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I don’t believe BVI will be an OT for much longer — Jr Trade Minister

Government legislator, Shereen Flax Charles.

The BVI‘s Junior Trade Minister, Shereen Flax-Charles has said she believes the territory will soon exit the fold as a British Overseas Territory. 

Flax Charles was at the time arguing in support of the government’s bill, the Virgin Islands Gaming & Betting Control (Amendment) Act, 2021 which was passed by legislators in the House of Assembly (HOA) late last week.

During her contributions to the debate of the bill, the Junior Minister indicated she was deliberate to not describe the BVI as a ‘territory’.

“You notice that I keep saying ‘country’,” Flax-Charles said. 

“Because ‘territory’ is when somebody else owns you,” she added. “And that might be so for now but I don’t believe that we will be in that position for very much longer.”

“So we need to put things in place to be able to support and sustain ourselves, which we have been doing for decades,” the first term legislator stated. 

She further said the BVI needs to move forward and not be stagnant. And to do so, she said residents need to “cut out the ‘crab in a barrel’ mentality”. According to Flax-Charles, the BVI has “too much of it”; further suggesting that this mentality is preventing the BVI from moving farther.

Flax-Charles also argued that the gaming legislation allows the BVI to be able to better control its destiny and sustain its people socially and economically. 

Several legislators and public officials over the years have argued in favour of self determination and independence for the territory, while others have cautioned that the BVI is not ready for that step.

Just last year, Premier Andrew Fahie hinted at his hope for an independent BVI, stating that he wanted to see the BVI with a ‘Governor General’, who is the ceremonial head of state in most independent Commonwealth countries.


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  1. Father please deliver us says:

    We are in soo much trouble in this country. Just look at the level of competence and reasoning of these so called leaders we have. From what I have read this representative has no clue about how the political separation can happen nor has she seemed to do any analysis as to benefits vs risks. I weep for my country. We are at our most difficult time with the least competent government we have ever assembled. Father we need you!

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    • So what? says:

      Thank you for your opinion, Shareen. You’re wrong but thanks anyway.

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      • @ So what says:

        She made a mistake and was referring to her role as a minister

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      • Jah says:

        You’re correct. She so wrong.

        COI will allow for suspension of BVI constitution and allow U.K. to rule over us. Just like Turks.

        We will always be an overseas territory as we are children when it comes to running a country.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      The hard fact is that the British OTs are the richest most prosperous places in the Caribbean. That’s what would be given up.

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    • arrogance says:

      and complacency. It’s staggering to see this government with no appreciation of the damage they have done. Three existential crises: Irma, Covid and rampant drug culture, and they have not even got a grip on the first one. Like rabbits in the headlights – lurching from one PR whitewash to the next – lining up serially to criticise the people, CCTV on dumpsters, meaningless rebranding of departments, etc. Vacuity of political leadership only matched by an overweaning sense of entitlement and disconnection with normal lives. This really has to stop.

  2. LOL says:

    These people went to school? WTF is she talking about?

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  3. Lucifer says:

    Being an OT actually suits the BVI as it means all of the bad stuff can be blamed on the UK. Who we going to blame for the failings once we are independent?

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  4. Resident says:

    We could get some governance advice from those Haitians that got arrested the other day. Start our independence as we mean to go on, I say. Forward ever, backwards never!

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  5. What!!!!! says:

    Not without the agreement of citizens.

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  6. Disappointment says:

    I had high hopes for Shereen Flax-Charles when she got elected. Unfortunately she now talks as much nonsense as the others. Independence would result in the BVI losing the US Dollar, Financial Services moving to the Cayman Islands, a significant decline in expat managed yacht charter businesses, an increase in corruption and crime, the BVI being controlled by armed drug traffickers. Warning, be careful what you wish for.

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    • @Disappointment says:

      Please repeat over and over. These people do not even know what is good governance but they want to go independent. What a thing.

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    • @ Disappointed says:

      Monetary negiotiations can and will occur between the two countries to maintain the dollar as the prime currency.

