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Gov’t funds transportation costs for VG dialysis patients during curfew

Seven dialysis patients living on Virgin Gorda have been receiving free transportation to and from the Dr D Orlando Smith Hospital on Tortola where they receive treatment during the territory-wide curfew.

Typically, these patients utilize a public ferry. However, since the curfew took effect last Friday, the ferry companies were also mandated to cease operations.

Vincent Wheatley, the Representative of the Ninth District where Virgin Gorda is located, said the Ministry of Health now pays for the sister-island based patients to be transported via a private charter.

When asked about the cost associated with this private charter, Wheatley told BVI News he would “rather not say”.

But while commenting on the initiative, Wheatley said: “Dialysis is a matter of life and death — we choose life. Societies are judged on how they treat their most vulnerable – children, seniors, sick, disabled etcetera. We seek to get high marks.”

Dialysis is effectively the process whereby excess water and toxins are removed from the blood of individuals whose kidneys have failed.

For some people, this procedure is done at least three times a week.


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  1. Snoppy says:

    What BS… maybe Government can continue to pay for their transportation instead of the ferry company graciously picking up their cost!!!

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    • Disgusting says:

      You people are truly disgusting. People are in need of medical care and your all worried about where or who is funding the transportation. You all are truly rotten people whose only concern is money. Handouts from the U.K., loans you never repay, money you steal from the expats pay. You truly deserve the hell that is coming your way.

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  2. VICKIE says:


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  3. vip heckler says:

    Yet another secret while using taxpayers money

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  4. And why we don’t have a boat as yet? says:

    If they change more than $200 to beef or $400 into RT as a Virgin Gorda resident that’s sad. But I’m sure there wasn’t a choice as the cheapest boat cost still embarrassing expensive. Everyone want overnight / one day rich! The boat could have made fair pricing, cover fuel, boat time and still pocket money. BVI contracts who so love the BVI would change $1.2M to Bill a bathroom at a school, church or park. If it was reasonable he we have said how much. Happy for the patients, sad we can’t survived with being greedy!

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    • Anonymous says:

      You need to fo back to school with all your bad grammar before you come on here trying to say how much the people should CHARGE for their service. You ever owned a boat and know what it is to maintain a boat and pay a captain? Real DUMMY

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  5. Harneyite says:

    It’s good that the BVI Government is looking after these people, but it is we who are paying, not what’s all this “rather not say”? What about transparency and full disclosure? Government rather not say what they spend on a lot of things. Not just this government.

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  6. Capt Flint says:

    It’s a shame they can’t do their treatments at the new VG Clinic. Takes them longer to get to Tola and back on a boat, than the treatments!

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  7. Uncle says:

    They brag about opening VG Hospital and its not functional? They’re spending taxpayer monies and talking about he rather not say what the cost is? This man good in his head?

  8. Change says:

    It is ridiculous that dialysis can’t be done at the Clinic. This needs to be changed.
    I can’t believe all those people have to travel to Tortola still.

  9. Old Pirate says:

    Govt had no proper plans on all this when they decided to shut down the islands into lockdown,so with major calls and concerns from the public and care takers of these patients to the different ministers, they had no choice but to Hire a Private Chartering Company since they had already ordered everything would be ceased including operations of the Ferries also from my knowledge all dialysis patients on Virgin Gorda use to ride the Ferry For Free and that been going on for many many years.

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  10. Vg strong says:

    Thanks so much mr Wheatley for looking out for the 9th district we really appreciate your efforts. Keep up the good work.

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  11. Anonymous says:

    people not die in covid but they die in hungry because there’s no any money to buy a food

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  12. Night Watcher says:

    Hon. Shereen should disclose what she doing with her money for the people of the of the 9th, district. Her **g mouth gone dead.

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  13. Sea It Clear says:

    Thanks for looking after the people Sir!

  14. Vg strong says:

    She dont have to disclose ntn I will tell you what she did. She took care of the elderly in vg she made sure they got groceries for the week and now she make sure they have for 2 weeks THANK YOU HON SHEREEN

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