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Flow now offering strictly gigabyte packages for smartphone users

Acting Country Manager for Flow, Ravindra Maywahlall.

Flow has launched new prepaid plans as they move to offer strictly gigabyte packages for smartphone users.

This announcement was made by the telecommunications company’s Acting Country Manager, Ravindra Maywahlall, at a media breakfast held at their Fleming Street, Road Town location last week.

Maywahlall said the new plan is a reflection of what the customers have been requesting.

“Our new plans are now giving you 10 gigabytes of data and unlimited SWIFT. SWIFT is ‘Snapchat, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter’ and 1,000 minutes. As part of our new vision for the company, let’s take care of our customers, let’s give them what they want,” Maywahlall said.

He continued: “We know that the telecommunications industry has transitioned from ‘voice’ to everybody using Whatsapp and Snap-chatting or using video calls, so these new plans are offering exactly what our customer wants. It’s what our customers have been asking for over the last year-and-a-half”.

Maywahlall also said that since Hurricane Irma, the company’s rebuilding process has facilitated the use of fiber optic technology to solve the previous issue of bandwidth overload.

“One of the strategic positions that we’ve done in rebuilding is everything we’re doing here onward now is fiber. With fiber you don’t have the degradation that you would have under a copper network, so bandwidth is not really an issue” he said.

In response to being asked what will be done by Flow in relation to widespread reports of slow internet speeds on the island, Maywahlall said that Flow’s internet speeds start at 25 megabits per second. He said this is received even in areas where infrastructure is in the rebuilding phase.

He further said reports of the company having slow internet speeds stem from a 2017 UK report immediately following the 2017 hurricanes. The report said the BVI was an underperforming country that has one of the most expensive internet services on the planet.

“Let’s put things into perspective, this is three months after the storm. No operator had their mobile networks fully rebuilt at that time and everybody was trying to watch TV over their mobile devices. The mobile devices were never designed to carry that payload. At that point of that report the BVI with 25,000 to 30,000 population was carrying more payload than Panama, to the tune of three times more than Panama which has millions of people” the Flow boss reasoned.

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  1. Flow says:

    The internet is slow and expensive. There is no getting around that.

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    • @Flow says:

      Which plan? The 25mbps or 50 or the 100? Are you talking upload or download cuz I don’t have a problem with my Netflix

      • Real says:

        Just cause you dont have a problem dont mean it slow. In this day and age where 4k exist and even 8k you need atleast 30mbps and not to mention if you have a xbox/ps4 like alot of young people, you will have 20-90gb files which can take from 12-36hrs to download on 10mbps

  2. Rubber Duck says:

    Throw these useless robbing mothers off the island. Take away their trade license. Get Huawei in with a g5 system like other small countries have done.

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    • hit the nail on the head says:

