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Florida-based cruise association backs BVI reopening, endorses gov’t

President of the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) Michele Paige.

The Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) has issued a ringing endorsement of the BVI as a travel destination for cruise passengers, underlining the strong partnership it holds with the BVI; particularly the territory’s leadership.

President of the FCCA, Michele Paige, said she has had the privilege of working diligently with Premier and Minister of Tourism Andrew Fahie to have the people of the BVI reap the full benefits of cruise tourism.

The FCCA president said the BVI will be one of the first recipients of cruise ships, adding that ships are also expected to stay longer in the destination.

Paige said the member cruise lines of the FCCA acknowledged the commitment Premier Fahie has made to implement the necessary protocols to be able to have the safe resumption of cruise ships to the territory.

She further charged residents of the BVI to ensure they seize the benefits to give tourists the experience that underlines what is unique and special about the BVI.

“Sell to them (visitors) your customs, your culture, your history, your food – all of the special things that you produce in the BVI. This is your time to shine because happy passengers spend money,” the FCCA president said.

Additionally, Paige said the Premier is working towards having more segments of the BVI populace hired by the cruise industry, including entertainers and engineers.

“This is the time to be able as partners to make things happen, we’re working on being able to purchase more from the BVI,” Paige added.

The FCCA President further encouraged the people of the BVI to remain resilient, noting the hardships faced in the last year and a half because of the absence of cruise tourism locally.

Premier hosts ‘series of meetings’ with cruise lines

In a recent Facebook post, Premier Fahie said he has hosted a series of meetings with United States cruise lines to discuss the restart of local cruise calls for fully vaccinated passengers.

In the same social media post, the Premier is seen photographed with the head of another stakeholder in the industry — the Senior Vice President of Commercial Development at Norwegian Cruise Line, Steve Moeller.

The BVI depends heavily on the cruise industry which forms a hugely significant part of its much-vaunted second economic pillar of tourism.

Cruise passengers last visited the territory in March of 2020 at the start of the global pandemic which forced many nations around the world to close their borders. Commercial cruising is scheduled to return to the BVI this month.

The Premier has assured his government’s commitment to a healthy restart of the cruise industry

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  1. Herd says:

    We are not ready for cruisers yet. Only 12k vaccinated here.

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    • Please says:

      Premier don’t mind the noise. Keep pushing ahead to help this economy but just make sure they are fully vaccinated.

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    • @herd. Ur civil servant.. says:

      U sound like a civil servant thinking your salary is sure even if the country shut down forever, your ignorant, selfish and wrong, Thats the problem most caribbean country facing, selfish and ignorant civil servant..

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    • Vaxseenaked says:

      Because Herd drank some of the vaccinated kool aid. Since when has the unvaccinated in the BVI been a threat to anyone, eh? Most covid infected individuals are those who came in. Vaccinated can give the virus, so what is the blasted point, man. Only thing here is that we are not going to be Bill Gates & Faucci’s guinea pigs.

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    • Bebop says:

      Who is running our country? Is she the leader. Sounds like she order us to open the door. Cruise passengers don’t by profucts made in the BVi. They don’t by food as they get all they eat on board. The crude ship line does pay millions in landing fees but where do that money go?

  2. Real says:

    The people that got the vaccines will ve the problem give it time
    We living with aids and all kinda crap for how long and yall really think they care smh

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  3. Hugecans says:

    Of course she would say that. She wants the cruise companies to make money. Simple really.

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  4. YOUTH says:

    Premier go right ahead. Keep opening the economy

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  5. Clearly says:

    Some of you want the Government to fail for your own greedy reasons. You want the economy open but you do not want to vaccinate. Let only vaccinated ships come and let’s get going.

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  6. Easygoing says:

    Don’t think the passengers will not undergo their own testing the ships don’t want a worse reputation.

    She said they will stay longer is that due to the passing of the gambling law?

    Sellers prepare yourself don’t let them window shop because you have nothing interesting to offer & no energy for sales. Work on it. Big opportunity walking through.

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  7. Taxi man says:

    I am vaccinated and I am ready for a vaccinated cruise ship NOW

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  8. ??? says:

    How can We sell or offer what We are in need of for Ourselves because We can’t afford or privilege to have?

  9. East End Man says:

    Now I am happy to read this. Now I am going to vaccinate.

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  10. LILLIAN says:


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  11. The Reaper says:

    Why they rushing too come down. With this crisis on hand….Government do what you all want,………We gonna dead now. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  12. Jack his Jacket. says:

    The govt is doing a great Job of moving the country forward… Tourist have a lot of US stimulus money to spend that I agree with..But that doesnt mean they are not currupt…

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  13. Anonymous says:

    Only the US tourists have the US stimulus money and the US is awash with Covid. We should try to get people from safer countries.

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  14. Curiou says:

    Thought the Governor of Florida has made it illegal for Florida Cruise ships to mandate all passengers are vaccinated. The is no way the FCCA can guarantee or require that guests are vaccinated before they sail….guess you all right – there is no such thing as a vaccinated ship….

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    • SMH says:

      Yes, he did. So, what will the tourist dependent economies of the Caribbean do? You got it. Accept the Florida Cruise Lines (homeport in Florida) because unvaccinated tourists are better than no tourists. SMH
      My guess is that most people will not be eager to get on a cruise ship right away. Also, Caribbean ports can maintain that only vaccinated folks can disembark. However, the cruise lines will definitely object. Either way you lose. SMH

      • Curious says:

        @SMH – the point would be the “sales pitch” for cruise ships is untrue. The ships will NOT be full of vaccinated passengers rather a cheap & easy way for unvaccinated people to take a vacation with little to no restriction once they arrive. It is a known, that cruise guests spend very little and would seem offer the highest risk, so why is this the market we are concentrating on? Further open up the Charter Industry & Hotels, work with the proven markets that have supported this Country for donkey years – people with real money and a real desire to spend it.

  15. Small Craft says:

    I have a speed boat and I am gonna vaccinate it too.

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  16. How many jobs??? says:

    So he is Premier and Minister of Tourism. And finance. And has the Premiers Office, and the Office of the Premier, and the RDA, and Ports, Airports, and what else? He talking about anything and everything it a wonder any other Minister exist. Fahie: be better.

  17. Lg says:

    Says it all in the article . The industry has close ties to the government. It smells bad

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