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Firing Rosan-Jones proof governor right about victimisation in gov’t?

Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, Marlon Penn.

By Kamal Haynes, BVI News Staff

Opposition Leader Marlon Penn has raised questions as to whether Governor Augustus Jaspert’s recent reports about victimisation existing in the public service is indeed true, following the recent termination of outspoken political critic, Cindy Rosan-Jones, from the BVI Tourist Board.

Penn raised the questions on the nature of the termination in the House of Assembly on Monday during the 2021 Budget Debate, where he disclosed that Rosan-Jones’ position as Events Coordinator at the Tourist Board was made redundant with immediate effect on December 11.

He said believes such an action raises a number of red flags in the territory. Penn said this action may lead to persons questioning the BVI as a true democracy.

“So an entire restructuring of an organisation just so happens to be conducted and the person who so unluckily to be axed is Ms Rosan-Jones, a Virgin Islander — outspoken? But we’re in a democracy. This is the same person who cut our behind when we were in power the last time. Never had a letter, never was intimidated because in a democracy, people have a right to express their views in a democracy. Is this what BVI love is? Is this what BVI Love represents?” Penn questioned.

He added: “A mother of three in the heart of a pandemic is sent home? We couldn’t find anywhere else for this person to work and earn a living in her country because of her outspokenness? And then we use our young Virgin Islander to do this dirty work? This can’t be BVI Love.”

The term ‘BVI Love’ has been the slogan the Fahie administration has been using as part of its campaign to revive the local tourism sector which has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Does freedom of speech really exist?

Penn said he believes the firing will spark fear in the public service, as persons may now become hesitant of speaking out against the government.

“Are we saying that anyone who speaks out against the government in any way should be feared of losing their jobs, or be victimised? So is the Governor really telling the truth? This can’t be the direction that we are going as a territory,” he stated.

“We’re talking about a constitutional review. There’s freedom of speech in the constitution. Persons shouldn’t be fearful of losing their livelihoods because they have a say in their country of their birth. That is the direction that we’re going,” he further said.

Meanwhile consultants being paid millions

The Opposition Leader said that while Rosan-Jones’ position has been made redundant, the government continues to spend millions of dollars on consultancy contracts of which details are still not forthcoming.

He said: “At the same time we see it in the budget, $8 million for ‘other consultancy’. We have consultants on the ground from all walks of life from all over the place. Up to now you can’t get a report on what they do, you can’t get a report on their contract or their level of engagement but this daughter of the soil, with immediate effect, is sent to the street, with three children to feed in the heart of a pandemic.”

Assured of no layoffs in October

Redundancy usually occurs when an organisation is restructuring or downsizing its workforce. The news Rosan-Jones termination comes only two months after Premier Andrew Fahie had publicly dismissed rumours of his government laying off any of its public servants due to the economic downturn triggered by COVID-19 pandemic.

At the time, he said that cutting the civil service was a last option for his government and that his administration’s aim is to diversify the economy in order to generate revenue that will help to maintain the country’s current expenditure.

“The last thing we want to do is cut any public officers from the payroll. We want to make sure that we can maintain what we have and get more efficiency, improve government services, continue with new industries … and continue to create more avenues so that persons can have more opportunities for jobs in the territory,” Premier Fahie stated.

Cindy Rosan-Jones


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  1. Vi says:

    Only now y’all realize the governor was always right??????
    Andrew Fahie circus don’t care about the ppl of the Virgin Islands
    The only care about themselves

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    • @VI says:

      The Governor need to go back home on the next fight…and take you with him.

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      • Bye Cindy says:

        How you criticizing the government when you were hardly doing your own job, sitting collecting a check at BVITB?

        Never made sense how she had a platform but Tola people like gossip bad.

        Best of luck on your job search hun!

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        • @ Bye Cindy says:

          Tola people like news? Correction, most people who entertain Cindy are not Tola people or BVIslanders. Plus, Cindy is cool at times, but she has to know how to choose her battles wisely.

    • Doh says:

      We all need to toe the line. Do not talk badly about your government or you will be sacked. Your government provides for you. How DARE YOU QUESTION OUR OFFICIALS AS THEY KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU.

      The beatings WILL continue until morale improves.

      Carry on

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      • @ Doh says:

        You realize we vote them and they DO NOT DO THE HIRING????

