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Liquor licence will be renewed once yearly

File photo. Not the alcohol mentioned in the story

Local liquor licence laws are being modernized so persons can renew their licence once per year.

Under current laws, persons must renew their liquor licence every six months; a policy that has been described as archaic and exasperating.

Government is making changes to that policy and to the overall process of renewing the licence to make it less taxing on individuals, Governor Augustus Jaspert said.

He made the announcement while delivering his Speech from the Throne last week.

The process of renewing a liquor licence also involves a magistrate. But, by the looks of things, even that age-old policy will be amended.

Governor Jaspert said the modernized liquor licence laws will “provide for the establishment of a Licensing Board which is comprised of five members who will receive and decide on applications for liquor licences or renewal of liquor licences”.

“[The amended law will also allow for] an increase in the number of licencing days, which will provide more flexibility for customers and will eliminate the need for temporary liquor licences to be issued by the Governor,” he added.

Government has been promising more modern changes to the liquor licence policies for years and has been heavily criticized for dragging its feet and allowing residents to suffer through a tedious renewal process twice per year.

One of the biggest critics on the subject has been veteran businessman, Donald DeCastro.

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  1. Albion says:

    About time. Let’s hope that when they say simplify they mean simplify. Government loves bureaucracy, so I worry that they will just replace one bureaucracy with another.

    I think we should also ask whether we need a liquor licensing regime at all. I am not sure if anyone has *ever* been turned down for a liquor licence in the history of the BVI, and there is no record of any kind of problem with illegal liquor sales. So why not just abolish the licensing requirement completely? If it starts to be a problem, we can always re-introduce it.

  2. Bvi says:

    And legalize the herb. Perfect. Brilliant.

  3. Rubber Duck says:

    And get rid of the bossy unpleasant woman who runs this archaic admin system.

  4. L says:

    On the lighter side……..What is the governor drinking in the picture above. I’m assuming it’s water, but from the title I’m beginning to think otherwise.

  5. Jasperts BIG HOMIE says:

    Is he DRINKING WODKA,in the Governors House ???? ? Good choice tho.

  6. @ says:

    BVI News just slack with the things they do. What really is the purpose of using this image to relay this story?

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