      @ Rubber Duck, unfortunately, you have no idea what you are asking for when you say that we need 5G. This is about the increased power of transmission of the wireless frequency to wireless devices from the cell towers which means more interaction of our bodies and DNA to it. 5G has the ability to restructure our DNA hence more incidences of tumours, cancer and other conditions of nose bleeds, memory loss and confusion, insomnia or lack of sleep, birth defects, mood fluctuations and the list goes on. To achieve this is through the installation of smart meters to every house for monitoring electricity, shortening the distance between cell towers and within neighbourhoods. In essence, more monitoring of everyone. That is the reason why the local banks have been more aggressive to issue new debit and credit cards with chips a whole 18 months before those that we have are expired. Don’t you find that strange? It is for all of us to be tracked. Don’t be fooled. Last night I noticed it was a full moon or new moon and extremely bright and that there was a low satellite over the Francis Drake Channel. My dears that device is monitoring the entire BVI and USVI – checking those cars that have trackers, those of us with chipped credit and debit cards, house appliances and smart TVs, smartphones, and the few of us that have been chipped unknowingly at the dentist or through surgeries. This is not conspiracy theory. This is conspiracy fact. By 2030, the UN covert agenda is to reduce the world population by almost 50% and ensures that it is a done deal by 2050. Hence, for the BVI, the 3 storms of 2017 were the beginning for us, followed by attempting to mess with our bread and butter – financial services – by demanding Beneficial Ownership by 2020, same sex marriages and removal of the Belonger status. Other subtle agenda is the starting of the outbreak of measles in New York state and getting PAHO and other organizations to issue global alerts that children and adults to retake measles and MMR vaccinations to actually give us the diseases secretly. They global tried the same thing with the H1N1 swine flu vaccination that they tried to get us to take a few years ago. People please wake up and see the connections. All of a sudden poisoned food, food recalls, plastic food, disease outbreaks, disasters in bread basket states where our foods come from, increased autism which comes from vaccinations, alzehmier on the increase. Back to the 3 storms. Please notice that UK wants Belonger status removed in the immediate future because it makes it more easier for their citizens to come in more readily as there is an agenda to repopulate here and bring in harmful items to eradicate parts of the population. Unfortunately, the global elite do not care who gets affected – They have a problem that too many persons in the Caribbean are still Christians and that the entire Caribbean archipelago and basin is too religious. At the same time, there are too many persons that are already apart of these Baphomet worshipping groups – mason lodges and other secret societies including rotary, lions, Zonta, and others. Note they have infiltrated girl guides and boy scouts many years ago and has removed the word God from the motto and other promises. Folks the global elite reads the KJV Bible and other books including the Book of Enoch and know it well. They want to make sure that they know exactly when the incoming planetary system that is coming in and which the Vatican is monitoring with the LUCIFER telescope on Mount Graham in Arizona, USA is going to affect the earth and create major disasters. Most of the current disasters are manmade, but as this planet get closer, it will cause devastating effects on humanity. The global elite has multiple events going on in the world using the UN, World Bank, the IMF and the Vatican to take the lead to coordinate global efforts. All governments are involved, but it is just some of them do not know yet why certain consultants are so chummie with us and offering us goodies to good to be true. I want you to go to the Georgia Guide Stones which shows that the ideal global population that the global elite wants is 500 million. We are about 7 billion which means a 90% reduction is the focus during the next 10 years and by 2030. WAKE UP MY PEOPLE. WAKE UP HUMANITY. Right governments and the global elite have constructed underground cities in secret for when this planetary system gets closer. Go back to OBAMA speeches where he spoke about a high speed rail way system. That system is for two reasons – for those who have paid for their underground bunker to get to them quickly but before that to round up those persons they want to get rid of. A lot of the strange crimes that are being committed in the USA are drills to incite unrest where no one has died and crisis actors have been used. Some of them are distractions especially the recent one of Nipsey Hussle, a rapper, who just died at age 33 in California. There is a whole lot going on with that incident. He did a lot in the Black community of Crenshaw and suddenly was shot and no blood on the scene. HHHmmmmm…. He bought up a whole lot of property. What that area to facilitate a railway system. Something to think about. Other reasons for distractions are passing of legislation for USA citizens to lose more rights that were once granted by the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This type of behavior is happening all over the world. Burning churches in USA and in France. HHmmmm. Please note what Jesus said in Matthew 24 as in the days of Noah, what was being done at that time so shall be repeated just before I come back. Paul, the apostle have told us how the fight is going to be and against whom in Ephesians 6 which is against Satan minions. The Book of Enoch which is mentioned in Jude and 2nd Peter told us about the angels who left their first estate and brought technology, transhumanism, transgenderism, artificial intelligence and the offspring became giants when they mixed with women. See Genesis Chapter 6. That is the reason why God sent flood during the days of Noah to eradicate these creatures and their dealings. There were no cave men or evolution theory. The Catholic Church and the Vatican have been hiding this information for centuries hoping that we would not understand the Bible and now realize that we have understood the Bible and trying to shut it down by infiltrating the churches, by dumbin down education systems, using mind control technology of phones, computers, internet, chips and 4G and 5G frequencies, Transgenderism, music industry, and secret societies. Please reach out to God through Jesus Christ as your Savior in order for the Holy Spirit to live within your mind and heart and to stand up against the wiles of the EVIL. We are not only in a physical war but also a spiritual one where technology is also being used on our minds. Pray and read your KJV everyday.

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      • Snoppy says:

        I see the same satellite between 2 and 3 am and no one believes me

        • Tooth&Claw says:

          How high in the sky do you see the satellite and does it appear as a solid light? I once saw ezekiels wheel (the spinning wheel within a wheel) fly atop a roof. Never seen anything like it before. Also heard and saw some weird stuff near Josiahs bay, but that’s another story.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Here is another unregulated industry that is robbing the people to the grave due to excessive greed.

    Where is and when will government become a government of the protection of the people?

    They and the cost of food, especially by the one supermarket chain, is totally based on greed, greed and greed.


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    • Here’s Your Admission of Guilt says:

      “Maywahlall also said that since Hurricane Irma, the company’s rebuilding process has facilitated the use of fiber optic technology to solve the previous issue of bandwidth overload.”

      So this guy admits that they were selling a product/service which they couldn’t deliver and this will go without penalty or consequence? The BVI is truly a backward, dysfunctional and unjust place messon. A place where robbing the citizens and zero accountability is the norm. It is so sickening. These companies and some of our so called leaders are no better than the thugs on the street.

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      • Seriously says:

        What I read is someone stating that the company has improved its services to be able to deliver better for y’all. But that’s just it. Caaann please. Internet too slow Issa problem. Try mek it betta and dem is t***f. Geez nuh man!

  4. . says:

    What are the home internet packages

  5. Foolish Excuse says:

    This is what he said

    “Let’s put things into perspective, this is three months after the storm. No operator had their mobile networks fully rebuilt at that time and everybody was trying to watch TV over their mobile devices. The mobile devices were never designed to carry that payload. At that point of that report the BVI with 25,000 to 30,000 population was carrying more payload than Panama, to the tune of three times more than Panama which has millions of people” the Flow boss reasoned.

    This is what actually happened

    The internet speed study was done over a 12-month period up to May 2017. Researchers (BDRC Continental and noted that 139 countries failed to achieve average speeds above 10 megabits per second, a speed deemed by telecoms watchdog Ofcom to be the minimum required to cope with the needs of a typical family or small business. (as per the linked article)

    put THAT in perspective

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