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Gov’t accumulates $256K sewerage bill for CGB since hurricanes

Section of the sewerage plant in Cane Garden Bay.

Government has accumulated more than quarter million dollars in costs on sewerage treatment in Cane Garden Bay since the three disasters devastated the territory last year.

“A total sum of $256,700 has been billed to the government of the Virgin Islands for the collection, treating, and disposing of sewage in Cane Garden Bay,” said Minister of Communications and Works, Mark Vanterpool.

He made the statement while answering questions in the House of Assembly recently.

Vanterpool said, up to June, government had already paid $173,700 of the total amount billed.

Government had contracted St Lucian company FDL Consult Incorporated to manage the Cane Garden Bay sewerage project.

The sewerage project in that community is a part of the government’s national sewerage programme for the territory. Government recently signed a $408,000 contract for consultancy services for the programme.

Cane Garden Bay has been one of the communities most affected by sewerage issues in the last several months.

Having an outdated sewerage plant that had not been functional, authorities had to constantly return to extract sewerage from the community.

The non-functioning plant had also caused sewerage to contaminate the Cane Garden Bay beach. However, that issue has long been rectified.

A new and more modern plant is to be built in Cane Garden Bay; a community which is a prime tourist attraction in the territory.

While sewerage is still an issue for the community, authorities have managed to contain the problem while a new station is being built.

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  1. ndp heckler says:

    All this is because of political games

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Ridiculous, what are they actually paying for as it STILL smells like s*^t?!

  3. Sam the man says:

    A quarter of a million dollars for what? sewage still continues to contaminate CGB, the beach was branded unsafe to bathe in a few months ago….NDP is useless at sorting things…fact

  4. Do As I Say, not As I DO! says:

    Isn’t is government policy and labour code to use locals todo a job instead of bringing in Expats? How come we have to contract an outside team, St Lucia, for that work at CGB, when we have highly qualified nationals, locals, born here, right here who can do the job???

    Things to talk about, political Rascality and Victimization. What a shame in this little BVI.

    • No says:

      The consultant was engaged with respect to finding a solution to the problem, i.e. installation of new service station etc. That project will more than likely come from loan funding from CDB so the consultant would be required. The outside company are not the ones being paid $200K plus to pump sewage, that contract is with a local company.

  5. Lucians.. says:

    is this the ONLY firm regionally that can get work here? FDL – no offense seems to be a permanent member of the CDB/BVI gravy train atm! Are there no other competing firms locally or regionally (Trinidad, JA, USVI)? Just asking an obvious question – not hating.

    • Ok says:

      I’m sure CDB tenders the consultancy works, how do you know if any other firms expressed interest? How do you know FDL doesn’t always put forward the better bid and win fair and square? Welcome to the real world.

  6. The says:

    billing thereof appear to smell more than the actual sewerage.

    It seems in clear practicality that our government continues to be taken advantage of.

    And, when some fail to do so, or are otherwise not connected in a way as to facilitate greed and desire for a piece of the pie, then the results are what we see and have been reading for years.

    This government may not have been perfect, but neither has none that came before it. It has made mistakes, but so has all the others before.

    Meanwhile, it cannot please all.Hopefully, it has learned much and will demonstrate such learning going forward.

    As,the populace looks forward to the plans and strategies yet to be unfolded that will surge our economy and country forward.

    Lastly, many has lost all notions of kinship and belonging. They are us and we are them. If they fail, we fail. When we belittle them to the world, the whole world thinks of and sees us in a similar manner.

    Meanwhile, we must become more politically astute in discerning the authentic qualifications of each candidate.

    But not only that, we should be able to discern to some degree a substantial level and understanding of their moral and ethical convictions. And no, not just religious ones, but political and economic ones, categorically.

    Why such a requirement if discernable?, our politics have evolved to a place where personal financial greed is now paramount and, its practitioners ruthless, and the state of the nation is regressing as a result.

    Finally, this opinion does not seek any “thumbs up” approval. It seeks to share opinions that are critical to the political discourse.

    It favors nor attack neither party,but only to elevate productive political discourse and thinking.

  7. stink says:

    something smells

  8. Ausar says:

    When will CGB start to look like a tourism destination?

    Whats with the lack of landscaping as is seen by the photo above?

    The whole area looks stink to me. No engineer on island in conjunction with landscape architects that can provide a better looking touristic product of the Bay?

    Yucky, yucky, yucky!!

  9. Where is ... says:

    Where is honestly speaking on this topic? The residents of his district caused this mess because of their lack of foresight and greed. Since the 9% man is now the voice of the people, tell us what happen here!

  10. Cgb resident says:

    Guh s— ya mada

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