        They put people in certain positions to use like puppets from being the scenes.

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    • Calypso says:

      Time to spread them out like a Sheet Cindy. Who the cap fit, let them hear it! In they sk**t! Cut Deep. #ENDVICTIMIZATION

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  2. Well says:

    You will be on missy side because she is against this government but was what she doing is right? You will say freedom of speech but remember even a judge might know who is wrong or right in a case but its the lawyer who put the best defence that win. So the nature of her job that she should know what to say and how to say it.

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    • USA says:


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  3. FEO Gomez says:

    Have to know when to shut you a**e.

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  4. Oh please says:

    Hon. Pen I’m so disappointed in you. If you so care hire her hire her and let she work with you. Let she post on mean and inconsiderate you are while working for you. The Jones lady attitude is what brought her to where she is today. Jobless. It’s not what we say but how it’s soda. Miss Jones just have a negative insecure spirit in her and she doesn’t know how to put it out. It’s more difficult when he has the support of ghetto people who themselves probably on the way of if their jobs . Also people are getting fired every day what make C***y so gospel special??? Have a seat Hon. Pen…

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  5. SMH says:

    A mother of 3 should have thought about her children before being the n***y p** that she is. You can speck out but it at about what tone are you specking out. C***y was just endorsed by people who’s not going to give her money to sustain her. Also why before her show she always say this might get me fired but I don’t care? If you know what your about to say might get you fired fired or expelled from school or ban from flyer on an airplane why say or do it???

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  6. @Well says:

    No Island idiot. This is not South Korea or Cuba.

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    • @ @Well says:

      If you don’t like the Islands ways… Corona awaits you on the ice cold concrete streets of the mainlands of the northern regions of the world. She should know how to pick her battles wisely and when to speaking up. If not, she can consider a new boss, journalism seems to be her career path.

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  7. Nonsense says:

    Nonsense! This lady time and time again have been misusing her freedom of speech. She has taunted and provoked many. She was given warning letters from her job and all. There is a time and place for everything and she doesn’t get that concept. Hard head make soft behind.

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  8. @Well says:

    Let us be fair, Cindy bashed the NDP Government where Marlon was, way more than she bashes this VIP Government and Marlon said that himself. They may be friends but she never spared him when it came to speaking out on anything she didn’t agree with. You can twist this how you want but whether we like her or not should not matter, this is WRONG on many levels. With all the social distancing task force and other things needed in this COVID era, you’re telling me that because BVITB is discontinuing a post or department, zero effort was made to assist a BVISLANDER with securing employment? Let’s be real here man.

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    • Comment says:

      She spoke out against him because he was wrong and unwise, but many of the things she has expressed these days are incorrect and responsible journalism. I agreed with her when she protected against several matters, but she is being reckless with her speeches these days.

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  9. Same boat says:

    I understand your situation as I was in the same boat a few years ago as an employee of one of the Statutory establishments. My position was made redundant because I spoke up for my rights. They fabricated the concept that my position was no longer needed within the organization which was not the truth. Some of these persons in leadership
    positions have no empathy and should be relieved of their duties instead of the employees. God will be our vindicator in His time.

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  10. The Truth says:

    We already know C****y is your crony.

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  11. Onyx says:

    Marlon Penn, was this really a topic for discussion in the HOA? Marlon, you are really more sh****w than I thought. Is that an in thing now in politics? You have been in politics for too many years not to understand a person’s constitutional rights to freedom of speech. But since you do not know or just playing plain d**b, let me educate you. Freedom of speech does not mean saying anything that pops up in ** confused and bitter head. There are limitations to that right. In Rosan’s case, obscenity, libel, slander and fighting words. In Rosan’s case, her profane rants crossed the line into direct face-to-face personal insults. Having an opinion is not a problem, how you continue to express that opinion becomes a problem. Marlon, guys like you are enablers, especially if the deed that is being done is in your favor. The Premier needs to learn a lot, especially when it comes to ignoring a lot of things and keeping his and the government shenanigans out of the public’s eyes, but Rosan’s dismissal has absolute grounds. Rosan’s behavior has gotten from bad to worse, enabling her is not helping her. Sometimes touch love is the answer.

