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Love lost? NDP not getting full slate of candidates ‘alarming’, says Fahie

From left: NDP candidates for the Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh electoral districts.

The governing National Democratic Party (NDP) has had the last eight years to run the territory’s affairs in a manner that would inspire enough persons from all corners of the BVI to join their campaign.

But, since the NDP only presented 11 of the total 13 candidates that any one party can offer up for a general election, Virgin Islands Party (VIP) Chairman Andrew Fahie has marked that as a sign that locals have largely lost confidence in the NDP.

“I’m not saying this as an NDP government [phenomenon] alone. Anywhere in the world when you have a sitting government having difficulty to field enough candidates to contest the next general elections, that is alarming,” Fahie told BVI News.

“It usually points to leadership and concerns with leadership,” added the VIP Chairman who has not ruled out the possibility of the Myron Walwyn-led NDP finding the remaining two candidates before the inevitable elections roll around.

“They might very well be able to field them after a certain time,” he said.

NDP is without a candidate for the First Electoral District — a seat they’ve been unable to win since their inception some 20 years ago. They are also without a candidate for the Second Electoral District. Sitting legislator Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull might have been the NDP’s contender to seek re-election in that second seat. But, he has withdrawn support from the NDP and is now going to the polls under the banner of the Progressive Virgin Islands Party (PVIM), a breakaway NDP organisation.

Efforts to contact Walwyn for comment and confirmation on whether his party will have contenders for districts One and Two have been futile.

The NDP’s 2019 election candidates
The VIP’s 2019 election candidates
The PVIM’s 2019 election candidates

Two more parties — the Julian Fraser-led Progressives United, and the recently-announced Reform Action Alliance — are also expected to present candidates for the elections which must happen by April 16.

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  1. WER says:

    I want to vote for them all, me and my family of 6, but they are ignoring my simple, humble request, let’s see how things go. I know my family is small but some candidates have lost an election by 5 or less votes in the past.

    Truth be told, I am not asking for money, nor hand outs.

    Who have time for me is who I have time for come election morning.

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    • Well says:

      And so, my fellow Belongers: ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.

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      • WER says:

        Exactly, that precisely what I am proposing. Something that will benefit THE COUNTRY!

      • EV says:

        And so, my fellow elected and prospective officials:

        Ask for and seek not what your country can do for you — but seek out and do what you can do for your country and people.

        Speak not to the people as though they are fools.

        Appease not the people with empty elect me rhetoric, but speak truths that you will uphold if placed to do so.

        If called, use that command to bring good to others. Use it to justify injustice.

        Bring right to those who have been wronged. Bring justice to all who have been treated unjustly.

        Bring prosperity to all, and you being the least

        Bring good ethics and morals back to our paradise; our politics; our lives and state of being.

        Bring us forward to where we were.

    • Justice says:

      We have 7,200,000 reasons not to re-elect anyone from the No Duedillegence Party. Our country is in ruins, our electricity doesn’t work most of the time and this party has squandered our money.
      We deserve a better life and country for the sake of our children.

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  2. 3rd Eye says:

    Andrew is running scared. When NDP won the election on 2015 they had 12 candidates. It takes 7 persons to form the Government, so what is so alarming about NDP’s slate? Pound for pound the NDP has put together a far better slate than VIP and PVIM thus far and nomination day is far away so what makes Fahie so sure that NDP won’t have another one or two candidates to join them? VIP had years to build a team, while NDP went through turmoil and a major break up. But looking at the NDP and their support on Saturday Night it makes you wonder if the people that left were really dead weight? Andrew what is alarming is that you had 2 years to build a party and your team is not all that and it will be exposed as the campaigns heat up. One of your candidates already put his foot so far up his mouth it was itching his ears. For starters, NDP at-large far outmatches that of VIP, no comparison whatsoever.

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    • To 3rd eye says:

      Please get advice from someone with sense before you post. The NDP is the sitting government for the past 8yrs so getting a full slate by now should not be a problem. You need to ask why up to now they can’t get a full slate as a sitting government. For Fahie to rebuild the VIP in two years & a sitting government for the last 8yrs can’t get a full slate then it is clear who the true leader is for the V.I.

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      • Crazy says:

        I’m sure if NDP wanted to just fill in slots for 1st and 2nd they could have put persons there. I think it’s more respectful to the district voters for parties to find suitable candidates than just fill in blanks to make it look good. As a voter I think the NDP’s 11 is a far better make up than the VIP’s 13. Quality vs quantity never failed man yet.

