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Funding UK gives to governor should be included in BVI’s budget

Third District Representative, Julian Fraser.

Opposition legislator Julian Fraser has said he believes the funds which are allocated to Governor Augustus Jaspert from the United Kingdom should be included in territory’s budget.

Fraser made those remarks during last month’s budget debate in the House of Assembly.

He said: “I have a problem with the fact that the governor receives money from the United Kingdom and no one in government knows how it’s used, where it is, how it’s recorded. We talked about a means of having it recorded in our budget, one way or the other.”

The senior legislator further said that all monies entering the British Virgin Islands should be accounted for within the treasury as it is part of the territory’s assets.

“The governor receives $400,000 from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, my suggestion is that it be recorded in the medium-term fiscal plan. Whatever money is coming into this country should be recorded, and reflected in our treasury,” Fraser argued.

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  1. SMH says:

    Really Mr.Fraser!How would that be done?

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  2. Gandalf says:

    What is with that moustache?!!!

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  3. this all says:


  4. BVI says:


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    • Smh says:

      Frazer you need to come out of politics and retire an go some where where no one has to see or hear from you, you’ve disgraced your self and the Bvi. It clearly shows you want some of the money

  5. Accounting 101 says:

    The funds are allocated to the GOVERNOR, NOT the BVI govt. He is paid by UK, not the BVI. Financial mismanagement is getting be be the 3 rd pillar of the BVI economy.

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  6. Mmmmmm says:

    Fraser your hitting back lol love it. It’s only fair, why shouldn’t someone/ a boady of people where the money is spent hold him accountable for money spent. Fraser is trying to raise a serious endemic issue that is bigger than a few pennies. Read between the lines

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  7. Diaspora says:

    The VI is an OT of the UK and it is often stated it is self-governing. Well, from my vantage point, the VI is not totally self-governing; the governing responsibilities are shared between the local government and the crown. It is an odd and awkward arrangement with the UK having responsibility for a)civil service, b)defense and external affairs, c)internal security, d)RVIPF, e)judiciary and jailed (responsibility shared between local government and crown; finance and other unlisted functions are the responsibility of the local government. It is important to note that some of the functions falling under the crown are funded by local taxpayers.

    Her Majesty the Queen, QEII, is head of state of the VI and the crown is represented locally by the governor. Agree with the Hon Fraser that all government revenue, ie, taxes, fees, fines, loans, grants…….etc must be deposited into the Treasury and properly disbursed. The question is what is the purpose for the $400K FCO allocate annually to the governor’s office. Is it to operate the Governor’s office or is it a grant to the VI? If it is for the former, it should not be in the local operations and maintenance budget. The Governor is responsible for the funds and is accountable to the FCO.

  8. 2 Grand says:

    leave England cookie jar alone if any missing and unaccountable for it won’t be no slap on your wrist

  9. SMDH says:

    Yeah I understand now.

    UK should pay the money into the BVI Government Budget. Then BVI will pay the Governor’s salary and people Frazer will complain that the BVI is paying the Governor too much money and he should not be paid from our budget. Catch 22.

    If it aint broke don’t fix it.

  10. Nathan says:

    I can’t see why that should be any concern of the Government. It would be different if the BVI Government. It’s not from the public purse.

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