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    • @onyx says:

      All I know is that Cindy will become the NDP trash when them done with her. Keep up the tyranny for the opposition girl. Stand by Sandy Lane.

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  12. Freedom of speech? says:

    What does freedom of speech have to do with anything? We have Standing Orders as civil servants that we signed onto when we were employed restricting public criticism of Gov’t. Simple!! If there was a problem then we should tell HR keep their job!! If you gonna fight, fight for Gov’t to provide a forum for the civil service to vent but don’t break the rules you signed to uphold and then call foul. She should be fired out right just for that! In the BVI, everybody want to do their own thing. It’s why nothing functions; pure chaos!

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    • True says:

      … and who rules over the public service, who’s rules do they abide by? The Governor… you all always praising him, so let him help her, it’s his rules? Or is he too busy trying to destroy the BVI for some of his countrymen?

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    • FEO Gomez says:

      Exactly. The same freedom to make the position redundant.

    • FYI says:

      Standing Orders only apply to civil servants. Tourist Board is a statutory board therefore, Standing Orders do NOT apply! But carry on….

  13. All I Would say says:

    The Premier is to old fashion and old school. We need a younger and up with the times leader. TYPICAL BUSHMAN TRIBAL POLITICS IS THE WAY THIS PREMIER RUNS THE COUNTRY. THE OLDER HEADS NEED TO STEP TO THE SIDE SO THE YOUNGER HEADS CAN ADVANCE.

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    • @All I Would Say says:

      Agreed, the Premier is a bit to old school and old fashion. We need more advance forward thinking people in Government.We are so far back in everything. What we need to move us forward is THE CRITICAL THINKERS, THE FORWARD THINKERS AND THE REALIST THINKERS. STOP TRYING TO STIFLE US AND HOLD US BACK

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    • @All I Would say says:

      If old fashion, and old school means selling out my country, and endangering my people’s lives for foreign interest groups, that has no love for God or man… then I will stick with my elected Premier. God Bless You Premier!

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  14. Oh Really! says:

    Funny… When I was wrongfully released from my job under the NDP administration everyone turned a blind eye and said “oh well, it sucks to be you” but now that you are on the opposition you’re crying victimization? HYPOCRITE. Justice for all or no justice at all

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    • Interesting says:

      Same thing happened to me under his watch.But I guess that’s politics for you. Thank God for his mercies, cause he alone truly cares.

  15. Victimisation says:

    Not only by the government. Check out private companies too. Same s**t all over. She’s not the only one.

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  16. Faith says:

    She should have been fired long time ago. She has no respect for anyone in authority.

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  17. Victim of. says:

    Victimisation has been and continues to be a way of life, living and doing work on the job in the BVI.

    There are many already in grave, of they could come back and speak they would tell of horrific stories.

    They are many who are still alive who can speak to vile and horrific decades of victimisation of all sorts.

    Frankly speaking, there are some very mean, wicked and evil minded people in every area of BVI life. They have no sense of real right and wrong.

    They fail to realise that the same hole they dug for others they will also end up in.

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  18. PT9 says:

    Andrew Trump

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  19. Hmmmm says:

    I just have to read and laugh. This proves that when everyone talks about protecting locals they really mean themselves and those around them. Locals do not give a f**k about each other which is why the place is going to s**t. Carry on…..

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  20. Give her a Job says:

    bvi news should hire her. She does the same thing they do.
    Criticize the government daily

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  21. VI Gyal says:

    They fire Cindy because of her mouth, but who firing the Premier, The Speaker and The Advisor for their mouth. As they have no respect for God nor man and the Governor.

    It goes both ways no matter the position.

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    • @ VI Gyal says:

      You talking facts!!!!!!!!!

      Think God stupidy and don’t know when they using God’s good name for their own gain.

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    • @ VI Gyal says:

      The difference is… the Governor is not their boss. Our leaders were elected. Your leader the Governor however, was appointed…under Colonial governance. He can be removed if the U.K. sends him home. This is why he did not get an extension of his employment. He is being removed, sent home. The Governor can not fire any of our Elected leaders.

      If she want her job back, see if your Governor and the head of the civil service, can hire her back. That’s her boss, and he can reinstate her if he wishes, she can work right alongside him. Let her bad talk him a little bit before he goes home!

