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I’m speechless because I’ve been through so much — Fahie

Andrew Fahie is to be sworn in as the next Premier of the Virgin Islands.

When the final results of the 2019 General Elections were read and cheers erupted among the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) camp, the usually quick-witted VIP leader Andrew Fahie said he was left speechless.

“It just left me speechless because I’ve been through so much politically. I’ve been down in this territory politically for such a long time and a lot of it unjustly. But I realised it was not meant to destroy me but rather to help elevate me,” he told BVI News inside the Multi-purpose Sports Complex in Road Town where the results were announced Monday night.

Fahie will be sworn in as the next Premier of the Virgin Islands.

Notably, however, he has inherited the office at a time when the UK is proposing through a report to impose what can be described as radical changes such as same-sex marriage on to the BVI.

How does Fahie intend to handle UK?

The VIP leader was not prepared to divulge how he plans to address this development now that the reigns of the territory have been handed over to himself and the VIP.

“I’ll say nothing right now until I get to the office to see what else is there because usually those reports just don’t fall out of the sky. There are usually other correspondences that came to the government before. If that is so, I have to read them and see where do I chart my course from there,” Fahie said.

He continued: “In most of these decisions, we have to call the people of the Virgin Islands and ask them what do they think about the same-sex marriage. We have to hold discussions with the people.”

As for the VIP’s plans in its first 100 days in office, Fahie said he must first conduct an assessment of the BVI’s finances.

“We want to make sure we go and we put the country back in the people’s hands. All the other things that we said we’re going to do, we’re still going to work on them. But I know it is also contingent on the kind of funding that we meet and that is something I’ve said on the campaign trail all the time. I’ve given you these plans but the timeframe on which they are accomplished would be based also on what you meet when you go and take office.”

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  1. Real Talker says:

    Same sex marriage is the least of our problems, if you ask me. And I can’t understand why people are so consumed by that.

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    • @Real Talker says:

      So true. The people have spoken, Andrew in a few days you would be the leader of this country, this is not about you or what you have been through. You have an economy to rebuild, you have some serious international issues to address, etc. It’s time to drop, the me and I from your vocabulary. As it is certainly not about you.

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      • @@Real Talker says:

        Stop taking what the man said out of context. He is coreect

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        • @ foolish says:

          When Obama won the presidency he didn’t walked out on the stage and made any mention of himself or that the dream that Martin Luther king had was finally realized. He spoke about the hope he campaigned on. Because he knew that he was taking on a role in which he had to look ahead.

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        • Rosemary says:

          What he said may be true but inappropriate and this was certainly not the venue for it. It is not about him? and his victory remarks were disappointing and down right silly for such an important occasion with the world listening.

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      • Hmmmm says:

        Premier Fahie will do very well because he has the people behind him. When you suffer, you understand the suffering of others, so when you lead, you lead with the understanding of others. He will do very well.

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    • TJ says:

      Because it tears down the tenets of society. Love who you want . Don’t shove it down the rest of our throats. Call your Union something else.

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    • @Real Talker says:

      Wow!!! Why the least of our priorities? Is it because to address will show the level of the hypocritical spirit in the country?

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      • Real Talker says:

        No. For me, it is because I couldn’t care less about who people choose to love, because that does not affect the food on my table. But policies that will damage our financial services sector affect the food on my table, so I rather to worry about those. And I hope Premier Fahie feels the same.

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      • Comment says:

        No, because the UK need to go sit down. We have no time right now for their stupidity. We are a Christian nation and they are not getting our country, nor our government. Independence first!!! As it is, their own people are about to pull all of there children out of public school because they are mandating this evil behavior to be taught to their innocent young children.

    • Untrue says:

      That is not true you was looking forward to be premier for years now you get it u goin say you are dancing on your head rite now saying yes i got it finally 1000 jobs in a 1000 days get cracking

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  2. My good people says:

    How comes you guys aren’t filling up the blogging this morning I see God is in control, May God be with you Mr Fahie

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  3. Anonymous says:

    First, congratulations to the newly elected government.

