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Governor departs to UK to discuss ‘constitutional relationships’

Governor Augustus Jaspert.

Governor Augustus Jaspert has departed for the United Kingdom to participate in a Joint Ministerial Council Meeting and discuss topics such as the constitutional relationship between Britain and the BVI.

This meeting comes months after the UK opened up an inquiry into the future of the BVI’s relationship with the mother nation.

A media release from the Office of the Governor said the meeting will ‘provide an opportunity’ for UK parliamentarians and officials to interact with Premiers and Chief Ministers of the Overseas Territories to “discuss a range of topics and to agree on the way forward on a number of matters”.

“This year, discussions will include the impacts of Brexit, constitutional relationships, financial services and disaster resilience, amongst many other topics of mutual interest. The governor is looking forward to taking part in those engagements,” explained Acting Executing Private Secretary to the governor, Arliene T Penn.

Deputy Governor David Archer, Jr is Acting Governor while Jaspert is away.

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  1. Tiny says:

    Independence for the BVI.

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    • PROBLEMS says:

      Those of you who call for independence do so from a racial point of view and not a common sense point of view. If all these years the B.V.I. was doing so well financially as you and others seem to think why then dod yhe goverment have to turn to the British goverment for fonancial help, the money should have been there to take care of the fevastation rather than turning outside for help.
      And just so you know I am born and raised in the B.V.I and so are my great great grand parents, so I am no foreigner and I am 60.

      So either you benefit from the crooks in the goverment and I do mean the ppposition alsl or you are letting your racism blind you. And yes I am black.

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  2. Uk says:

    I can’t wait for the UK to take more control over the place.

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    • PROBLEMS says:

      I totally agree

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    • Goread says:

      To say that is to say, you do not know the history of the Virgin Islands. To say that is to be dumb to what could be a slap in the face of our ancestors. Wheel and come again. Our aim should be to bring to naught what started as an inhumanitarian and barbaric act by the British. Long live the Virgin Islands without Colonialism.

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      • What Time Is It? says:

        @Goread, There have been numerous atrocities, meaningless wars, possession of other countries and people’s lands etc. We haven’t been paid or likely to be compensated for the experience of slavery on our fore-parents. True, History hasn’t been very kind to us, (as a people as is sometimes said). Here we find ourselves on this little 60 sq miles piece of real estate; slipping away from us 2 islands and 300 acres at a time. True, BVi sits smack over the earth quake zone running between Puerto Rico and Venezuela, we are smack in the hurricane zone, no natural resources in the ground such as Bauxite, oil, minerals etc.) not even enough land to produce our own food. In addition, our politicians, (our political leaders, have knowingly or unknowingly, through greed, or looking out for others, not their own, gotten us into this precarious situation. When we can’t even trust our own, we are in a quite challenging situation. Do we really have other Options at this time than to be associated with, and rely on the country that we have been relying on?

    • TurtleDove says:

      Be careful what you wish for. While I don’t think we are ready for independence having the Brits take over is not a good thing either. BVI government is still a young government, we just going through some growing pains.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Want and bring back the English man at your own peril Black people.

      Do so and you will regret every moment he has control over you, your country; your finances; your future, there will be none for you or your family.

      He will control you from birth to grave with merciless brutality of every conceivable measure.

      So go wishing you fools.Keep wishing for a regretful existence.

      It is a fool of immense mental proportions to want the offspring’s of some of the most brutal conscienceless minds in human history to come to your home and rule you and run your show.

      Minds like that should be exterminated along with them.

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      • In aTrance says:

        @Anonomous, so when you we go Independent, or Self Determined, would we still be dependent on someone else, or some others? Their currency, their protection of our waters, our borders, be our insurance broker (should there be other or more Category 5 hurricanes, earthquake? Will you still hold the power to keep and maintain our water rights, keep our islands and lands? will our currency be worth $1.00?. What will our currency be valued? More or less how many of our dollars it will take to equal one US dollar or Chinese Yen? What will the economy be like? Just some questions coming to my mind and hoping you have thought/or are thinking about them and put our fears to rest .

        • @@Anonymous says:

          The concerns stated are all legitimate. They have been and remain some of the major concerns of any people who are seeking their God given right to serve and be in control of their own destiny.

          However, I could briefly answer all questions, but it will be exclusively more beneficial if one would embark on a personal quest to acquire such knowledge and understanding.

          Such a response requires in-depth knowledge and understanding thereof, of the complexities of such a topic.

          Additionally, this idiom is not conducive to producing such scholarly undertakings.

  3. Oneil says:

    Please help us Mr. Governor, as our current system isn’t working. Our schools are broken and education is not a priority with our elected officials. Our roads are broken. Our electric supply is unreliable. Our water supply is unreliable. Our internet is slow and expensive.