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      • @To 3rd Eye says:

        I agree with the poster above. While NDP is the sitting party, the group itself was fractured severely and lost 5 elected officials out of 11 elected. The fact that the party went through that only a few months ago and are able to offer 11 good candidates and had a stellar launch speaks volume about the organization. Those that left thought that the party needed them but look at them now? Ironically NDP is so bad that PVIM was supposed to be the viable alternative but they can’t even get 7 candidates and you’re worried about NDP’s 11?

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  3. Wow says:

    Diego let go the belly and breathe buddy

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  4. LOL says:

    If the future of the BVI depending on people like Aaron,Juggy, Alvera, Diego and Sandy them so, then we geh wha the duck get

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    • @LOL says:

      The future can depend on Dub, Mitch, Jose, Sheep, Sharie, Carvin, Shereen, Luce and John them? I rather have the names you listed with leaders like Myron and Marlon than the others.

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  5. My take says:

    The principle of what Fahie is saying is correct.

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    • Live says:

      Fahie needs to put a sock in it! Really!! That’s what you are looking at?? The number of persons they have running. If there was a Party with 7 competent persons on their slate, then I could care less about making up the difference with some Bozos, The Clown. Although Fahie has his full slate, how many of them are competent and ready for the job, and how many are Clowns?! So just shut it Andrew and start talking about solutions, sounds like you need some competition down in the 1st. People, we must demand more from this gentleman who wants to lead us.

      Talk about your track record in Government and in your personal business accomplishments! Oh I forgot, you don’t have any to show but a few studies, where you wasted government funds and still nothing to show. What have you done for the last 20 years in Government? And for your District?! Oh you built some very expensive bathrooms in the graveyard! That’s right.

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      • To Live says:

        What a bitter and ignorant post and also uninformed. Fahie and VIP is the only political party that have been posting solid plans and solutions. The fact is a sitting government should never have a problem getting a full slate.

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  6. SURE says:

    One thing for sure I do not want the present sixth district representative to represent us any more , it’s time we get rid of her we are all suffering 8in that district, with unkempt roads, sewage running in the streets and the list goes on. Mrs Canes you have lost my vote.

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    • @sure says:

      So you want the rep to go out with a broom etc to clean the district from dirt and sewerage? Why don’t you try do something to help the district you say you so love. Run along with your one vote. God got her back and so do we. There are more for her than against her.

  7. For Country or Self says:

    It baffles me to see Diego actually joined with this party after having such a great show on Honestly Speaking. Isn’t this the same government he was referring too? What changed from then to now? Things like these makes the voting public wonder if it is all about power, country or self. I think you would have earn more respect if you had run independent than to associate yourself with a party you recently thrown under the bus.

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    • Not so fast! says:

      Diego always voiced his support for Hon. Walwyn and on the talk show he was not talking about NDP, he was talking about Hon. Pickering as his representative.

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  8. Realist. says:

    Myron doesn’t need anyone for the second as Mitch will just switch parties again to avoid being in the opposition.

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  9. Power House says:

    An awesome NDP line up! For a party that was split in two it shows that people have great confidence in the NDP (1) leader. Voting NDP all the way….Yes!

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  10. Ausar says:

    Andrew, do not get caught up about the opposition and what they have to offer.

    Make sure that the VIP candidates are making their rounds fully within the country,to ensure complete victory.

    Right now, that’s all that matters: Winning the government from the NDP!

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  11. Plank says:

    We have the ‘concrete & construction’ party, and now this is the uncle, nephew and cousin party or the ‘insurance party’. Alvera doesn’t look much too happy in that pic and yet she’s stayed on with them. Wonder if she too has been promised a key role if he insurance party wins? Special interests are ponying up the mullah to control the political landscape for the next critical 4 years and for what? Seems to be more about what the status quo can maintain at any/all costs to the wider public. When is election ya’ll?

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  12. East End / Long Look says:


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  13. Switch says:

    Was a huge NDP supporter but this time around I really can’t. Ah sorry but it just don’t feel like they care about the people as much as they should.

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  14. Blah says:

    The same problems Ronnie have as opposition leader is the same problems PVIM and NDP will face during campaign season. How can you bash each other without making both parties look like fool.

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  15. two cents says:

    It’s best to fill your slate with quality persons, than just pick-up all kind of random people with axe to grind like how VIP did last election. Stick to the issues affecting the territory. Voters are more concern with issue regarding the direction of the country, than who got full slate from half slate. I must say: VIP, I like your slate this time around. I am going to listen to what every party and independent have to say.

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  16. Former NDP suppoter says:

    This time my family and I are voting VIP ALL the way! I have listen to all political parties but VIP has more depth in their content from all candidates from top to bottom.

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  17. jokers says:


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  18. Billfargo says:

    Just like Fountain Valley in Santa Cruz! The British Virgin Islands will be destroyed when the main source of revenue is dead. And that will happen as soon as an expatriate is considered to be Governor.

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