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From Facebook to TV | Cindy Rosan-Jones to host talk show

Cindy Rosan-Jones

Outspoken resident Cindy Rosan-Jones will be hosting a new show – Cut Deep – and is promising to provide residents with a more in-depth look at the issues affecting the British Virgin Islands.

She told BVI News on Thursday that the reason for doing the show is to use her platform “a little more responsibly and more effective” than on her Facebook page.

“I always have people reaching out to me for my views on stuff and basically about what is happening in the country. So I want to use that platform to go a little deeper, and the bottom line is to help keep the government accountable. It is also to bring a clearer view of what is going on because most times people talk, but they don’t look at a depth of what is going on with an issue,” she said.

Hot water

Rosan-Jones, an employee of a government statutory body – the BVI Tourist Board — fell in the proverbial hot water months ago for expressing her views on social media.

When asked if she took that into consideration before doing the show, she said: “I don’t speak out about the government, I speak out against issues affecting the people in the country. I know I will always get in hot water for that because it makes people uncomfortable, but you cannot get change without discomfort.”

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  1. Im sorry says:

    Lol all I saw was her nail…

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    • Yep says:

      Sooooooo unattractive… looks like dragons claws ! Yuk !

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    • haha says:

      lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooo me too. hot mess

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    • Outspoken? says:

      “Outspoken resident Cindy Rosan-Jones will be hosting a new show – Cut Deep – and is promising to provide residents with a more in-depth look at the issues affecting the British Virgin Islands.”

      I think the term “outspoken” is improperly used here! She is an intelligent and opinionated resident. Yes some persons may not like her, heck I don’t like her attitude sometimes but she is constantly advocating for us and asking questions that we are too afraid to ask. She sees through the BS and calls it out! I like her for that.

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  2. BVI says:

    we welcome this show because all the talk shows gone soft since vip took over

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  3. crony says:

    Go Siddung

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  4. Yawn says:

    Another 15 mins of fame that’s almost up!

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  5. Support says:

    Don’t mind the noise Cindy. If Wendy Williams listened to what people had to say then she would not have been as successful as she is today. People have issues when other speak out on issues that others were too shy to speak on.

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    • NYC says:

      Girl Cindy, do your thing and do it well. The haters is hating because they cannot do what you are about to do. Kudos to you girl.

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  6. LOL says:

    Pure clowns encouraging another clown to perform for the circus. Always chatting pure P !$$

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    • @LOL says:

      If you are female, then you are a jealous, salty ratchet B**CH. She is chatting the truth. In this BVI, the majority of you always want to cut someone down for keeping S**T real. I don’t know her but, as a woman she has my full support. Good luck Cindy.

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      • To @LOL says:

        You sound very ghetto, no wonder you support her and her foolishness. Go back on the corner and sell your fluff for $12

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        • And you says:

          I did not mention anything about any mother. So therefore now that you call my mother a b***h, what you need to do is hire an exterminator to eradicate the giant roaches that is playing tackle football in your mother P**+ hole.

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      • @LOL says:

        Your mom is a b!+<h? How can you say such a thing about her ? Lmaooooo

  7. Yellow says:

    Why not call the show Craazos? Strupes.

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  8. Hey Cindy, How you doing? says:

    Girl good luck. Locking forward to the show, know it is going to be off the chain interested. Let the haters hate. As a woman, I will say you are a straight shooter. Like Safaree say in his famous jamacian accent, STRAIGHTTTTT. Good luck girl.

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  9. Go Cindy Go says:

    We backing you 100% Cindy

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  10. Go on says:

    Don’t mind all those persons trying to tear you down half of them don’t have the balls to talk up. Hiding behind the blogs. Our country needs courageous people in leadership. I look forward to your dealing with issues as long as you are fair and unbiased and are adding substance to the necessary discussions for the countries development.

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  11. TurtleDove says:

    We are so negative in this place….its up to her now ..wish her well…..opportunity is all we can ask for..

