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Maduro-Caines’ switch to VIP was ‘clever’ but it doesn’t dictate my political future

John Samuel

By Esther Durand, BVI News Staff

John Samuel, the Virgin Islands Party’s (VIP) unsuccessful candidate for the Sixth District seat during the 2019 General Election has described his political rival, Sixth District Representative Alvera Maduro-Caines’ decision to cross the floor and join the VIP as an ingenious move.

Samuel, however, told BVI News on Wednesday that Maduro-Caines’ move does not affect him politically.

“I don’t think that it speaks to me specifically because the VIP has an internal process for candidate selection prior to any election which involves the district committee. So I don’t think that her transition specifically dictates my future,” Samuel said.

He continued: “I am still a member of the VIP congress, and I am still very interested in the overall growth and development of the BVI on the whole and specifically the Sixth District. I wouldn’t comment specifically on what has happened because each elected politician has to strategize and make decisions in order for them to be able to fulfil their commitment to the people that voted for them. And, in doing so, they would have to make strategic decisions, and I guess that is what she did.”

Eliminating the threat

Samuel said while he did not give Maduro-Caines’ switch from the opposing the National Democratic Party over to the VIP a great deal of thought, he has accepted it as “a very clever move”.

“Based on the results from the last election, I would perhaps be considered a potential threat in that selection and if I were her, I would make the same move. I would like to transition and block the space.”

In the February 25, 2019 general election, Samuel lost by 41 votes to Maduro-Caines.

Samuel had a total of 534 and Maduro-Caines 575.

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  1. OK THEN says:

    She better be calling it quits after this cause if I really know who AAF is, he still want his VERY intelligent guy Samuel on his next lineup.

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  2. Hmm says:

    I believe the premier will kick her from the ticket next election.

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  3. Little Progress says:

    Alvera moving to the VIP would only benefit her in one way next election if VIP wins. She might get to sit on one of these boards.

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  4. Bush Tea Sipping says:

    Sip, Sip. Let’s watch this story unfold.

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  5. Jackie Long says:

    Poor John

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  6. vip heckler says:

    Mehson you ain’t see that the VIP don’t want you for a candidate again? Yo blind?

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    • eyes says:

      John you need to stop election is over we trying to build a better bvi right now no time for bull… you have job be quiet are you that power h— or just want to be referred to as minister so and so ,this kind of mentality is we in our mess.

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  7. lol says:

    that’s it 4 u john 3:16

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  8. MYO says:

    Funny he would say that when vip was after her before the elections. He himself sent message to her to run with them
    In district and he would run at large. I don’t think she was afraid of him then and she will never be afraid of him. Vip is why he got the votes he got.. not because of him as a person.

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  9. vip heckler says:

    Judas gonna instruct the congress to select john over delilah so she wouldn’t be able to run again. Watch the game!

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  10. Z6ne says:

    After election we have not seen you even one time after and you think you can represent us, no sah we don’t want no last minute people so I beg you stay ports and the college

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    • Z6ne says:

      So he’s representing at the college and the ports and you want what exactly? For him to come to wherever you are lazily perched? Get you ratched behind and make sure your offspring lands into the college and benefit from his efforts at HLSCC. Its done too late for you. Sick of the malaise in the district.

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  11. Belt says:

    JOHN has a lot under his belt. You dont know the man and please stop trying to paint a bad picture about him. Rather seek to know him. Then you can talk.He is a good man. Dont underestimate him. You can learn a lot from him in any area. He knows how to multitask also. Where ever he is placed he will always be a asset.

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  12. YOUTH says:

    No response would have been John’s best move.

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  13. 007 says:

    I cant vote in the 6th district but I must say that this guy seemed like one of the most well rounded and intellectual candidates in last election.

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    • GoonSquad says:

      Really? I guess you did not listen to any of his speech. If vip could have gotten Maduro over him, she would have ran in that seat and not him. Nevertheless they got her now. What some of you forgetting is that people vote for her because of who she is, not political party, yes, John lost by 41 votes but he still loose. Even if it was by one vote, the fact is he lost. I would keep a sure seat anyday

  14. John says:

    This man is a sheep in wool’s clothing. He doesn’t have any good intentions. He is only grabbing for what he and his cronies can benefit from. Don’t mind the noise the people will hear about the real John

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