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Gov’t’s unprecedented hostility towards UK concerning — Penn


Opposition Leader Marlon Penn has criticised the Andrew Fahie-led government for projecting what he said has been unprecedented hostility towards the United Kingdom (UK).

Penn said while there has been some level of friction between the BVI and UK governments occasionally, their relationship has “always been open, cordial, [and] respectful.

Noting that many Virgin Islanders hold Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in the “highest regard”, the Opposition Leader suggested that the Fahie administration has been sullying the relationship.

“I have never witnessed the type of rancour by any of our past leaders with Her Majesty’s government, as we do today. This type of hostility is a cause for concern,” he said in a late-night statement on Monday.

“It is of concern, being mindful of the strategic benefits of a harmonious relationship between the two and ultimately for the BVI, in the global community. Where is the plan to repair our relationship with the UK and the Queen?” Penn questioned.

The Fahie administration and the UK has been experiencing a visibly strained relationship — especially in the last few months and weeks of former governor, Augustus Jaspert’s tenure in the BVI.

But while the Opposition Leader hails the BVI and Britain’s relationship as being harmonious before the Fahie administration took office, his political party-mate Mark Vanterpool came on record back in 2018 and reported that the UK had been hostile to BVI delegates in the past.

Vanterpool said parliamentarians in the UK were hostile towards former Premier, Dr D Orlando Smith when he went begging for assistance weeks after Hurricane Irma ravaged the British Virgin Islands.

According to Vanterpool, one UK Opposition member appeared to be harbouring ill-feelings because the BVI did not agree to implement a public register that would effectively reveal the names of offshore company owners registered in the territory.

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  1. Pitiful! says:

    Marlon, stop fanning flames. Are you the new house negro? Are you being paid? When the flames blow up, you will treated no differently from all other BVIslanders.

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  2. PT9 says:

    Marlon Penn is spot on with his statement, I have never seen a government so disrespectful to the UK
    and the Governor.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      No one needs to be kow towing to the UK. When they are wrong they are wrong and we need to tell them so. But this government is harming the BVI through its unthinking mindless hostility.

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  3. WOW says:

    He is a real SELL OUT!

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  4. My take says:

    The UK is always given a pass when it is really them creating all the mischief.

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  5. Clearly says:

    Marlon is trying to stay relevant

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  6. Not again says:

    Why is there always one of our people who sides with the slave masters to try to give up his people.

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    • Really? says:

      Slave masters?????? What are you talking about? There are no slave masters in the UK. There have been slavery for over 180 years. Grow up and stop making ridiculous comments.

  7. Enough says:

    Uk cares about UK and it is as simple as that.

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  8. The Truth says:

    The BVI has protested several times in our history against UK edicts. Sad we have some elected officials that `don’t seem to have any backbone except against the ruling government.

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  9. Agree says:

    Hahaha these comments
    Some of y’all don’t want to hear the truth
    Marlon Penn is right
    The vip just wicked and bad minded
    And some of you ppl are blind Andrew fahie make y’all believe what he want ayo idiots to believe
    Can’t wait for the UK to clean ayo up like what the did to cayman island especially the business owners who refuse to pay there employees there severance pay

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  10. My view says:

    Marlon you really following the path the UK want… which is to divide and conquer.

    I know your thought process is let me side with the UK so if they achieve their take over plan based on their corrupt BVI Propaganda.

    Then you will be in good allegiance with them to get a top spot.

    But that’s a self mentality not a BVI Patriotic mentality

    Please have a seat!

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  11. Mr. Discipline says:

    Mr. Penn said himself that the relationship between the UK and BVI government is respectful. Now when it comes to the people of the virgin and their well being it is critical to that the BVI government challenge the UK government on certain things that they know will affect the people of the BVI. Nothing is wrong with challenging higher authority or criticism towards their decision. At the end of the day, both sides of government will respect each other as mentioned. Marlon should know better as he himself has done hostile things like that before.

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  12. Agreed says:

    Fahie in his warped mind thinks he has something to prove. Projecting his own insecurities onto the wrong people. I wish everyone would just do their job and conduct themselves in a professional manner.

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  13. GTFOH says:

    I’m not in favor of independence but I’m not in favor of being micromanaged, bullied, taken for granted and having the governor ignoring the voice of the elected representatives. The same way we expect government to listen to the people and not do just what they want to do we cannot allow one person-the governor who was not elected to hijack decisions that were made by cabinet without even a simple explanation so that the people can decide if he is being fair or just being a dictator.

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  14. Vance says:

    I will never vote for this guy.. His NDP party is the reason why the COI is put in place in the first instance… Now he is trying to divide the territory with his nasty rhetoric.

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  15. PT9 says:

    @Mr. Discipline, If you wanted to speak the truth you know that this is the worse it has ever been between the UK and the BVI all because Andrew Fahie has no respect for the UK.

    Yes, Nothing is wrong with challenging higher authority or criticism towards their decision but it’s the way you go about it.

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  16. Observant says:

    Oh my goodness! Look at this jive negro. Marlon Penn, what are you trying to prove with this outlandish behaviour? It seems that you’ve sold out so long that nothing dastardly is beneath you.

    Fyi the UK is an imperialistic regime who for centuries has engaged to this present day in genocide, slavery, theft and pillaging of resources of sovereign nations. Who would really want to be their friend?

    If were up to me, you’d be exiled from the British Virgin Islands to a place that would absorb you into oblivion. Shame on you, you p***ant c**n!

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  17. Anonymous says:

    I could remember when NDP led the biggest march in the history of the BVI against the UK when they were trying to force the beneficial owner registry on us. I could still remember the signs bashing UK which Marlon has no problem with.

  18. Anonymous says:

    This is the quality of law makers we have today. What a shame.

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