    Following the storms, we realized that we can not rely on our existing government to provide basic services must less long term planning. (Thank you for sending in the marines to stop the looting and to help clear the roads.)

    Our current constitution does not address the needs of the people. We need serious reform. Can you help us Sir?

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  4. THE TRUTH says:

    @ UK….keep waiting…nah come tek mama Africa from we again. I can’t wait for reparations.

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    • PROBLEMS says:

      Keep waiting. Reparations so that the money is stolen and does not benefit the people. And if there were reparations it should only go to those who can demonstrate that were born in the B.V.I. and whose parents and grandparents and great grandparents and grest great grandparents on both sides were born in the territory.
      Do you think you can meet that criteria. I can

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    • African Queen says:

      Happy to pay you reparations and send you all back to Africa. Remember you are not the indigenous people of these islands.

  5. Liberation time says:

    VI needs full independence and liberation! VI unite 2020 independence movement.

    We are the Virgin Islands Republic.

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    • Come Again says:

      With all this nepotism, victimisation and corruption? Look at SOME of our Caribbean neighbours. How is it working for them?

      No sir/ma’am. Think again. We need to prepare for independence. We will need lots of people to fill positions in BVI and overseas. At the rate we going we will employ anyone from anywhere.

      What does being a Virgin Islander even mean? What is our motto? Depending on who you ask I guarantee you get a different response. My point is that we got a lot of ground work to do- like 10-15 years.

      Wheel and come again!

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  6. Stuff going downn says:

    Stuff going be finalized and all we will be able to do afterwards is get vex, call talk shows and blog. Nobody in the house representing the people any more.

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  7. Independent thinker says:

    The problem with independence is our size. People buy insurance to spread risk. Big countries can easily spread risk. Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, shortly before Irma hit us. But, in the case of Harvey, there was all the rest of the United States to shoulder the burden of recovery. In our case, the whole country was devastated. Had it not been for the resources provided by the UK, we would never have made it through, nearly as well as we did. Why can’t people see that, attractive as independence may sound, we are just too small to be able to stand up to whatever disasters may befall us? We should be glad there is a mother country on which to fall back, and we should nurture that relationship. It’s not all about the history of slavery, racism (both ways) and ego and pridefulness. It’s our insurance policy. Do we really want to go it alone?

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    • Not either or says:

      @Independent thinker, We would not be alone, that picture painted is somewhat misleading. Almost every nation has an affiliation with other countries around the world.

      France is independent but is part of the EU, and share common methods for security medical and so on.

      USA and Canada share common free trade agreement. So does Mexico.

      No nation is truly isolated and alone! So we need to think outside the box and do big things for VI!

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    • PROBLEMS says:

      They cant see because they are blinded by their own racism and add thrir short sited selfishness and greed to it if they some of their corrupt family members in politics

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  8. Cecil says:

    Really sad to say but the UK needs to take back direct rule for 4-5 yrs and put all the systems in place.
    The Bvi is laughed at across the USA, Canada and all of Europe! Just ask anyone who’s tried to vacation through the airport and deal with the immigration officers or tried to register a boat in the Bvi…..we need the UK’s help coz the white collars here only help themselves.

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  9. Ok says:

    So you all is getting a taste of the same things that you thought you were immune from.

  10. First, says:

    level of dead brain matter posting on this thread is hilarious.

    Second,the number of pro-colonialist and those determined not to see the African descendants gain any kind of life and political independence is shocking.

    Third, to see our own mindless, unread, un-knowledgeable souls asking, in fact begging for the return of his former slaver and master, one who has been his historic enemy is, well there is no word that can adequately describe such a mind.

    So, let’s just say, be careful what you wish for. Those that are thumbing down every blog that represents our a view on our freedom from tyranny are the ones waiting to subject you/us to unfathomable brutality and discrimination, and second class humanity. Be careful what you wish for Black West Indians!

    Meanwhile, it is hoped that constitutional reforms will include having the freedom to govern our self and control our own affairs.

    Every human being, people and country was born with those inalienable rights.

    Therefore, our freedom to act independently, to self-govern; to be independent, sovereign, free, self-ruling, self-determining should not be a right of others to be granted to us!

    Those are, should and must be our natural human, political and economic rights.

    And for the fools and un-read, do read and study the Universal Declaration On Human Rights. Perhaps some mind expansion may not hurt.

    And for the thumbs down trolls, keep on thumbing down, but you are not in the position of your ancestors to negatively affect our history and destiny anymore.

    You are, however, benefactors of your ancestors horror and tyranny upon other humanity, and as such, still cling to those colonial undertakings and spoils even as your governments continue to make them seem legitimate today.

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    • Thank you says:

      Totally agree! Self determination is a must!

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    • Ok says:

      Sounding pro-black but bet you go America for vacation which is racist. How can the bvi be a colony when we can deport whoever.

