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Locals will get scholarships for masters degrees, PhDs under my administration

Virgin Islanders will be able to receive scholarships at all levels of higher education under a Myron Walwyn-led government.

That is one of the National Democratic Party’s (NDP) promises if it is re-elected into government for a third consecutive term.

“We’re going to change some policies because, right now, if you get a bachelor’s degree they tell you they’re not paying for any more any higher up. We got to change that because if you want the service to improve, the people have to be qualified. And so we’re going to do bachelors degrees, we’re going to pay for masters degrees, and we’re going to pay for doctoral degrees so that we have people in the service who can deliver,” NDP Chairman Walwyn said.

He also said a Walwyn administration would foster training within the civil service so select government workers can climb the ranks within their respective departments. He said: “We are going to make sure that whatever outstanding increments there are, we’re going to pay those to the civil service.”

Internships abroad

Walwyn, who is Minister of Education, is also promoting increased overseas internships for locals.

“We’re going to ensure that we have more internships because sometimes if somebody gets to go to another country and see how things are done at least for a three-month period, they can come back because they learnt so much,” the minister said.

Walwyn was speaking at an NDP rally at the market square in Road Town on Saturday.

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  1. ok says:

    Isn’t your administration the one who paused the scholarships for the bachelor degrees?

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    • vickie says:

      He start with masters so young people no money for you all start college I wonder if he is serious. No buildings for students but money for masters and PHD this backward with fresh promises. He start to fool people for votes I am still waiting for the sunshine government.

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      • Dorothy says:

        He reminds me of the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of
        Oz. “Pay no attention to what I have accomplished over the past 8 years in office. Pay no attention to our broken schools. Pay no attention to my Failure to improve education here or even create a plan to do so. Pay no attention to our broken roads. Pay no attention to unreliable utilities. Pay no attention to the fire at the dump. Pay no attention to the criminal investigation.”

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    • Anonymous says:

      Ok so the reality is most students have US citizenship as their parents went to Puerto Rico to give birth. They then apply to US schools and because there is no record of taxes or income they become eligible for scholarships. Go Trump!! Shut the border to these people. It’s illegal and all they do is take!!

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      • This makes no sense says:

        If you can’t produce tax or income records then you have no IRS information which makes it difficult to receive financial aid through the FAFSA process. Most scholarships are offered through the school not by the school and are usually based on community service, leadership, and grades; for which anyone can apply so what exactly is your point? The money isn’t just given out to anyone who is a citizen.

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        • Anonymous says:

          Financial aid in the US is based upon family income. When a student applies for financial aid the forms request family income and support. Thus, since the family is in the BVI there is no income and financial aid is provided by the government. What’s interesting to see is if these “citizens” report their income in the BVI as they are required by US law and pay US taxes. Thus these “citizens” are breaking US law but using the US for free schooling and services.

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      • Ouch says:

        instead of Anonymous, you should have stated “Jealousy”. Trump is closing the border from your and yours

    • Sherlock says:

      What’s the status of the criminal investigation into Walwyn’s Wall?
      What happens if he is re-elected and then convicted? Do we get to vote again or does the NDP appoint a replacement?

      • @Sherlock says:

        Did you not see the previous story that there is no criminal investigation? While I am not a fan of the NDP, I am a fair person and the fact of the matter is that the auditor general report has too many holes not to be challenged. If it were me, I would have challenged it. As yourself, why was this report released before the Pier Park report? Yes the minister did the wrong thing but commenting on it in public before it was released, but what choice did he have seeing how long the Pier Park report took? what would have happened if it was released when the gov’t was dissolved? Would he have been able to defend his position and have the police determine that no criminal offences were committed before people vote? We need to think hard about what’s going on and what’s true or false information.

  2. Lily Ann says:

    Anything for an X boyyy …

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  3. Christ says:

    Why didn’t Walwyn advocate for those tings for the last 8 years? I’m tired of these lame ass gimmicks! Call election now and you see who going on school break!

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    • Stop says:

      He is not the Minister of Finance.