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  22. VIP says:

    Didn’t the NDP govt fire John Cline for criticizing them? Hypocrites through and through.

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    • Same NDP says:

      In the middle of Irma crisis let go tourist board staff but that was okay Marlon? Them had children to feed too.

    • @VIP says:

      My blogging days are over, the nonsense is just too much for me. But since many of the bloggers on here and our sitting Government don’t seem to understand something, I will say it. Because somebody else committed a crime does not give you the right to pull your gun. In other words, NDP is not here. They were voted out. Why are you measuring yourselves against the past. Why are you doing that, everyone of you? I would hope and I do believe that it was a brand new future this country was longing for why they voted your Government in. So why the same old s**t and a few new high jinx and the excuse is “they did it too”. We are not children playing marbles in the school yard for Heavens sake. Grow up. You are big boys now running a country. Set a proper example for our young people instead of following foul ones and saying my sin is no bigger.

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  23. Home Boy says:

    She needed to be ***** long ago, how can you be so controversial and outspoken publicly against the Government you work for and still expect to be working as if nothing is wrong with that? She’s now crying victimization and she have 3 children to feed, obviously she never knew that when she was up and down running off her mouth. She consider herself as an activist, well she’s in the correct place to say whatever she wants to say without giving a dam. In any other Caribbean Country she would have been fired long ago.

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  24. Me says:

    Marlon is the bvi Donald trump without the Twitter feed every blasted thing he ga something to say about d**n it Marlon trump

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  25. The Observer says:

    I have been following this matter for quite some time now and it is no surprise to many that this move was on the horizon.

    There should be no victim in this matter. Moral of the story is “Don’t bite the hand that feed you.”

    You can’t cry fowl when you contributed to your own demise. Your platform for your boss critique does not fit the development and enhancement you provide as an events coordinator.

    When you represent the BVI Tourist Board you become an image and the Brand that is being promoted hence when you bash the governments agenda which is the product you as events coordinator suppose to uplift, you defeat the purpose of the job execution.

    Now you can continue to use the platform and cut deep into the matters you think is hurting you as a victim when you are really not.

    I suggest that you speak to Brother Archer who is a great motivator and brand builder to understand that when you cut deep into matters of the public service you creating a wound that you cannot heal hence you need the good doctors to prescribe you medication.

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    • OmgHUSH says:


      As a young Virgin Islander, I WILL NOT allow it to manifest anymore! I WILL BIT THE HAND, AND BITE IT OFF. Stfu old people mentality

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  26. Not her alone says:

    Check all other companies cutting back on staff and the priviledge few are given everyday work whilst they telling some of us things have not pick up yet. Can you tell me why someone working for a number of years at a business and someone just come and is getting five a week work and the other staff are laid off since March.

  27. GTFOH says:

    Nowhere in the world can any employee speak bad of their employer constantly and especially in public. That is not how victimization works. Can you imagine somebody that work at Bobby’s going on social media and talking about how bad the food taste, the policies, products and the owner consistently?

    Marlon is a joke as well because he know better than to defend that B.S. cuz even when he had valid reasons to talk bad about his NDP government he didn’t because he know certain things should be kept inhouse. He knew Dr. Smith wasted $7.2 million of our money and he never said a negative word while Cindy was blasting NDP instead he named the hospital after him. When they took millions of his sewage money and put to the Pier Park he never talked bad about them publicly instead he endorsed the NDP for 4 more years. Like someone said John Cline who was a huge supporter of NDP got fired for just saying that Dr Smith should not be minister of Finance. Marlon was there but you cant quote anything that Marlon said about that situation because he was a blind follower.

    Another thing Cindy better get self employed because if she think that she can come in any modern private company and have public talk shows and public comments bashing government constantly and drawing negative attention to any respected private company she will be back on the market quickly.

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  28. :) says:

    Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom to say anything without repercussions. That’s why there are laws against libel, slander, obscenity etc. Employee manuals have many different code of conduct policies that limit what you can say publicly. Even BVInews block and alter comments because there is no real freedom of speech. Just voicing an opposing negative view of someone based on race, sexual orientation, nationality etc. will get you fired in places where the freedom of speech is protected in the constitution like the USA. Most people know there isn’t any real freedom of speech that’s why they whisper in the workplace and dont usually post negative things about their employer on public social media sites.

