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Fahie wants court to hear evidence about mystery woman

Former Premier Andrew Fahie

Former Premier Andrew Fahie has rejected a motion by prosecutors to exclude evidence mentioned in his drug and money laundering indictment that concerns a local mystery woman.

The person who was identified only by the initials RS, allegedly made statements that would be helpful to Fahie when his trial for drug smuggling, money laundering and racketeering begins on January 8, 2024. The former Premier could be sentenced to life imprisonment if convicted of the charges against him.

The mystery woman mentioned in Fahie’s indictment allegedly told his co-accused that Fahie intended to have a man — who turned out to be an informant of the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), but was posing as a drug trafficker — arrested once he arrived back in the BVI with ill-gotten funds intended for Fahie.

His co-accused, former Managing Director of the BVI Ports Authority Oleanvine Pickering Maynard, has already pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of a single count of drug smuggling in a plea agreement with prosecutors. She will be the Prosecution’s main witness in Fahie’s trial.

According to information in court documents filed ahead of the trial next month, Fahie’s attorney, Theresa Van Vliet, rejected a motion by prosecutors to exclude evidence given after Fahie and Maynard’s arrest where the mystery woman had been implicated.

Prosecutors wanted to exclude as ‘inadmissible hearsay’ any of Fahie’s alleged post-arrest statements to law enforcement officials or alleged statements made directly to Maynard post-arrest.

The prosecutors filed a motion to prevent the court from hearing testimony regarding statements made by an individual referred to as ‘RS.’

According to the allegations, ‘RS’ informed Maynard that she had received instructions from Fahie to convey to Maynard that Fahie intended to have the informant arrested upon the arrival of a jet carrying over $700,000 in the BVI. Additionally, Fahie had promised to ensure that the funds were seized.

But Van Vliet said in response to the prosecution’s motion that the defence did not wish to question any witness about post-arrest statements allegedly made by Fahie to Maynard or any law enforcement in the US.

However, she asked that the court reject the Prosecution’s motion about statements to the mystery woman on the basis that the statements were not being offered to the court for the truth of the matter, but rather for the fact that they were made.

The attorney argued that this evidence is relevant to Fahie’s defence and the underlying charges that he faces.

Judge Kathleen Williams is expected to make a ruling on the motions soon.


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  1. Interesting says:

    In my view all exculpatory evidence should be allowed to be heard by the jury. Failure to do so will open the door for an appeal if there is a conviction.

    With that being said, even if this evidence is admissible, the questions I would have are: Why did he not have that person arrested before he returned home? Why wait? All he needed to do was make a call to the RVIPF so that they could begin investigating his claim and possibly had the person arrested then.

    Furthermore, why go to the airport and inspect that money on that plane if the intent was to arrest that person? This makes no sense to me, and appears like the defense is grasping at straws.

    Notice the defense attorney stated that she does not plan to question said person about this.

    I believe the reason for this is that the defense wants that information hanging out there in the jury’s mind to create reasonable doubt in one or more of their minds. Nothing wrong with that. You do what you have to do to save your client.

    This is an indication to me that they hoping for a hung jury at a minimum.

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    • 1 other scenario says:

      Great summation. But consider the potential for a last-minute prosecution deal. Given the unpredictable nature of juries, offering a favorable plea could strategically secure a win for them. Emphasizing the importance of the defendant serving time or being made an example may not be as crucial as perceived.

      • Interesting says:

        @1 other scenario. First thanks for your compliment. I have stated before on this matter on another related article that I believe that a plea deal was certainly offered to Head Coach as they were with the other two co-defendants who accepted such deals.

        One can infer that Head Coach rejected such a plea and decided to roll the dice and go to trial. No doubt a plea deal will remain in play up and until trial.

        The problem now for Head Coach is that it will become more difficult for him to get a favorable deal because the other 2 co-accused plead guilty and is in the pockets of the prosecutors.

        The prosecutors will try to squeeze him under such a scenario because they think they have him in a corner, and his lawyer will try to negotiate the least prison sentence if it comes to this.

        No one in this situation wants to go to jail, and it’s understandable if people in these situations reject deals and hedge their bets, but it can be risky.

        Frankly, if someone believe they are innocent, has a good lawyer willing to put up a good defense, and they have the finances to keep going, I personally do not see anything wrong in fighting on, but as I said it comes with significant risk.

        I certainly will fight for my innocence if in the unlikely event I was ever accused of a crime. I say unlikely because I live and conduct myself lawfully giving me even more reason to fight for my innocence if accused of a crime.

        If Head Coach is ever found guilty here, he faces decades in prison. I do not see life as the article suggest.

        There have been others similarly accused prior to him from other countries inclusive of the Caribbean who have faced similar charges in the US, got convicted, and did not get life.

        Thus, I do not envision life for Head Coach even if convicted. Nevertheless, I think if convicted the prosecution is going to request significant jail time during sentencing.

        As I indicated in a previous post short of a plea deal, if convicted, I see a significant sentence of 14 to 20 year sentence.

        Please know that the views I express here on this forum are my own personal opinions based on my understanding of these legal matters and my readings of these news articles as oppose to legal opinions.

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    • Tongue Fu says:


      Beyond any reasonable doubt.