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      • So says:

        You are saying the minister for finance was weak. Now where did we hear this before. So the members who left told the truth. Interesting. Did you look in your accounts to see where funds could be reallocated to address our schools . No. You were busy looking for money to fill the pockets of 70.

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  4. ndp heckler says:

    You was there for 8 years how many you give out?

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  5. strupes says:

    and they must be a member of your youths for walwyn club, right? Tek we for fools again? Young people wont be fooled this time around because we remember those fake youth job fairs that you had

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  6. bull junks says:


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  7. voter says:

    you got my vote on this one

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  8. Anonymous says:

    you got my vote on this one. MW

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  9. Qiestionable says:

    It is amazing up to now VIP for the last twenty years what have they done for this country hospital started with the NDP, NDP loss VIP could not finish it, NDP won finish it, VIP for years made proposal to build a crew ship pier, NDP in eight years come and built it, VIP for years promise to increase minimum wage never did NDP come and did it, VIP for centries promise virgin gorda a mini hospital NDP come and built it, VIP for years had every chance to upgrade education , NDP in eight years did it, VIP talk about a national insurance for the territory could not get it done NDP done it, VIP for years talk about graft alive upgraded it never did NDP come and did it, VIP for years talk about getting the sewage off of greenland streets never happen and NDP got it done. The list goes on

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    • You forgot says:

      Indeed the list goes on: NDP spent 7+ million on an airline that will never exist, overan Pier Park by 30+ million, used 70 contractors to build a $ 1 million wall around a school, spent countless amounts on consultant’s studies that were never released, has done practically nothing to improve the Territory’s infrastructure, dispensed with issuing audited financial statements of public monies, squandered the public purse to the extent that there was little in the way of reserves for catastrophes. NDP also oversaw an drop in the GDP from 1 billion to 400 million. They’ll say the was due to external issues but they failed to make any contingency for something that was entirely foreseable. The list indeed does go on.

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      • @ You forgot says:

        So tell us what the VIP actually did when they were in tenure… Yes the NDP had it’s wins and it’s losses, but for all the years that the VIP was in power, and all the things they proposed, what did they actually do? Like ‘You forgot’ noted, the NDP started and finished all the projects they spoke about.

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    • To Qiestionable says:

      Please do proper research because the NDP was the government for 12 of the last 20 yrs so if anyone is to blame for the poor state of the Territory along with the poor financial affairs of the Territory is this NDP gang. So do proper research and stop drinking the cool aid the NDP is serving.

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    • Barbie says:


      Remember it was the VIP and United Party that built the foundation for the NDP to stand on. Please do some research before you come on here with that foolishness. If it was left up to them we will be a real s**thole.

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  10. waylox says:

    Mr wall the 40 dollar man gah we to be fools or what?

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    • TELL HIM says:

      We the people of the virgin islands see the writing on the wall. Your political gimmick not going to work Myron. NO VOTE FOR NDP1 NOR NDP2. They all squander our tax payers money now making empty promises and there is no money. If there is money fix the ESHS NOW

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  11. high school.... says:

    Can you make a promise for the high school… that would be a good start…

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  12. Not2Sure says:

    Paying for locals to go away and do a PhD might be good for them and good for their careers. But I don’t see how it is good for BVI or why taxpayers should fund it.

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    • The deal says:

      Surely, the deal is that the Territory gets to reap some of the benefit, meaning that if the govt funds your studies, you need to come back and apply those skills you learned on the public’s dime here for a specified amount of time. Otherwise, you’re completely correct, if there is no requirement to either return or to pay back the fees, then we’re just funding a brain drain, when we really need them around here.

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    • Me says:

      U sound so stupid
      Education is the backbone of every country

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  13. Educator. says:

    Might be to late for me, but this is a very good initiative Hon. Minister. Hope it comes to fruition.

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  14. LOL says:

    anything for a vote. Pure lie he telling. This man can’t even get the college running proper. All the schools been falling apart. NDP sit down!

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  15. Ha! says:

    You mean to add to those who were educated on the Taxpayer dime never to return to make their contribution or even repay their loans. Not sustainable!

