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Government’s marijuana legislation delayed but not denied — Premier

Premier Andrew Fahie has struck a tone of optimism about having the BVI’s long-delayed cannabis legislation — which passed through the House of Assembly (HOA) months ago — being able to receive the governor’s assent.

During his recent budget address, the Premier said: “We were ahead of the game when we passed that legislation in this Honourable House. But we may have been delayed, but with God’s help we will not be denied.”

The BVI’s immediate past governor, Augustus Jaspert, declined to offer assent to the act last year, citing concerns about the absence of a marijuana licensing body. Thereafter, Jaspert sent the bill to the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). 

This was a feat that the Premier later described as unprecedented in the BVI’s political history.

At the time he complained that the governor should have objected to the bill before it was passed in the House, adding that much work had been done to put the legislation together and pass it through the HOA.

“The Virgin Islands people can benefit immensely if they can participate in this industry,” Premier Fahie said of the legislation. 

He continued: “Your government is working with the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO) to address the various issues that are holding back assent to the legislation for the Virgin Islands to establish our medical marijuana industry.”

Legal and regulated marijuana industries, the Premier noted, have already been proven to have provided economic benefits and stimulation to several jurisdictions. 

The Premier also stated that the global medical marijuana industry is projected to grow from its current value of $9.2 billion to $57 billion by 2027.

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  1. ok says:

    This man is like the d**il himself. He is steadfast in sending us down the road of self-destruction.

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  2. WEED IS IT says:


  3. Reality Check says:

    That we elected a set of politicians who have never been directly responsible for running a successful business is evident in this bill, showing the lack of business acumen and research of what is happening in more mature medical marijuana markets. Perhaps there is room to expand the already saturated local market, but exporting when “big business” including “big pharma” are already dominating is unrealistic. Better promote organic farming of the food products the whole population can enjoy!

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  4. heckler says:

    He is in the UK now so why don’t he get it assented to? Pure talk and no action!

  5. Day of Repentance says:

    What a joke Jamaica education system is in a worse situation because of “ medical marijuana “ . You can’t revive the green house at Pariquita Bay but you want to farm marijuana?
    Who is going to ensure the people plant this type ?
    Not enough police to fight crime who will watch which kind is planted ?
    Is there land soil to plant medical marijuana successful
    What are the social ills which goes with it ?
    . You want to
    Produce a land of young fased out people

    They buy out the churches with stimulus package so the Christian Council is mum on this issue

    Why did he call a day of repentance??? What a man

  6. SMH says:

    They cannot get one thing completed and just full speed all over the place. Schools, Incinerator, Sewage, Roads, Airports, Seaports, Marijuana, Gambling, Government Online Access/Payments. Nothing is completed, nothing properly done but they continue to add to it and bragging as if things are going so well. Regardless of how we feel about Marijuana, the point is that it is currently illegal so obviously making such a drastic change must be carefully considered and dealt with accordingly.

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  7. @ HECKLER says:

    he forgot to take his side kick (the wigged one , who would of give BORIS a staredown and got it ASSENTED 👍

  8. resident says:

    pipe dreams

  9. if you think.... says:

    a change in this law, like every change in law and policy for the last two decades, will not be specifically designed to benefit only a few wealthy people,then I have an iceberg tht will make you rich selling ice….serious, call me!

  10. AReally says:

    To late,,south America done fully medical and exporting legally.WE to small.

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