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Gov’t launching programme to register unemployed residents in all districts

Fahie. (Photo by Andre ‘Shadow’ Dawson/BVI News)

Government will be establishing an outreach programme targeting unemployed individuals across the nine districts of the territory.

Premier Andrew Fahie revealed this while speaking in the House of Assembly recently.

“This will be the [Labour] Department going into each district and sister islands and this is something that we spoke about to make sure that we take government from behind the four walls and start to bring government to the people so that people can register, whether young or old, for these employments,” the Premier stated.

“They will now be coming very shortly — which will be announced to the different districts to register every single man, boy, woman and child that is the working age,” he added.

The Premier said his government will be taking unconventional measures to ensure that all interested persons seeking employment receive a job.

“This government is challenging all the local businesses in the territory to hire. Register with either the Ministry of Labour or the Premier’s Office to be part of this initiative of the 1,000 jobs in 1,000 days. And in that, the government is doing training of those persons who are going to work with those entities,” the Premier said.

He continued: “The government is going to pay 10 percent of the annual salary but they must be working for at least a year.” he explained.

The premier had announced weeks ago that this initiative would happen over the next five years.

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  1. huh says:

    Sounding good but

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    • Not2Sure says:

      Why do it by District? That just means you need to hire 9 sets of staff instead of just one set of central staff for the whole Territory.

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  2. Hmm says:

    Like the 1000 jobs ? your credibility is 0.

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    • :) says:

      Well if you knew how to count you would know that the beginning of May is still within the 1000 days limit that was set by the Premier.

  3. Ausar says:

    Awesome, awesome news, Premier!

    With such information, perhaps, an unemployment agency, of sorts, could be realized, for the benefit of our people!

  4. The Hooded Claw says:

    Brilliant! Create jobs in every district by hiring the unemployed to count the unemployed!

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  5. Good..but says:

    We continue to develop programs, put committees together and give people a lot of false hope. The main issue with respect to unemployment is attitudes, training etc. We need to put proper measures in place at our schools, college etc. in order to adequately prepare our people for opportunities. If we do it right then we can make the case to employers that there’s no reason to overlook our people for job opportunities. If we continue to pretend like we are helping people then permits will continue to be processed. Regardless, we will always need to issue permits as we cannot do all the jobs, but there are instances where we shout from the mountains on behalf of our people but we are setting them up to fail! Let us train our people and give them every opportunity to equip themselves, not throw them to the wolves and pretend as though we did a great thing.

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    • TurtleDove says:

      Agreed! and only one office is needed along with a website. They should then sponsor job fairs with businesses that have real job openings and can get resumes and meet people for future openings. We always doing too much….help people to help themselves is a better alternative.

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  6. Thought says:

    If someone doesn’t have the initiative to get up and look for a job, or even go to Labour themselves, and is waiting for the Government to come to them and offer them something, you are just validating that level of entitlement. What is going to make these individuals good and productive workers if they won’t even make an effort to help themselves?

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  7. Ah sah says:

    No matter what you do to help the BVI there’s always a problem. Premier you keep doing your best and let God do the rest because some of these people are so bitter and bad mind.

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  8. Well says:

    As long as all the expats who are not working are asked to leave the Territory and some are not adding any value and are a burden.

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  9. VG says:

    I need a job in the Education Department preferably as a Teacher’s Assistant with special emphasis on children that require extra assistance in completing their daily requirements.

  10. Ponytail. says:

    Very good.There are people who are qualified and hold belongership and cant get no job.

  11. E Scott says:

    @well typical BVI attitude and the reason why BVI is on a down spiral

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    • Prayer needed says:

      Poor bitter one. We will pray for you. Only negatively comes from within you. So sad.

      This is great so that it can truly be known what the unemployment rate is in this place etc. It’s a start and we’ll see how it plays out.

  12. Lodger says:

    What happened to the last governments exercise in this? Didn’t they compile a list of jobless and ger some of them placements? Why would that have stopped?

  13. Aj says:

    @well ,what the h**l is wrong with you if these people are a problem to you use your education and knowledge and apply to be the chief immigration officer and deport them because people like you who just opens your mouth without thinking is just the people who were affiliated with the former government and the greasy landlords who took advantage of the te nets that they had and now can’t get their places fixed because the curse of greed took them over ,the days of Fischer when our grand parents use to go into stthomas through the window to make life easier and to own something to take care of their families where was that thought that you now have , the days of the Fancimy the ship that the people of these islands use to travel on to go to the Dominican Republic to cut cane to take care of their families in these islands where was that thought I had 2 great uncles that died on their way back home when that ship the Fansimy sank and where was that thought when they were traveling all through the Caribbean islands looking for work ,but be careful what you ask for history has a way of repeating its self ,look at Guyana now all the oil that is being found there , I remember not too long ago when one government worker was telling the Guyanese people to leave the BVI and go home just after the hurricane he don’t have to tell them that anymore they now have more resources than most develop countries in the world and I can’t believe that you have ever left this country before and well use to be a big hole but your very shallow.

  14. Jane says:

    The Labor Department should have a website where all BVI jobs vacancies are advertised. If a work permit is sought then the rule should be it MUST be advertised there. Employers pay to place the adverts so the website is self-funded.

    That way no-one can play games with advertising vacancies and everyone knows where to look for a job if they want one.

    I think the truth is that the very small percentage of BVIslanders who are not working dont want a job or cannot have a job (e.g. childcare commitments and logistics are too tricky to work around, they cannot afford a vehicle or cannot drive). The government should provide childcare vouchers, build up a comprehensive bus network, and consider providing subsidised driving lessons for BVIslanders. Help those people help themselves. There are some lazy people (everywhere has them) who simply dont want to work up a sweat, and i am afraid government cannot help those people and nor should they try.

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