      The other statements are mere trash, seemingly bordering on hostile racism, and to based in reality.

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      • You says:

        I’ve been negotiating for years with my dog to stop him s**tting on my grass. He won’t do as I ask. Seems you can negotiate all you like but unless there’s something in it for both parties nothing will happen. So it is with the dollar and the BVi.

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    • x says:

      Now you are the one talking nonsense. Why are people so afraid of independence? The areas you named are not valid reasons for not wanting independence.

      I don’t know why people fear losing the U.S. dollar. The United Kingdom is not the one who decides if we use it or not. The U.S. government does not have to provide approval for another country to use its currency as legal tender (Anderson, 2021).

      Anderson, S. (2021, June 9). The u.s. dollar’s unofficial status as world currency. Investopedia. Retrieved September 28, 2021, from

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      • Pile of sheite says:

        Your own link tell you “ the very stability that dollarization brings can be a curse to local governments, as they lose the power to control inflation and fiscal policy. ”.
        What kind of country wants that other than one so desperate they don’t care? Or so corrupt they don’t care?

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    • Ok says:

      Louder for those in the back…..

  7. Moo moo says:

    So a few electronic gaming machines will allow the BVI to be financially independent

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  8. Flexie Flax says:

    You will be a minister for much longer!

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  9. Virgin Islands Gaming & Betting Control says:

    Anyone interested to hear that P***y L***’s gambling equipment arrived at the Port Purcell on Sunday – the Day of the Lord -?

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    • BuzzBvi says:

      Be interested to hear that. Be more interested to know if it is true as surely currently that would be illegal equipment and be confiscated by the customs department. Unless of course P L has some pressure and influence she might think to use.

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    • @VIG & BC says:

      What a surprise, surely cousin F** Albert has not given her the Casino contract without putting it out for tender?

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  10. How? says:

    Until BVIslanders start to make better decisions at the polls our country will not move forward. Unless we start to use our brains and not listen to gossip and unsubstantiated stories at election time we will continue to have problem. How do we pass up people like Myron, Ronnie, Sandy Underhill etc for people like this lady who knows nothing about what she is talking about. How? How?

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    • @ How? says:

      Well we pass of people like them because them ain’t no far better. M**** especially is what caused NDP to lose the election. His ego was just to big and as a result, he holds one of the leading roles in the COI series.

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      • @@How says:

        Were you watching the same situation that I was watching? When will we begin to tell the truth in this country. The NDP broke up because the set that lose election to Myron and Marlon could not take the loss and went to form their own party. The NDP votes split as a result and the VIP won. That is what happened. Start to call things as they are and stop making up your alternative facts.

      • @@How says:

        This is the story you all out there pushing against Myron. Myron went before the COI and handled himself very well. That man own party and close colleagues are the ones who try to destroy him. The NDP cabinet from what I understand approved the wall to be done the way it was but not one of them came to Myron’s aid. One has to ask why? Instead they secretly went out trying to give people the impression that he did something wrong and he did it all on his own. God doesn’t sleep people. Stop the wickedness. You will be cut off by God. The COI was a chance for people to get he truth so what you are calling a curse is a blessing.

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        • @@How says:

          No one ever said that Myron isn’t a good, even great public speaker. That he is!! But he is still a lying a** – throw his people under the buss after he set them up all nicely to take the fall. He is a b**ly and was from long. In fact He switch from VIP to NDP because he realize that he could win the first **** and dominate over the long-standing members.

          • @@How says:

            Myron did not throw anyone under the bus from what I saw. People can recall things differently. You cannot tell someone what their memory recalls or how they interpret information they receive. We have to try to be more mature in thinking. I saw no one bein throw under the bus by Myron.

      • Opinion says:

        Myron is still my favorite politician so who want to talk could talk. The anti Myron propaganda machine start up again to keep him down but it wouldn’t work this time. We woke.

      • The truth says:

        You to blasted untruth. NDP break up because Myron win the party election and them who lose didn’t want no island man leading them. Tell the truth. Out ah all dem politician I prefer deal with Myron any day.

