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Fraser to Premier: Don’t frustrate relationship with UK, there could be serious consequences


Opposition Legislator Julian Fraser is advising the Premier to tread lightly in his interactions with the United Kingdom because frustrating the relationship might result in serious consequences for the territory.

Fraser was speaking at a public meeting put on Opposition members on Wednesday, September 11.

“Everyone knows that the United Kingdom … are good at confrontation right now. They got all the practice in the world,” said Fraser while referring to the UK’s ongoing negotiations to land a Brexit deal with the European Union.

“For us to get into a little spat with the UK, they would just take it out on us and we can’t afford that,” he added. “Yes, sometimes they (the UK) are not doing what people will like them to do. But at this particular point, I think that the least frustration they get they’ll take it out on whoever they can and we are as vulnerable as anyone can be.”

The legislator of two decades further said that maintaining a positive relationship with the United Kingdom will be beneficial for the BVI as they can lend assistance when needed.

“I don’t think, in my opinion, that this British Virgin Islands is capable of standing up to giants of the European Union in matters such as economic substance and there is more to come. We are going to need the United Kingdom to be accompanying us in these matters. So, what we have to do is tread lightly and be careful.”

Fraser’s comments follow claims from the Director of the British Overseas Territories, Ben Merrick, who said ties between the BVI and the UK had weakened since Fahie took office in February.

The Premier later dismissed those claims and stated that he and his government have consistently been in contact with the UK.

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  1. Gandalf says:

    I’m sorry but this man and his comments become more and more irrelevant every day! I know he is part of the opposition and should offer counter points, but no matter what he says I struggle to take anything seriously!

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  2. Faithful says:

    We do not want to hear anything from Fraser. Let him go sit down. He could have been a part of the sitting Government but his selfishness have him seated on the Opposition.

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  3. see says:

    He makes a valid point

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    • E Scott says:

      He makes a very very valid point !!! bloggers on here talk about the UK colonial slavery but the real slavery is what the ruling classes on BVI want . BEWARE BVI

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  4. WOW says:

    Did Fraser come to us when he gave us away to biwater for $100 million? SMDH

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  5. I agree says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I agree with Hon. Fraser. Hon. Fahie is behaving very arrogantly and irresponsibly with this whole RDA matter. It’s as if he thinks the UK is indebted to us. We are the ones in need, not the other way around. Diplomacy went flying through the window and his emotions came in to take over.

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  6. Wow says:

    Fraser being a voice of reason, wow. The man is right!

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  7. Of course says:

    We are in need of a voice of reason. Well in a few days the Country will know how things went. He is sitting with the big boys now.

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  8. Oh please says:

    The Premier is standing up for what is best for us as a BVI people in a respectful manner. This is a true leadership.

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  9. Again says:

    I am with the Premier.

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  10. observer says:

    fraser you a f…. hypocrite.

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  11. Mammy says:

    What do we get from mammy? We get nothing. The UK does not contribute one cent to the BVI’s budget. So why should we be beholden to the UK? This is colonialism, but at least in the so-called colonial era, the UK used to contribute to the funding of the colonies. We walking backwards with a big smile on we face. Wake up BVI people!

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    • bull shiggidy says:

      When our government was in hiding after the hurricane irma it was the same UK that came to our rescue you ungrateful son of a gun

    • CW says:

      What do you get from Mammy? Let’s take a quick look:
      A)one of the strongest economies in the world- imagine if BVI was owned by for example, Peru.
      B) your entire financial services industry, you know one of your two economic pillars? Don’t pretend the territory has a strength in this area without the UKs support. The guys sleeping under coconut palms can’t do that work.
      C) A standing army, which literally put down a prison break two years ago after Irma. Who showed up when you had no drinking water with a navy ship and desalination system? UK.
      D) A HUGE portion of your tourism market is from the UK. Keep acting the STRUPE and lose 20% of your cruise market and you won’t act so cavalier with your attitude, which sounds very close to racism.
      E)All the charitable works of the Great Richard Branson, who single handedly does more for BVI and her people than your entire government. What a nice Englishman. You know, FROM THE UK.

      Your incredible sense of entitlement is boorish and on full display. You have been under local leadership for decades and have managed to remain a top tourism destination despite yourselves. This too shall implode of your first response to literally everything is “what’s in it for me?” This is the same headset I see making posts about how BVI shouldn’t help Bahamas after you suffered the EXACT same thing and have experience to help. To all of you STRUPES that think like this: YOU are why bad things befall the BVI. Do something to help before expecting handouts. SHAME ON YOU

  12. Puppy says:

    Fraser getting soft, well sah. He talking through two sides of his mouth. One minute he wants the Premier to be tough with the UK/EU and now he wants the Premier to back down? I am so glad Fraser did not go to the UK. Now I see how he ‘help’ negoatiated the constitution we have and now complain how the Guv used it on us. Tread lightly?! give me a break!

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  13. Why Not says:

    We have to be worried about frustrating people who had us in slavery? Shame on you Mr. Fraser!

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