    Second, though this hind sight now, NDP, you shot yourself in the foot too many times. It was not the people that decided this election, you did, plain and simple, the people just made it official.

    Third, where the people had a choice of electing another party, they instead chose to elect with a leader with a financial shady history, and most of the members whose only interest is self financial gain.

    Therefore, the electorate must be vigilante and keep this government accountable every single day.

    Fourth, it is hoped that they will not be reckless in their legislation, and wise enough in their diplomacy to finally send the oppressor of our ancestors away permanently.

    Send him and his man back to bed. Allow us to stay here on our land, on our beautiful beaches with our beautiful women in our beautiful lands.

    There are more that we expect in the first thousand days, to include education, but number four along with non- financial and self corruptible shady financial dealings are first and second on our list VIP.

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    • Brad Boynes says:

      Was Andrew or any of the other politician convicted of any financial crimes? Accusation is one thing conviction is another. You need to stop. The people have spoken deal with it.

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    • Rest haven for HOES says:

      I approve this message.

    • Be. Careful what you wish for says:

      One would hope you do not really mean what you appear to by writing “send the oppressor of our ancestors away permanently” You must know that descendents of “oppressors” of your ancestors are the ones that built the financial services industry that has given us a standard of living considerably higher than the rest of the independant Caribbean countries.

  4. Sam says:

    Please inact the whistleblower law first thing. That will build our confidence in those we elected. No more payola. No more suspicious contracts. And see if you can claw back that deal Vaterpool signed a couple days ago with the firm from St Lucia that doesn’t seem to exist.

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  5. Laura says:

    Congratulations to the entire VIP team!!! I knew this team could do it and they did, now it is time to put on those running shoes and WORK for the people.

    Andrew – you need to not only get in shape mentally, but physically. Get a private coach whatever but the stress of what is ahead will play havoc on your heart. Get it together for yourself and the country. We need you healthy to run, lead and be victorious over what’s ahead. FORWARD EVER!!!

    The entire VIP team needs to play a role in the handling of the country whether they won or not. Utilise the resources of the people around you and work as a TEAM.

    Furthermore please, please DO NOT initiate any deals with Claude Clyne, doesn’t matter if he is the man for the job or not, it just does not send a good message to the populace. Leave all damaged goods in the past.

    Lastly, long live our beloved BVI — from bird Sanctuary to Envy of the World, let’s get out jewels in our crowns back to the way they once were, shining beautifully.

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    • concerned. says:

      Ungrateful people. It was the sweat and toil of the expatriates that contributed to the development of the B.V.I in so many areas, from ‘bird sanctuary to the envy of the world’
      Now with the devastation and condition of the territory following the storms. It’s the same expats that you so detest who was brought in to help with the restoration and will continue for many more months or years to come.
      Almost every one who was involved in the elections is entwined weather through family affiliation by marriage or offspring. It is so sad when you hear or read some of the comments that continue to be made through the blogs or otherwise. It is akin to racism. The world is watching.
      Honorable’s of the new cabinet need to address this ASAP

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      • Expats don't work for free says:

        Listen let’s quit singing this song about who help build our beautiful Virgin Islands because expats didn’t help build it for free! They needed us just as much. It’s because of the BVI is why their bread was able to be buttered so let’s quit acting like they did us a favour. They came and laboured in the BVI so that they can take monies back to their home and build themselves up too so in my book it’s an even trade off. We Virgin Islanders, love all our Caribbean brothers and sisters but please quit acting like we owe you anything. You laboured, you got paid, because of us (the BVI) you have more than you would have had in your country after all that’s why you came to our little BVI. So let’s all live in love and embrace each other and move forward.

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        • no one says:

          no one works for free except volenteers. Expat paid a lot of taxes here though!!! and work permit fees which were used to paid for many development in the BVI.
          Many others are outsiders here too check the US passports

          • @no one says:

            Everyone of us pay a lot of taxes, I pay tax on my properties, I pay tax on my businesses. Every government in the world implements taxation politics to assist with the infrastructure of the nation. This allows for persons like yourself to drive to and from work to make that BVI money and to help you live well in the country. I guess you want credit for paying your taxes which benefits you as well? Well get in line everyone in the world does too.