      You said it yourself- creating doubt. I agree that Fahie’s theory is far -fetched for reasons you mentioned however the Lawyer said it herself it is not about the truth of the matter but the fact that it was stated. Looks like this was Fahie and his Co-conspirators’ plan B if they got caught. Guess they did not expect to get caught as this is weak. Will see if the judge will permit the hearsay evidence.

      I am pretty sure that there will be other attempts by Fahie’s defense to create doubt even more creative and more credible than this one.

      Goes to show you how Ms. Maynard is a focal point of the Prosecution’s case and believe me there will be a lot more asked of her by the Prosecution and pretty sure the Defense on cross examination. The question is can she handle the pressure? Will the jury believe her? After all she sold out her boss for her freedom?

      Time will tell.

  2. LIAT says:


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    • Not a Secret says:

      When the initial report was made her name was made public. She’s a former member of the Ports Authority Board. If you do a search, it should be pretty easy to find out who she is.

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  3. Interesting says:

    Why weren’t the authorities in the bvi notified and if they were notified who are the persons that were notified. There would have been a plan a plan. Wondering if R.S. could answer those questions or that person covering for a friend. And who is Tattoo?

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  4. BVI says:

    We all know that Andrew tell lies, he is trying to save his A&& but the truth will come out in the end, in his position as the then Premier was to make laws of the land not to enforce them that’s why there is the police and customs. He set himself up now he thinks his lies will set him free. If you can’t do the time don’t do the crime head coach.

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  5. If so says:

    You were in Florida and have no jurisdiction to perform your own sting operation in America. If that’s the case you were to make US officials aware upon arrival. If he wants to expose this individual he needs to be ready for rebuttals and testimony of his co-d’s. Don’t go have this person commit perjury.

  6. soil boy says:

    Big Boss want us to believe he was Walker Texas ranger. So he was lead detective and secret agent agent as well as premier.

    anybody here that believe and support that need 500 lashes on them pooie with a mango switch.

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  7. Interesting says:

    So if what RS said is true, it means that RS was involved in the scheme from beginning. The Plot thickens and wasn’t RS one of the Signatures on the Office Lease in Miami amongst two others? Hmmm.

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  8. De Silent One says:

    Well Sa! The cookies are begining to crumble, everybody are now trying to save their own A** from jail time. We’ll see how those folks whose names/aliases has been mention deal with situation. Could only imagine the sleepless nights they are having, what a life

  9. WOW says:

    and the plot thickens so those with skillz will get a chance to express themselves with the knowledge they claim to POSESS

  10. THIS IS IT says:

    As the plot thickens / we will see those with knowledge flex off their skillz which they claim to POSESS in the art of deception

  11. Reverse sting says:

    Why not have the jet fly into Beef with the cash and arrest the narc then? Head Coach personally flying to Miami to count the cash there makes no sense if this was a ‘BVI undercover setup’

  12. De Silent One says:

    With so many of Fahie’s inner circle lineing up to give evidence in his trial, it begining to seems impossible for him to escape a conviction. From names that has been mentioned and are left to be mention, all of them will be looking for their own interest of going to jail with him

  13. Bull Crap story. says:

    These two, RS and BS brother and sister think they so clever, this sound like a cook up story trying to create a defense for herself and Foy. She was better served to stay quiet and stay out of it. Stuff may come out to incriminate her..

  14. Well well says:

    Same R.S who does walk around with her nose up in the air like she’s better than everyone else…..WOW!!

  15. Vegetables says:

    Rs name call long time in it so I am not surprised

  16. Jah jah says:

    Killer stay inside the 7 outside 30_06

  17. THE DUDE says:

    looks like he’s a real genius after all ( is RS was set up as plan B / or C / or D etc just in case ❓️ •¿• or they just trying AH TING /\\_ ( well there’s
    an old saying that says when WITS meet SPARKS FLY ✴️

  18. Eldread says:

    I believed fahie on the plan of arresting that he had plans to seize the money and arrest the DEA agent base on his ideology of colonization and white arrogance. He would a make a big show of them in front of the COI and the one man team and then get BVI independence through that deed of busting white arrogance.

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  19. Eldread says:

    I believed fahie on the plan of arresting that DEA agent .had plans to seize the money and arrest the DEA agent base on his ideology of colonization and white arrogance. He would a make a big show of them in front of the COI and the one man team hi kinbottom or stinkin-bottom and then get BVI independence through that deed of busting white arrogance.

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  20. Dumbo says:

    She’s so dumb to get deeper involved be lying. they going roast her in cross examination!

  21. If you believe this, says:

    I know of some perfectly flat, pristine land at Coxheath you can buy for a song and develop as a healthy Eco Resort.

    Anybody can say anything they want but without proof, it’s just hearsay.

  22. If you believe this, says:

    I know of some perfectly flat, pristine land at Coxheath, perfect for a healthy eco hotel available real cheap.

    Anyone can say anything they wish and claim to be a witness but without proof, it’s hearsay.

  23. No sah says:

    If I was R.S. I wasn’t going near that case at all. That sounds like a give one to save oneself, and it sounds like something he would do.

  24. 20 Anos says:

    So Fahie the solo BVIslander by definition,

  25. De Silent One says:

    @20Anos, I do believe that all names/persons mentioned are BVIslanders was born here. Do some research

  26. The Rock says:

    Hush your rass!

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