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  12. Shut up says:

    Why y’all don’t go sit y’all nasty @ss down somewhere. This why nothing can come good from Tortola. Nasty crabs in a barrel

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  13. Truth says:

    As a belonger to these beautiful islands i wonder sometimes why you bvi lander have to be so cruel and nasty and have bad mine against each other .just because of politics my gosh.two bvi lander on bvi news talking about thing that needs to done and things that they are going to do and read the nasty blogs .marlon penn and cindy has not said anything wrong as far as i read.what you people need to look at and blog is the blatant bullying and victimization that is rampant im government and with these statutory bodies. Why don’t you bloggers talk about it . Is it because you think your plate is going to be filled well think again because you are not going to get anything. Look at who getting there pocket full and running over .first there are the candidates that run and lost they getting the jobs and even those that run yrs back and lost.then there’s the so called intellectual one that have degrees on paper and can barely performed. Take the one that leave hlscc run to the hospital under the they make friends with some vip so they run back to hlscc .now listen this they was a board member and now resign from that board because they want the former minister experience and quality son to be moved from his acting position so they can have it with all their lies and 90 % bulls**t and 10 % work.this is what you bvi lander need to blog.look at how j*** bully that person from hlscc so another losing candidate can get their job.look at how customs is held up with acting position so that another losing candidate they trying to put that. This country is to small to be doing these things.when you victimize one is another dozen you affecting and we are not going to forger next polling day.i already said no government is going to last more than 8 yrs anymore and some would only last 4.look at how a board chairman was going in tie to work everyday at port.tell them to do that now let the same person kick him out.the minister in the 7th district we are watching your fancy speeches and getting carried away with new friends .well if the new found friendship is who voted you in we hope they could keep you there. Ms flax speak up and that i know you will.neville i know you would speak up to because power was never the reason you went in the race.most of the others are power hungry. One minister is like a headless chicken just running around in circles. And on this same note the one you put to act he really think he is in Hollywood so he acting .just ask him to jump and he is goimg to asked how high.i say again this country is to small for the voting public to forget.

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    • SMH says:

      Excuse Me! How can you insinuate the comments are by BVIslanders? Remember Salt and Sugar looks the same. Don’t be so malicious with your views!

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  14. sure says:

    I’m all for having a range of voices, it is healthy in any Democratic country.

  15. so it go says:

    When she attacked the NDP it was alright but now she turn on the VIP it’s bad

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  16. Hmmmmm says:

    BVI People, why are we so hateful? Why are we always quick to hate on another’s success, opportunities, ideas etc? Everything is always an issue. We are a hard crowd to please when international artist come here to perform. When a sista opens up a new business we find an issue with her products and run to the BVI Community board or Facebook and try to blast them. When a brotha open a business you see another small minded one do the exact same thing and trying to beef and downplay that brotha’s business. We got to stop!!!! Another thing too, if ain’t a POPULAR person doing something we push up our noses!

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  17. The Truth says:

    Cindy looking nice.

  18. Crabs in a barrel mentality says:

    Everyone had a right to his or her opinions . Now FACTS – Jealousy, bitterness and envy is like a cancer . Let the woman voice her opinions . Supporting a party does not mean you must agree with every decision . You agree to disagree that is healthy democracy is about . Stop
    Mixing personal vendettas over the nation issues

  19. Strupes says:

    Wha she don’t go sit down

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  20. Musa says:

    This girl is a waste of time ,go try plant some trees.

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  21. Ausar says:

    When I think of the Tourist Board, I envision staff that are eager, willing and supportive of the beauty of these islands and all they have to offer.

    This is why Mrs. Jones comments and views disturbs me. Surely, all of us, if unsatisfied with the day to day operations of government, should be able to voice our concerns.

    But as it now stands, that an official that we depend upon to promote these islands, are at the same time voicing her displeasures, is not a good fit!

    This is why I suggest that you, Mrs. Jones, tender your resignation or retire.

    This agency is in need of staff that can truly promote these islands!

    If you chose to speak your indifferences, one-on-one, with each official in a private manner, now thats sonething else.

    But as it now stands,your current stance,-it’s embarrassing, classless and tastetless,and as such, places the territory in a comical position, a position that we should never have to be placed in, by one of those who upon taking an ambassadorial position, vowed to promote and uphold the beauty and true service to the country!

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  22. She b*****r says:

    its funny .
    the ones bashing her behind computers wont do it to her face

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