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Joint primary school curriculum coming for BVI, other EC states

Member-state flags of the OECS.

In the near future, primary students in the BVI and other Eastern Caribbean states will be taught from the same curriculum.

This will be made possible because education ministries of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) this month approved the development of a new Harmonized Curriculum that will focus on the skills and concepts that children of the region need for the future.

“That curriculum for primary schools of the OECS will use an interdisciplinary approach that connects core curriculum components with other critical life skills such as civics, creative arts, critical thinking, problem-solving and digital literacies,” a statement from the OECS said.

Development of the curriculum is slated to begin later this year with funding from the Global Partnership for Education (GPE).

The GPE is the largest global fund solely dedicated to transforming education in lower-income countries.

According to the OECS, education ministers committed to supporting a collaborative approach to developing a curriculum that is world-class and that will help transform teaching and learning that spotlights the child and their learning.

The decision to develop a new curriculum for primary school students was made at the sixth annual meeting of the (OECS) Council of Ministers.

At this meeting, a youth forum was held where young people from all OECS Member States, including the Associate Member States of Martinique and Guadeloupe, voiced their concerns with the education system and proposed recommendations.

Among the recommendations made by the youth is the need to modernize OECS classrooms, incorporate digital literacies, and endorse youth groups and councils of the OECS.

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  1. Blackhawk says:

    Did you read that? Down island people’s haters?

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  2. What a joke says:

    Why the h**l you don’t open your own education sector
    You don’t like island ppl but you want there education
    You ppl are a laughing stock to the world

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  3. Hmm says:

    So if we dont want our children to all think the same we need to get them in private schools.

  4. YES! says:

    Best thing since hot bread!

  5. Planning Stages says:

    My plan is to open my own CHARTER SCHOOL in the BVI in the next two years. All Nations living in the BVI Children will be welcome.

  6. Let Me Try This Again. says:

    99% of BVIslanders, Tolians, Gordians and others, neither today or in the past, do not hate, has never hated and will never hate “Island People.”

    There is an evil force that is peddling and forcing that false narrative down the throats of the intelligence of this nation.

    It must be shown for what it is, a devisive and divisionary tactic to divide Black BVIslanders and “Islands People.”

    We must be aware of that evil and not succumb to it

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    • DivideandConquor says:

      We have heard about the plan of divide and conquer. It is not practiced by descendants of slaves.
      VirginIslanders for centuries have been giving in marriage to persons from otber Caribbean islands. We recognize the tactic of trying to divide our people. Those with less training are falling for it. Please do not. Stop this prejudice against our Caribbean people. They are not and never will be our enemies. Peace and blessings to those whose ancestors came to the Caribbean islands as slaves. We are one people. Let us unite to carve out our proper place in this region.ASE!

  7. Islander says:

    Today is tomorrow’s yesterday, Tolians cannot take back all the unkind words they say.
    Down island people change their clothes not their mind, we need to think before we call down others especially our Caribbean brothers from SVG.
    If the good Lord lives remember that God love Vincentians too.

  8. Re-action says:

    If you kill or dismember any of my family I do not hate you but donot expect me to trust you. Don’t you expect me to re-act?

  9. Nonsense says:

    Isn’t the article talking about orcs territories coming together to create a curriculum for primary school students across the region. How it get from works Ng together to who don’t like who fro tolian to down Island. This is such a good initiative. But people just love to bash one another. Lord help us all please.

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