    • Kunta says:

      The problem with your point of view is that whist we have been free for over 150 years we have in fact become enslaved by our elected officials who have acted in secrecy for too long. They have misspent our money. Many believe that they and their families have personally benefited from their control over us.

      Have they spent our money to maintain our sewers? Have they spent our money on our schools and improving our children’s education? Have they spent our money on our roads? Have they spent our money on providing reliable power? Have they spent our money on creating lower cost and more reliable internet and communications?

      What have they spent our money on? How come they live in such nice houses and fly on private planes? Are we to remain slaves to our elected officials? Can we change it so we are treated better? Can we change it so our children can be better educated so that they can avoid our fate?

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  11. Hmm says:

    How will bvilanders look down on down island people again? If independence happen then it could turn the other way around. Visas for here, visas for there, visas for everywhere lol

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    • @Hmm says:

      In life, all is cyclical. Take for an example, the status, worldview position and existential circumstances of the Black man today versus his position centuries ago.

      Fear not, and teach your and our children their history, not that of the European, our sworn historic enemy only, that we may begin to regain our rightful position on earth over time.

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  12. Brad Boynes says:

    Bah Humbug

  13. VisionVI2040 says:

    “Knowledge is incomplete unless it passes through the crucibles of experience.”

    “There is nothing new under the sun.”

    It is important to contribute in changing our paradigm for the greater good of our people and country.

    Knowledge must not be confined- take what is applicable for our state in time:

    Link- View Part 1 through Part 4 for an indepth perspective.

    Part 1:

    The time has come for political hygiene in our country.

  14. Smh @ you people says:

    The virgin islands is not a british colony…How can it be one when we can deport even people from the U.k. A lot of these sentiments are based on racial attitudes. Everyone acknowledges the history or slavery in the Virgin Islands. What confuses me though is that America has a worst history of racism with people of colour yet you people are the same ones going to the usvi and Puerto Rico to birth children for citizenship for your children. America should ban people from birth tourism-yes that would apply to the usvi also. I truly wouldn’t want to see an independent vi. It’s not needed. Yes call me whatever you want but your privileged status is based on being an OT. The OTs are the wealthiest places in the Caribbean. Why do you think everyone wants to move here. Smh. An Aruba or Channel Island status would work but independence that’s crazy. Ask your neighbours if they want to leave America. If we was American no one would be posting these silly posts. How ever do as you all please. Then come running for greencards.

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  15. UM says:

    Somebody Missing?

  16. Oversight says:

    I loathe anyone who always implying that unless the UK does something it can’t be done right. The UK had 184 years headstart on us, and they still call the BVI their ideal place to live and do business. Yes, we must be allowed to make mistakes and correct them ourselves. If we can get this far with the amount of years Europe and the USA had on us, it says something about the brilliance of our people.

    We will one day have great leaders; we will one day rise again as a beacon, a shining light upon the hills of the Caribbean. We accept our shortfalls and shortcomings, but we are not lying down and playing dead and let Europe re-colonize us again. So away with your talk of imposing Direct Rule on us. Remember, according to Article 73, the UK’s role is just a mere oversight on us. Our aim as a people should be to seek self-determination. There we shall go one day. Keep UK out of the BVI with direct rule, least they under-develop it like Europe did to Africa, according to Walter Rodney. Long live our Beloved, BVI, see!!

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  17. Abraham says:

    “One day rise again as a beacon? What day were you referring to? This sounds to me like more mumbo jumbo from our current leader’s PR team.
    Look, we have s**t flowing through our streets. We can’t even solve basic functions like responsibly removing our trash without it blowing up in our face?
    Our leaders have repeatedly ignored us in favor of white elephant projects like the $300m runway extension. Or they have handed out our money for unexplained reasons with no due dillengence.
    Our current elected officials have given away all of our land, spent all our money and our children’s money and our power still doesn’t work; our roads are still broken; our schools are still broken…. LORD help us for we know from painful experience our elected officials are incapable of doing so.

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  18. What Time Is It? says:

    @Goread, There have been numerous atrocities, meaningless wars, possession of other countries and people’s lands etc. We haven’t been paid or likely to be compensated for the experience of slavery on our fore-parents. True, History hasn’t been very kind to us, (as a people as is sometimes said). Here we find ourselves on this little 60 sq miles piece of real estate; slipping away from us 2 islands and 300 acres at a time. True, BVi sits smack over the earth quake zone running between Puerto Rico and Venezuela, we are smack in the hurricane zone, no natural resources in the ground such as Bauxite, oil, minerals etc.) not even enough land to produce our own food. In addition, our politicians, (our political leaders, have knowingly or unknowingly, through greed, or looking out for others, not their own, gotten us into this precarious situation. When we can’t even trust our own, we are in a quite challenging situation. Do we really have other Options at this time than to be associated with, and rely on the country that we have been relying on?

