaigning, the manifesto and all they do looking good. This a hardworking team I can see the work I watching them. VIP getting all my five votes. They deserve a chance.

  37. People says:

    We are judging Mr. Walwyn on Dr. Smith’s legacy. Personally looking at all individuals on all teams if I were to go party all the way it would be NDP. However, for this election I am also looking at individuals and the programs which they have proposed as well. This election is extremely serious and we have just a few more days to make some harsh decisions.

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