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  16. Blah says:

    Mr. Walwyn, Why should we believe you again? I have 2 manifestos from 2011 and 2015 where many promises were made and less than 25% were fulfilled. Are we more gullible or stupid in 2019 that you can make more promises and be rewarded once again for failures and lies. Unlike some of the bloggers I will not spew misinformation or lies to benefit or to the detriment of any Party. Your own words and actions will be used against you. These manifestos don’t just vanish after elections.Everything that could have benefited most of the people were delayed or never brought forward even after they were promised. Why hasn’t the consumer protection laws or landlord tenant laws promised in 2011 and 2015 put in place. Irma was 2 years ago so that was not the issue. If you cannot fulfill a promise made twice 7 years ago, why should we believe you now. Let’s say you were not the leader so its all Dr. Smith’s fault why did you promise to make him an advisor if elected knowing his lack of taking action. Ralph told us the manifesto was like a menu without prices but we still voted for your party. The high school wall was never a campaign promise and I could not find it in either manifesto. Why was the wall more important than the promises that your party made in 2011 and 2015. You promised to review the payroll tax exemption by 2017 to possibly increase it to $15,000 now PVIM is also making the promise again. Stop lying to the people and saying everything that sounds great to get elected. There are so many unfilled promises in the manifesto it would take me days to list them all. The manifesto is proof that your words mean absolutely nothing so why should we believe you now?

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    • @Blah says:

      I will still take him and NDP over the current other options and I’m sure many other voters will agree. Can you see VIP? PVIM? PUP? Taking this country forward? NDP has done good and bad like any other Government and I have seen more good than bad.

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      • Blah says:

        How have we gone forward during the last 8 years. Real talk. Have you been sleeping or do you prefer party and friends over common sense. We have regressed during the NDP. The RDA controls our finances. We have no high school or library. NHI was losing money before Irma. What makes you think that NDP is the way forward based on anything they have done so far? Are you banking on promises once again? Pier park that overspent? Hospital overspent? Myron isn’t a new member of government. He was there for 2 terms. Was he saving the great ideas for when it was his time to lead? You cannot say that NDP is the best while trying to dismiss PVIM which was the NDP until recently. The government literally crumbled under NDP where we now basically have an NDP opposition. Is that the positive outlook that should have us beaming with enthusiasm? It is clear that a large number of NDP supporters do not put country first. Nobody in their right mind can say that the last 8 years excluding Irma were good for NDP or the BVI. Failure is when the bad outweigh the good. When expectations are missed, promises not kept. You want us to ignore the last 8 years and vote strictly on hope because that’s the party that you personally prefer. The NDP was not a total failure but to say that they are the best hope based on contradictory evidence and a proven miserable 8 years is ludicrous.

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  17. SMH says:


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  18. waylox says:

    How many lil boyz were sent away on scholarships?

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    • @Waylox says:

      Waylox you’re a failure in every aspect. Not even Foye wanted you on their slate. Maybe you might get a permanent secretary position for one month under Foye administration.

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  19. BVI Santa says:

    and free cars, washing machines and TV’s for everyone! Politrics in action! Vote for the people who dont promise but actually have shown they can deliver.

  20. And again says:

    Wait and and the moneys that will be dishing out by —– for votes just like the i———- elections

  21. Political Observer (PO) says:

    I’m not averse to taxpayers awarding scholarships to Virgin Islanders to pursue a bachelor’s degree in a needed skill area in the public sector, ie, engineer, doctor, nurse, teacher…….etc. Which public sector position truly requires a masters or doctorate to function? Probably very few, if any. For the few, not averse to taxpayers funding them. The others should fund their own masters and doctorate for their personal growth and development. It must be election season or some cynics may say silly season.

    Politicians every where are making tun of promises, offering tun of freeness……etc. But what they are not saying is how they will pay for all the freeness,ie, legal services, free lunches at schools, free transportation, free masters and doctorate. What next? A free first class, world cruise for all residents on a luxury liner with all expenses paid.

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  22. A man says:

    I don’t have a problem with supporting education. As a young Tony Blair once said when leading the UK Labour Party to a landslide victory, “educashion, educashion, educashion”.