      • @concerned says:

        So because you came to our country to make a living and found homes for some birds then assisted us during the 2017 storms you now feel that we should turn our country over to the UK citizens to govern? – Take our land and split it up for millions of their citizens because we are soooo greatful!! Not!!! You’ll invented the word racism!

      • Get real says:

        I am tired of you expats. With what is heading our way out of the UK and all you can think about is expats rights. Suppose UK gets their God forbid where would that leave you the expats. Most importantly where would it leave the locals.
        There are more important things to fight. If you expats figure that we are ungrateful go back to your country. If not shut up.

        For those of you who chose to come here you did that on your own. No one call you.
        We invited and accepted you in. But let’s not forget the real reason you came for the US dollars. Which turned out to be good for you all to enable you to build your mansions back home. Which you have a right because you work for it.

        So do sit there trying to insult the BVI people because you get much from us as we get from you is stupid.

        Your comment sounds so ungrateful. I bet you expats who go to other countries to work and contribute to the development of those countries don’t behave this way. You want rights in another man’s country. The bible says no man can serve
        Two masters in this case two countries. How desperate can you be.

        Another thing the government just been elected give them a chance. Expats have countries to run back to locals don’t.

  6. Congrats VIP says:

    Tek dat myron…the verdict is in. Drain the swamp!

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  7. sam the man says:

    Congratulations Mr Fahie it was time for change and now you have the opportunity to steer this country in the right direction. No doubt Mitch will be sweating now after all he accused Andrew of when he was on his power at any cost trip! Fortunately I think Andrew Fahie will be merciful but M needs to grow up fast as I don’t think he’ll scrape through next time! So much for the PVIM party taking over! he’s the only one from that party elected! watch this space as I suspect Mitch the switch will do it again soon?…..As for Ronnie what a short tenure as leader of the opposition party, instantly forgettable….

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    • Lilly says:

      Interesting comments. I dont think mitch has a thing to sweat about. It is Andrew who will do all the sweating unless you are suggesting that he should spite Mitch, although he pledged to work for Country.

      As for Ronnie, he will be just fine. He has nothing to worry about.

  8. Ausar says:

    I told you, Andrew that it was you the people wanted!

    I told you not to mind the noise,but to keep steadfast and true. And that you did.

    Congrats to you and the party. We are rooting for your success!

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  9. :) says:

    Good day people of the BVI. Where my NDP warriors at? VIP will be the party for everybody. No one set of claws will eat off our plates. District 3 will no longer be victimized. East End sewage will finally be fixed. Clap your hands because today is a New day!!!

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    • hmm says:

      Do you think so?


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    • West End will not be victimized says:

      West End will no longer be victimized because our district rep was the opposition… A damn good one at that. M—- and NDP made sure that West End suffered but that mess is over with, we’ll be taken care of like the rest of the country. Thank you Lord, you are at the center of it all. All the maliciousness, wickedness and badmind has come to an end cause “the more NDP oil up the more the business spoil up”. God has the last say, when God is for you, who can be against you?!

  10. First thing says:

    Congratulations to Andrew Fahie. I look forward to seeing real progress now for the BVI. Immediate priority should be to assess all of the recent contracts awarded. If proper process hasn’t been followed halt them, have then costed properly and tendered correctly. Let’s stop any last minute grabs at public money.

    Next relook at all of the legislations that have enabled corruption. We need the freedom of information, amendments to human rights and consumer protection. We need to eradicate “at ministers discretion” in all legislation as it enables temptation for abuse. By stemming the hemorrhaging of public money there will be more available for recovery. And by reducing the opportunity for abuse, you can prevent newcomers from being tempted by corruption.