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  29. Voice of Reason says:

    1. The general orders are pretty clear
    2. Was she actually a good employee, doing her job, good performance reviews?
    3. If everyone was thinking she would lose her job and she on many occasions stated she could loose it and even received a warning letter — why is the narrative trying to claim victimization
    4. Perhaps government needs to better define what actions are deemed victimization because NO employee is ever entitled to have their job

  30. 1st district says:

    She should not be fired! Who fired the speaker for the Mark Vanterpool fxxx up in the house. He was warned of the outcome but them lead our treasury down a dead road block road. Who fired them? But here we are chastising her for freedom of speach that suddenly ain’t free in ah half azz one way society. So who is representing our monies that these ministers dishing out to Tom, Dick and Harry under Agriculture and Fishing. Well let me tell the public its early CHRISTMAS IN THE 1ST DISTRICT!! I DONE, FOLLOWING THE $300,000.!!

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  31. Ummm says:

    Marlon what letter you read. The letter she give the press said her post is redundant. BVITB can’t really host any events right now and haven’t for months so us the tax payers see it to be a good decision to cut that cost when she really had no work to do and now give her more time to earn money and grow her talk show. If it was Marlon’s money paying for a post that had no real work he would speak different but this a friend thing that have him talking so.

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    • Joke says:

      @ummm – there’s not much going on at Tourist Board PERIOD! Tell me this: why was her job the only one made redundant? Didn’t they just have a half baked lobster fest on Anegada – or whatever they want to call it? Couldn’t they have found something else for her to do, just as they did for all the others they have at the other government Departments?

      Whether she deserves it or not is one thing. But let’s be honest and call a spade a spade…. now they have to try to fix it by letting go some more staff so it doesn’t look like they are being vindictive. But the damage has been done!

  32. wow, bvi first says:

    i guess she is the first mother in the bvi to be fired from a job.
    i guess she got the first job in the bvi that became redundant.

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  33. Big mistake says:


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  34. Marlon please says:

    Why your mouth ain’t open when Tourist Board let a set of good people go after Irma? Want to let some ‘specials’ work abroad but not others. Ayo keep Picking and choosing ! it wasn’t victimization then under NDP?? Lol sit your backside down .

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  35. Yawn says:

    Lol Don’t be stupid she tried and couldn’t get 5 people to show up at the insurance meeting that she organized in 2017 including yourself. She couldn’t get 1 candidate to join her party last election (yes I know you forgot about the RAA so I’ll do you a favor and copy the link) then she changed it from a political party to some kind of advisory group or something. Not even Edmund Maduro was willing to join the party.

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  36. Norris Turnbull says:

    Funny Marlon did not speak democracy when his NDP government was victimizing people like the H**l man who used to work in immigration, and others.

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  37. Lucky says:

    She was lucky to be made redundant ( presumably nice statutory pay off) and not fired

  38. Hmmm says:

    Things have truly reached an all time low when the Premier of a country spouts bad precedent for his bad behaviour on local radio and the world wide web. You see, when you are aware that something is wrong, only children, little children, who are not aware of right and wrong should pull out that proverbial finger and say he did it too.

    It is unspeakably disgusting to hear grown men hired by the people of the Virgin Islands, every single one of them, and their cronies justifying bad behaviour by saying the last Government did it too. It was wrong then and it is wrong now. You should aspire to do better or it is same stuff different day. Why should anyone want you as their Government if you can’t be different? They were voted out. You have been voted out. Chart your own course, please, and follow only good precedent for this “he too” attitude is juvenile and stinks.

    And by the way, I am not one of the nine that blogs ten times a day. You will be surprised how many persons are totally turned off by this bully wrong and strong mentality.

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  39. Hmmmm says:

    That was a hallmark of the NDP. So Hon. Penn are you saying your the new NDP?

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  40. Hmmmmmmm says:

    Hon. Penn is on the Opposition now so he can see injustice, victimization, cronyism and yes, corruption clear as day.

    It seems like Hon. Premier needs to go back on the Opposition bench so that he can see it too. There must be somewhere we can play the tapes from his days on the Opposition when he saw all the injustices of the NDP that he is now repeating and adding icing on top.

    Let me enjoy my sun, sand and sea, buddy. This politics is for the birds.

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