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INSPIRE BVI: K’Nesha now living a childhood dream

“For those who don’t return home, I know it’s their personal choice, and they would have their reasons for doing that. But also don’t forget where you came from.” – Greenaway

By Horace Mills, BVI News Online Staff

K’Nesha Greenaway could have been elsewhere.

But she is on the ground in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) rooting for advancement of her native land.

In fact, the aspiring judge perhaps would have preferred not having to study law abroad.

“I remember calling my mommy during the first semester in undergrad in law school, crying and telling her that I wanted to come home. But she encouraged me to keep going because I could do it. That was the lowest point,” Greenaway told BVI News Online.

She stayed the course for three years, and eventually graduated with a law degree from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. Following that, she attended BPP University for a year pursuing Bar studies to officially become an attorney.

“Studing for the Bar was really tough,” Greenaway admitted. “Although it was a one-year [Bar] course, many people didn’t make it; and I am grateful that I am one of them who actually succeeded.”

In light of her success, Greenaway formally became an attorney when she was called to the Bar in the United Kingdom last year, and then to the Bar in the BVI a few days ago – June 8, to be exact.

The BVIslander, who stated that she did not specialize in any particular area of law, is now employed to the High Court in Road Town. That’s just a starter.

“I do plan to go into the court so I can put the skills that I learn at school to further use, and maybe one day I could have my own law firm. I also would like to be a judge,” said the budding attorney, who is the daughter of Chief Librarian Susan Greenaway as well as veteran sports journalist Dean Greenaway.

She told BVI News Online that her parents have been highly supportive, and that gave her the extra push to transform a childhood dream into an awesome reality.

“I always saw myself as a lawyer,” added Greenaway.

“Law is always somehting that interests me because lawyers play a major role in determining how society functions.”

K’Nesha Greenaway strikes a pose with Lisa Penn-Lettsome (right) and Astra Penn

Greenaway, who is a past student of Elmore Stoutt High School and H Lavity Stoutt Community College, is excited about using her experience as an inspiration – especially to those who have a penchant for law.

“I hope to inspire young people to follow their dreams especially if they want to become lawyers. Don’t listen to what people say – ‘Oh you are going into law and so you are a liar, whatever’. It is not about lying; it is about making the law work for your client.”

Although there are several lawyers already practicing in the BVI, Greenaway thinks there is room for more.

“Some people will have skills in some areas of law that other people won’t. To me, there is always room for more – especially as a local.”

“It is important [to be a local lawyer], but I won’t say that it is majorily important. Whether I am local or not, it’s about just helping the country to develop and grow,” said Greenaway, who is a former member of the BVI Grasshoppers Roap Skipping team as well as the Virgin Islands Cadet Corps.

Greenaway also told BVI News Online that she has fond memories of growing up in the BVI.

“Life growing up here was pretty simple. I stayed at home quite a bit. I also like to read a lot; that’s what I mostly did when I was at home.”

“I used to feel a bit a bit safer. Crime is up now, but I still feel like I am in one of the safest countries. I can walk on the road and still feel OK,” Greenaway noted.

Meanwhile, her advice to BVIslanders who have studied abroad is to always remember their roots. “I know some people stay abroad to get experience, and some of them plan to come home. For those who don’t return home, I know it’s their personal choice, and they would have their reasons for doing that. But also don’t forget where you came from.”


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