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    • Better says:

      We need better candidates, preferably with a moral and ethical compass in full working order. Not sure how many there are, if the last few iterations of government are anything to go by.

    • 1EYE says:

      They were also pushing for independence you one sided clown. & they were not good for the ppl of this country.

  11. Hmmmmmmm says:

    What an I***T!!!!!

    I can’t believe the words that came from her mouth. Independence may be in the future cards for the Territory yes but definitely NOT under a NDP or VIP government. Both lie too much and in it for their own. You’re one Hon. Flax-Charles to talk about Independence when you …. You’re just a puppet in the game of things. You usedto stand up and give valid points in meetings now you cower in the corner and praise a government that needs to be gone.

    Did you or your party ask the people of this country if they want Independence? No. You and NDP make these claims but one of the very first step is a referendum and if you knew anything you would know that. This government has even taken it further and sought support from the UN. The COI has exposed past and present governments and the popularity of this set of clowns ? we have now the people can see very clear that you are not fit for purpose. Go sit dung. We’re waiting on you and the rest of them for whenever is the next general election.

    Your popularity for sure is at a all time low as a territorial at large so It will be very interesting to see how this pans out for you.

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  12. Anonymous says:

    The house negroes will be all out today on this.

    Our ancestors also didn’t have a clue, being penniless, illiterate and crippled with fear of the brutality and inhumanity of the oppressor, how their lives would turn out after seperation from being wealth creators for others other than themselves.

    Yet, they went forth boldly and created a self determined existence for themselves and future generations.

    He/she who has no vision and desires to remain a subject of an imperialist, anti Black system will surely welcome his/her’her chains one day.

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    • SMFH says:


      Stop with the usual nonsense, you typed a whole lot and essentially said NOTHING! Simply being black, proud and local does not cut it. How the f**k do we survive as an independent nation? Put forward viable and tangible, meaningful solutions to ensure that we can finance/feed/educate/treat(health) ourselves before frothing at the mouth. Being proud never paid a f**king bill. Some of you try to act as if you know something that others don’t with these foolish attitudes. Ideology does not run a country, practical, meaningful, smart, forward thinking people are what’s needed to run a country. Look at our last 20 years, billions spent and what do we see? The white man did that?

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    • @anonymous says:

      Wow! Sorry to hear your ancestors, as you say, “didn’t have a clue”.
      Nice to know they passed on their genes to you, though.

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  13. Well sah says:

    She is another one who need to be voted out.what stupidness are you talkkng about?what will drive / sustain BVIS economy? This VIP gov only agenda is to send this country straight to the dogs and it is all because they can not do as they please without someone holding them accountable for their misuse of tax payers money. Lord election need to hurry so we can change this administration very quick before it is to late.

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  14. Do these people understand what independence means? says:

    It’s clear to me that those who are advocating for independence don’t understand what it will take for this country to become an independent one.

    Picking petty fights with the U.K, or their appointed governors by calling them racist, or just saying independence is not going to make it happen.

    I don’t believe they know what proactive steps they will need to take and lay the needed groundwork to accomplish this. I definitely do not believe they are capable of growing and managing the necessary economic structure needed to maintain that independence based on their performance thus far.

    Most important of all, I don’t think these folks understand that we live within a representative democracy, and without the will of the people, they cannot do much on that front.

    A large percentage of the BVI public I believe does not wish to be independent. They simply do not have confidence in the current set of politicians to take them down independence road.

    Now, I am one of those who believe that the BVI can become an independent state one day under certain circumstances mainly centered around a strong economy, but becoming independent is one thing. Becoming a successful independent country is another.

    IMO, this country does not have all it’s ducks lined up as yet to achieve this, and as I said earlier the backing from the larger public is not there.

    Nevertheless, in all fairness to the Premier, and all those who support independence, I give him credit for even putting it out there. Some other politician would not have said a word about this, but the Premier has, and I give him credit for bringing that discussion to the table.