    But is a masters’ degree or a PHD the most useful place to concentrate funding. What additional worth does it give to the territory? Is it better to have a high school where 99% of the students receive a good education, or to have funding for masters’ degrees and PHDs for the 0.1%?

    Education: multi enim non pauci

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  23. Ausar says:

    Let’s hope that scholarship monies are for degrees conferred in the areas of interest that students want to pursue and not what politicians may deem neccessary to satisfy quotas and statistics!

    For it was not too long ago,that students were able to garner scholarship monies, based on their collegial pursuits and the undergraduate colleges of their choice.

    Now, it appears that funds are only geared toward those who attends area colleges at the incept!

    Let’s hope our students’ educational pursuits and the funding needed are not used as bait to shore up votes!

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  24. Brad Boynes says:

    Words are self serving.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Sir, you must think that we are fools. You are and have been the Minister of Education. You have had the power to make this proposal in the HOA, and you never did.

  26. LOL says:

    Meanwhile he can’t construct ONE decent school. LOL

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  27. Anonymous says:

    Mean time I am a local and can’t even get a scholarship. It’s like I have to beg

  28. Iyah loud! says:

    I already tell this dude…… go start the work on the school!!!!!

    • Educator says:

      I really wish the Hon. Myron would just STOP! You have persons in the most important job in this territory being paid pennies-TEACHERS! What happen to us? We do so much and walk away with nothing. Try looking at our salary first before you go making yet another promise that you don’t intend to keep.

  29. Educator says:

    I really wish the Hon. Myron would just STOP! You have persons in the most important job in this territory being paid pennies-TEACHERS! What happen to us? We do so much and walk away with nothing. Try looking at our salary first before you go making yet another promise that you don’t intend to keep.

  30. For Real says:

    Who has earned scholarships for Associates can’t get their monies from his Ministry…..what p**s he talking bout Masters and PHDs.

    When you play with puppy them does lick your tail. He playing somebody for a fool. Not me.

  31. LEGION says:

    Thanks but No Thanks. Keep your scholarships.a

  32. Educate your people says:

    Okay so if you can’t see a positive side to that, then stop complaining about expats holding top positions in your country.

    Myron did a lot for the level of education for our children’s future. He was about to construct an additional building at the high school so our children had a decent cafeteria from being under tents, as well as classrooms and modern science labs.

    unfortunately for us Irma struck. He worked diligently to get our kids back to school. Isn’t this a good time for him to plan and rebuild a modern school in the best interest of the BVI.
    If he rush and build something stupid, you will still complain. He did a good job with the VISTS, so I have confidence he has a plan. Give the man a chance, BVI was not built in a day, the VIP would tell you they been doing it for the past 20 years, even though Irma caused major destruction in a matter of hours.

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  33. Currently in University says:

    I was a big NDP supporter. I came for a student loan brought all my documents,twice. Nothing!!! It is more than one supporter you treated so.
    Fire bun the NDP

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  34. hmmmm says:

    Will you guarantee their return to the territory?

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  35. Shoot the messenger says:

    The problem i see in business in that often locals write as they the speak. Excellent English and Grammar is required for top positions, for example ‘is/are’ are regularly wrong, sentences not properly constructed. Resumes often contain grammatical errors

    There may be missing ‘logic’ this doesn’t agree to this why not?

    The solution is investing in primary/secondary education and teachers. Literacy rates are excellent but this is not enough . With a drive for learning and excellent English/math students will find any position they want. They may have to work a few years before doing a Masters/PHD but that applies to everyone, life is not a free ride.

  36. Interested says:

    The scholarship s that he did give out,look and see who he gave them to lol

  37. bvi local says:


  38. anegada says:

    We need to remember who was there for us during hurricane irma. Those white people did more for us than our representative especially in the 9th district,The government need to stop taking credit for what other people did. The morning of the meeting in the marina after the hurricane where was our representative,action really speak louder than words. Tell us something what your government actually did for the 9th district and you will get a vote.

  39. gdp says:


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