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Gov’t negotiating telecoms companies’ licenses

Premier Andrew Fahie

The government is reportedly in talks with local telecommunications providers to address issues surrounding service quality, reliability and cost.

Premier Andrew Fahie made this announcement in a recent statement on how is the administration is reviving the local economy.

He said discussions involve the continuation of the internet providers’ licenses.

“The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission is being proactive in negotiating for telecommunications licenses that will be expiring next year and due for renewal,” Fahie said.

“Reliable, affordable, and accessible telecommunications is critical for doing business in the digital age especially for the investments your government will be making to have our Virgin Islands to be one of the top digital economies in the world,” he added.

The Premier’s statement follows through on his promise to begin negotiations with these telecoms providers this year. At the time of making that promise, Fahie had said there would be “no compromise on the matter”.

Complaints about the internet and other telecommunication services have been exacerbated in the BVI since the passage of the 2017 hurricanes.

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  1. Satellite says:

    Why bother. Internet from space is coming soon.

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    • Yup says:

      If Foy was any kind of leader he would be contacting Starlink (Elon Musk) and find out how he can get Starlink as soon as possible to his people. Instead he only seeks a new arrangement with Flow and the others so he can l**e his p****ts.

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  2. Styles. says:

    “especially for the investments your government will be making to have our Virgin Islands to be one of the top digital economies in the world,”

    This really made my day!

    What a joke. We can’t even have a decent road between town and east end. We have an airport without arrival and departure information. We have ferries from the middle ages. The government has not been able to put up a working covid portal. Government officials are e-mailing using hotmail/gmail/yahoo addresses.

    And this guy talks about being a top digital economy.

    Sir, you are delusional. We live in a third world country here.

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    • FirstWorld says:

      And why are you in the Third World country? What about moving to the UK where they are First World. Take all your friends with you too.

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      • @FirstWorld says:

        Thousands of reasons to be in this third world country. It being a top digital economy isn’t one of them.

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    • strupes says:

      why don’t you stop? It seems like nothing the Government does pleases anyone. Give them a chance let them disappoint you. I would say we the people need to establish time lines for things to be done. Everyday is the same thing from you guys. When you go to the polling stations, vote on issues.

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    • Wow says:

      Third World? Where is the other two?

    • Star stink says:

      I don’t want any starlink. The cost of the subpar internet service here is already overpriced so I can only imagine that will be $1000+ monthly for one domestic use router. No thanks.

  3. Cancer says:

    When the NDP was campaigning about the internet and the need for the government to get more involved you went around telling the operators that the NDP government want to take over their business. Now look at you here. The COI report can’t come fast enough. You are a cancer for the BVI.

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  4. Rubber Duck says:

    Don’t forget people that satellite internet is coming soon to BVI. Starlink ( from SpaceX Elon Musks company) . You can sign up now to be one of the first users. Speeds are expected to be around 150mbps ( Slow does 10mbps if you are lucky ) Prices are expected to be $80- 100 per month.

    That is what will kill off the current bandits

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  5. anegada says:

    let Flow the provider of landlines reconnect Anegada not just where they have their cell tower

  6. BuzzBvi says:

    Going to be worse when new crony paybacks are negotiated.

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  7. Ridiculous says:

    These telecommunication companies keep jacking up the prices for the same wishwash internet services and the regular board just keep spewing hot air about what they will do and going to do but never do, whilst we on the wrong of the stick gets taped financially

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  8. Shaft says:

    AGAIN ?tl these guys are only interesting in RIPPING off our PEOPLE YEAR after year they are finding ways AND means manipulating us ( flow ) reminds me of the movie JAWS and the others is alike

  9. He needs to go says:

    The BVI needs to rid itself of this man as leader. He is bad for the country.

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  10. Wheatley says:

    Still waiting for internet service here on Anegada

  11. My God says:

    I always wondered why it was the most dishonest people who always call the name of God. I now realize that they use your respect for God to fool you into what they want you to think or do. Those are the most dangerous people on earth.

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  12. Pandora's Box says:

    So demoralized with this guy that have no idea what is fact or fiction, and I sure don’t believe anything he says.

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  13. You already lost says:

    Because you have no idea what to demand and no concreate vision of what you want. They know what they want. Yes, yes engage in talks. They’re going to wait you out. The telecoms well tell you nice things, then confuse you, then not so nice things, then when you get “tough” nice things again. By the time it’s ready to renew you won’t have time to ask for anything. All is not lost, they’ll throw everyone a bone. Wash, rinse, repeat for the next administration. Great job!!!

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  14. @ cast eyes says:

    Yeah that dude needs ANGER management he certainly no NO courteous / when ever you TRY to explain anything to him he seems to have an attitude (. I think sombody need to switch his 👀 around

  15. An Uncertain Future Looms says:

    There exists in the BVI what appears to be an anti- government and anti-local people organization spreading anti-local government and pro-UK take over rhetoric amongst the people.

    The second step was offices  with all white employees. Our government remained silent.

    The third step is the COI, and most people appear to have been psychologically programmed to fall for their ultimate demise.

    When the FSC and RDA come up all white in a couple of years, then and only our people will drop the sheep mentality and begin seeing and thinking critically.

    It appears now that the LOCAL BVI are heading into an uncertain future now.

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  16. Local man says:

    Mr. Fahie you’re no good for the BVI. You allow FLOW to send home all its local Technician and contractors. Now using some Island men to do the same jobs at reduced Salaries. They have no experience and training. That’s the main reasons who the service is so poor. You were informed before but turn a blind eye to this serious matter. We need to start a coop with all the developments. Sir you’re not for us.

  17. At least says:

    make them fix the damn roads afgter this time…

  18. J says:

    Start by getting rid of the TRC board members. They are a waste of time and money. The service has been too poor for too long and it’s time that we hold people and companies accountable.

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