    There are some who would just like to stick with the status quo. I am not one of those, and apparently the Premier isn’t one either, but I am practical.

    Obtaining independence while a worthy goal will be a pollical negotiated process that is not going to happen overnight. When that time comes we have to be ready on the economic and diplomatic front to move forward.

    As I see it, our local politicians are very island centric the way they view the world. A successful independence will have to entail one that looks beyond our boarders and recognize we live in global market place. Cannot be successful in it if you are not actively engaged in it.

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    • Huh? says:

      Give him credit for putting it out there? The reason he is doing this is because they want to DO WHAT THE F**K THEY WANT! The ONLY reason they want independence is to take all the money without any oversight, that’s all. What is really wrong with the setup we have right now? We handle our own affairs, spend our own money, educate our own people, what is the problem? Show me the independent Caribbean small island that we want to be like? We don’t like investors or expats but we are going to become independent, which will require serious foreign investments in the form of hotels, resorts, financial services businesses and the like? These people are JOKERS, they are 99% emotion and 1% brains.

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      • Do these people understand what independence means? says:

        We are eating from the same plate boo. Nothing you said I disagree with. I feel ya.

        Yes, I give him credit for bringing the topic to the table which is not necessarily a bad thing in and of itself because that conversation needs to be had.

        By bringing it forward, we can all chime in and have or say as citizens as to whether this is a good idea or not. The problem that I see with independence at this time is multifactorial:

        1. No mandate of the people for independence
        2. Lack of confidence in current leaders, and
        3. No plan to accomplish this and to sustain it.

        As for the Junior Trade Minister, I think there is a greater chance of her not being re-elected than the BVI going independent.

        Unless she knows something the rest of us don’t, I don’t see how the BVI will not be an oversees territory any time soon as she does.

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  15. hmmmm says:

    you cant even help us economically now, and talking about will help their people when they only help them selves. the minute this place go independent it will become a dictatorship same people making the money!!!!

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  16. Clueless says:

    This is a wakeup call for the people of this country this generation of voters who go to the poles and vote based on popularity and not based on the character of the person and family.

    You voters have made a real mess. This whole independence thing is about selfishness and control.

    Look at what they are doing from been rude to the COI to passing laws after the fact so they can do jobs themselves while people who can do the work are not even allowed to bid.

    This can only get worst if these people or those who were voted out last time is allowed to take us to independence before we are ready. BVI people open your eyes.

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  17. Common sense says:

    Had the COI gone entirely above this individuals head, she is clearly part of the problem.

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  18. Voters says:

    We with you 100% jr minister independence IS A MUST AND THE WAY TO GO!

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    • Anonymous says:

      It’s because there are people who think it’s English to say something “is a must” that our education system needs to fixed before people can understand the issues regarding independence.

  19. heckler says:

    Is she reading from the advisor claude’s script or she is talking out of her head?

  20. WTF says:

    Shereen is a good woman. At least she is honest. I cannot say the same thing about Andrew alturo Fahie.

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  21. anegada says:

    She is better off sticking to singing calypso

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  22. to be clear says:

    so no more British Passports, no more Royal Navy to watch over us during hurricane season, the USD gone, Caricom moves in as do the other down islanders that all the BVIslander care to disparage and the economy will tank.
    But at least we will be independent, I mean has anyone seem Roseau the capital city what a dump compared to whatit used to be and now the chinese has moved in.

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  23. Unconventional leadership says:

    Someone wake me up please. Tell me this is not 2021. The lady will not refer to the bvi as a territory which we are, but would call it a country which we never can become. Will the honorable lady check the definition of a country. I did geography from first form using a text book called Caribbean lands by John McPherson over 50 years ago and can still remember what is a country. But that’s ok we could be worst. She could have been the junior minister in education. I must agree with the Premier we really need these consultants to actually run these ministries.

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  24. @ How says:

    Fowls and Cows just need a little corn and grass and everything irie mon puff, puff.

