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Gunmen entered home, murdered Ettienne while children present

October 22 murder victim, Kareem Ettienne.

Gunmen entered 24-year-old Kareem Ettiene’s Fahie Hill residence and killed him while women and children, including his own, were present.

The incident unfolded between 9 and 10 o’clock Monday night, October 22.

Highly-placed sources said that Ettiene received at least two gunshots to the chest after the shooter/s inconspicuously gained access and discharged multiple shots.

It is not clear how many assailants were involved in the shooting but, based on information to our news centre, the murder was a targeted attack.

At least seven persons including the now-deceased man were in the house at the time of the shooting.

Ettiene, who is the son of a police officer, was murdered less than 24 hours after 30-year-old Tyrone Thomas shot dead in the East End area of Tortola.

It is not clear whether the two shootings are connected.

Investigations are ongoing.

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  1. Almighty says:

    Hurricane Irma has brought out the savage in the local people. The Almighty is bringing his wrath for the ways the people have acted. Change your ways or there shall be more!!!

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    • @Almighty says:

      Please stop using the long gone hurricane as an excuse for the behavior of these jungle savages. When you enter someone’s home and kill someone you are a jungle savage.

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    • Belonger says:

      Look where you gone with your divisive language. Besides when you talk about locals these days, you talking about us as Belongers because this is what the BVI consists of to a LARGE degree. WE make up the new BVI…like it or not. So stop talking like that about your own people. From your comments, it is evident that you are not Jesus-spirit-filled, but full of the DEVIL yourself.

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      • @Belonger says:

        Since Belongers are the new locals,and in fact the majority unfortunately,then the comments rightfully is meant for Belongers who ,as you stated, makes up the New BVI. The New BVI is definitely not Jesus filled. It is Devil filled,evidenced by the ongoinh deliberate murders committed by your group,of so called Belongers. Chill and try to get some Peace for the destruction you and your group has visited on a once blessed place. Personally I loathe this group comprising your “New BVI”.

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  2. plain and simple says:

    When they coming for you dem coming for you. Plain and simple

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  3. Unbelievable says:

    These gun men getting real brave. Imagine, according to this news site, between 9pm and 10pm you go into someone’s home with at least six other persons present and murder someone. WOW! We are in some serious trouble in this place. May the good Lord help us. May his soul RIP.

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  4. Blessed says:

    May Your Soul Rest in Eternal Peace… May God Comfort the Family Members, put Your Complete Trust in God Only He can See You though this tough time… GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS…

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  5. Moesha says:

    WHAT! Fahie hill, where the h**l they bringing violence to my little quiet village. Boy the world is surely coming to an end

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  6. OZYMANDIAS says:


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    • Night Vision says:

      Pay your bills? stop repeating nonsense about owed money and drugs.

      I do not know anything and I am sure you dont either.

      except you are repeating the same nonsense you hear people without a common sense talking.

      For one thing to kill a person who owes money is to encourage others to pay up. That happens in places with strong criminal organizations where the criminals run the place, and instead of hiding they proudly wear tattoos and throw signs. Places where show of power is key.

      Considering this is one day after a murder…This here what happened looks to me to be a crime of passion/vengeance.

      looks to me they had no patience for elaborate plans.

      AND IS ONLY COMMON SENSE needed to think this way(…..) I may be wrong but it makes more sense than what people assume about owed monies.

      IF people are so sure the victim owed money… then who did he owe money to, and how do yall know???

      or is it people repeating nonsense because everyone wants to blame “drugs” for problems. no one in their right mind sells substances on credit.

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  7. Silent says:

    May his family be comforted in their time of grief.

    Thank God that the lives is other individuals were speared. What a traumatic experience!

  8. Kap kap says:

    Can’t be owning people money and running away every time you get a chance, pay up or square up or get shot up

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    • hmmm says:

      ya chk

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    • PP says:

      The first place Police need to start looking for those responsible for crimes is in the blogs. I am sure they will find leads to many heartless criminals, beginning with Kap Kap. It cannot be that difficult, These are the days when EVERY SINGLE electronic record is maintained. People should be held accountable for what they say, whether it be verbally or electronically.

  9. OG says:

    These young bucks are crazy i pray for the bvi

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  10. smh says:

    I hope the police can trace some of these people posting on here.

  11. Ms. Curious says:

    Wait is this a set up???

    you telling me all seven person in a house and you know to come in a specific/exact room for that guy? The police need to do their investigation from the inside out….There is more in the mortar beside the pestle.

    Any one with me???

    • olie says:

      am with you is more than a set up this is really strange how the gun man know which room to go in why only one get kill welcome to nature little secret

  12. mmario says:

    Lack of opportunity careless politicians brainless society and an incompetent system/poorly run Government. All put together and we will keep seeing more of this.

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  13. mmario says:

    Two strikes and our out. But first, create an opportunity for all so there is no excuse.

    Magistrate, stop playing with these criminals. Give them what they deserve locals or none locals.

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  14. Ausar says:

    “Ms. Curious”, you have raised an important observation

    More salient, what could that young man have done that could have warranted such a brutal and violent end to his life in his own home with other’s at home?

    I’m clueless!

  15. Zabat says:

    Where are the raster men that used to teach the children right? We need to encourage more respect and honesty among the people if we want to see less crimes. Let’s form a club where we go to learn from each other the rules of life, how to respect each other and live in peace. No, we want the strip clubs instead.

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