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Former Immigration says financial hardship led him to rob woman


Former Immigration Officer Donald Hanley admitted to the court that he opted to rob an unsuspecting female of $800 because he needed the cash to pay the bank.

The 36-year-old Virgin Gorda resident appeared before Justice Ann-Marie Smith on Monday for his final court appearance before his sentencing hearing on June 3.

When asked why he chose to steal instead of reaching out to his family for help, Hanley told the court through his attorney Patrick Thompson that he wanted to handle the situation on his own.

He said he did not want to burden his family with his troubles because they had responsibilities of their own.

What the court heard happened

The court heard that in March last year, Hanley went to his mother’s apartment which is close to where the complainant lived.

While there, he changed into dark clothing and using a cloth, he covered his face and laid in wait.

The court heard that the complainant was almost home when he pounced on her and snatched her bag.

A scuffle ensued between the two, and the complainant was able to remove Hanley’s disguise before he ran off with her bag containing the cash.

Hanley’s girlfriend then provided him with a ride home.

A report was subsequently made to the police and Hanley was arrested and charged for the offence.

Factors of the offence

Ahead of sentencing, the court was told to consider Hanley’s early guilty plea, his remorse, his corporation with police, and his willingness to compensate the complainant as mitigating factors.

On the other hand, Hanley’s previous conviction of a similar crime, the planning and premeditation, committing the offence for financial gain, concealing his face, and targeting a particular person were some of the aggravating factors of the case, the court heard.

His attorney, however, argued that Hanley was of previous good character and the offence fell on the lower end of the culpability scale.

The attorney further said no weapon was used during the commission of the crime.

Hanley remains in custody.

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  1. What says:

    Please tell me I read this incorrectly. He robbed his own mother?

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    • Really? says:

      Seems you didn’t read it at all? It said he went to his mother’s house which is close to where the victim lives.

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    • Take your time and read says:

      Went to his mother’s apartment WHICH IS CLOSE to where the complainant lived

    • Hmmm says:

      NO. he was visiting his mother and the person he robbed lived close by. It seems like he went to his mother’s house as an excuse to lie in wait for the woman he robbed.

      I would like to know what made him think that lady did not have hard times too. Why did he not look for a part-time job. Now he had to pay much more than $800. That made no sense.

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    • Luvz says:

      You read incorrectly. The compliant live close to his mother’s apartment. He did not rob his mother.

  2. The Grinch says:

    Man please, why did you not sell that expensive chain you rocking around your neck if you needed extra cash you good for nothing. The judge should throw the book at Your stupid A**.Robbing a woman, man that is low.

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  3. 2 Grand says:

    No excuse look work

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  4. SMH says:

    The only thing hard was his head. He look like someone on hard time? You a big a** man and rob a WOMAN? You should be shot in the bare n*ts with a paintball rifle!

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  5. vg residnet says:

    And sell the expensive car and get a junker.

  6. The Reaper says:

    Keep Quiet !!!! U talking P**s.

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  7. WTF says:

    @The Grinch
    You are so right. Why didn’t he sells that cow chain he has around his neck? He wants to live a life he can’t afford…

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  8. One eye fowl cock says:

    Always been a little puff up don’t drop the soap

  9. What!!!!! says:

    “Previously of good character “ NO, Previously convicted of stealing money from his place if work.

  10. Reply says:

    Picture this:

    You have a job, yet you resort to strong arm robbery to pay a bank debt. What’s up with that? Clearly, this guy was either over his head or just greedy and stupid.

    If he needed to repay the bank, and could not come up with the money, he could have simply called them and ask for an extension to pay or ask if they would have allowed him to pay what he was able to come up with legally.

    Surely, if his intentions was good, the bank may have worked with him, and he would not have needed to resort to theft.

    If he was indeed working at the time he committed this crime, he is now out of job and locked up. Who will hire him after this?

    Also, with the bank getting wind of this, whatever relationship he had with them is probably over. They will probably never loan him another cent.

    Two cases today in the news of people not apparently thinking of the consequences before they act. Now, they are both dealing with very serious consequences, all avoidable.

    Despite he claims he did not wish to burden his family as they had responsibilities of their own, he would have been better off asking them for help rather than pulling this stunt.

    Who knows, they might have just helped him if he had explained to them what was going on with the bank. No family wants to see you rob or go to jail.

    Some people simply don’t value their freedoms. It always amazes me how some easily throw it all away.

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  11. Outlaw says:

    No, no. Don’t blame it on financial hardship. It’s your lifestyle. Have you never been thought to live within your means. Please let him spend some time for his crimes

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  12. Well Armed Woman says:

    That is why I always keep some type of protection on me. If he had crossed my path that day and tried to rob me I would have blast his turtle neck and mountain oysters clean off the base and j** them down his t****t.

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  13. Smh says:

    Why make this public knowledge ? Got to be kidding me

  14. Me again says:

    It’s called living above your means . Where is his wife in all this ? Where is his church family?girl friend gave him a ride home ? She should be charg d as an accomplice in this also . But then again , let’s not open that can of worms … . Ooppps

  15. Most of us says:

    Expensive chain, diamond stud in ear,expensive sun glasses and nice car but can’t pay the bank. Shame on you man for snatching a woman pocket book.He need to sit in jail for a while for doing something that stupid.Monkey knows what tree limb to climb on. Not condoning violence but why he didnot go jack one of the Island gangsters.

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  16. That goes to show you says:

    When you see half of them here pushing nice rides, clothes and jewerly showing off, most of them don’t have a pot to p**s in or a window to toss it out of. Keep that dumb fool in jail…Ladies, never carry large amount of money in your purse.

    • Pig Head Souse says:

      We should be able to carry any amount of money around in our purses. People should not steal. Sick society..

  17. VG says:

    Hmm financial foot you blinking out whether it real or fake..with a government job yet you robbed a woman of $800.00 you are pathetic..asked your family for help…half of them can’t help themselves out of they own mess…..girlfriend should be held accountable as well….what happens when you want to live above your means….perfect example of generational curses that are passed down through the lineage….check it out on a whole while it might not only apply to one it is a factor in some cases..I have hardships every day but i dont resort to this type of behaviour..,

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  18. Quiet Warrrior says:

    This is thug behaviour. Many residents have financial challenges, yet they don’t ambush and rob people. They live within their means, put their hat where they can reach it, dont put their head through where their body can’t pass, save little by little, get a second/third job…..etc to meet their needs. This thug didn’t want to burden his parents/family but prefer to rob someone of their hard earned money, bringing shame upon his family. Don’t know his family but confident that they would have preferred he sought their help. Instead, this thug has brought them shame and pain. This thug seemingly has some mental issues and he needs some help while paying for his crime.

  19. The Truth says:

    These fools always go broke trying to impress these BIRDS.

  20. Dion in the usa says:

    Was thinking the same d**n thing bug gold chain around his neck..but then again it must not be real …

  21. Karma says:

    He has a mother dont forget
    God dont sleep nor slumber
    I’m praying for her life!!!!!

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