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  25. lol says:

    wont be this party making that decision, because you will be long voted out

  26. Lmao says:

    My fellow BVIslanders….if ever there was a need to march on ANY matter in our territory… It would be this!! How can we agree to independence when they’re still asking for yearly loans?? How and they can’t even show the people not even one year where we don’t need to take money from the motherland?? How can we NOT stand against this when we know this will drive out the native BVI citizens and only make way for those that can afford to live here because we surely won’t be able to… BVI is already looking like a third world country… This will surely finish us off!! Hope yall ready!!

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  27. Beans says:

    A few gaming machines may make one small woman financially independent.

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  28. Truth says:

    Steps to BVI Independence:

    1) Shereen pisses off the UK and they decide to grant the BVI independence.

    2) Without UK oversight, corruption in the BVI runs rampant.

    3) The government takes on huge loans that they can never repay and servicing that debt permanently bankrupts the new country.

    4) Within a decade the BVI is worse off financially than Haiti.

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  29. LOOKS LIKE says:

    She drank that cool aid and reading from The script / next thing she will be gearing up for war , she better go and practice on he singing skills which needs polishing badly ?

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  30. Confused though says:

    So what we suppose to call territory day now. Country day? Or it cancel altogether for lack of wanting to be called a territory? Just keep off of my public holidays please?

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  31. Listen says:

    Shereen Flax-Charles would make a better Premier than all the current elected officials on both isles.

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  32. Bvi til i die says:

    First off, I wanna apologize to my fellow BVIslanders for casting a vote last election it was a wasted ballot.
    Hearing this from queen Shereen turns my stomach,people of the BVI pls.make haste to correct our mistakes.BVI independance no way ,look at the USA agreement with Australia weeks ago.If U regards yourself a leader ask the question why such.In my capacity I’ll respond.We need true leaders who know what’s going on the world’s stage.Hurry COI pls.come to our rescue

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  33. patriotic says:

    and who will police who?? This is how modern society operates — checks and balances.
    Thank God for Uk military presence after urma or else the entire island would have been in chaos.
    The RVIPF dont have the necessary skill set and intellectual capital to do in dept detective work . so in short we need the Uk for security to say the least.

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  34. Jimmy Jowe says:

    What she smoking. That is some of that new stuff, ‘atomic’. They need to check her …

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  35. Calypso king says:

    Miss Calypso queen sorry to disappoint you but I not giving up my U.K passport. With it I don’t need a waiver to enter the U.S.

  36. musa says:

    my advice for voters we need a new team

  37. Badgyalbarbie says:

    They keep bringing this up like we are ready for this… how bout y’all actually get to work and do something to get us closer to being there instead of blabbing

  38. Rock and hardplace says:

    With these leaders, independence is a sure ticket to Haitian type poverty or Jamaican type crime. However, we also need to get away from the UK.

    If we had the option, our best bet would be to join the USVI. I know USVI is far from perfect. But at least with that arrangement each of us could find a decent community on the US mainland or other US territory that suits us.

  39. @ LISTEN says:

    You and her excellency better come back to the real world ( and am sure would love to hear her sing a real song on the corruption that the coi has revealed so far ,/ before she goes to war

  40. nono says:

    Let us just become a part of the USVI, ain’t nobody got time for independence.

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  41. Non ot says:

    It wont be an OT. It will be incorporated under a new program of direct rule, thank goodness

  42. Future says:

    It is so sad to see the comments and I know some are from those that call themselves BVIslanders. Where is your pride, your resilience? For anyone to say the UK needs to come back and run our country, you are absolute fools with no knowledge of our VI history. Our ancestors will roll in their graves with the weak, slave-minded mentality is displayed. Many of you don’t even know how many restrictions the UK has already placed on everything we have been trying to do. You blame the Ministers but don’t even know the UK is pulling strings in the background. There are things that the government cannot share with the public. I cry for my people because when they do put out info so you can understand you don’t read or even believe but you would believe the colonizers. This is so Sad.

  43. Former Expat says:

    Please please become independent. No more money wasted from the UK on this place!

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