    Stop viewing the auditor general as the enemy and cooperate with their investigations. The people want good governance and the auditor general should review and share findings on all projects. If your team are following best practices then they will have nothing to fear. The auditing reports should be viewed as an opportunity for the VIP party to shine. And not the threat that NDP viewed them as.

    I hope that you will build a relationship with RAA and that they are encouraged as a watchdog as well. If good governance is really a priority for you then these organisations will only be beneficial to help stay focused and provide reassurance to the people.

    Good luck. There is much work to do.

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  11. rastarite says:

    I hope he will be up to the job on the international stage. He seems to have trouble with the English language. He will need all the help he can get!

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    • Weir D. Playne says:

      We wouldn’t know if DR.Smith was good at English because We barely understood him most of the times. When ayo had Dancia who was great at English you voted her out, She ran twice after that and you didn’t vote for her so it’s quite obvious people don’t care about how well candidates speak. You just salty. Get over it.

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    • No problems with the truth though! says:

      He’ll be just fine, if you believe he has problems with English that’s your opinion of which you are entitled to but he has what is most important and that’s honesty, integrity and humility. So he doesn’t need to have a sweet tongue that’s filled with lies and deception, after-all, he knows that those skills are not of God. Go Hon. Fair go…. We with you.

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  12. Get to work says:

    The incinerator and burning issues in Pockwood Pond affecting these islands need addressing urgently.

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  13. Confucius says:

    Congratulations to the VIP and all the winners in the district seats.

    The people have once again done an about face. The reasons are clear. We were unhappy, unimpressed and discouraged by the direction the government was heading. We were fed up with the appearance of corruption at the highest level and the almost total lack of transparency. I for one felt betrayed by the NDP.

    – The very delayed financial statements which, when finally produced, were basically irrelevant due to the passage of time.

    – Vast amounts of monies spent on “projects” resulting in ZERO benefits to the Virgin Islands. The plane fiasco, the purchase of Prospect Reef Resort and letting it fall into ruin, the airport expansion that never happened, etc., etc.

    – Major overspending on projects such as the hospital and the Pier Park with ZERO accountability.

    – The opening of an overseas office in China, the cozying up to Chinese construction companies, and insisting that our children learn Mandarin Chinese – were all indicators that there was MUCH more going on behind the scenes on a POLITICAL level.

    Today is a new day and the people are watching!

    “Accountability” will become the new normal.
    “Integrity” is demanded.
    “DEMOCRACY” must reign once more.

    Yes, we have done an about face – and we WILL do it again if the VIP lets us down the way the NDP did!

    The Virgin Islands belongs to all the people – not just the few.

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  14. Eagle eye says:

    We have the weakest candidates in and the strongest yones out.

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  15. CW says:

    Your country is in recovery and the economy is changing forever. Same sex marriage HAS BEEN LEGAL IN BVI SINCE IT HAS BEEN IN UK. Look it up STRUPES! Get over it and let people marry whichever person they want. Spend your time making things better before spending time being a BIGOT. and no, Jesus was not a BIGOT. In fact, Jesus never said a single word about homosexuals- that’s the old testament- you know, the same book that says you can’t eat shellfish ???????? how many of you go by that?? Congratulations Andrew! You’re sure gonna need it with this lot surrounding the area hahahaha same sex marriage SMH.

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  16. Anonymous says:

    When Myron told us leadership matters, we listened and that’s why we have a new government.

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  17. go forward says:

    God told Moses”Go Forward” God is with you, as you with him! be bold and courageous… seek the face of God on everything! he will see you through and bless the works of your hands!

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  18. Don’t forget says:

    Congratulation Andrew!!! The people have spoken trust in God he will order your steps. Keep your promises to the people off the BVI it is your bond follow through and investigate all those who have stolen the BVI millions of dollars it is time to get justice. The wall, the Pier Park, the 7million for the plane etc,etc…it is time we the people get answers.

  19. Anonymous says:

    CW, take your head out ma behind

  20. nobody says:

    you worked hard mr.fahie and you well deserve it congratulations

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