  19. Trent l. Miller BOT Citizenship Campaign says:

    With the forthcoming London meeting scheduled early December of the various Premiers, Chief Ministers & Leaders of British Overseas Territories, evidence will be given to the Foreign Affairs Committee, and at local diaspora community events. We want to highlight this extraordinary story that should be on the agenda of such meetings. If it is not, it would be unfortunate. The VI Leadership have been made aware of this issue for some time.

    The matters involve discriminatory historical legislation in how nationality & citizenship laws are created and implemented. This plays into the constitutionality and how the UK Parliament and its governmental departments legislate and apply service to their British citizens and families of Overseas Territories. It is a clear example of the historical disregard by politicians in the UK who either ignore or exclude the territories in their decision making.
    I summarize the issue as follows:

    One thing that falls into the realm of ensuring any constitutional right, fair & equal, is how the British government regulates who gets BOT/British nationality/citizenship for BOT citizens and their descendants. Currently, the British Nationality Act 1981, to this present day, forbids any British Overseas Territories born fathers who have children born abroad, outside of marriage (illegitimate), between the years 1948 to 2006, are still barred from passing down their BOT/British citizenship to their children born outside of marriage while BOT mothers can do this irrespective if they marry or not. If you are born after 2006, the issue does not apply.

    Also, more importantly, the same British Nationality Act 1981 which regulates BOT citizenship, was amended in 2014 by way of Section 65 Immigration Act 2014, which gave for the first time, the right for any child born to a mainland UK father, to retrospectively register (the child now an adult) their claim to their Dad’s British citizenship by descent where at the time of the child’s birth, he did not marry their mother. It corrected an essential anomaly in the law. The change came about due to the tireless campaigning by Tabitha Sprague, in New York, who was one of the children affected by the anomalies in law.

    The same category of BOT children of descent (like me and others) was deliberately not included, and therefore did not benefit from this significant change. On 6 May 2014, during debate on the passage of Sec 65 Immigration Act 2014, the Home Office Minister, Lord Taylor, said in the House of Lords when questioned by the notable Human Rights Campaigner, the late Lord Eric Avebury, the sponsor of the amendments said:

    “I know that my noble friend is also concerned about British Overseas Territories citizens. Changes to those provisions require consultation with the territories concerned, and this has not been possible in the time available. However, I assure my noble friend that the government will look for suitable opportunities to discuss the issue with the overseas territories once the provisions are implemented.”

    Section 65 went onto to become law, and it was at that point I started my grass¬roots campaign to fight for a further change in the law to include British Overseas Territories children, now adults.

    This failure by the British government to consult is typical of power in a far off land dictating and giving to one and not the other. It is almost like out of sight, out of mind. Why should BOT children of descent be treated any differently under the law? Many BOT’s introduced local legislation to outlaw discrimination against children based on illegitimacy, but somehow, these efforts have not made their way to British nationality laws affecting BOT fathers and their offspring. All law should be equal, fair and just.

    You see, if you are born after 2006, this issue does not apply, as the law was changed to include fathers and their children born under the circumstances. Also, the current law and history affecting BOT’s, does not apply to women who bear children born out of wedlock abroad. Their children can register the right to BOT/British citizenship. So, the bias regarding gender, marital status of the father and the child of an unwed mother all show singular discrimination against them.

    Families remain divided, as in my case. My half-siblings, where my father married their mother, have full rights to register if they so choose, and I don’t.

    Earlier this year, with our campaigning, the Joint Committee on Human Rights led by Harriet Harman MP QC, sent a report to the UK government demanding that they end this discrimination as it is a clear breach of the European Court of Human Rights law. It has been cited in several UK Supreme Court rulings which highlight the incompatibility. The committee urges the government to forth legislation soon.

    It begs the question, why the BOT governments are not demanding that the UK government correct this inequity? It is not that they have not been made aware of the problem. I have personally written to each Premier/Chief Minister & Leader of each BOT. None to this day took the courtesy of sending a written acknowledgment. In my opinion, I wonder if they just wanted to brush this dirty little secret under the carpet only adding to the continued reject and shame of us children!

    It’s unclear currently, what they are doing about it other than pontificating. It is a compelling human rights issue.

    We are not a political organization; just a simple grassroots campaign group made up of real citizen people who are hurting and prevented from official recognition of our birth heritage — all we ask for his fairness and equal treatment under the law.

    We hope that if you publish this, with the aim of making your politicians sit up, listen and act, as well as educating your good citizens of how our children of descent should be treated. We hope your readers would be kind enough to contact their local elected leaders and demand that they push forward with change on this.

    Whatever happened to the British sense of fair play, it is eluding them at this juncture.

    Trent Lamont Miller (Silcott),
    Actor, New York.
    BOT/British Citizenship for Children Born Out of Wedlock Campaign

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